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An overnight bag. Why Scott had requested one was laughable.  What was the point of it? She was going to be half-naked – if not completely – for most of the time she was over at Scott’s home. She was going to come back home the following morning, sleep a few hours, and head to her internship.  Having an overnight bag was pointless but she didn't want to disobey her
. There was no telling what his reaction would've been.


“So where are you going?” Sarah stood at the doorway of Mariana’s bedroom.


“I’m going over to a friend’s house,” Mariana replied. It wasn’t quite a lie.


“A friend…or Scott’s?” Sarah folded her arms.


Mariana chuckled. It was ridiculous to lie to her girlfriend about Scott. Despite them being quiet during the other times he had visited. Mariana was sure Sarah heard what Scott did to her the first time he visited. The slaps were loud enough. “Scott’s.”


“I figured as such,” Sarah came in and sat on Mariana’s bed. Her tone was anything but approving.


Mariana read Sarah like a book. “What is it?”


“Just be real with me, Mari. Is he beating you?” Sarah knew Scott wasn’t beating Mariana at all but she had to play the role of concerned friend to throw off the scent of lusting after Scott.  


“What? No! No, no, no. Scott would never…” Mariana paused. The word she wanted to say was
but it didn’t quite make sense. She found a more suitable term.  “Scott would never


“What I heard the other day was a different story.” Sarah replied.


“What you heard was…” Mariana realized who she was speaking with. Sarah with her conservative, Bible-belt attitude was not going to understand BDSM or anything about the
 “What you heard was two lovers enjoying themselves.”


“But what about this
crap? What’s that about?” Sarah prodded.


Mariana felt exasperated. Did she really have to explain
? “That’s really none of your concern, Sarah.”


“Well, it is my concern. My best friend is getting her ass beat by some rich, White dude and I’m supposed to stand by and act like shit is okay when it’s not!” Sarah was stern. “If he’s beating on you, Mari…”


“For the last fucking time, he’s not beating my ass!” Mariana was officially annoyed. “Let’s drop this, okay?”


“Oh, I’ll drop it…” Sarah got up and began to walk out of Mariana’s bedroom. “…once you stop seeing him for good.”


Mariana stared at her bedroom doorway for a long while. Whatever was going on between her and Scott caused a rift between her and Sarah and that confused the hell out of Mariana.




Women, Scott figured, were complicated creatures.  Nothing was ever black and white with them, it was always grey. No, it wasn’t just grey; it was a
of grey. What was it with women and their color shading scales?


Scott grew up in a house full of women. His parents divorced when he was young and he chose to stay with his mother and sister. He didn’t know if that made him more receptive to a woman’s needs or more flippant about them. Either way, he used it to his advantage.  He could read a woman’s' menstrual cycle like clockwork and made sure he had enough chocolate and hot tea in stock for the other Reed women. He also knew to stay as far away from the house as possible during that time.


It might have been his upbringing that made Scott read women as well as he did. They were unpredictable but more or less had the same habits. He knew when they were angry. He knew when they were vengeful. He knew when they were jealous. He knew when they were sad. He also knew there was a great chance of him not getting any ass whenever a woman replied with
'Everything's fine,'
when he asked what was wrong.


And the beautiful part was he knew all of this without the woman saying one single word.


Scott wasn't quite sure what Mariana was feeling but she was less than cheerful. She was in a sour mood from the moment she stepped foot inside his home. She barely kissed him and he could tell she was trying extra hard to put on a grin.


He stared at her playing with her food for a few minutes before he spoke. "There are starving children on Skid Row who are jealous of your food, Mari," Scott said over dinner.


"I'll eat. I'm just not very hungry." She twirled the spaghetti around her fork.


Scott wiped his mouth. "Is it work-related?"


"No, it's not that," Mariana sighed, "I got into it with Sarah so I'm just a little blah."


"What happened?"


Mariana briefly contemplated telling Scott what really happened. She was so used to his 'Ice' demeanor, she wasn't sure if he would care. She decided to chance it. "She doesn't like you."


"That's not it," Scott saw through Mariana's half-truth, "what else is there?"


Mariana let out a heavy sigh. "She thinks you're beating me."


Scott thought back to the other day when he spanked Mariana at her apartment. From his peripherals, he saw Sarah cracking her bedroom door a little just to see what was going on. Her eyes were focused on Scott the entire time and even though he wasn't certain, Scott could've sworn he saw her licking her lips.
She wants me.
"I'm assuming you told her I'm not?"


"Of course I did. I just…we've known each other since the ninth grade and this is our first big fight." Mariana gave up on dinner and pushed the plate away. "I'm sorry I'm not a good date tonight."


"There's more to what you're feeling, Mari," Scott pressed, "speak."


 Mariana took another sip of liquid courage. B.’s words to her had more of an effect than she cared to admit. "I understand us keeping what we do a secret at work and I respect that. But I'm not your girlfriend, Scott. We both know that. You barely wanted to admit it the other night. I can't be with someone who doesn't want to acknowledge he has a girlfriend, even if he doesn't admit it in public."


"That's why I want to make it official tonight…"


"And because of that, I just can't…" Mariana finally understood what Scott said. "Huh?"


"Get up," he directed to her and Mariana followed. Scott walked over to her. "I don't want to keep us a secret anymore. At work, we have to be discreet, yes. But in private, I don't care who knows. You're mine, Mari, and I'm yours."  He declared. There was no way in hell anyone was going to fuck her while he was with her.
Damn the Golf Boys.


Mariana didn't want to get too excited. "Is that your way of telling me we're a couple?"


"What else did you want me to do? Hand you a note, 'Would you like to be my girlfriend?' with two checkboxes for yes and no?" Scott winked.




"Yes, that is true, and by the way, you owe me a dollar." Scott led her to the living room by the cackling fire. He sat next to her on the sofa where they had made love previously. “You deserve more than just being a fuck buddy or my
. You deserve the best and I’m willing to give it to you. All I ask is that you be completely loyal and devoted to me only. I’m going to need to trust you. The moment I can’t, it’s officially over between us.”


Mariana didn’t understand why Scott had to tell her that. She thought it would be the other way around. “That won’t be a problem.”


“Good to hear.” Scott dug underneath the sofa for a package. He set it on the coffee table in front of his girlfriend. “I’m going to need you to trust me.”


Mariana looked at the package and back at Scott. The last time he presented her with gifts, she had a hard time walking the next day. Just like the last time, she was hesitant. She bit her bottom lip and contemplated her actions. She wanted him and no one else. He wanted her and didn’t want to share her with anyone else. A sure smile formed on her face. “I do trust you.”


Scott smiled. The biggest part of BDSM was
Now that Mariana completely trusted him, he was free to do whatever he wanted with her. The timing for the second gift couldn’t have been more perfect. “Open your gifts, baby. The larger one first.” He winked.


Mariana rubbed her hands in anticipation as she opened the first gift. A long sturdy rope was wrapped around a large package. She tore open the gift and saw a new Chanel bag in front of her. “You’re too kind,” she whispered in awe.


“You needed something to go with your Louboutins.” Scott winked. “I hope you liked the gifts.”


“The gifts?” Mariana asked. “What gifts? I only see the purse.”


“The other one is there, you just haven’t realized it yet.”


Mariana looked inside the Chanel dust bag and didn’t see any other gift. She then looked around her and saw nothing but a piece of rope. “Scott, the only thing I see here is…” She looked at him and saw the twinkle in his eyes. It then dawned on Mariana why Scott gave that soliloquy of a speech about trust and commitment. He was about to tie her ass up.


Mariana shook her head and was pretty emphatic about what came out of her mouth next. “Oh hell no!”

Chapter Fourteen

Scott predicted Mariana’s reaction. Even though she hadn’t told him she had never been tied up, he guessed that was the case. Every lesson in BDSM was a new experience for Mariana and Scott relished teaching her everything she should know. She was eager to learn and willing to experiment. She also had the same voracity in telling him to go straight to hell.


Scott knew he going have to train his
a little better to please her
“You said you trusted me, Mari.” Scott sternly warned.


Mariana noticed the change in Scott’s voice. Whenever they were about to play, his voice and demeanor changed. His voice became stricter and his eyes were serious. It was the same domineering quality Mariana loved about Scott the moment they met. It made Him sexier and Mariana felt she would do whatever He wanted her to do – except tie her up. “I trust you with my heart,


“And you trust me with your body, don’t you?” He answered.


” She quietly responded.


Scott reached over and took the rope out of the box. He folded it in half. “Give me your wrists,” He ordered.
“Wait a minute,” Mariana hesitated, “how am I so sure you’re not going to tie me up and just leave me there?”


“That’s not a bad idea, now that you mentioned it…”


“Oh, you’re getting
pussy tonight…”


“I’m only kidding,” Scott smiled, “give me your wrists.”


Mariana reluctantly put out her wrists and Scott moved them so there was a comfortable distance between them. He laid the rope over her wrists. Mariana watched as Scott manipulated the rope over her wrists, over and under, under and over. Within a few minutes, He was done and her wrists were bonded. “Move your wrists, baby,” He ordered, “tell me how it feels.”


Mariana moved her wrists. It was surprisingly comfortable. There was enough space between them where she didn’t feel restricted. “It feels good,


“Good.” He leaned over and kissed her forehead. “I want my
comfortable.” He motioned her to stand and Mariana complied. Scott began to undress her. He pulled down her jeans and panties so she could step out of them. He found a pair of scissors nearby and lightly pressed the blades against Mariana’s shirt. “I’ll give you money to buy a new t-shirt and bra,” He said as he began to cut through the fabric.


Mariana stayed still as Scott cut through her clothing. He momentarily stopped cutting so He could place a blindfold around her eyes. Her body was on fire and her breathing became increasingly shallow. Being blindfolded brought out a new emotion inside her. She felt more alert to her surroundings and what was happening to her. She never felt so turned on and completely free. She had only wished she experimented with BDSM before.  “Thank you,


“You’re welcome,” Scott cut the last piece of fabric and discarded it. He stood back and admired his creation. She looked stunning against the fireplace. Her body shined in the light. “Beautiful.” He smiled. He led her back to the bedroom. He removed the pillows from the head of the bed. “Get on the bed and lay on your stomach. Grab the headboard.” He instructed.


Mariana climbed on the bed and grabbed the bars on the headboard.  She anxiously awaited what was going to happen next.  Her torso lifted up and a small pillow was placed underneath it. Next she heard the sound of a drawer being opened; she assumed the top one. She heard the familiar sound of a condom being torn open. The bed moved and she felt her legs spread farther. Scott’s fingers tickled her clit; she was already wet. He slid his cock inside her and laid on top of her. “Do you trust me, Mari?”

6.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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