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"Kids," Elissa began, "now you know why Scott's nickname is Ice."


"If he's like this in public, I wonder how he's like in private," Jennifer chuckled to Tawny.


"He can take his frustration out on me anytime he wants," Tawny commented.


Mariana didn't pay any attention to the girls' sexual comments.  She looked in the direction of Scott's office and sighed.




"First day of the internship is officially done! I say we should go out and celebrate!"  Robert asked the other interns.


"I'm in," Nate chimed in, "let's go to that bar down the street."


"I'm there, dude."Alex commented, "Are you ladies coming with?"


"Sure, we'll be there." Tawny said as Jennifer agreed. "Mari, are you coming?"


"Um, I'll catch up with y'all in a bit. I need to finish typing my notes." She said.


"Alright, see you later." Nate and the others walked out of the offices and to the nearest elevator.


When Mariana knew they were out of sight, she got up from her desk and headed over to Scott's office. They were the only ones left in the building and Mariana knew it was safe to visit him privately in his office. She listened to the door to see if he was on the phone and cautiously opened it. She immediately noticed on one of the bookcases, there was a big, gaping hole where a Tiffany vase used to be. She closed the door behind her and stood at a safe distance in case he was still upset and decided to chuck another vase towards her direction.  


"I'm an asshole for good reason, Mari," he said without turning to face her. He nursed his whiskey and admired the skyscrapers. "Nice guys don't run corporations, assholes do."


"I understand," Mariana walked over to Scott's desk and sat down. "But there's a difference between being an asshole and just being cruel. You didn't have to humiliate Arturo in front of everyone."


"I'm responsible for three hundred million dollars in ad campaigns every year. Every year. If there's one bad ad, do you know who reams my ass? The Golf Boys." Scott referred to the partners. "They're likable and friendly because they no longer have to deal with the bullshit on a daily basis. They sign checks, eat fancy dinners, cheat on their wives, and of course, play golf. If you ask Michael what the process was behind that Palmolive campaign, he couldn't tell you. If you ask Richard why we had to change the model on the Revlon campaign, he would have no clue. But they want to know where every fucking cent went down to the last penny.


"In case you haven't realized, there's always someone gunning for your spot whether it's personal or business. I oversee seven creative directors; some have been with the agency longer than I have. You don't think those guys resent my ass? They fucking
me, Mari. They hate me because I'm younger. They hate me because I'm smarter. They hate me because I'm coming up with campaigns they couldn't even imagine. If I show one ounce of sensitivity to those fucks, they will walk all over my ass." He finished his whiskey. "That's why, Mari, I'm an asshole and if I'm cruel, so be it."


For the first time in their courtship, Mariana felt she truly understood who Scott was. But she also realized just because she understood him, it didn't mean he was going to change. "Understood." She got up and straightened out her clothing. "I'll leave you alone now. I just wanted to see how you were doing."


"You know…" He trailed off."There is a way you can make me feel better."


Mariana turned around. A slow smile formed on her face. "And what way would that be," she paused. "


"Lock the door." He instructed and Mariana hurried to lock the door. She walked over to Scott and waited for her next command. He sat down in his chair and beckoned Mariana. "Bend over."


Mariana bent over Scott's lap and steadied herself with her hands. She closed her eyes and braced herself. She just hoped Scott wouldn't make her too wet. He rubbed her ass, feeling how soft yet firm it was underneath her work slacks. "Take them off," he softly spoke.


." Even though Mariana hated calling Scott that at first, she had grown to like it. She removed her slacks and set them on a nearby chair.


Scott leaned back in his chair and admired his girlfriend. He rubbed his chin as he contemplated his next move. "On second thought, remove everything. I want you bare."


Mariana took off the rest of her clothing and stood naked in front of Scott. Her body was soft and there was a light scent of the Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion she had put on that morning. In the moonlight, the curvature of her breasts and fullness of her hips stood out. She was pear-shaped, Scott determined. Her eyes were wide and willing and he drank in her beauty. She was gorgeous. "Yes, Master?"


Mariana's hair was still in the tight bun. “Pull down your hair,” Scott spoke.


Mariana removed the bun in her hair and ran her fingers through her hair. Long, loose curls came out and she shook her head softly a few times to loosen the strands. She looked much younger than her 24 years. "Is this what you want,


"Very good." Scott nodded. His erection was restricting his slacks. "Now get on the floor in a push-up position and stay there."


Mariana carefully kneeled down on the floor and got into a modified push-up position with bent knees. Scott opened a drawer and took out a small flogger. "No, I said a push-up position. Legs straight!" He flogged her ass.


A yelp escaped Mariana's lips. Where in the hell did Scott get a flogger from? And why in the hell did he keep it in his office? She straightened out her legs and waited for Scott's next command. "Yes,


"Good girl," Scott walked around her and studied her body. "You're going to be watched at all times. People who you think wouldn't care or notice you will be watching your every move from what time you arrive to when you leave. They will watch how you eat lunch to what color nail polish you're wearing to what you do at your desk on break. Even though no one else knows, you represent me. You will always look professional, you will always be professional. I spent a lot of time and effort to get you this internship and you better not disappoint me."


Mariana started to lose her balance and bent her knees. "I said legs straight!" He flogged her ass again and Mariana bit her lip to prevent the scream to come out. She straightened out her legs as much as she could.


"You will always walk with your head up, broad shoulders and back straight. You will always wear heels. Since I just bought you those Louboutins, I expect you to get some mileage on them. Your hair is to be in a bun or a ponytail at all times during work hours." He sat down in his chair. Dominating Mariana made him aroused. "Did I make myself clear?"


" Mariana whimpered.


"Good. Now stand up and straddle me,” Scott ordered and Mariana got on top of him. “Hold onto my shoulders.” She placed her hands on his shoulders. He looked up at her and there was a twinkle in his eyes and Mariana briefly wondered what he was up to. His breath faintly smelled of the whiskey he drank and it made him sexier.


“Good girl.” With his right hand, Scott slapped Mariana’s ass hard; hard enough to cause stinging but not extreme pain. He slapped her just under the cheeks and turned his hands upward with each slap. He slapped her repeatedly for several minutes until her cheeks were nice and rosy.


Meanwhile, Mariana’s body arched with each slap. Her lips were pursed together in pleasure. Scott brought out the freak inside her. “Where are you?” Scott asked.


.” Mariana responded. Her ass was starting to feel raw.


“Stand up.” Scott ordered and Mariana complied. “Spread your legs.”  Mariana stood straight up. Scott locked eyes on hers and smiled at her. She was a good sub and with enough time and patience on both parts, she would develop into the woman Scott knew she could be. He had to train her first and found Mariana to be willing to learn and be taught.


He decided to test her again to see how patient she really was. He tickled her clit with his fingers. It was swollen and she was slippery wet. “My girl is wet for me,” Scott purred. He inserted a finger and rubbed his thumb on her clit.  “I love it when you’re wet for me.”


,” Mariana moaned. “Please…please don’t stop.”


“I have to,” Scott withdrew his hand from Mariana’s pussy. “I feel better now. You made your


Mariana opened her eyes and glared at Scott. He remained in his chair with an obvious erection. “
, do you want me to take care of that for you?” She pointed to his cock.


“No, I’m good. It’ll go down.” Scott revealed a devious smile. He wiped his hands on cloth napkin and handed it over to Mariana so she could wipe herself. “Put your clothes back on and go home. I’ll see you later.” He gathered his keys and walked out of his office.


Mariana stood in Scott’s office, furious.  The heat between her thighs dissipated and was quickly replaced with an indescribable anger. She wanted to get fucked. She wanted him to fuck her hard. She was so wet and willing. He was hard and appeared to want her just as bad.


But he just left her and he was
about it as well. Mariana folded her arms and was so pissed off, she felt like throwing one of Scott's Laliques against the wall. “This submissive shit is gonna take some getting used to.”


Chapter Eleven


"I haven't seen you in a while," B. smiled as Mariana approached the counter, "I thought you had given up on wanting to be friends."


"If you would've called, I wouldn't have," Mariana laughed. "But you never called."


B. gave a small shrug as if he was admitting he was at fault. "I lost your number." He licked his lips.


"Ooh, that's a new one." Mariana nodded. "I don't think I've heard that one before."


"Well, you could've came back to see me, you know?" B. leaned against one of the refrigerators. "I get lonely here."


"Brother, please." She rolled her eyes. "I'll have the Mocha Frappuccino, grande, extra whip. And don't be stingy on my whip."


"You got it." B. wrote down Mariana's order and gave it to a co-worker."Say, do you still have time for friends?"


yes." Mariana insisted. "Nothing more than that."


"I'm a gentleman." He smiled.


"Good because I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that." Mariana had to think about that. Was Scott her boyfriend?


"He's not your boyfriend," B. shook his head.


"Excuse you?" She felt defensive and couldn’t understand why.


"If mystery man was your boyfriend," he handed Mariana her order, "you would not be flirting with me."






Mariana squinted as she read the computer screen. She merely typed in
into Google search and was surprised by the number of results that came back. Porn. Dating sites. Erotica. Clothing stores.
The Lifestyle
, Scott kept saying over and over. Mariana finally got the gist of it. BDSM wasn’t just some kinky shit Scott had in mind one night; it really was a


Several weeks had passed since she started her internship at McCormick and Sheppard and became more immersed into the
 While she was comfortable with a lot of aspects of BDSM, there was still a lot she didn’t know. Scott was a patient Dom and she was willing sub, but she still didn't know a lot about the


She sat at Starbucks and carefully sipped on her Mocha Frappuccino. Her eyes were glued to the screen and she cautiously clicked on the first link. It was a website dedicated to learning more about the BDSM culture and every aspect. She shook her head and wondered how she was going to be able to remember it all.


She learned the different types of submissive (slave, bottom, psychological, physical). She learned how a submissive was supposed to behave. She was startled to read some horror stories from former submissives on how their Dom/mes demeaned and humiliated them. But as Mariana kept reading, she realized some of those stories were subs who
to be humiliated.

12.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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