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Samuel dropped the young girl to the floor, lifeless and empty of blood. He wiped the excess from his lips, and dropped back his head to inhale deeply.


  “Nothing like the replenishment of young blood” he thought to himself, savouring the moment.


  He had big plans ahead and needed all the strength he could muster. He had left his community in the hands of a trusted acquaintance and was determine to return with a new member – his daughter who he wanted to train to work alongside him in accordance to his ideologies. Samuel never liked the way the circus worked, killing one virgin from every town they went to, half starving themselves in the process.


  Samuel wanted more. He wanted his community well-fed and strong. The humans were weak and he felt they should be scared of him and hide, not the other way around. He would reveal his powers and show them who was boss and it would be they who would cower from him. He would reign over them and they would bow down to him. It was time the vampires took over and stopped hiding. Survival of the fittest and he considered himself to certainly be that. Samuel wanted vampires to rule the world and he would be the leader. He was proud of who he was and no longer wanted to hide from the humans.


  “Weaklings!” he shouted as he kicked the corpse that lay in front of him and began to make his way back to his lodgings.




  Samuel was careless and did not bother to hide the body. He felt no need to be scared anymore as he had no intention of hiding from the humans much longer. He was going to have a community so large, no amount of humans could break them down. Things were going to change and he was the man to do it. Vampires from around the world would come to him begging to join his newfound group. He was convinced that vampires only followed Mathias as they had no one else to follow and that surely they must all follow his own ideologies deep down.


  He walked through the night, already feeling like he owned the moon, stars and night sky. The warm blood was inside him charging him like a battery. He was stronger physically and mentally and felt capable of anything.  


  Samuel reached his lodgings and on the table propped up against a candle stick was a piece of paper with his name and address written on it. He recognised the writing immediately.


  “Lena, Lena” he called to his house maid, “When did this arrive?”


  An old lady with a nervous disposition came running into the hall way to meet Samuel.


  “A couple of hours ago, sir.” stuttered Lena, “Whilst you were out.”


  Samuel was furious and worried he may have wasted valuable time if this note contained the information he hoped.


  Ripping it open, he read the contents to himself began to beam with pride. This was more than he could possibly have hoped for. A vampire, pure and new and ready for him to train as he saw fit.


  Samuel considered the child to be his before it was even born and was adamant he would not let this one slip through his fingers. Whilst he was happy to grow his community with anyone he could find, they all had pasts and tarnished ideas. New fresh vampires were what he wanted.


  “Lena, pack my bags, I have to leave for a few days,” barked Samuel and sent the old lady running off.


    Samuel was determined to get to the circus and meet Joseph there so they could take Catherine. He knew it would not be easy on account of Mathias and she had clearly mated so he would not let her go either without a fight. They would literally just have to take her … and the unborn.


  Excitement and nerves took over his body. He needed to succeed and would do anything he had to in order to get back what was rightfully his. He took the news of this baby as a sign he was taking the right direction with his existence. He thought of the baby as an offering and he should continue with his community.


He would leave straight away and head up north as directed. The sooner he had


Catherine and could get back to his own community the better. Then his plans could finally go into action. Everything felt like it was fitting into place to Samuel and nothing he concurred was going to stop him from achieving his goals. This baby was a sign things were meant to be and he would succeed.


Mary stepped off the train and looked around her surroundings. It was bitterly cold and she could see her breath leave her mouth every time she exhaled. The air was moist and tingled her skin. Stamping her feet, she braced herself, before picking up her bags and walking out of the station. Due to the early hour it was pretty much deserted with few people in sight. She walked past empty benches and sitting rooms which normally would be filled to capacity.


  As she walked something struck her attention from the wooden wall panelling on the side of the ticket office. It was a huge poster advertising the circus and provided details of circus times and performances. As she read through the details she realised it was the last performance tonight before they moved on again. Relieved she had got there just in time, Mary headed off to try and find the circus. It was still early and there were no signs of buses or passing cars so she set off on foot hoping that it would not take her too long to get there.


  She walked down the main road into the town which was overlooked on either side by dense woodland. Mary, however, was completely unaware that she was being watched. Deep in the woods staring at her every movement was Samuel. He had travelled by foot, but on account of his speed had made it there just as quickly.


Samuel found it amusing how she had raced to her granddaughter’s aid. He contemplated for a moment diving out and dragging her into a bush and killing her but his own arrogance took over. Samuel liked a challenge and Mary added to this more. It made the hunt more fun and to prove himself and his own strength he let her be convinced that he could not be outdone.


  “The foolish woman obviously thinks she can stop me” laughed Samuel to himself and raced ahead in order to get to the circus before Mary managed too.


Mary was left miles behind by the time Samuel eventually reached the circus.


Knowing he was not welcome and wanted still by Mathias, he was very cautious with regards to his movements. He circled the perimeter of the circus taking in all the information he could to plan his attack later. He saw familiar faces from his past and laughed at their existence, which he pitied. Travelling from place to place, worried that their identity would be exposed. Samuel was proud of who and what he was and planned to show off his powers.


  After he had looked at the circus to see what he was up against, Samuel skulked back into the wooded area out of sight and waited for Joseph, who has promised to meet him shortly. Then they would begin their mission.


  “How about Maria for a girl?” smiled Catherine lovingly at Tobias.


  Tobias smiled back quite happily willing to agree with anything she wanted in order to make her happy. Tobias had grown up in unusual circumstances similar to


Catherine’s and wanted nothing more than a family unit of his own. Someone to love and someone to love him in return. Their love was unusually strong and happened so quickly. He also could not believe how fortunate he was and to have the unborn so soon which completed his desires.


   “Hello you two, together again I see?” joked Mathias upon entering their trailer.


  “Hello grandfather” said Catherine, “We are just discussing this.”


  Catherine patted her stomach to indicate their topic of discussion. Mathias smiled to see his granddaughter so happy and placed down several bags of blood on the table.


Catherine’s appetite for blood had increased tenfold since she became with child.


Mathias never wanted too many people to disappear from one area in case it drew unnecessary attention to themselves. Whilst killing people was their way of survival and human blood being their main source of nutrition Mathias and his community took little pleasure in it. They tried to make certain sacrifices a celebration of the victim’s life and would sometimes include it in some of their shows. However in order for them to survive it had to be done. They killed when necessary and not for greed.


Catherine, however, was not being greedy, her body was purely craving more blood than normal in order to feed the growing unborn within her.


  Mathias also wanted to ensure that Catherine came to no harm. She was still relatively new to this way of life and he feared for her naivety and that she may be captured or harmed. This would be detrimental to not only her, but also to the baby.


  “Mathias, how much longer do you think now?” asked Tobias, with his eyes moving towards Catherine’s stomach.


  “Well it’s always hard to tell Tobias. Humans 9 months normally, but with us it can differ. Catherine is growing at a great speed and consuming an awful lot of blood so I would say not too much longer. Soon” replied Mathias. “You must take care also Tobias, you will need your strength for when he or she arrives. Go feed before.”


  Tobias nodded his head in agreement, but the thought of leaving Catherine at all worried him.


“Go, I can stay with her,” reassured Mathias.


Tobias relented and after kissing Catherine left the trailer to go on the hunt for a hapless victim.


  Mathias claimed Tobias’ now vacant seat and comfortably placed himself next to his granddaughter and looked at her with great admiration.


  Catherine reciprocated by looking at her grandfather still in complete awe of him.


She could not believe that such a short time ago she knew nothing of who she was and now here she was, a killer, in love with a killer and growing a potential killer inside her. Yet she was the happiest that she had ever been in her whole entire existence.


  “How are you feeling my love?” asked Mathias.


  “I am happy. Very happy. The shock has passed and I feel more comfortable and I have yourself and Tobias. I miss grandmother for obvious reasons. I wish she could have come with us,” Catherine replied honestly.


  “I know my dear, but it is not safe for her. She is so different from the rest of us and does not have the strengths and abilities we do. It would not be fair on her. Plus it could be very dangerous. It is safer for her to stay where she is. She knows you are in good hands and adapting well. When things have settled down a bit I am sure we can get in touch with her.” explained Mathias.


  Catherine felt a little better and appreciated that it was for the best but she could still not but help miss her grandmother.


  As Catherine stretched backwards and protectively put her hands upon her stomach the door to the trailer flew open and in stormed no other than Mary. Startled,


Catherine shot out of her seat followed by Mathias, who did exactly the same.


  “Mary!” shouted Mathias “What on Earth are you doing here? You know it is unsafe.


Plus you could have been followed and led danger to us if you know what I mean,” and struck a worrying glance in Catherine’s direction.


  “Mathias, I know that. But danger is why I am here. I had a visit, from Samuel. He wants her Mathias, he wants her. I had to get here to find you and tell you to be on your guard and to keep her safe. I am sure he will find where you are shortly. You must move on and take Catherine with you.”


  Mary ran towards Catherine and hugged her close. Catherine reciprocated and held her grandmother close in her arms. She could not believe the lengths her grandmother had gone to in order to find her and save her. This woman had done so much for her during her life already to help protect her and this only added to the long list of things she had done. Catherine would be eternally grateful to this woman who was dedicating her life in order to protect her own existence.  After a while the two woman pulled apart from each other and Mathias looked at Mary and then nodded at


Catherine.   It was only then Mary noticed the huge bulge of Catherine’s stomach.


  “Oh dear God, a child!” gasped Mary “Catherine, this is wonderful for you. But oh … if Samuel finds out he will only want you all the more. Who knows?”




  “No one knows Mary, do not worry. Only our community. We keep ourselves to ourselves,” said Mathias.


  “But Mathias, I would not be so sure. Samuel knew that Catherine had changed and come of age. This is why he wants her back. Someone here must have said something. When he turned up at my home he was not asking for her, he was asking where she was. He had been told by someone that she had changed and that she was with the circus. I think maybe he thought he could try and intimidate me into revealing where she was but I said nothing so he left and I presume began taking the trail”. 

BOOK: The Newborn Vampire
6.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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