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By Jean Avery Brown


     I wish to dedicate this book to my loving husband Jay, for his continued love and devotion.  To my sons, Jeff and Scott and their families for the joy they give me. To all my friends for their positive input.  You know who you are.

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Two
Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Three
Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Four
Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter Five
Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Six
Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Seven
Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Eight
Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Nine
Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Ten
Chapter Thirty

Chapter Eleven
Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter Twenty
Chapter Forty













































































Before Phil came in sight Ella Ferguson was flying through the front door snagging her skirt in the screen door on her way out.  Phil came to a screeching halt as Ella jumped in the car and slide across the white vinyl seat and snuggling up to her boyfriend.

“You have her home by midnight, Mrs. Ferguson said, you hear me Phil Young?”


Yes, Mrs. Ferguson I’ll have her home before the clock strikes twelve. Good evening, Mrs. Ferguson.”  Phil said as they waved to her.

Phil put the car in gear with one hand on the steering wheel and the other wrapped around Ella’s shoulder.  He raced down the long tree lined drive to the main highway heading for town.  When the wheels hit the highway he pulled out all stops and flew down highway 65 like a flaming white tornado.  As you might think he was the sought after young man in town.  Phil had a flashy car and a toothy grin girls are attracted to.

Phil and Ella always stopped off at Carol's Diner before heading out to the drive-in movie.  Ella usually ordered a hamburger, fries and a chocolate milk shake.  Carol made the best milk shakes in town.  Actually, Carol's Diner was the only diner in town.  Phil pulled into the diner parking space and turned on the speaker to give Mandy, the carhop on skate duty their order.

Mandy skated up to Phil’s Chevy giving him a wink and a flirtatious smile.

“What’s it gonna be Phil?”  Mandy inquired. “Ella gonna have the same?”  She asked in a snooty tone flipping her hair around to the side.

“Yes, she will have her favorite and give me the same but only one shake with two straws will be enough.”

Most of the hot chicks in town couldn’t see what Phil Young saw in Ella and most were jealous.  Mandy the cute little carhop soon skated out to Phil’s car, placed the tray of two hamburger’s and fries on his side window.

Gave him a big wink and under her breath muttered, “See you later Phil.”

“Later.”  he replied.

Ella was a little miffed but didn’t let Phil see her reaction to Mandy’s comment.

Anyway, she was the one setting next to him in his ‘hot’ Chevy. She thought.

Mandy came skating out to deliver the shake with tray held high over her head just as a young boy came running past, knocking her on her butt with chocolate ice cream all over her top.  Tears started to flow down her face and immediately Ella jumped from the car helping Mandy to her feet.

“I’m such a mess, I can’t work looking like this.”  Cried Mandy.

Ella pulling her cashmere cardigan off her shoulders and placed it on Mandy’s shoulder.

“Here Mandy you can wear this for your top this evening.  It’s cool out and Carol won’t notice you don’t have on your uniform top.  It is totally the right color and matches your shorts.”  Ella insisted.

“It’s so nice Ella I might get it dirty.”  Mandy mumbled through her tears with her bottom lip puckered out.

“That’s okay just wear it.  You can give it back to me Monday at school.  Don’t worry about soiling it, my Mom is great at getting stains out of my clothes.”  Ella told her with a comforting smile.

Mandy was dumbfounded at Ella’s gesture.

“Thanks Ella, I don’t know how to thank you, you’ve saved my job.”  Mandy said in a thankful voice.


Nothing anyone wouldn’t do for a friend.  Now get back to work.  I’ll pick up this mess.”  Ordered Ella as she gave Mandy a comforting smile.

Ella wiped up the chocolate shake, threw the broken glass and napkins in the trash, hopped back into Phil’s car and again slide across the vinyl seat back into his arms.

“That was nice of you Ella.  Some of these girls don’t treat you very well.  I mean some of them are quite snooty to you and you go to great links for them.”  Phil told her smoothing his arm around her pretty neck.

“We all have our cross to bear.”  Ella said as she grinned at him. They were off to the movies, with Phil shaking his head. 

“You are quite the young lady.”  Phil said.

When Phil and Ella reach the drive-in movie there was a passel of kids running down the lanes, checking the speakers for good volume and spreading blankets on the ground.  A few of the guys backed their pick ups in the back row.  Trying not to hinder the view of those in smaller cars.  This was the favorite place to be on a warm summer night.  Phil arranged the speaker on the side window where he could turn the sound down when things got hot and heavy.  It’s a guy thing.  The sun dropped behind the mountain range and darkness fell across the valley.

With his strong hands Phil turned Ella’s back to him and lay her head across his chest.  She could hear his heart rapidly beating and she looked up into his eyes as their lips met.  Their lips touched as he unlatched the barrette running his fingers ever so gently through her long blonde hair.  Her breasts were full of want for the man she loved.  He kissed her neck, stroked her round firm young breasts.  Passionately they made love for hours steaming the windows with their hot breath.  The summer was filled with many warm wonderful evenings filled with passionate love between two innocent people experiencing life’s deepest pleasures.

8.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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