Sex and the Confession Box

[email protected]’Hara

All Right’s Reserved.

This book is a work of fiction and,except in the case of historical fact, any resemblance

To actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.




Sex and the Confessional box...


Looking at her you’d never know, not for a second would it cross your mind? In fact envious looks often followed her. That long ebony hair just skimming her back, bouncing so shiny, so sleek. Her flawless model skin and superb green eyes perfectly made up. Though look deeper. Look past the dusky pink Karen Millen trouser suit do you see her now? No you never did and never will. Turning the key to the two bedroom £300,000 studio apartment on the Malone road she casual ever so carefree enters the apartment and closes the door.


Who is she? She is you. Me your sister, your mother your neighbour. Your best friend, but still you don’t see her and you wouldn’t recognise her if you did.


She’s a Whore a pretty great one at that and yes there are great Whores and very bad ones. How you ask can you tell the difference between a good one and a bad one? The price darling, the cost for services rendered! Those services at what she charged where anywhere between £150 and £300 for an hour. A night £1,500 depending on is he a regular? Foreign? Is it kinky or just plain sick?

Today she’s working from a regular hunt.


Inside the first thing is to plug the phone into its socket, best to unplug it at end of day the calls never stop and it draws attention. Within a second it’s ringing. Hello, hello says the hesitant voice on the line, is that “Classy Ladies”? Yes it is sir how may I help you? How much do you charge and where are you? So you haven’t used our service before then sir? No I saw your advert in the “Sport Newspaper” and I just thought I would call.

This part you always have to be 100%careful, he’s either a genuine customer or a complete waster just wanting to talk about it or a cop finding out if you sell sex and you never confirm that over the phone which believe you me that is very tricky. Worse than the police was the scummy newspapers, usually the” Sunday Day News”. There were a cheap end paper with shit stories and insisted on hounding working girls easy targets sold papers. We always preferred the cops to them.

Back to my Mr wrong. Well that me tell you who, son today a taste of sweetness. Petra a beautiful girl from London, long sleek ebony hair, green sexy eyes pink pouty lips.32DD breasts aged a young perky 25!All yours to keep you company for £250 for a whole hour of sweetness.

They always have to ask and never nicely is that fucking her for a whole hour. Why don’t you come back and you can meet Petra and have a beautiful sensual massage and see where that takes you today? Yeah but is there extra’s would she do it without a condom?

This always puzzled us all, I mean you know this girl is a whore now all whores are 100%times cleaner and more careful that anything you might bang on a one night stand without a condom. We never do it without, why would we want to why the hell would they. Fuck they are going to be doing their wife’s after us and doesn’t it cross their minds that hey how many guys has she shagged, could she have something! They just want to do it without!!Now we don’t have anything because we are so careful this is our job, our business wouldn’t pay if you got some scabby cock in you now! We also have lives and partners, husbands so we don’t want them catching anything. Never mind they might think we were playing away from home not ever would it enter their minds their wife, girl was a hooker!


Why does he want to do it without? I was told when first began, training you might say. An old hand, a woman from Liverpool who’d been working since she was fifteen years old. Doreen a plump black woman beautiful, stunning in fact, amazingly professional too. She began my tutorial when I first arrived for my interview. Yep even hookers have to go for an interview well most do especially the high end ones and it’s also a way for the brothels to suss out if you’re an undercover cop/newspaper reporter. I know I have mentioned them already and will again repeatedly because in Belfast then you were always hiding or running from both. I arrived at a gorgeous house, upper Malone, greeted at the door by Doreen though her working name was “Mama Ouch”!!You work it out. She shook my hand lead me into a beautiful stunning living room first thing you said to me was could you undress please I can tell the class of a woman by her underwear!Here?Now in front of you? Yes of course if you are expecting to get a job? If you are unable to strip down in front of me, yes a stranger a strange woman how may I ask do you expect to entertain our clients whilst perhaps massaging them? I got it I really did, fact was I wasn’t at all prepared for this not a bit. And the very embarrassing truth is I was wearing my period underwear! Not that I had my period, it was the only bra and pants that were nude in colour and I was as broke as to why I will get back to that. So here I was in a stunning suit sage green (style then).Underneath nude pussy coloured knickers. Well I got that nauseous feeling, you know the one you get right in the centre of your stomach. I took a deep breath and began to undress, slipping of my jacket then my lace top to reveal great 32dd boobs in a crappy cheap bra, she didn’t flinch kept her eyes on me though not in a creepy way, calm and her eyes were smiling. I took my knickers off under my skirt and kind of scrunched them up in my hand to hide them as you do! Then slipped off my skirt and stood there full proud totally embarrassed and wanting to die. All the time I kept reminding myself I need to do this, I have to, I have no choice dearie she said get your knickers on I ,l make us a brew! She went into the other room which was the kitchen and I whizzed on my clothes and checked my make-up. Walking into the stunning art Deco kitchen I would have died for, you would have thought I was visiting an old mate while she busied herself in the kitchen laying out all the tea and coffee bits  in  stunning china all laid out on a black tray. Let’s chat she said nodding for me to follow her back into the room where for the first and most definitely not the last time would I degrade myself and so much worse. Today’s beginning was a tea party in reality. I had no idea of what lay in store and how hard it would be to get out!   You will often find that a lot of the English girls that come to Belfast to work have been at it for a long time Doreen said.

Is there ever too long. Fuck yes the minute you start is to long your drawn in. No to all the men reading this not to all the sex!!The money honey that’s what keeps you hooked. The freedom to do what you want.



Well said Doreen wiping the deep purple stain of lipstick from her coffee cup a classy girl like you could easily earn three to five a week easy.£300 to £500 a week I asked? Innocently, what hell no that’s what the receptionist earns, I meant grand dear! I felt it that tinge of a smile of disbelief and relief all at the same time. Sound too good to be true, well you can and most girls do at the beginning, you could keep earning that money but the hard truth is once the regulars have had you once or twice they want that fresh sweet meat to fuck. Their doing the same woman at home all the time for free. Here they pay, they want a new toy and often unless you come up with a great new trick, you’ll lose your appeal but if you’re great then you could easily put away a nice little nest egg! So what do you think game to go on the game? Sorry dear said Doreen can’t help it. Can I ask you some things? Go on it’ll be too late when you’re in there?

Condoms, stop always no exception, he may offer you £100 to £500 extra in your hand don’t do it, temping honey but you’ll be out of here fired gone finite. He may have a grudge against working girls it wouldn’t be the first time some sick fuck picked up a girl on the street and fucked her up the ass and wondered why he got fucking aids or gonorrhoea. Then he decides to spread it around take his revenge on all hookers’ cause of his own stupidity. So condoms, I interrupted No of course, I wouldn’t dream of it without gross that wasn’t what I was going to ask you? OH! Does the guy put it on himself? Well most like the girl to do it for them, some of our girls can put it on with their mouths? Why do you look so worried hone? I have never put a condom on a guy before. She just laughed out loud a deep throaty laugh. OK my pure sweet thing we can show you that trick no problem. What do I do when all done when he you know. Hone you got to be able to talk dirty sure you did that with boyfriends? Husband?Yeah a little OK I’m not a virgin obviously .Well how’s this we have Susie from London working over here for a week, we generally fly different girls in each week they would do a stint in this place or the apartment then they would go and the new girl arrives. But lately we have been getting a lot of requests for local girls. It hasn’t helped that some of our girls have been ripping guys of rushing them in and out. Now you need to know its £150 for half an hour and £250 for an hour. We make it out like they’re getting a bargain £50 off if they pay for the hour with the girl! Truth is we have them out of there in half hour or less. More you do in a day the more you make.

Why I said feeling that sick feeling in my gut how many would I sleep with in a day. No sleeping hone, fucking go on say it. How many would I fuck in a day? On a slow day five or six or a good day like a Friday and a Sunday eleven to fifteen! Well sweet fuck I just had to run to the toilet. I just sat there legs trembling. ID only slept with three guys my whole life and here I was 33 and getting ready to do fifteen in one day. How would I walk? Jesus I’d be in agony oh I can’t I just can’t. Gentle taps on the door you OK in there hone? I’m having a panic attack Doreen she opened the door. It’s a lot to take in I know and when you hear it said so matter of factly shit it’s a lot to take in! Take it you’re not ready for all this? No but I need to or I, m fucked others ways. Listen she reached down her hand and pulled me of the loo and just hugged me like I was her daughter and I sobbed and sobbed. Let it out hone no one chooses this life it isn’t a choice anyone sets out to make so I know whatever is going on in your life it must be bad to bring someone like you to someone like me.

It was like someone else was saying it couldn’t be me? But it was I felt myself jump back inside my own skin and nausea started swirling in my gut, then the tears god no please don’t cry swallow the tears, I bite deep down into the inside of my  mouth till I tasted the blood swelling with inner pride I sucked it in and continued. There and then I first  wore the cloak of protection of a costume .I became someone else” Kara” was born there and then on that sofa in Upper Malone road on a bright sparkly summers day Kara breathed out and I died a little.


She led me to the couch and handed me a handkerchief. Listen to begin with to break you in, what about doing our hotel visits. What? Its business men who are staying at hotels and they call for a girl to come to their room for an hour or all night. Money is good £500 for an hour, £1,500 for the night? Want to try that out first get your feet wet? We do get a few not as many as we’d like and there is the added problem of the hotel catching on. But your classy you could pull it off. Well? Yeah I could do that. I breathed hoping I could, knowing I should. Right first you’re going to do a threesome today. Excuse me ?She smiled, I liked Doreen she had a mothers way but you could see and I could sense that underlining hardness ,she didn’t have to cover it, it was there in the creases of her face in the corners of her mouth it was there. Don’t worry like I mentioned earlier Susie is working today from this address and some lucky punter is getting you too. What, why I can’t do that, I could swear  I was hearing my  speech all mumbled and I was twelve years old being told I had to go on a date with my sister and hold her fella's dick!!You won’t have to do anything, it’s a learning job, watching what Susie does, following her lead, it’s the only way and you can walk out
any time.

Plus I will give you £ 250 for your trouble. This regular has been asking for an ebony and ivory for weeks, a what? A Black and white girl and well your here and he’s paying £500 for you both. You get £250 the house gets £100! OK! I don’t have any nice sexy underwear with me or anything! We have tons of sexy undies and costumes of things you can’t even imagine, lots new so come on let’s find you something you can wear then I will teach you the tricks on the phone while we wait for Susie to come and you do her thing. The empty room with nothing but a wardrobe packed with some of the most beautiful and oddest underwear and costumes I have ever seen. There was an odd looking jumpsuit with a hood and it zipped up right over the face made entirely of rubber, what the hell that is for I do not want to know. I choose something that I knew and what had the most material, a school girl uniform. White shirt school tie mini pleated grey skirt which skimmed my tiny bum, no cellulite thank god for yoga and Pilates after my son was born. It  came with a cute straw hat I looked good as I pulled on a  pair of black lace stocking which briefly caught the top of my thighs and a brand new pair of white undies wee lace girlie ones. They put a lot of thought into all these costumes and outfits. Looking through them all trying to stall I guess I saw the school cane I began swooshing it up and down shit this thing could sure do some damage. Behind me I heard wow! Doreen said you were a looker, spinning round there stood who I presumed to be Susie. Five foot one at best and that was in heels, tiny petite figure with great big tits oh my god .she caught me glancing at them, I no huge aren’t they. Not real you know, really? God no I got them done out of my hooking money, guys were always complaining about my tiny tits used to be just 30aa! So work dried up and I saved up and got these monsters now all the dicks ever want to do is fuck my tits and come all over them. OH! Nasty I couldn’t help saying it out loud though I thought I said it in my head. No I don’t mind better than them fucking me all the time. Though I do get a lot of rashes. Can’t you get hepatitis b from that? What’s that? It can be really bad and shit it’s serious. It’s a form of hepatitis and not overall dangerous like the aids virus but can be pretty bad, I read it ages ago. Well it’s that true bit late as long as these beauties don’t fall off and keep making me money I’ll keep going she said nudging me with her elbow she said, first time? Yeah and a Threesome to? I think the blood must have drained from my face and entire body I felt myself stumble backwards. She reached out her petite hand and grabbed me it will be fine I’ll take over she said in her London accent and winked. I followed her back down stairs to where Doreen was taking calls and appointments for Susie, Doreen had an amazing sensual sexy telephone voice that she said she could get guys running here without saying very much of anything!

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