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But His body was well-defined. He had an eight-pack and his pecs were hard. Mariana smoothed her hands over his abdomen, carefully feeling each individual muscle. His arms were big, but not grotesque and full of veins popping out everywhere. Mariana could stare at his body for hours in just amazement. He was, by all means, lickable.


Whenever they made love, Scott’s green eyes became more focused, as if He studied her body. He always knew what to do to please her just right. After each session, they would cuddle. Scott wrapped his arms around her as if He was protecting her. The sexual energy was high but it was nothing compared to the love they shared. It was just as passionate and intense as their lovemaking. Mariana finally found The One she had been looking for.


She unbuckled his jeans and slid them down His thighs. They were strong and full of muscle. She tucked her hands into His boxer briefs and slid them over His erection, which softly  bounced. She softly pushed Scott back on her bed and pulled the remainder of his clothing off. “What do you want me to do next,


“Undress yourself,” Scott directed. “Slowly.”


Mariana removed her tank top and tossed it on the floor. She slowly unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. She crawled her fingers to her shorts and undid them, pulling them over her curvy thighs and stepped out of them.


“Good,” Scott approved, “Now bend over in front of me and take off your thong.”


Mariana turned around and bent over to pull down her purple thong. It was just like how the strippers did it in the many clubs Scott had visited in His younger days. She stood back up and faced her boyfriend. “Yes,


Scott reached underneath the pillows and rested his hands behind his head. "Suck me."


Mariana climbed on the bed and kneeled in front of her boyfriend. She grabbed his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other.  He was still hard and a little precum formed at the mushroom tip. She licked the precum; it was salty and a tad sweet. Tasting a man's cum was always an acquired taste to Mariana and she could never for the life of her understand how the porn actors seemingly loved the taste. Maybe that's what made them actors. 


She licked her lips and made eye contact with Scott, who exhaled a deep breath upon the sight. She began to suck him slowly, only taking a little at a time. Her tongue twirled around His cock as she sucked Him for an added sensation. Her hand slid to the base of His cock while the other massaged His balls. Mariana lifted her head one last time and smiled at her lover. She bent over again and deep-throated Scott, taking all of Him at once. She repeated the motion several times before she felt Him stiffen; He was about to cum.


Scott grabbed onto the sheets and unloaded in Mariana's hot mouth. Mariana's free hand helped jack Scott off into her mouth as she kept sucking Him. She stopped sucking Him and wiped his cock over her breasts, smearing His juices over her. It always when they had sex, Mariana's inner porn star came out to play.


After he came, Mariana noticed Scott was still hard. He reached over and grabbed a Magnum. “Slip this on my cock,” He instructed.




“With,” Scott gave a devious grin, “your mouth.”


Mariana climbed on the bed and unwrapped the condom. She placed the tip of it in her mouth and moved towards Scott’s cock. She bent her head down and kissed the mushroom tip. With a free hand, she rolled the rest of the condom on Scott’s cock. “What did you want me to do next,


“Ride me,” Scott instructed.


Mariana climbed on top of Scott and straddled His waist. She lowered her body onto His cock and reveled in the fullness. No matter how many times they had made love, she was still getting used to his cock size. She sharply inhaled and threw her head back; her system was shocked with pleasure. She felt Scott’s hands on her waist and guiding her to move.


He looked up and watched Mariana’s reaction. Seeing her reaction made Mariana sexier knowing He was giving her that pleasure. He moved a hand down to her clit and played with it as she rode him. She slowly rolled her body, easing into a soft rhythm. She softly moaned at first, eventually becoming louder.


So loud, she didn’t notice Sarah and Eric arriving home. “Do you hear that?” Sarah asked.


“Kinda hard not to since her bedroom door is opened,” Eric pointed.


“I wonder if they’re actually doing it,” Sarah wondered.


Eric shot her a disbelieving look. “Woman, you can’t be serious.”


“Well, let’s go shut her door.” She responded.


“How about you go shut her door and I’ll wait for you in the bedroom. They won’t be the only ones getting their freak on tonight,” Eric kissed his girlfriend and walked to her bedroom.


Sarah tip-toed to Mariana’s room and peeked in the doorway. As she suspected, her and Scott were having sex. Mariana was riding Scott’s cock faster and he talked dirty to her. “Take the cock, baby,” Scott instructed.


“Fuck, I love your cock.” Mariana moaned. She could ride him all night.


“Come here,” Scott pulled her closer to his face. Their tongues intertwined and he began to thrust upward to her. He moved his hands down to her ass and guided her up and down. "You like riding my cock, baby?"


"I love it," Mariana moaned. She rode him harder.


Sarah couldn’t stop watching. Her eyes were stuck on Scott’s cock. It was so thick and perfect. Mariana’s pussy was tightly wrapped around it and her wetness glistened on his cock. She understood Mariana’s moans. Sarah’s panties became wetter. She imagined it was her on top of Scott instead of Mariana.


If it wasn’t for Eric, Sarah probably would’ve joined the pair. “Will you get your ass here?” He pulled her into her bedroom. “Enough voyeurism for you tonight.”


Mariana came on top of Scott and collapsed on his body. He continued to fuck her and pulled out, disposed of the condom, and shot all over her ass.  “That was amazing,” she purred.


“It was,” Scott wiped the sweat off his brow, “your roommate liked it too, apparently.”




"Scott, welcome back!" Alan once again greeted his favorite Tiffany & Co. customer. "How's your friend?"


"She's fine," Scott hated the intrusion on his privacy. "I'm here to look at your engagement rings."


Alan's mouth hung open.  Scott swore up and down he would be a bachelor for life and some woman turned him around. "Well, well, well…congrats! Lucky lady! Follow me!" He walked over to the ring counter. "Is there a particular design you're looking for?"


"No, not really." Scott glanced at the rings. "Just getting an idea on what I want."


"We also have others in the back if you don't see anything you like here."


Scott perused the rings inside the counter. He did a quick glance at them and moved onto the next set. One particular ring made him stop in his tracks. He saw a ring he couldn't take his eyes off. "What's the biggest size that one comes in?" He pointed to a radiant-cut ring with pear side stones.


Alan opened up the case and pulled out the ring. "This comes in a two and a half carat but we can always get a bigger stone." He gave to Scott to admire closely. "What do you think?"


Scott didn’t show any enthusiasm. "How much?"


"A little over fifty." Alan said.


Scott knew what Alan meant. A little over fifty meant a little over fifty grand. Even though Scott was wealthy, he still knew the ring wasn't a drop in the bucket.  He could've easily went to the mall chain of jewelry stores and picked something out there for Mariana and she would've accepted it just the same. But she deserved the best and he was going to give it to her, no matter the cost. His heart felt right. Mariana was The One. He couldn't see anyone but her in his life.


But his mind began to fuck him. His forehead started to sweat. The room was spinning and the walls began to close in. Scott found it increasingly difficult to breathe.  “I need to…I need to sit,” Scott whispered.


“Jake, bring that chair over! Marissa, get some water! Hurry!” Alan barked orders as he helped Scott sit down.


Scott was flushed. His face was red and he was dripping with sweat. A small cup of water was shoved to his lips and he shot it down. “I’m fine, I’m fine.” He commented to everyone. “I’m sorry. I think I just had a panic attack.”


“Well, proposing marriage to a woman is serious business,” Alan smiled, “I can understand the nervousness.”


It wasn’t the thought of proposing to Mariana that shook Scott. It was the flashbacks to his ex-fiancée that got him. 


While much of the wedding day was still a blur, Scott did remember a few key moments. Two of his groomsmen ran out of the suite upon hearing the news, looking for Scott’s best friend. His father was talking to the wedding planner to cancel everything and negotiate some type of partial payment for the services. His mother and sister sat next to him, trying to comfort him. He briefly remembered his mother was in tears while his sister…he had never seen his sister so furious.


His Brooks Brothers tuxedo was suddenly tight and uncomfortable.  And the air-conditioned suite seemed hot and swampy. He remembered his other groomsmen offering whatever drug or alcohol of his choosing and surprisingly, his conservative parents didn’t object. He refused all substances, however; he wanted to remember that day forever.


It was the worst day of his life. Over 400 guests were in attendance. The menu was meticulously picked out and everything was coordinated down to color, shape and size. He held down a minimum of three jobs just so he could foot the $50K wedding and the $10K rock on her finger. He was 27 and was just promoted to creative director at McCormick and Sheppard, after his year-long internship. After what happened, Scott went on a two-week sabbatical and traveled to Europe, the spot of their planned honeymoon. He ended up having the time of his life.


He had just bought a house and had the blueprints for the massive renovation the two of them were going to make. One room was going to be a potential nursery. Another room was going to be his personal man cave for when his ‘bros’ came over. When he got home, he ended up shredding those blueprints and redoing the whole layout of his home.


He worked up his way up at McCormick and Sheppard, pouring all of his energy into acquiring new customer accounts, coming up with brilliant campaigns, and working 16-hour days. His demeanor also dramatically changed. He used to smile all the time and was quick to help others. He was open with his love life, fawning of his fiancée and being excited about marrying her.


The betrayal made Scott cold and calculating, and often barked sly insults to those who didn’t agree with his ideals. He was a regular fixture in the HR office but he never got into much trouble. Richard and Michael were too fond of the firecracker that sparked inside Scott and weren’t going to let him go.


Within five years, Scott was promoted to executive creative director; a long way from being a fresh-faced intern. He generated more revenue for the company and became more private. He knew what his affect on women had and he paid it no mind. He went on a slew of dates, wanting to fill the sexual need but never got serious with any of them. He would never make that mistake again.


For a woman’s touch around the home, he hired a cleaning service. He specifically talked to the each potential maid until he found the right one for him.
“I’m in school and I have bills to pay so I don’t have time to mess around. I’ll be in and out like you never even knew I was there. In fact, look,” one potential maid said as he interviewed her. She took out a piece of paper and made a quick origami design, “I’ll even do this to your bed sheets as an added bonus.”


It was Mariana. Every so often, he wondered what would’ve happened if he just fired her that fateful day instead of fucking her. 


Scott looked at the ring he picked out for Mariana and gave it back to Alan. "I'll think about it."




Ooh, I didn’t know about a Roth IRA. I should probably start investing in one of those.


Mariana was fixated on watching Suze Orman every Saturday night when she could.  At first, she merely humored Scott by watching her with him. She personally thought Suze was loud, obnoxious and annoying. But over time, Mariana realized the financial guru knew what hell she was talking about. Sarah found herself taking notes during each episode and going into lengthy conversations with Scott about her finances and investing options.

13.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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