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Authors: Eric M Garrison

Tags: #Health & Fitness, #Sexuality

Mastering Multiple Position Sex

Mastering Multiple Position Sex
is a juicy read! The sexy photos illustrate movement through positions, mirroring a dance to music, and Eric lends a great coaching voice to readers looking for new ways to explore their erotic ‘symphony.’ This book is vital for couples who want to help each other experience pleasure, in any position.”

Tammy Nelson
, psychotherapist, international speaker,
and author of
Getting the Sex You Want


“This book will make you laugh, learn, and love sex even more than before. It’s such an original concept that even I was surprised and delighted by it.”

Susan Crain Bakos
, bestselling author of
The Sex Bible, The Sex Bible for Women
The Orgasm Bible
, and many more


“This lyrical book is an etude for the student of Sensual Virtuosity. Maestro Garrison will inspire you to take your ‘practice of pleasuring’ to new heights.”

Charla Hathaway
, author of
Erotic Massage
8 Erotic Nights





Eric Marlowe Garrison

To My Mom and Dad


This is what happens when you teach
your toddler how to arabesque…



What Makes Sex Musical?
Getting Started:
The Solo: Self-Pleasure as Sex Education
1st Movement
Your First Duet
The Joys of Mutual Maestro-bation
2nd Movement
Introduction To Harmony
A Study in Sexual Progression
3rd Movement
The Adagio
Taking It Easy and Making It Last
4th Movement
A Capella
Amazing Oral Sex for You and Your Partner
5th Movement
Being Concert Master
Positions to Help Your Male Partner Please You
6th Movement
Venerating The Vibrato
Using Toys for Her and Him
7th Movement
Sight Reading
Non-Traditional Moves That Boost Intimacy
8th Movement
Building an Erotic Ensemble
Achieving Blended Orgasms
9th Movement
The Key of A
Anal Play for Amateurs and Professionals
10th Movement
Allegro con Fuoco
The Quickie
11th Movement
Playing First Chair
Get Off That Bed and Onto the Furniture
12th Movement
The Standing O
Sex on Two Feet
13th Movement
The Rock Opera
Sexual Moves for the Young at Heart