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  Mathias had loved Mary so much and was devastated when she never changed. He wanted to spend his entire existence with her and knowing she had only the lifetime of a mere human broke him. He thought of her dead corpse inside on the bed now and wished he had made the effort to come and visit her during the little time that she did have on this Earth. However, she had left him a piece of her and that piece was inside the trailer in the form of Catherine. This at least was some consolation for him.


  It was whilst having the thought of Catherine that again for the numerous time that night he heard yet another scream.



Chapter 11

Rushing back into the trailer Mathias was greeted with a sight of Catherine lying on the floor and Tobias next to her with a look of such worry and anxiety on his face.


  “The baby,” said Tobias “I think the baby is on the way.”


  Mathias could not believe the irony that on the evening as one love had been taken away he would be greeted with another. He dashed over to his granddaughter and Tobias and smiled reassuringly at her.


“Something good has come of all this, do not be afraid Catherine. We will all do this together,” said Mathias.


   The collection of vampires steadily grew outside the trailer. Tonight’s events had certainly been spectacular. The death of a vampire was certainly a rare thing, but the birth of one was even rarer. So few managed to mate and often just lived within one another in the same community or travelled the planes of the Earth alone. They could not wait to be greeted by this new addition, a new one of them.  The door swung open and the shout of “Bring more blood!” scattered a few of them, who ran off happy to help.


  Delivering a vampire baby depleted so much energy and strength  and resources and these needed to be constantly recouped.


  Throughout the night, vampires ran in and out of the trailer with bags of blood from their stores or freshly collected from victims to feed Catherine the energy sources needed.


  Tobias was completely afraid that something may go wrong and he was petrified of losing Catherine, but Mathias had complete faith in his granddaughter and constantly reassured him that everything would be ok.


   After what seemed like an eternity Catherine safely delivered the new addition to their community. A daughter, Victoria Mary Jane.


  Victoria made her presence known immediately with a huge cry that was heard outside and greeted with cheers.


  Tobias kissed Catherine warmly.


“Thank you so much you clever, clever thing,” he repeated.


  Victoria continued to cry and Catherine attempted to settle her daughter.


“I think madam may be hungry,” chuckled Mathias.


  “Of course,” said Catherine and slowly began to move Victoria up to her breast.


  “What are you doing?” asked Mathias


  Startled Catherine replied, “About to feed her? Why what do you think I am doing?”


  “Catherine, you’re not human, dear, and neither is she. Of course when she is a little older she can consume human food until the time comes that she changes over, but these first years are vital for her future existence. She does not thrive on milk Catherine, she will thrive on blood.”


  Catherine, completely shocked, could not believe this was possible. She had no recollection as a child of every having consumed blood.


  “Don’t be so shocked, it is completely natural. We all need it. You would have been fed on blood until you became a toddler and could temporarily survive on human food until your change. You would have needed some blood supplements however, your grandmother knew all about this and would have sneaked them into your diet somehow.”


  Catherine thought back to the huge amounts of beetroot and soups she was made to eat and never noticed the extra added ingredients that her grandmother would have added.


  “ I have a lot to learn,” said Catherine.


  “Yes you do,” smiled Tobias, “But don’t worry; that is what we are here for. You are still brand new yourself. We will show you the way and teach you all you need to know, don’t you worry.”


  Mathias, appreciating that these two new parents needed time alone, stood up and prepared to leave the trailer. Before he did he looked at Catherine and said,


  “Would you mind if I took Mary dear and found a place for her. I would like to have some time alone with her, for the last time.”


  Catherine could see the pain in Mathias’ eyes and simply nodded. She realised now how much he must have loved her grandmother and what a terrible thing it must be knowing that you could not spend the rest of your existence with the one you love.


When the truth first came out about who and what she was, she felt sick to the stomach at the thought of being a killer. But now she felt blessed. She could live forever with the ones that she loved.


  “I promise I will look after you and guide you all the way,” said Tobias. “You have so much to learn, but I know you will do exceedingly well. You have coped so well since you have changed. I have never come across a vampire that has adapted as well as you have. You sense of control has been out of this world and you mated quicker than any other vampire I know, and now this.” Tobias looked at Victoria and was filled with complete pride.


  “I will go out as soon as I get chance and get her the finest blood I can find,” he boasted.


  Catherine smiled. This evening had been so bittersweet. She had lost her beautiful grandmother, whom had sacrificed her own existence in order that she may continue with hers, yet fate had saw fit to reward her with Tobias and this child.


  Tobias put his arm lovingly around Catherine and the two vampires sat together, very much in love, and looking forward to the start of their eternal existence together.



BOOK: The Newborn Vampire
9.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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