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Authors: Rebecca Lee

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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (8 page)

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Her hand went down by my thigh and began to
rub me there. She was searching for my waist band. She grabbed on
and pulled down.


I grabbed her hand and entwined her fingers
with mine.


“Lips are like candy. I don't want anything
but those. That and to stare into your eyes. To be one with you. To
make this a Christmas to remember. My lovely Beth, you've earned


I saw a tear trickle down her face.


“Thank you,” she whispered into my ear as
her eyes closed.


I closed mine. We cuddled our way deep into
the afternoon with a long, warm nap in front of the open fire.


Chapter 21--Beth


The movie had ended hours ago and we were
still in each others' arms.


I was amazed and disappointed he hadn't made
a move to unbutton my flannel pajama top or pull down my flannel
bottoms. But caressed me a lot. I loved how ran his hands up and
down the back of legs, then the front of them.


Smelling him and being face to face for that
long under a big warm blanket, brought my pussy to such a deep
persistent hot ache, I would have given anything for him to go down
on me. I would have surely gushed all over his face the second he
got within six inches of my bare clit.


I was about to say come out and say I wanted


“I really should clean up,” he said.


Neither of us had in fact showered since the
previous day and we sweated our share with all the kissing under
the thick wool covering.


But I didn't want to leave his arms. But I
really didn't want even worse was to appear desperate or


Even though everything about Tyler made me
feel both of those things.


I felt like finally there was a man who
demanded nothing from me. He so clearly just took deep satisfaction
and pleasure in my company.


And even more of a turn on: I was giving him
every indication I was ready for him to get me naked, but he
continued to take his time. He was patiently enjoying himself and
seemed perfectly happy in my company.


Knowing it meant that much to him and that I
was there changed me in so many ways. It wasn't like being panted
over by David. It was like my history had come full circle. Where
before I wasn't good enough for a man of means, now I was a rich
and handsome man's treasured pursuit.


Over that holiday, there was nothing I could
give him except myself.


He had already told me he didn't care what I
told the firm about his fitness to govern his parent's estate.


And I believed him.


But he was no open book. He was just
mysterious enough to make me want him even more.


After one long deep kiss and cute “bye” from
Tyler as he released my hands, we went our separate ways to


He looked so smitten and pleased by the
sight of me as we parted, I felt like we were in junior high Like
the bell just went off and we had to hurry to separate classes.


It was that simple, unspoiled side of Tyler
that got me by my initial worry about him being another
empty-headed and pampered rich kid.


I kept every door partially open leading to
my shower as I began washing myself. After a minute where I fully
anticipated him sneaking in and tapping me on the shoulder before
we shared a hot-water kiss plus more, I relaxed and swiftly got out
to dry off.


I was disappointed he didn't sneak in. But
the anticipation of smelling him freshly showered had my body
tingling all over.


I crossed the hall back into the movie


Inside everything was different.


He'd set a table up a few feet from a
roaring fire. There was a bottle of wine chilling in the middle of
the table.


I heard Tyler coming down the hall behind


I turned and he was wearing a sweater with
chest-length zipper, faded jeans and some heavy wool socks.


His scent was in the air made and it made my
body hot, even from ten paces.


That confident, carefree smile of his,
sealed the deal inside me. I wanted him badly.


He put a large tray with two covered plates
on the table. When he bent over I saw his tight athletic ass push
out from his jeans. The guy was a physical dream boat in every way
my naughtiest fantasies could conjure.


I was more dressed up than him. I had on
dress slacks and a frumpy holiday sweater with a snowman stitched
down the middle. Both were from his mom's closet and neither were
very flattering.


“Won't you join me?”


I stood motionless disbelief in how much
more I was enjoying this than the past few years of my life. I
hadn't been swept off my feet my whole life.


I was too busy selling myself to the highest


He poured me a glass of a dark red wine and
we made our way to the couch. We sat down together and fell back
into a relaxed comfort. I laid my head on his left shoulder. He had
the side of his head on top of mine.


“Don't leave. Let's make Christmas last
year-round if it's going to be like this.” he said in a soft,
almost poetic voice.


“I don't want this to end. I am not hungry
though,” I said.




I ran my hand to his crotch.


“Oh. I see, ” he said with a smile.


Something triggered inside Tyler when I
reached for his already stiff cock. The poor guy had probably been
fighting the urge to ravage me all day.


“You know I want you,” he said softly into
my year.


I hadn't let go of his throbbing member and
I wasn't about to. I wasn't going to let the torrent of what we
were feeling come to astop.


He'd proven himself to me. I needed his


He grabbed my wine glass and hurled into the
fire. He did the same with his.


In what felt like an instant I was in his
arms and being carried up the stairs, making a quick left to his
small simple bedroom.


His eyes were glued to mine every



Chapter 22--Tyler


She had the most beautiful body. I went to
pull her out of her slacks, but she insisted on doing a strip


“I want to see your cock get even harder
than it's been all day,” she said. “Do you like my body?”


“It's perfect Beth.”


“Play with your cock.”


“Here. Let me.”


In an instant, she was engulfing it. She
slurped and pit all over it licking it up and down like a
refreshing ice cream cone.


Her breasts were perfectly round even when
she leaned forward. The best I'd ever seen.


I buried my face in them as she rode me
again and again. It wasn't until the fourth time did she let me be
on top. I bucked inside her barely pulling loose in time to leave a
heaving load up her tight stomach and between her sweating



Chapter 23--Beth


I felt like a real and enchanting woman. The
way he made love to me. His eyes were always attentive to every
emotion conveyed in my breathing. The way he'd make those deep long
passionate thrusts of his penis inside my wet vagina. He'd hold,
shift his hips, pull out, then thrust back in deeper yet.



And those loving things he'd say to me about
my body and the way I made him feel. “You have the most beautiful
body Beth. I love the way your skin feels against mine. You make me
feel like I can conquer the world just being with you.”


Tyler was nothing short of an epic lover. He
was every bit as amazing as he was an hot and sexy unattainable


He wanted me. Only me. It was in his breath
and the beat of his heart against my chest.


By the fourth go around, I knew he was
determined to be better each time. Just making me orgasm three
times when he had his mouth on my pussy wasn't enough for him. He
wanted four. If he got four, he pushed for five.


He was so giving and attentive. I was
addicted from the first time he took my naked body and pushed me
off into intoxicating ecstasy. Nothing else would ever compare. I
knew it immediately.


He was so relentless it never gave me time
to contemplate what love would be like if it weren't he and I.


But in the recesses of my mind, that reality
lurked. We were on borrowed time.




“Oh my God Tyler!”


He was lifting me like I was a vase of
daffodils, he did it so easily.


My breasts quivered and slammed against his
beautiful face while he bounced me on his cock. Each bounce he
pushed inside me created a sensation that made my entire body go
limp with pleasure. When he'd pull out of me, I'd again feel my
toes buried into the bed on either side of him.


“Oh Beth, I wanted you from the very
beginning. You are so fucking sexy.”


He pushed me back onto my back and attached
his lips to the underside of my neck. I felt my knees pinch against
my nipples. My feet pushed into his ribs. He was so big that even
with my feet creating barrier he easily pushed deep inside my


He let out one final deep groan of pleasure
and I felt myself fill up with a glorious injection of his


Instead of falling off, he slid down flat on
my perspiration soaked breasts and kissed them like they were the
only thing keeping him alive.




“When I was young, I knew a man like you. His
name was Brad,” I said. “He loved me and I loved him. But his
parents never approved.”


“Well you're in luck, my parents are dead,”
Tyler was trying to keep the mood light.


We laid face to face in his bed. The fire
coming from the far wall was flickering out and the room had become
chilly. We rubbed each other and kissed, then fell asleep for
little blissful chunks of time. All the while our naked bodies
entwined as we kept each other safe and warm with our body


“Tyler, that's not funny,” I said.


It actually was sort of. But humor wasn't
what was called for when I was sharing the biggest part of my
darkest days of life.


“I was homecoming queen at our little high
school. Brad was a parochial school kid. But he fit right in. He
came to all our functions and dances. But the night of the
homecoming game, when I got crowned, he wasn't there. I didn't even
have to hear why. When he called a couple days later, I already
knew. The poor girl with the family just barely out of the trailer
park wasn't good enough for his family.”


“So you became the hard boiled lawyer
because of that?” Tyler asked.



“Is there anything wrong with that? To be
hungry to prove something to someone. To prove they made a


“No. Except, this Brad I am sure could give
two rocks whether you are partner at a law firm or working at
Piggly Wiggly stocking shelves,” Tyler said.


It hit me at that moment that he was right.
It is a truth I never stopped to consider amid all the plotting and
intense work to get to where I was at. My dream of partnership was
at hand, but I realized I never fully understood why I was doing


Before I could answer, Tyler slipped out of
bed and threw on some jeans. I felt my mouth water at the sight of
his torso. It looked like that of an elite MMA fighter or something
borrowed from the statue of a Greek God.


I caught my breath and thought of how
fortunate I was to have him pleasuring me.


“Tomorrow is Christmas and I am too excited
to sleep,” he said.


I laughed but he looked at me without any
hint he was joking.


“Beth, being with you and sharing our
feelings changed everything for me. I'll never look at Christmas
with a negative eye again,” he said.


He buttoned up his dress shirt and threw on
a layered ski coat.


“The truth is, people can make Christmas
what they want. It's a personal thing,” he said. “I was bitter all
those years because I never was able to celebrate it my way. But I
was able. I just didn't. I had that choice and I didn't choose to
do it my way. It's no different than all of us.”


“What are you saying Tyler?”


“I am saying we need supplies,” he said. “I
am going to town. And I am saying you also have some work to
complete. The files are in the home office, last door down the hall
to the right. I'll be a few hours.”


He left the room and I was left with a big
choice. I knew he didn't care about the money from the estate. But
I didn't know if he wanted me.


I was scared. I knew that it came to choices
with a lover, a man like Tyler West had as many as he wanted.




Chapter 24-- Tyler



“I talked to your aunt. Said you had some
problems with credit cards,” Beth said, dispensing with any


She was back dressed in full lawyer
wardrobe. Since she didn't have any clothes of her own, she must
have borrowed more from my mom's collection. And she acted like my
mom too. The authority figure who seemed to take pride in lording
over me with the next scolding.

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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