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Authors: Rebecca Lee

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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (7 page)

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“So beautiful. Every man's fantasy,” he
said, ignoring my pleading. “Lay back on that floor. I'll show you
a bad boy.”


I froze. I was still paralyzed with dread
from the shock of what was transpiring. I didn't scream and my
movements were not near enough to get him to stop.


His bottoms were off and he straddled my
body with his knees. His cock was already hard and he had it in my
face, glancing it against my chin.


I snaked my body violently against the
thinly carpeted floor trying to bounce him off me. Nothing was
working because I didn't have free arms to help push me up.


He flattened himself onto me so his face
became lodged between my breasts. He reached back and began to push
his hand between my legs attempting to guide himself inside me


I was so overcome with terror, I barely
perceived a loud bang and sudden relief from his body weight.





Chapter 16--Tyler


I did well over an hour in the gym. Pull ups
and push ups to the max and then some extreme jump roping.


I be lying if I said I didn't work double
hard because of my house guest. I wanted to be sweaty when I looked
in on her.


I opened the door to the first floor guest


Beth looked like an Angel. She was snug
under the covers. She was still wearing the red cocktail dress she
glimmered and shined in the previous night.


I was going to change her clothes, but I
didn't want the first time I saw her beautiful body to be under
those circumstances.


I had Martin cover her in double wool
blankets and instructed him to start a big fire in the middle of
the night.


The room had this massive stone fireplace
that was floor level and literally big enough for me to walk into
standing up.


It was a hold-over from the original mansion
design way back in Ben Franklin's time.


I noticed how peaceful she was. First time
I'd seen that contented relaxed smile in the brief moments we had
spent together.


Her mood seemed like it was always stone
serious ready to defeat the world or unpredictable sudden
excitement and laughter.


She was a wounded soul. I knew right away. I
had long ago admitted to myself I was the same.


I didn't know if I believed in the Christmas
spirit, but I felt alive two days before that day everyone deemed
so special.




I must have averted my eyes just long enough
to miss her eyes popping open. She didn't wait for me to answer as
she pushed back the sheets and bounced her body back against the
head board of the antique bed.


She crossed her legs Indian style. She
nervously looked down and realized the gap that left in such a
short dress.


Like a striking cobra, she snatched one of
the many pillows laying next to her and put it over the opening in
her dress between her crossed legs


“Did anything?”


“No. If it did, you'd still need plenty more
sleep,” I responded moving casually into the room.


The comment didn't register. I knew I had my
work cut out for me to loosen her up and get her comfortable with
me again.


She was all set to come to my place, dressed
like the natural stunner she was, when last night happened. I had
to move cautiously and at her pace to keep those feelings


I wasn't going to screw up the opportunity,
but there were some big hurdles to get over. Plus, there were some
disturbing truths we both had to face.




Chapter 17--Beth


What he told me made sense. I guess I woke
up not wanting to face the truth of what David had tried to do.


Clearly it was all very traumatic. I'd been
hurt badly by one man in particular when I was younger, but no man
had ever been physically violent against me.


“I didn't know exactly what to do with him.
You insisted I let him go,” Tyler said. “I imagine he is back in
Florida by now.”


God. Tyler.


It was hard looking at him. He wore this
grey Villanova Wildcats t-shirt that grabbed his muscles in the
upper arms and shoulders just perfectly. Sweat stains soaked
through. When he gestured leaning against the wood posts on my old
antique bed, I could see muscles ripple in those abs.


Who has abs that amazing?


I thought that to myself as I tried to
concentrate on his rendition of what had happened the night


“David will resign from the firm. That's
good enough. I won't have to deal with him anymore. I don't want to
ruin his life by pressing charges,” I said. “It's rude of me not to
have thanked you for what you did for me.”


“You're welcome,” he responded.


He tilted his head down like the thank you
embarrassed him.


“You have a hard time taking a compliment


“I don't know?”


“You keep everything so low key,” I


“I hate showing off and don't understand the
need to seek out attention. It seems like as adults we should be
way beyond that. We should be thinking about more important things
besides totally meaning less approval and attention,” he said, his
gaze wandering all over the room.


It seemed like he was revealing something
deep inside himself, but he wasn't sure if I understood. There was
a lost little boy quality inside that perfect handsome stud of a
man. It was endearing. I wanted to hug him right there.


“Well I understand. And I approve of you,” I


He focused back down on me. When he did, I
stuck out my tongue and laughed.


“I don't know what's become of my case now. I can't get hold of
anyone. My boss is screwing some new associate apparently. Took off
to the Florida Keys with her. I'll evaluate you as plenty fit to
take over the estate. You seem like a basic guy to me. The will
says you are the sole heir. I just want to forget it all right


“I appreciate you giving me that vote of
confidence. But that's not what I wanted to hear.”


“Huh?” I was really lost.


“What do you want to hear Tyler?”


“I want to hear that you'll be my guest for
the holidays,” he said. “You are right. The case is in limbo. But
just evaluate it honestly. I am not trying to influence that.”


“You know, they won't even admit there is
such a deal. They say there is nothing in the file. And they are
right,” I said, trying to not seem so sick of it all, but failing
miserably. “But I don't trust them. I trust you. If it comes to it,
I'll do my job honestly. But I am just very tired of work


I wanted him to agree. I knew I wanted to
spend my time in that cozy beautiful old house with a gorgeous


We both needed something. With what Andrew
was doing to what I thought we had, I gave up giving a shit about
my plans with him.


I was ready to roll the dice on the
Christmas holiday with Tyler West. We were two-of-a-kind and I
could no longer deny how sexy and irresistible he was.





Chapter 18-- Tyler


She wore the cutest holiday wool pajamas and
one of my mom's old robes. She had her brown hair flying every
which way with multiple hair pins in it.


It was minimal effort. I doubt she'd been
that free with anyone else in forever. At least that's what I



There was something different about Beth
when she came into the kitchen. I pulled the chair out for her at
the big wooden table over looking the snowy huge back yard. It was
a classic winter scene taking place out there.


I saw her look at the scene a little too
long and take a deep breath.


I'd sent Martin off to start the holiday
with his family but only if he made one of his patented veggie
omelettes and whipped up some of his whole cream peppermint
creamer. After that, we were on our own. The forecast until the
morning of the twenty sixth was snow and more snow. Christmas
itself was looking like it was going to be a blizzard.


“Beth, it's no secret I want to spend this
time with you. I want you to know, I understand how driven you are.
I understand how important your career is to you. That was my first
consideration when I asked your firm to grant you this time here
with me. I just want to know you better. I think you are the most
unique and beautiful woman I've ever met.”


“Wow you sure lay it out on the table,” she


I rubbed her shoulders from behind and I
heard her sigh. In the big window where the perfect wintry scene
unfolded, I saw the reflection of her eyes. They truly sparkled.
She laid her head against my hand and I moved my fingers further
down her upper chest. She grabbed them and instead of pealing them
away, she kissed them.



Chapter 19--Beth


He moved fast. But I was so at ease and
excited by being free for a couple days, I let him do what he
wanted with his hands. When I kissed them at that breakfast table,
I smelled faintly the motorcycle grease from our cold ride through
the city.


It reminded me of freedom and how much I
wanted him to just take me. Take my body and take me away from the
everyday of chasing the past by constantly fighting to dominate the


When he told me at breakfast that my success
was guaranteed, I would never have believed anyone but him. That's
what made Tyler special. He was real and when he said something, he
meant it.


Everyone puts on an act to some degree. But
he was the closest I'd ever met to being who he truly was. He never
apologized for any of it. He never cared if anyone else liked it or
approved of it.


That freedom was as intoxicating to me as
his perfect, strong ripped body.


He invited me to sit in his lap at
breakfast. I accepted of course. I felt his swollen cock against my
back the whole time.


He spooned me pieces of the scrumptious
veggie omelette and fresh fruits.


We laughed when pieces would fall out of my
mouth. He'd grab a napkin and dab my face.


I almost accused him of putting some sort of
drug in that peppermint creamer. I was so relaxed and didn't think
twice about any of what was happening.


He was a perfect gentleman. He'd hug me
around the tummy, than release me slightly. Then he'd rub my
shoulders while I chewed on my food.


“Merry Chistmas Beth,” he whispered in my


I was shocked that came out of his mouth.
But I felt the spirit too. It warmed my heart. I wanted to feel
more of him, but I thought it would have looked slutty to reach
back and try to grab hold of his cock right then.


I knew it was big. It's all I really wanted
for Christmas.


Chapter 20--Tyler


We spent the rest of the morning in each
others' arms under a blanket in the movie room.


I never let her go from the time we got up
from breakfast until we descended onto the big over sized couch in
front of my wide screen TV. It was the one big purchase I'd made
for myself besides my motorcycle.


Beth was no small girl. She was over
five-six and had legs that wouldn't quit. I doubt any guy had ever
picked her up and carried her around like I did.


She giggled the whole time and I pecked her
on each cheek. I couldn't contain my smile. It was one of pure


“Something Christmas please,” she


She laid back on the couch and undid her
hair and pulled it back together.


She didn't have on an once of make up, but
she glowed. The rarest, most natural beauty the heavens could ever
have created.



“God you're beautiful.”


I couldn't stop myself from saying it. My
cock throbbed and pulsed, pushing hard against my elastic topped
pajama bottoms.


When I said it, she threw her head back and


Her little teenage debutante modesty in the
face of my compliments was a side that made me want her even


I popped in “A Christmas Carol” with George
C. Scott as Scrooge and opened the shades to see the thick wet
flakes building walls of white outside the window. I lit a fire and
dimmed the lamp on the corner of my desk that served as the only
modern light in the room. There were a stack of wool blankets and
throw pillows next to the brick fire place.


I put one gently behind Beth's head. Her
eyes wer slits. Like she wanted to fall back to sleep.


“Just do what you want. I could use a nap
too,” I said, putting another blanket over her relaxed body.


“Well the blanket has plenty of room,”


I turned on the movie and got underneath
with her.


I pushed some stray hairs off her face and
met her lips with mine.


“I could stay here forever Tyler.”


I smiled and kissed her even longer. I
pulled her closer until I could feel her firm, perfect breasts
pushing into my chest.

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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