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Authors: Rebecca Lee

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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (6 page)

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
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There are just so few of those guys out


Andrew was one and that was the thing that
turned me on most about him. He knew I wanted him from moment one.
He dangled the bait of my career advancement. Before I knew it, I
was all but begging him to leave his beautiful wife and family.


That callous, greedy side of me was
something being a lawyer encouraged. I embraced it because that's
what we women were supposed to do to be successful.


“Well I am sorry to hear that you don't get
into the holiday spirit. Any reason why that you want to share that
won't bore me to tears?” I asked.


“I know nothing I do bores you,” he said.
“But sure. People don't really do things from the heart. They do
things because they think they have to. They don't know why they do
any of it. They don't question it. They don't want to make waves so
they go through the exercise of it every year. Deep down they are
glad when it's over.It makes me ill to have anything to do with the
whole thing. It's phony. And I hate phony.”


“Well you make some interesting points. But
why not just go along with it to get along?”


I was baiting him, but I already knew his


“I never do that. I am no good to anybody if
I just do that. Plus that would bore me,” he said. “Just like me
talking about my personal philosophies. Which is what I am doing.
It's boring for you. It's boring for me. Much better to experience
it together.”


“Like I said, not available nor interested,”
I said.


The truth was I was scared. I agreed with
everything he said about Christmas. I was happy where I was not
having to deal with the whole thing. I also believe it was all one
big stage play.


I never felt more connected to someone than
when Tyler talked about the season. It's like he knew the source of
my pain and where my demons were hiding.


A part of me wanted to share it all with him
right there. Then share more.


But I wasn't giving up on my plan. Not even
for a night of fun with a truly gorgeous man.


“Well aren't you the typical American




“Every hot girl in the US walks around like
they own the world and they have a license to be a spoiled snobby
bitch. Foreign women are better. Way better. They appreciate good
men. They look beneath the surface. They don't torture men for
having feelings for them.”


“Stop. I get the point,” I said, lifting
myself to my feet. “You don't like being rejected.”


“No I like someone authentic. Someone who
doesn't act like they care when they don't. Sorry you have no idea
how to be seduced like a real woman. I'll bet you aren't seeing
anyone but I do bet you are banging some guy to help your


“Take me back to my hotel please. This
conversation has gone way off the path of appropriate for an
attorney and client.”


“Yeah about that. Time you knew the truth,”
he shot back as he got to his feet. “You aren't settling anything.
You are deciding. Should I get the billions left behind from my
greedy parents or should it go into trust?”


I was floored but I tried hard not to show


“Trust for whom?”


“I can't believe how little they told you,”
he said. “Your prick old guy partner. Brundidge. My mom's brother.
Talk about a fucking conflict of interest.”


I followed him as he jumped on his bike and
slammed his foot on the kick starter.


I didn't know what came next but I knew I
gave a damn about Tyler West. What he claimed was happening didn't
seem right or fair.



Chapter 12--Tyler



My mind was a blur with what to do next as I
rushed her back to her hotel. Two hours had made the night turn
even colder. But I barely noticed. I was scared that somehow I'd
never see her again.


I had given her the information about what
was really going on with her law firm and my parent's estate. That
truth may have destroyed her reason to be in Philadelphia. If she
went back to her man in Florida, I wouldn't stand a chance.


I knew she was interested. I knew because of
how nervous she got when I'd stare at her and tell her through my
eyes I wanted to fuck her.


When we came to a stop in front of the
Hyatt, I didn't waste any time. There was none to waste. Like I
always said: if you lose, you aren't any worse off for trying. You
still have what you had before: nothing.


“I want to see you again,” I said.


She handed me her helmet and licked her
chapped lips with her adorable bubble gum pink tongue.


“Dry,” she said, acting irritated by what
the elements had done to her skin.


She acted at first like she didn't hear my


“Well that depends on what my office says. I
have to verify what you told me over dinner. From there, I don't
know if I am comfortable being here.”


“That's not what I meant,” I quickly
responded. “I mean. No it wasn't. I want to see you again. I don't
care about the stupid case.”


She tapped her feet nervously and her body
began to sway like her legs were having a hard time keeping her up


“We talked about this,” she said. “I can't.
You are a handsome guy. But I can't. My situation won't allow


I wrapped my hands around the top of her
waist and jerked her in close to my body. I could feel her luscious
breasts swelling against my midsection.


“Look me in the eye right now and tell me
you don't want me as much as I want you.”


She froze. Her teeth emerged, biting at her
upper lip.


She closed her eyes, then pushed hard
against me with her arms.


“That's not the point,” she snapped. “I
learned that a long time ago. That's never the point.”


“Just come. Come to my place. Get to know me
better. Nothing has to happen,” I said.


She turned and walked away. I had no idea
what was going through her mind, but I'd put my best foot forward.
That had to be enough. Or it wasn't. I was fine with whatever


I hopped on my motorcycle and headed back
into the heart of the city rather than north to the opulence of my
parent's cold fortress of wealth.



Chapter 13--Beth


I got back to my room.


Besides being bitter frozen cold, I was
overwhelmed with confusion. I no longer knew who to trust in my law


I took a hot shower that relieved my
freezer-burned skin. I threw on one of those big white cotton hotel


It felt warm and secure. My mind began to
clear as I relaxed.


Those warm feelings made me think of Tyler
and riding on his bike. I trusted him. Despite his obvious ability
to have any woman he wanted. Despite his rich bad boy ways. I
trusted him. Logic told me he was putting on a front, because
that's what being a lawyer trained me to think.


That's how I saw all men after Brad.


After Brad, the only thing I trusted was raw
power on display. Which made me want to get on my back for Andrew
in the first place.



I flipped on my tablet and messaged David.
He told me he didn't know anything about us evaluating the fitness
of Tyler to take over his parent's empire. Apparently he was going
to pick up the boxes of files the next day from the West mansion to
complete his audit.


I am a little down we'll be stuck here
for the holiday.”


Well we knew that going in.”


Are you busy tonight? Want to hang ou?.
There is a supposed to be a great thai place two blocks


Oh no, not this shit again. I wasn't going
to give him any room to believe I was interested.


I've had an exhausting day. I am going
to turn in early. But thanks.”


I signed off and laid back on the bed. I
instantly began day dreaming of Tyler dangling his mighty cock near
my mouth. Challenging me to get him hard.


I put my hands on my clit and was about
ready for nature to take over, when I stopped. I thought I heard my


I scanned my naked body in the mirror over
the dresser in my suite. I recognized the number immediately.
Anton. I knew he would have some answers.




Anton was a jack ass but he took his cases
and work very seriously. He didn't buy any of what Tyler had told
me about the real purpose of our work


“Ravings of a lunatic. Check the filings. No
such agreement exists,” he assured me.


“I was surprised you called,” I said. “It's
really late. Can I ask why?”


“Something big is going down. With Andrew I
mean,” he said. “Shawna called me. Irate. She found evidence on
their computer of the Gabrielle thing. I know I've been a bastard
to you Beth, but you need to run for cover. He is all in on his new
girlfriend. He is going to break your heart.”


I started to choke up from frustration and
sadness. Another broken heart. Why did I think it would turn out
any different?


I knew Anton wasn't lying. He was mean
spirited and territorial, but he was the ultimate straight


“Why are you telling me this?”


“Because you have to prepare yourself
emotionally. If you want to make partner, you have to prepare
yourself for what is likely to happen. You have to be all business.
There are very few associates I respect. But I respect the hell out
of you. You've earned it. Don't let your feelings cloud what is
about to be yours.”



“I have to go. There is someone I need to
see. Bye.”


“Beth..” was all I heard as I hung up and
promptly texted the person I burned most for.


There was nothing in our way and I felt so


Anton was right. Business was business and
for me it was looking up.


But my heart needed a place to heal and my
body needed the touch of Tyler West.



Chapter 14--Tyler


I'll send you a car. I am very excited
you are coming.”


Everything had to be perfect. This was my
chance. If she was coming to my house at this hour, she was
interested. She also never mentioned business in the text.


I pulled out my best sports coat, some
jeans, and my favorite casual white collar shirt.


I'd sent my driver packing weeks ago and no
way would I send Martin. It was OK though.


I had a plan.




Chapter 15—Beth

I put on my favorite red cocktail dress. The
one I wore the night I first hooked up with Andrew at the
professional conference. I also went with the black pumps. I put my
hair up and teased it so it dropped a little down both sides of my

I wanted to make sure he saw me at my

I found a chair at the far corner of the
hotel bar lounge and ordered a white wine.

The local news was doing a big long piece on
this guy they had dubbed the “Longshoremen Robin Hood”. Seems there
had a been a series of burglaries by a guy dressed in dark wool
dock worker clothes. No one had seen his face. Each burglary was
more daring than the one before. The theories were flying. Olympic
gymnast, martial arts master, or maybe a professional acrobat.

A bunch of money given anonymously to poor
families was being traced back to the break ins. Big financial and
brokerage houses were the robber's targets of choice.




It was fascinating enough along with the
wine to calm me down about going over to Tyler's.


“Fuck. Damn it,” I said out loud, alerting
the cute little blonde bar tender. “Save my spot if you could? I'd
like to have another.”


I slid a five spot across the bar.


“Will do,” she said as she pocketed the


I went back up to my room to retrieve my
phone As I opened the door I felt deep harsh blow to my lower back.
It propelled me forward onto my stomach.


I let out a wild scream but the door was
already closed.




His hair was all messed around and it was
the first time I'd ever seen him without his nerdy coke bottle
lawyer glasses.


He looked like he'd come unhinged.
Immediately fear gripped my entire soul.


“You fucking slut. You are going to go spend
the night with West aren't you? Tired and going to turn in



“I...David. I'll scream and you'll be


He loosened his string tie on his gym shorts
and tore at them pulling them out and down to his knees.


“I was never bad boy enough for you was I
Beth? Was that it?”


His eyes were a dark shade of red. I knew
he'd been drinking and the assurance he had as he approached me
laying on the ground horrified me.


“We're friends. David please don't. Turn
around right now, and I'll forget this ever happened.”

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
7.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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