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“Hello you.”


  Taken aback, Tobias just smiled. He expected explosions and hunger fights, yet she seemed so in control, so sedate.


  “Are you ok?” he asked nervously.


  “Yes, I feel … different, but ok,” replied Catherine.


  “Are you hungry?” pressed Tobias.


  “Starving!” said Catherine.


  Tobias reached for a bag of blood and pierced a hole in it with his nail and passed it to Catherine.


  She glanced at what was in her hands and licked her lips unsure as what to do. One thing she was sure of and that was that she wanted it, but having her first taste of blood would be like losing her virginity and she wanted to savour the moment. She pulled the bag closer to her lips and smelt the aroma. Deep and rich and warm. She moved the bag to her lips and gently squeezed it so a drop trickled out. She slowly licked it with the tip of her tongue whilst she tried to familiarise herself with this new found food. Then like a wild animal on a carcass, she dived in and sucked and sucked and sucked until the bag was completely dry. She pulled away feeling satisfied and looked at Tobias.


  Tobias saw blood on her lips and a feeling started in him. He wanted the blood and he wanted her. Catherine sensed this and seductively with her finger signalled him closer. As he moved towards her the thrill and excitement in the two of them was uncontrollable. They both wanted each other so much it was indescribable. Neither had felt like this for before, but they were both certain they liked it and both were certain about their instantaneous strong feelings for one another.


  Tobias drew closer and closer so his lips were practically against Catherine’s, then he outstretched his tongue and licked off the remaining blood which was on her lips.


Catherine tilted her head so he had full access for when his licks turned to kisses.


Catherine felt amazing and knew this feeling had only been exacerbated initially by the blood and then the presence of Tobias. She wanted this man from the first moment she had laid eyes on him and the feeling was mutual.


  Her overpowering newfound strength allowed her to rip free from the chains again, but instead of attacking, she placed her arms around Tobias and pulled him closer to her. Tobias did not resist and climbed on top of Catherine and did exactly as she wanted him to do to her. She was completely insatiable and he loved every minute.


Catherine only a few hours before was a girl, but now she was a powerful creature filled with such a passion only other people could dream of and she intended on making the most of it.


Mathias linked Mary’s arm and walked her around the back stage of the circus. She was not in awe as most visitors would be having seen all the sights and sounds so many times years before.




  “Will I be able to see her again Mathias?” said Mary sounding like a broken woman.


  “Of course my dear, of course. We just need to get her hunger under control first and then all will be well. She will need to be under constant supervision until she controls her temptation. We all know what trouble that can cause. As soon as she has mastered it then we will come to  you.” said Mathias, trying to pacify her.


  Mary knew this could take months. Such a long time considering she had never been apart from the girl before ever. Mary knew all along this would happen eventually but she could still never mentally prepare herself for it and nothing made it easier.


  “She has mated already you know. It may make it easier for her.” said Mathias.


  Mary smiled, glad the girl would not be alone.


  “I sensed that, Tobias seems nice. He was very good with her,” replied Mary.


  “Yes he is good, understanding as well,” said Mathias. “He will be able to teach her well. He too was not born of this community. He was raised by his grandparents in a small fishing village. His mother died in childbirth of course, but we managed to find him just in time before he changed. We took him with us and he has been a credit.


Very sensible, stays hidden well, takes great precautions. I have no worries with him and Catherine, they will be like two peas in a pod as you say.”


  Mary giggled and was glad to be feeling better. Mathias always had this effect on her and made her feel better. He was a good man, albeit a cold blooded killer.


  She remembered back to her youth when she fell for him and begged him to take her. She experienced guilt and shame when she fell pregnant and was convinced she would die. The miracle girl he had named her and had searched for a solution to her survival ever since. Unfortunately, Mary was a rare breed and he could not change her. He was heartbroken, wanting to keep her with him forever.


“When will you leave” asked Mary, knowing it would be soon.


“Two days,” replied Mathias.


Mary groaned.

Chapter 5

  “Can we go out?” asked Catherine.


  “It is best we stay here. I don’t know when you will get hungry again so it is best we stay inside until we assess it and also how much self-control you have. Plus it will be dawn soon, and we don’t want to risk that. Let’s stay here, it is for the best. Plus I get you all to myself,” smiled Tobias. 


  “No you don’t,” interrupted Mathias, “I will be here too.”


  Tobias shot from Catherine’s side, unsure as to what Mathias’ reaction would be. He and Catherine had no control over their feelings for each other. It just happened.


  Mathias nodded to calm Tobias down and seated himself next to Catherine, stretching out to feel her marble skin.


  “Cold,” he said.


  “Yes,” said Tobias, “She awoke not long after you left. She was very calm actually.”


  “But in a rage enough to break the chains?” questioned Mathias


  “Oh no,” corrected Tobias, “That was not rage, that was because we ….”. He did not finish the sentence as Mathias shot him a look.


  “Ok, I don’t need the full details. Has she fed?”


  “One bag so far, I was going to see if she needed another.” replied Tobias.


  “Curious,” said Mathias.


  He was convinced she would have been hungrier than that considering her strenuous transformation, yet was pleased all the same.


  “How are you feeling Catherine, are you in pain?” asked Mathias


  “I feel good. Brand new” joked Catherine, “ I certainly don’t feel like an animal or a killer.”


  “That’s because you are not. You need blood, that is your staple food. Did you feel bad when you lived at your grandmother’s and ate a burger? Is flesh not the same as blood? There is no shame in how you must feed. A life is a life whether it is a human or a cow. We need a human and that is the way it is, unfortunately. However, we do not need to be greedy or take advantage. We take all that we need and no more.”


  Catherine had not thought about that at all, but saying that she had not thought about a lot of things as this had happened all so quickly.


  “We are leaving soon. Two more shows and then we will have to move on,” explained Mathias.


  “What shall I do?” asked Catherine.


“Well, you are to come with us my love, you are part of my family and you need to be shown the correct path and how to use these special powers of yours and how to control your appetite and hunger. I have spoken to Mary and said we will try and come back next year. It may be tricky but we will try,” said Mathias unconvincingly.


    Catherine’s new eyes looked sad and Tobias tried his best to comfort her. 


  “I will leave you two alone for a bit,” said Mathias, “Perhaps Tobias could be so kind as to show you some of your capabilities.” 


The following evening Catherine still seemed to be presenting herself in a calm controlled manner, so packing a bag on blood in his pocket, Tobias thought he would brave it and take her out for a bit. Leading her out of the trailer he took a sharp left and led her onto the back fields behind the circus and way into the woods. He wanted to be sure that he would not lead her into any temptation such as the bumping into a local residence with a strong smelling scent that gave her the urge to pounce and bleed dry.


  As they walked Catherine seemed oblivious to the speed they were going. It was only when she looked behind herself did she notice the difference and laugh.


  “Try and jump,” encouraged Tobias.


  Catherine laughed and felt silly, but did as she was told. She jumped with a half hearted effort and suddenly found herself in the branches at the top of a tree in the woods.


  No fear came over her, just pure adrenaline. She jumped from tree to tree and felt like the wind, but better.


  Tobias watched from the ground and applauded his mate’s progress.


  Catherine revelled in her abilities then jumped down from the highest tree, straight into Tobias’ arms and proceeded to kiss him passionately.


  Her newfound confidence was amazing. She loved the way she felt about herself and she loved the way she had found Tobias. 


  Catherine had been scared and felt sick when her grandmother first tried to tell her where she came from, but now she realised she had nothing to be scared of at all. She felt as if she belonged in this new world of hers, which she had only briefly sampled.


  Tobias grabbed her hand and the two of them ran through the woods and up the mountainside of the valley. The two of them where the same, they had a long bright future ahead of them and they were in love.


  “Let’s see what else you can do,” urged Tobias, convinced there was going to be more to Catherine than met the eye. 


Much to his delight, it appeared Catherine could do pretty much as she desired. Her strong and early transformation certainly signified her capabilities and strengths. She could run like the wind, she could move objects without touching them, she had the best self-control he had ever seen. All quirky fun strengths, but all there. She really was something special and Tobias was over the moon that this special vampire was his. Catherine was going to do great things, he was sure of that.



Chapter 6

  A tall gentleman draped in a long over coat with his face hidden by a hat walked down the cobbled side street and into the dark backstreet bar. He looked around until he saw the chiselled chinned young man sat in the corner of the bar nursing a drink which looked like it had not been touched, but had sat there for a lengthy period of time.


  He approached the table and joined the man.


  “She’s changed.” said the stranger.


  “Really, already? I was not expecting that so soon. Where is she?” questioned the younger looking man.


  “She is at the circus with Mathias. He must have come for her knowing you would want her once she had changed. I believe she has mated already too. It looks like the grandmother is out of the picture, however. They moved on and left her behind. I don’t know where the circus is at the minute Samuel, but it won’t be hard to find. Old Culpepper told me of Catherine’s change. He was at the circus when she arrived but decided to take a break shortly afterwards and do a spot of travelling to get some fresh blood when I ran into him. He had no idea of our acquaintance. He plans on going back shortly I assume. One thing is for sure and that is Mathias is still looking for you. Matters have not been forgotten or eased with time apparently.”


  “Thank you Joseph, you have done very well,” said Samuel, handing the man some money.


  Joseph took it and placed it in the inside pocket of his. As he was about to leave he turned and said,


  “I will let you know if I find them before you.”


Samuel nodded, grateful of his acquaintance’s information and assistance.


Samuel sat for a few moments after Joseph left considering matters and assumed it would not be too hard to find the circus. All he needed to do was question that interfering old woman he thought to himself or failing that, follow the trail. As a vampire, it was always easy to find evidence of a trail where one had been.


He just needed get his daughter alone so he could take her where she belonged, back with him.

BOOK: The Newborn Vampire
13.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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