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Author’s Note


A lot of erotica authors write about BDSM but very few actually understand the
Sure, there are lots of kinky and freaky parts to it, but there is much more to BDSM than just whips, collars, and chains. As with any relationship, the D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship is built out of trust and respect. The sub has to completely trust the Dominant for any play to happen. The submissive also understands the Dom or Domme will never put the submissive in harm. There is a big difference between


You may have noticed in some scenes, him was spelled like Him (he was spelled like He and so on). No, it wasn’t a reference to God. It was about showing respect to Scott’s role as a Dominant and Mariana’s role as His submissive. I also used a lot of terms such as
impact play, sensory deprivation, sensation play, and Total Power Exchange
so you, the reader, understand what Mariana is learning from her point of view.


Scott and Mariana are in a healthy, mutually-beneficial, and loving relationship and I sincerely hope you read it as that. It is my goal as a person who participates in the
to show the many different aspects of BDSM – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sexy. It is not for everyone but I do encourage you to explore. Who knows? You might just like getting spanked.


And there you have it,









Part III Excerpt


He wasn’t surprised to see her. If anything, he had been expecting her. Not necessarily that day but he knew at some point, he was going to see her.


Now his antithesis was once again in front of him. She was gorgeous as ever; her long, ebony hair with soft bangs contrasted against her milk chocolate complexion. Her light brown eyes were just as calculating as his. She was thin but curvy in the places that mattered.  She was incredibly tall, about 5’9 but it didn’t stop her from wearing five-inch heels on a daily basis. She had some work done on her face, he recognized, and maybe a little Botox. Years of being a world-famous supermodel had finally caught up with her.


Seeing Caprina before him gave Scott goose bumps. She was the love his life. She was his Domme and did whatever She wanted, when She wanted. She was the air that he breathed and if She asked him to drink Her bathwater, he would not have hesitated.


Their sex life was one of legendary tales. She introduced him to
the Lifestyle.
 She incorporated BDSM little by little from day one.  It began with a paddle here and a smack there. She would ask, no,
Scott to do things, sometimes humiliating acts. They would go to BDSM parties and She would parade him around the room and Scott, wearing only a collar and woman’s black thong panties, would get spanked by whoever Caprina wanted.


Soon, Scott was wearing chastity devices during work and whenever Caprina went on trips.  One device only had a key that Caprina had and there was no other way for Scott to unlock it. Not that he wanted to. He was a great little sub.


After they made love for hours, She would milk his cock, with Scott bent over on four chairs. Caprina would use butt plugs, vibrators and lubricants to get him off again and again until he could no longer withstand it.


Scott’s absolute favorite play was Bend-Over Boyfriend when Caprina would use a strap-on on him to massage his prostate. He would explode in an intense orgasm and it seemed to have lasted for hours.


Three months before their wedding, Scott entertained Caprina’s threesome fantasy by inviting his best friend, Elliot, to join them. Scott felt uncomfortable about sharing his woman but it was what Caprina wanted and he was going to do whatever it took to make her happy. During the sex session, he noticed Caprina was more receptive to Elliot and had a stronger reaction to his lovemaking.


He simply brushed it off as just a new experience and didn’t think too much of it. 


But when he received a text message – not a phone call or a in-person talk – but a text message that she had been sleeping with Elliot since that night and they ran off together, Scott didn’t react. He didn’t feel anger. He didn’t feel sadness. He didn’t feel relief. He felt numb. His family and friends encouraged him to be emotional but Scott couldn’t. Caprina killed any emotion he had left.


After he got back from his self-imposed sabbatical, Scott erased all traces of Caprina from his life as if she had never existed. Everyone at work knew to not mention her name and show a little compassion towards Scott for a short while. But he didn’t care. The old, friendly and warm Scott was dead and gone.


During a business meeting, Scott berated a colleague in front of everyone for his ridiculous ideas. Afterwards, one of his colleagues came up to him and remarked he was cold as ice. Scott simply smiled and replied with ‘Thank you.’ The nickname, Ice, stuck since then.


It was a small world, Scott knew, and eventually they would cross paths again. For the first year after their separation, he thought about what he would say to her or possibly do to her. Would he be happy? Would he run away? Would he curse at her? Even Scott was curious on how he would react.


After a while, he disregarded all thoughts and focused on his work. He poured all of his energy to his career and was well known in the advertising industry. He made connections in many political and social circles but preferred to stay home to mind his own business. His actions merely added an air of mystery to him. He hit the gym twice a day, six days a week. He cut out sugar from his diet and focused on his lean physique.


He simply smirked at Caprina’s reappearance – everything was going too well in his life. He was on top of his game at the agency, his relationship with Mariana was stronger than ever, and he was about to settle down to make it official. He started to have babies on the brain, something unheard of for him.


Caprina always had impeccable timing. “What can I do for you, Ms. Waters?” He asked.


“As you’ve heard…” She began.


“I didn’t but humor me, anyways…” He interrupted.


“As you may have heard, I am now the new model for Guess. They wanted the best ad agency in the world and I recommended your services. They want something fresh, young, and hip. I expect you know how to do that.”


Scott had been waiting for Caprina to pull this move on him for years. He was amazed it took her this long. “Guess has their own agency house they work with.”


“They’re expanding their horizons.”


“I’ll have one of the creative directors help you with that, Ms. Waters. We’ll be in touch…”


“I specifically requested you.” She insisted.


“Of course you did.” He expected that move as well. “I have other accounts I’m working on but I will get back to you regarding a meeting on what Guess needs.”


She expected him to brush him off. “We can’t meet now?”


“We just did.”


“You’re hasty.” Caprina replied. Scott was more gorgeous than she had remembered. Getting him was going to be easier than she thought.


“And you’re wasting my time.”


“I know you still can’t be mad at me for what happened light-years ago, Scotty?” She smiled.


Scotty. He hated that nickname back then and it still made his skin crawl now. “It’s Scott. For me to be mad, Ms. Waters, I have to care. Shame on you for thinking that I do.”


“At one point you did.”


“A very long time ago.”


“If you don’t help me with this account, I will report you and your company to everyone I know,” Caprina had a sly smile, “and I mean


Scott wasn’t fazed by Caprina’s threat. She didn’t realize his reputation preceded hers in many of the same circles. All it took was one phone call and Caprina would never model ever again. “I never said I wasn’t going to help you, Ms. Waters…”


“It’s Caprina…”


“Ms. Waters,” Scott grinned, “I just said I was going to give your account to someone else. I’ll mainly supervise. If you honestly thought I was going to give up 30 other accounts just so I can babysit your needy ass, you were surely jesting.”


Caprina was surprised to see how different Scott had become. She was expecting to see the old boy who didn’t know any better and was very green to everything he absorbed. What Sarah had told her definitely had some truth to it. Caprina would have to work harder to break his shell.  “Fine, that works.”


“Excuse me for a minute,” Scott pressed a button on the intercom, “Elissa, send Ms. Harlow and Chris in here, please? Thank you.”


A few minutes later, Mariana and one of the creative directors, Chris, walked into Scott’s office. “Chris, Mariana, this is Caprina Waters. You might have recognized her work from various print and television ads she’s done throughout the years. Guess just signed a new contract with McCormick and Sheppard, so you’ll be working directly with their marketing team on creating a new ad campaign.”


“Very excited to meet you, Ms. Waters,” Chris shook her hand, “we’ll come up with a fantastic campaign for you and the Guess brand.”


“Great to hear!” She smiled.


“Chris, can you please excuse us? I would like to talk to Ms. Harlow and Ms. Waters alone,” Scott asked.


“Sure. Ms. Waters, a pleasure meeting you.” Chris left Scott’s office.


Mariana had to contain her excitement. She had been a fan of Caprina Waters for years and aspired to be like her when she was younger. To be standing in the same room with her was a dream come true.


“Now that we’re alone, let’s just put it out there.” Scott smiled. “Mari, remember that ex-fiancée my family despises and because of her, they had a hard time accepting you? Meet Caprina Waters. Caprina, meet my new girlfriend, Mariana Harlow. Now that’s out of the way, I expect no bullshit from either one of you. Ms. Harlow, you’re dismissed. I’ll talk to you later.”


Mariana had to pick her jaw off the floor. Caprina.
The Caprina.
She was the infamous ex-fiancée of Scott’s. She was a supermodel. She was the sex fiend. She was gorgeous. She was the cold-hearted bitch. She spoke four languages. She was evil. And now she had to work side-by-side with her on a major project. There was no way Mariana could compete with her.


She walked out of Scott’s office and made a beeline to the nearest woman’s restroom. She cried for 15 minutes.




“So that’s your new little girlfriend, huh? Kinda young for you, Scotty.” Caprina wasn’t intimidated by Mariana.


“Just like you’re kinda old for me?” Scott shot back. Caprina was five years older than him.


Caprina stood up from her chair and leaned forward on Scott’s desk. “I will destroy her.”


Caprina’s naïveté about Mariana was making Scott’s dick hard. “I like to see you try.”


Part III – The Finale – coming Spring 2012


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