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Authors: Rebecca Lee

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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (5 page)

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I peered up from the papers because I
couldn't avoid stealing another glance


It was just in time to see spit into a
bucket. I noticed it was red from blood. His face was already a
primal map of red and black marks.


He turned away from me and shared an
enthusiastic shoulder-high handshake with is opponent. When he did,
his shiny bicep exploded upward and more veins popped free of the
outer side of his forearm.


Luckily he wore looser boxing shorts with a
dark red sheen, because my fantasy was imagining how large his cock
was to match the big balls he'd put on display fighting with bare
knuckles in that ring.


I was sure he was walking toward me when he
exited between the ropes and hopped down to the floor.


I felt a hand on my thigh and it stunned me
out of my ongoing trance with the masculine perfection that was
Tyler West.


Chapter 8--Tyler


When I saw Beth that first time, I was lucky
I still had teeth when I was done.


Rico, one of my most challenging “warrior
fighter” opponents nailed me good right across the jaw as I lost
myself in her enchanting beauty. I didn't even feel the punch.


She was truly breathtaking.


She looked like a sexy girl playing dress-up
as a serious business woman. Her thick silky dark hair was pulled
back and flowing down across both shoulders. Her tan skin tone and
face reminded me of an ancient Greek Goddess from a fantasy book.
She was tall and statuesque and her legs were shapely, especially
those lower legs. They were perfectly toned. She wore those black
tights perfectly.


There was a class and composure about her
that told me she was intelligent. I knew she would be a major
challenge because it was clear she was sharp and ambitious.


I could have cared less that she was there
on any legal business for me and my family. In that first moment, I
was determined to do whatever it took to have her.


Even though my mind was on her and what her
ass looked like with those tights pulled right up to the part where
her butt cheeks bet her thigh, I played it cool and formal. But I
imagined her playing with her tender little box, getting it slicked
up and wet. I even thought of her taking care of little kids,
playing with them in the park on a chilly, sunny fall afternoon.
Then of her giving me a tender hug after a rough day of work.


All these scenarios dominated my thoughts as
I walked around the gym pretending I was doing things. I grabbed a
towel. I chatted up a couple fighters. I retreated to the bathroom.
But I didn't do anything when I got there but wait. I wanted her to
think I wasn't interested and that I was in charge.


But I wasn't. I was taken. From the first
moment and for every moment after.


She was the most simultaneously fascinating
and beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I didn't have to talk to her to
know it.


I emerged from the locker room. She was
chatting up Rico's adorable little daughter. The little girl sat
next to her on the bench along the wall.


Beth came alive around her. The seriousness
of the button downed and determined lawyer was gone. She was all
the sudden more cute than she was sexy.


When Bentley walked away, I made my move to
introduce myself. I hadn't been nervous around a woman in forever.
I don't know if it had ever happened. When I was really young I was
too clueless about the world to fear them. When I became a multi
millionaire selling my first website, I knew I could have one
anyone I wanted.


But I didn't know what wanting a woman was
until laid on eyes on my lawyer that day.


I had no way of knowing how damaged and down
she really was.


“Mr. West? I am Beth Frey, Attorney for
Brundidge and Kinkaid, Palm Beach,” she said.


She reached our her hand.


I didn't react. Instead I let my eyes roam
from those brown eyes to her lips, then down her shapely form.


“You came walking in here like you owned the
place,” I said. “I should have warned you, they don't like suit and
tie types down here. You are overdressed.”




“You heard me. Now what do we have to do to
get this damn thing settled?”


“Well that's up to you sir. My understanding
is we just need to get access to your files on the premises of the
mansion. The ones pertaining to your mother's assets at the time of
her death.”


I shook my head in disbelief. Like everyone
else, except that pompous old prick who ran that law firm, she had
no clue about her actual assignment.


But being close to her brought me to my own
conclusion about what she was there for. I was determined that my
dreary Christmas was going to be alive with her company. Whatever
it took.



Chapter 9—Beth


He exhibited all the distant and superior
behavior of a kid who had it all handed to him on a silver


Sure he was hot. I mean perfect. The bruises
and cuts on his face made him even sexier.


But so what? He was a rich kid playing
tough. Not a real man. Not a guy who went and did it on his own.
Like Andrew was.


I was past falling for the spoiled trust
fund prince doing the cheesy Hollywood bad boy act.


But the way he looked at me when I stood in
front of him and reached out my hand. I felt like I wanted to lay
back and let him tear my clothes off. The masculine dormant sweat
smell must have had some seduction drug that impacted my ability to
think clearly.


But I just knew the spell wouldn't last.


He was every bit the aloof, careless, loner,
asshole, the file had made him out to be. He was ill mannered and
totally lacking in personality.


“Well you haven't been told what you are
doing here or you just never did your homework,” he said, shaking
his head.


“I assure you I always do my homework Mr.
West,” I snapped. “I know my job and don't tell me I don't. I know
you wouldn't understand working for a living.”


“So you show up here unprepared, then you
insult the client,” he said. “That greedy old baster sure knows how
to pick em'.”


“Mr. West, my understanding is you will have
your money sometime before the new year,” I said, pulling the
emotion out of the business at hand. “We'll meet that deadline if
you can get Mr. Silver and I access to the files. My understanding
is they are on site at your current residence?”


He began to laugh and shake his head.


“Sir, do you have a problem with a woman in
a position of authority?”


“Let's get a cheese steak. I'm hungry. Meet
me at the door there in two minutes.”


“Unless this is a business occasion, I'd
rather not.”


“Well Miss Frey, you said you do your
homework and are always prepared,” he said, turning to walk toward
the locker room. “I am here to get your prepared. Since clearly
your employers have failed miserably. Maybe together we will find
out why they have done such a lousy job.”


He wasn't asking. He was commanding.


I had no clue what he was talking about.
“Not knowing what I was really doing there?” What the fuck?


But it didn't matter. He was nearly
impossible for me to say no to. I hated that powerless feeling but
I also quickly became addicted to it.




Chapter 10—Tyler

I'd given her a hard time but it was for her
own good.

Plus, I didn't need her to think I was any
pushover or nice guy trying to win her favor. My goals and dreams
were my own. They would stay that way.

But she had suddenly become one of those
goals. She shot into my life like a comet through the sky. Only
brighter and more unforgettable.

The ride over to Toni's Steaks on the back
of my bike in the freezing cold didn't dim the vinegar and zest I
saw in Beth back in the gym.

She tried to back out when I suggested she
hop on. She said it was too cold. Then she said it “wasn't

“So you like me too huh?” I responded.

She finally cracked a smile and hopped on. I
wasn't sure, but I was sure “us” was a possibility. That was a
start. The game of seduction I played had the highest stakes I had
ever experience. I wanted this woman. Body and soul.

The moment I looked down from my fight and
saw the sexiest creature I'd ever known. The sight of her made me
forget the hell of another Christmas alone with my hate for the
commercialism that I believed destroyed all of us.

Her arms around me as we sped through the
cold dark streets made my cock rage. I could smell the lemon
essence in her hair every time we came to a stop.

Even in the bitter cold I could have ridden
around all night just like we were. Hearing her occasional “wow” or
“oh” brought me to life more than a daredevil stunt.

Strangely, getting off that bike and heading
into that little dump whole-in-the-wall with the best cheese steaks
in Philly scared me to death.

The feeling came on all the sudden.

What would I say and would I blow it by
saying the wrong thing?

I took a deep breath, turned my head toward
her. I smiled quickly and nodded my head, then floated my eye
contact behind her to the street. She went through the door as I
held it. I saw her fantastic figure even through her large tan
overcoat hanging loosely down her back.

It was all on the line, but I wasn't going
to give up easily no matter what happened.




Chapter 11—Beth




“No I did my homework on you. Don't worry
about that,” I said.


My mood was not one of frolic or flirting. I
couldn't tell if it disappointed him or not. The ride over was fun
but I'd been with the bad boy motorcycle type before. I wasn't


He was just another rich kid playing
“street”. I didn't need it in my life. I was doing fine on my own.
I had a lot to prove to a lot of people. I would never prove that
point if I let myself become just another plaything for a


I didn't respect how he'd made his


“Well tell me what you know,” he said,
clearly trying to distract us from the business at hand.


“Look, nothing is ever going to happen
between us. You are a great looking guy, but you aren't my type.
Even if you were, I am committed to someone.”


“What does he think about you spending your
holiday up here with me?”


“He knows I am up here. He is in the


“Ahh the profession,” he said, shaking his
head and while he flopped back in the wooden seat. He was obviously
mocking my use of the word “profession”.


He could barely contain both his frustration
and his obvious dislike for lawyers.


While I never thought attornes were great
people either, I wasn't going to dump on the profession to
outsiders. Especially one who didn't know what it meant to do an
honest productive day's work.


I didn't care how hot he was. And he was
scorching handsome. And not just a pretty boy either. He was like
rugged hot too.


When he'd look me in the eyes, he'd do it a
little too long. It made butterflies do laps in my stomach. The
longer he did, I'd feel the moisture well up in my pussy.


The truth of my situation really wasn't
holding me back.


But I couldn't have any slip ups. It was all
about business. Then I was going to claim my partnership. Then the
world would know I had made it.


He would know. His parents would know. And
wrong would be made right.




As a Southern belle, I'd never had a cheese
steak before. Then I had this birch beer. It was like root beer but
also like ginger ale.


It was all tasty and soaked up my booze


I needed to get out of there. The more I
listened to him, the more he and I had an obvious vibe.


I was unquestionably attracted. What woman
wouldn't have been? He was the total package physically. Plus he
was edgy in his beliefs and wasn't a kiss ass.


I knew he didn't have to have me. But I knew
he wanted me. There was a big difference but basically everything.
Especially for a woman in my position: young, successful, and


“So are you down about being stuck up here
at Christmas? You could be down south with your lawyer man?” He
asked as we lingered on well after our food and sodas were


“Well I am a bit of a workaholic. He
understands. He supports me in my career,” I said, my eyes averting
down to my tin foil with liquid cheese caked to it.


“Sounds perfect,” he said.


There was no hint of sarcasm.


He kept surprising me with different sides
of himself throughout the conversation. One hour turned quickly to
two without me realizing it.


The talk got back around to his holiday


“I don't do Christmas,” he said.


I was holding back admitting I felt the
exact same way. I couldn't shake the feeling Tyler already knew
taht. And that he knew I wasn't really in any sort of relationship.
I suppose guys who are great with women always see right through
the bullshit we throw around.

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
7.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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