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Most importantly, she learned how a Dominant treats His submissive. The description fit Scott to a tee.
A Dom only has to give a look to His submissive to show He means business,
Mariana read quietly. She knew the look and had it tattooed on her brain. He didn't smile and his eyes became serious. His face didn't show a hint of happiness. He took the
just as serious as he took work and business matters.


And that tone he had, Mariana could only liken it to the tone a parent uses when their kid is in big trouble. It was the tone Mariana knew whatever she was doing, it needed to stop immediately and attend to Scott's needs.


Yep, that’s Scott to a tee.


She clicked on more links and found a flurry of information.  Submissives telling their stories about how they pleased their Dom/mes. The proper ‘etiquette’ for a sub and what's expected of them. And the safety words – ton of safety words and tips. Mariana was content with the traffic light system her and Scott established. It was simple and easy to remember.  There wasn’t a wonder or question as to what she meant by shouting ‘red’ during play.


But what blew Mariana away was the long and ever-growing list of BDSM terminology.
Sensory deprivation
was what she had experienced before with the blindfold.
Impact play
was the spanking.  But what really interested Mariana was one particular term:


TPE (Total Power Exchange): Dominant or owner has complete authority or control over the submissive’s life, making the majority of decisions.


Scott convinced Mariana to give up her other clientele. He got her the internship at his work.
To keep tabs on me,
Mariana remembered,
he wants to know what I’m doing at all times
. She remembered the other night in his office when he mentioned other people would be watching her as well.
He has spies in the office.
She only wondered what else he had in mind.


“Girl, I have been calling your name for the past five minutes!” Sarah popped up behind Mariana.


“Fuck!” Mariana slammed her screen shut. “Girl, don’t you ever fucking scare me like that!”


“My bad, ma,” Sarah sat across from Mariana, “I didn’t mean to interrupt. You just looked so intense and I had to say ‘hi’ to you. That’s all.”


“Nah, I’m good,” Mariana put a hand over her heart. It was rapidly beating. “So…wh-wh-what’s up?”


“I was just in the neighborhood and decided to pop in to get some coffee.” Sarah replied. “I have a date with Eric tonight. We’re going to Bible study.”


“Wow,” Mariana tried to contain her sarcasm, “that sounds like fun.”


“You should come! You’ll love it. There are a lot of good, Christian men there.”


Mariana politely smiled at the contradiction of her best friend. A good Christian woman who didn’t mind giving a blow job to her boyfriend at least twice a week but would never let him fuck her in the ass. If Sarah really followed the Bible liked she claimed, she would've realized fellatio fell under sodomy. “I’m good, Sarah.”


“Speaking of what’s good," Sarah smiled, "what’s going on between you and Scott? You’re going over to his house quite a bit.” She knew what the deal was; it was much more fun to prod her best friend for information.


“Scott is a…” Mariana paused. She tried to look for the right word but couldn’t find it.
Boyfriend? Dom? Lover?
“Scott is a very good friend.”


“You mean a very good fuck buddy?” Sarah smiled. She remembered the spanking incident.


“Very good friend,” Mariana corrected.


“So your very good friend wouldn’t mind you going out on a date?” Sarah winked.


I walked right into that one.
“I’m not interested in dating anyone,” Mariana hoped the lie wasn’t too obvious.


“You know I just want my bestie to be happy,” Sarah rubbed Mariana’s arm where the bruise once was, “safe and happy.”


Sarah’s use of words didn’t have a lost effect on Mariana.
So she did hear us.
“I’ve never been happier.” Mariana's phone rang. "Excuse me, I have to take this. It's business."


"Not a problem," Sarah proceeded to walk to the counter.


Mariana answered her phone. "Saved by the bell."


"Oh?" Scott asked. "What did I save you from?"


Mariana looked over at Sarah, who was ordering. "An interrogation."


"Where are you?"


"I'm at the Starbucks on Ontario and Bob Hope."


"Stay there. I'll swing by to get you. I'm taking you out to dinner tonight."


"Hmm…I don't know if you can do that.” She teased. “I might have to ask my boss if he could let me have the night off."


"I'm sure he'll be cool with it." Scott smiled. "I'll pick you up in less than two minutes. I'm just around the corner. See you soon, baby." He hung up.


Mariana felt all giddy inside. She loved how Scott pronounced baby like it was "bay-bay." It gave her butterflies just thinking about it. She gathered her items and started to clear off her area when Sarah stopped by. "Leaving so soon?"


"Yeah, something came up so I have to jet." Mariana packed the last of her items and walked outside. "I'll see you later?"


"Um, sure? Bye, Mari!" Sarah waved. She watched Mariana wait by the curb, looking around for someone. She then saw a silver Mercedes convertible pull up and Mariana quickly got in. She leaned over and kissed the driver, who was Scott. "I bet something did come up."




The Cliffhouse was a premier steakhouse located in Hollywood Hills. It was situated on top of a mountain cliff overlooking all of Los Angeles. It was a darling favorite of celebrities and athletes for its discretion and privacy. Reservations were made at least two months in advance.  They served a variety of cuisine from American to Japanese to Mexican prepared by a world-renowned chef.  It had a modern but old Hollywood feel and Mariana felt undressed by being there. She wished she had put on her nice jewelry.


"Do you see anything that you like?" Scott asked as he perused the menu.


"Well, everything looks great!" Mariana's eyes widened like a child entering a toy store. Only when they got to the restaurant did she realize how hungry she was. "I think I'll just have a salad."


Scott looked up from his menu. "I know I didn't bring you here just so you can eat some water?"


"I'm not that hungry," Mariana trained herself into ordering the lightest thing on the menu for so long, she forgot who she was with.


"Mari, I'll expect sex from you regardless if you ate lobster or a small piece of watercress."


"Well, in that case," Mariana opened her menu again. "What do you recommend?"


"The petite filet mignon with prawns is an excellent choice. Very tender." Scott recommended.


"That sounds good. I'll go with that." Mariana closed her menu and set it aside.


The waiter came by their table shortly afterward and Scott ordered dinner for the both of them. "The lady will have the filet mignon with prawns and I'll have the swordfish. Thank you." Scott handed over their menus and the waiter left.


Mariana smiled. She never had a man order food for her. It made her feel both special and out of place. "Thank you."


"You're welcome," He placed his hand over hers. “I’m going to teach you the difference between punishment and discipline. I need you to understand when I’m training you to do something and when I’m punishing because you made me upset.”


” Mariana replied.


“When I’m disciplining you, I’m teaching and guiding you more into the
. I want you to become a better person. I’ll do it for a while until I don’t have to anymore because you automatically do it yourself.” Scott began.


“May I speak,
?” She asked.




“How can I tell the difference between you disciplining me and you punishing me?”


“When I discipline you, it won’t be painful. In fact, I won’t inflict any pain on you at all. However, when I punish you,” His eyes became cold, “you’ll know it.”


Mariana briefly remembered the time she gave Scott a blow job for two hours. She touched her jaw on the thought of it. She was surprised she was able to chew properly the next day. “Do you expect me to wear a collar?”


Scott had been eyeballing collars for Mariana to wear but wasn't sure if she would be ready to take that next step in their relationship. “I haven’t decided yet.”


Mariana hesitated asking the next question but it was a must to save both parties from uncomfortable situations. “Do we play when I’m on my period?”


“No,” Scott was empathetic, “you’ll get the week off. I don’t want to deal with the bitch submissive.”


“Um, fuck you.” Mariana calmly said.


“See?” Scott pointed towards her. “That’s her right there.”


Mariana rolled her eyes. It amazed her how Scott brought the bitch out without trying. “Are you going to flog me again?”


"Did you like it?"


In all honesty, Mariana liked being flogged. But the strangest thing happened the next morning: she felt more confident than before. "I have to get used to it."


"There will be some things that will take time for your mind and body to process. I don't expect you to like everything immediately. I think there will be some things you'll possibly hate."


Mariana again remembered the two-hour blow job. "You don't say?"


“If you keep running your mouth, I will flog you to shut you up.” He warned. “But I’ll also flog you in discipline.”


Mariana hated the word discipline. It never meant anything pleasurable despite Scott’s warning he wasn’t going to hurt her. “What can I expect from the discipline?”


“You have a lot of untapped potential,” Scott began, “I’m going to bring it out of you. There’ll be a series of lessons to make you a better person.”


“Such as?”


“Well, for starters,” he greeted the server as he brought rolls and butter, “I want all of your bank cards.”


Scott's discipline felt like punishment. “Fuck you!” Mariana protested.


“You said you have a spending problem; I’m here to solve it. You’re getting paid very nicely to clean my home and you have a paid internship. I will see a copy of your bank statement at the beginning of every month so I know how much money you’re spending and what bills you are paying. I’ll give you a stipend every week so you can eat and treat yourself.” He explained.
“And you’re also going to learn how to cook so I don’t have to do it all the time.”


Mariana felt Scott was a bonafide expert on pissing people off. She snatched her hand away from his. “Fuck you!”


“And each time your curse outside our sexual relations, you owe me a dollar. Right now, you’re at three.” Scott smiled. “Help me, help you.”  


On a scale of 1-10 of annoyance, Mariana was at a 7. “And what do I get in return?”


“You can have whatever you want, Mari.” Scott replied, “All you have to do is ask me what it is you want and I’ll make sure you’ll get it.”


“So let’s say I want to upgrade my car to a Bentley? Am I going to get it?”


Scott chuckled. “Why on Earth do you want a Bentley?”


Mariana smiled. “You just said I can have whatever I want.”


“You can have whatever you want if it’s what you really
.” Scott reminded. “If you want to be like all that hip-hop garbage you listen to, then yes, I’ll get you a Bentley.”


Mariana had to simmer her temper down. She felt like throwing her glass of Merlot in Scott’s face and calling it a night. “You know, I really don’t like it when you’re a condescending asshole.” Mariana smiled.


“And I don’t like the fact you're testing me when I’m already being generous enough as it is.” Scott spread butter on his roll and took a bite. “That’s another dollar.” 


Mariana began to think hard about her arrangement with Scott. She started to think she might be in over her head. She suddenly remembered what she had learned earlier. “Total Power Exchange,” she mumbled.

8.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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