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Mathias looked worried and glanced at Catherine.


“Catherine, drink this bag of blood. Keep your thirst at bay. I have to go and find


Tobias. Mary stay close to her, I will get a few members of the community to come and guard the trailer whilst I looked for Tobias. We need to check the surrounding area and make sure he has not made it here yet.”


  Mathias looked at Catherine and then at Mary one more time before leaving the trailer. He had grown so close to his granddaughter in such a short period of time that he could not bear to lose her. The memories of Jane came flooding back and he was certain he could not cope going through all of that again. This time he assured himself that Samuel would not only fail in trying to get Catherine but this time he would not escape again either. Mathias was determined to see Samuel dead.


  Mary and Catherine heard Mathias summon some nearby vampires and then the pattering of footsteps as they ran towards the trailer and stood outside of it on guard.


  “Joseph, glad you could get out. We have little time so we need to get to Catherine as soon as we can and take her. I need you to go back in and create some kind of distraction so she is left alone. That silly old fool Mary is on her way so we need to act before she gets there,” whispered Samuel, all the while looking around him to make sure none of Mathias’ community had got wind of his plans and had come out looking for him.


  Joseph looked at the floor not quite sure how to break the news to Samuel. After some initial thoughts, he finally raised his head to tell him.


  “She is there Samuel. Apparently she came dashing into Catherine’s trailer whilst Mathias was there. Mathias has run out to come and look for you. He has put guards around the trailer with Mary and Catherine inside.”


  Samuel’s rage was evident from not only the look on his face alone, but his punch to a large mountain side tree which uprooted it and sent it flying.


  The sound echoed around drawing unnecessary and unwanted attention.


  “Let’s go,” said Joseph and directed Samuel away from the immediate vicinity of the circus.


  “I am not leaving. I am taking her with me and soon,” said Samuel.


“I know Samuel, don’t worry,” said Joseph. “I plan to keep my promise to help  you.


All is not lost. Tonight is the final show. They will not cancel. However Mathias will need almost all of the performers which will mean the guards will be down on the trailer. There will be some but not as many now.  If we can wait until the late evening show begins we can sneak in. The place will be overcome with people so they will camouflage us and make it easier for us to slip inside. All the noise and chaos will work well in our favour. Now they have nothing to concentrate on except finding you.


Tonight, they will be too busy to concentrate properly. Plus, they have no suspicion of me. I could guide you to the trailer and once there we can take her. We can do this Samuel.”


  Samuel was very glad of his friend’s loyalty and this reassured his decision to make him a leader in his new found community.


  “You are right my dear friend. I will hold back until this evening. When you see fit, come and collect me and we will make our way to the trailer.”


  Joseph nodded his agreement and led his friend out of sight.



Chapter 10

  “Mathias, what on earth is the matter?” said Tobias laying his victim to the ground.


  “Tobias, I need you back. Is she finished?” asked Mathias pointing to the lifeless girl sprawled on the floor.


  “Yes,” said Tobias “But please tell me what on Earth is the matter. Is it Catherine? Is it the baby?”


“It is Samuel. He visited Mary, having heard that Catherine has changed. He is looking for her and wants to take her with him. Mary managed to locate us amazingly to warn us. She feels he is not far behind, however. She also thinks we have a traitor amongst us. Someone who told Samuel that she had already changed and could possibly lead him this way,” flustered Mathias, trying to get as much information out as he could at once.


  Tobias shot up right and belted back towards the circus and the trailer where Catherine was.


  He was back in no time and had her in his arms determined no one was going to get her or his child.


  Mary looked on impressed with his protectiveness. She was in good hands and she had made the right decision in letting Catherine go. She worried what may have happened if she had kept her the night Samuel arrived. There was no way she would have been able to protect Catherine against Samuel’s powers. At least here Mary was reassured by the powers of Mathias, Tobias and the rest of their community.


  “He can’t take me, Tobias, don’t worry,” said Catherine, not fully believing her words herself. She had no recollections of Samuel and therefore did not know what to expect with regards to his personality and capabilities. One thing was certain to


Catherine and that was that Samuel wanted her but she had no intention of going. To leave Tobias would be the end of her world. Her heart ached for Tobias and if it had not been for him she knew she could not have made the transition so easily into this new unknown vampire world she had found herself in.


  The trailer began to fill up at a steady pace with different members of the community whispering amongst themselves as to what was to be done and how Catherine could  be  safeguarded from Samuel. The circus was due to start in a few hours and a majority of the people where needed for it to go ahead. Also, a lot of the vampires had not eaten for days and needed to be fed. They had a girl to be sacrificed tonight.


Without her blood the vampires would not have the strength to do anything.


Mathias managed to select a few which he thought could be spared for the night and asked them to guard the outside of the trailer. He provided them with a bag of blood to make up for the blood of the virgin they would miss out on tonight and give them some extra added strength. Mary would remain in the trailer for her own safety along with Catherine and Tobias.


  Mathias had to oversee the show, but would use it as a lookout and dash back whenever he could between intervals.


  “Mathias, I am not part of the show having just come back. Why don’t you put me on guard too?” said Joseph who appeared from behind a group of vampires and had not been noticed before by Mathias.


  “Thank you Joseph this is very kind of you” said Mathias and patted Joseph on the shoulder.




  “Right, we are ready,” continued Mathias “Tobias, have your wits about you,” he ordered and left the trailer, followed by numerous other vampires. The ones who had been put on guard stepped outside, but remained close to the trailer.


  “Tobias, I will go and do a perimeter check and see if I can see anything and then come back and continue to guard,” smiled Joseph.


  “Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” said Catherine, upon Tobias’ refusal to reply and noticed him staring intently at Joseph.


  “Tobias, what is the matter. He is only trying to help. I know you are worried but you don’t have to be so rude,” begged Catherine.


  “Mary,” called Tobias, completely ignoring Catherine “You said you think there was a traitor amongst us.”


  “Yes,” replied Mary, “Samuel was aware of Catherine’s change. Someone had clearly been aware of the situation here and reported back to Samuel. There was no other way he could possibly know. Someone had to have told him. The only other was if he had been spying on the circus himself, but that is not the case as he had no idea where the circus was when he came to see me.”


“But that is impossible,” said Tobias “Our community sticks together. No one leaves ever, apart to feed. Everyone stays together. Apart from …”


Before Tobias could finish his sentence he leapt to his feet and ran from the trailer.


  “Stay by her side, Mary” he screamed before dashing out and telling the vampires outside to draw closer to the trailer.


Tobias’ suspicions regarding Joseph were proving correct. Only he came and went from their community.


  Tobias ran at great speed circling the circus to see if he could track Joseph and see which direction he had gone.  A scent left behind led to a trail deep into the woodlands near the mountain side.


  Tobias followed this trail at great haste keen to find Joseph and hope to God his suspicions were wrong. Tobias leapt over trees and logs and zoomed through the woodland at an impressive rate.  As the scent strengthened he slowed down wanting to be careful that he was neither seen nor heard.


  Eventually he came across voices. Staying out of sight, he listened intently to Joseph’s voice.


  “I have convinced them to let me guard her Samuel. I am on the pretence of doing a perimeter run now. They have no idea I am working with you. Mathias and the rest of the community have gone to do the show. Only a handful of guards have been left behind. Follow me and I will lead you back and once there we can take out the couple of guards. All that will have to be done then is Tobias who is inside the trailer with her. That silly old woman is there too, but a human is no kind of threat to us. We attack Tobias and take Catherine and the unborn with us.” 


  “Excellent, excellent,” said Samuel “You really have done well. Thank you for your assistance. Now let’s go and get my daughter and get back to our community. Once we are fully established we can finally show Mathias and this poor group of vampires who we really are and what we are capable of.”.


  Upon hearing this, rage over come Tobias and he threw himself in the path of




Samuel. He grabbed him by the arms and flung him from tree to tree breaking each one with every hit. The sound echoed around the wood land like thunder and lightening. Joseph dived on Tobias’ back and dragged him off, throwing him at a pile of rocks which smashed into smithereens upon impact.


  Upon realising the urgency, Joseph and Samuel sped off heading towards


Catherine’s trailer, but Tobias was hot on their track. He soon caught up, dived through the air and landed onto to Samuel once again. Keeping a tight grip of Samuel the two vampires fell to the ground, but skidded along leaving a trail of dust behind them and a long line of skid marks. When they drew to a halt, Tobias attempted to rip


Samuel to shreds but all of his attempts were dashed by Joseph who was promptly following his manoeuvres and intervening at all times. Between the two of them


Joseph and Samuel managed to overpower Tobias and threw him completely off guard and temporarily stunning him. Taking advantage of the situation, they made off towards the trailer, leaving Tobias behind.


  Joseph was hoping to subtly get to the trailer as if nothing was happening and sneak Samuel in, but there was no chance of that now. Tobias would soon be hot on their trail again so they had to dash in and dash out with Catherine, which may involve fighting with any of the vampires that were guarding her.


  Joseph suddenly began to get second thoughts, but it was all too late for him now.


He would be exposed as Tobias had already seen him. Joseph was worried that if he did with Samuel in taking Catherine then the new community would dissolve and he would have the wrath of Mathias and his community on his back also. He was in a no win situation and had no alternative but to carry on with his plan he had made with Samuel even though the risks were very high indeed now.


  Reluctantly, he continued with Samuel towards the circus and Catherine’s trailer.


Luckily for them both the grounds were pretty much deserted on account of all the vampires being involved in the circus act. The loud blaring music could be heard from afar along with the sounds of the audience.


  When Joseph and Samuel reached the trailer park Joseph slowed down and signalled for Samuel to get behind him. It was from this point onwards that he slowly began to creep towards Catherine’s trailer whilst attempting not to disturb any of the vampire guards. Just as they got close enough, the two vampires stopped for a second to collect their thoughts. Joseph pointed out the correct trailer and the guards.


  Samuel looked at what faced him and decided to take the lead. After a few moments hesitation Samuel realised they could not wait any longer and that there was going to be no easy way to do this. So, the two vampires took the lead by storm. They threw off the vampire guards with complete surprise. Samuel grabbed the first and flung him with such force he went flying into another trailer which whizzed across the field with him still attached to it. Joseph grabbed whoever he could find from behind and proceeded to snap off their heads and limbs and throw the pieces in any which direction with completely barbaric brutality.  Samuel grabbed a long metal pole and charged at another vampire attempting to guard his daughter and ran straight at him with such force and velocity that he impaled him onto the pole and then tossed it right across the field as if it was a javelin.

BOOK: The Newborn Vampire
8.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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