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I bit my lip harder, my body quivering at the way his voice roughened. I nodded, incapable of speech. Hell, I had to close my eyes just to try and get my bearings straight.

“Let me see.”

Three whispered words and all that was left was one very aroused woman who was on the verge of booking a flight to wherever he fucking was.

On shaky legs, I stood up, one hand braced on the dark pink wall behind me. I was breathing so loud I knew someone might hear me outside. Actually, I was on Skype with a horny, sexy beast. Depending on how long that call lasted, I was definitely going to get caught.

“Tell me you’re buying it. Fuck, that. Tell me which Victoria’s Secret you’re in, I’ll ring in with my credit card and
buy it. And a hundred others just like it.”

I shook my head and smiled. “Dorian.”

He ran his hand across his mouth in that way he always did when he was horny. I clenched, knowing that if he could have his mouth on me right then, he would’ve attacked, no questions asked. “I’m serious. Actually, I have twenty minutes before I arrive for my meeting. Show me what else you plan on buying.”

It was my turn to squint as I tried to make out where he was. He was in a car, that much I could tell, and the arrogant, sexy bastard had just leaned back in his seat, all ready for the show and shit. “Where are you?” I asked.

“I told you,” he said with an enigmatic smile that did things to my poor clit. “I’m on my way to a meeting. Now show me what belongs to me woman. I want to see it.”

My voice was small and pathetically needy while I mumbled under my breath. “I want something, too.”

Dorian went quiet for a few seconds while I searched in the bag. “Baby, I know. You know how much I miss you.”

“I know...I miss you more.” And it was the truth, I was sure of it.


I exhaled and turned to look at my phone. “Yeah?”

“If I told you to meet me at my office building right now, how fast can you get there?”

I gasped and almost dropped my damned phone. “What?, you’re back?”

He had the decency to look sheepish under the shocked glare I was throwing him. “I was going to surprise you in a few hours. I had to rush back and I have an emergency meeting with the board but...”

That’s where he was. I knew it looked familiar. He was in the back of his fucking limo. “Dorian,” I said in a shaky voice, leaning against the wall. “Why...ugh. You should’ve freaking told me.”

He smiled at me, all traces of sheepishness disappearing. “I told you, I wanted to surprise you.” His eyes clouded over and he got that heated look on his face. “Now, how fast can you get here?”

“I’m on my way.”

Of course I was. Just knowing that I didn’t have to wait another two days to see him had me trembling as I jumped up. “I’ll be there in a bit.”

“I have a meeting—”

“I’ll wait until it’s over.”

Dorian gave a low chuckle, one that somehow translated into wicked promises. He was still laughing when I hung up the phone on him, not caring if it pissed him off. I was planning on making it up to him, after all.

I changed back into my own clothes, ran out and jumped right into the line to pay. I had the decency to look around for Liv, but I couldn’t find her. Dropping the bag of lingerie onto the counter, I scrambled to send her a text while pulling out my credit card. As soon as everything was paid for, I grabbed my shopping bag and rushed into the back.

The pink, black, and white set Dorian had just seen me in was thrown on as fast as possible. As soon as I was dressed once more, I ran out of the dressing room and straight outside. Liv text me back just as I was hailing down a cab.

‘Sorry. You okay? Had to take care of something.’ -L.

While in the middle of shopping at Victoria’s Secret?

“Thirty-sixth and eighth, please,” I told the cab driver as I settled in the back of the cab. I sent Liv a text back just as the cab pulled away from the curb.

‘No problem. Heading out, have to take care of something as well.’ D.

‘Cool. Catch up with you later.- L.



s. Davis, you can’t just—”

Damn right I could.


I ignored Jocelyn and walked straight into Dorian’s office, flashing her a little smile before walking in. “I just have to drop off some things here for a while.” And no, I didn’t give a damn that she could see that the only things I was holding were my purse and a huge-ass Victoria’s Secret bag. Let her come to her own conclusions.

Actually, I wanted her to.

I deposited my purse and bag on Dorian’s desk then turned to make my way back out. Jocelyn was glaring at me as I approached her desk.

“Ms. Davis, Mr. Sorenson is in a—”

“Meeting. I’m aware,” I said smiling at her sweetly.

Her glare intensified under my smile. “Then you know you have to wait for him in reception. You no longer work here.”

“I don’t have to do anything. My dad owns part of this building and Mr. Sorenson is waiting for me, Jocelyn. But I’ll make sure to let him know how
you’re doing your job.” I smiled wider at her and even batted my eyelashes.

The glower she gave me almost had me laughing. Jocelyn had been lusting after Dorian for a while before I even started working there. She’d never been treated as anything other than an employee and yeah, I knew it hurt. Enough that she absolutely despised me. Whether it was because she suspected something or simply because she hated how much of Dorian’s attention I was getting, I didn’t give a fuck.

“Well,” Jocelyn said, a gloating look entering her eyes. “Mr. Sorenson gave direct orders that if
tried to interrupt him, they were to be told to wait.”             

And we both know that I’m not just anyone, cunt.
Besides, I was there wearing the lingerie Dorian had just seen me in and I was about to freaking burst just from knowing that he was in the same state as me. There was no way I was willing to spend another minute on the jealous twit Dorian had for a secretary.

“Don’t worry about it, Joce. It’ll all be good.” I turned and started walking toward the boardroom, ignoring her when she called out for me to stop. It’s not like she could call security on me. She knew that both Dorian and my dad would have her ass fired if she ever dared.

I headed down the narrow hallway leading to the boardroom. My nerves were all vibrating inside me, the energy rushing through my veins almost driving me crazy. I turned left, stopping in front of the two large wooden doors that led into the boardroom. A quick look at my phone showed me a text from Dorian that I hadn’t noticed before.

‘Where are you? The meeting should be over in another five minutes.’ -D.

Biting my lip, I decided not to answer him and turned right, heading a few steps back the way I’d come. I stopped right in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows covering one whole side of the hall and stared out at the city below.

A fever, relentless and harsh, tore through me, making my legs shake so hard that I had to place a hand on the glass to keep myself steady. My skin felt so hot that I wouldn’t have been surprised if I left a moist handprint behind on the window. I bit my lip and chewed roughly on it, my mind encompassed with fantasies and needs and a hunger that made my lower abdomen ache.

Another text came through on my phone, Dorian telling me the meeting was ending and once more asking me where I was. It galvanized me, reminding me that Jocelyn and others seeing me come in was one thing. All of the board members catching me waiting out here was another.

I turned and ran back toward the boardroom, ducking as fast as I could into the small nook in front of the women’s bathroom. Just in time, too, because the moment I was standing just out of sight of the doors, they opened. I took another step back and watched as the board exited. My phone vibrated twice, the impatience of the person texting me somehow coming through.

Once I was sure that the last board member had exited, I was moving. I jogged across the navy-blue carpeted floor and nearly tripped as my heart gyrated inside me. I managed to all but stumble into the meeting room.
I would've kept going, too, running hips first into the boardroom table had I not been forcibly slammed to a halt by the mere sight of Dorian.

Whatever I had been feeling, all of the angst, arousal, loneliness, it all had seemed so insurmountable. As if I would go mad if I had to live one more second trapped inside the misery of it all. I had thought that I’d experienced the worse of my suffering.

I’d been wrong.

My mouth went dry, which made sense since all the liquids in my body seemed determined to head elsewhere. He was pacing back and forth in front of the boardroom’s table, his hand tugging at his hair and a cute scowl aimed at his phone. I took him in while everything inside me thumped so hard, I was wondering how the hell he didn’t hear me.

, that’s what my body was demanding of me. Run and tackle that sexy man, rip open his button down as I’d done to so many others before, then move onto his…

Oh God. He was wearing fucking jeans. The way those jeans hung on his hips and cupped his ass had my hands twitching. I swallowed, feeling all the saliva return to my mouth in a rush. Weakness seeped through me, a dizziness that left me incapable of movement. I couldn’t even blink.

Dorian finally caught sight of me, pausing mid-stride. Eyes clashed; breaths mixed in the air between us, loud,
His eyes became clouded, an almost menacing haze making them appear darker. His stare raked me from head-to-toe. By the time his eyes met mine again, they were almost black.

Then, one whisper…a million corrupt promises hidden behind two words.

“Come here.”

My eyelids
felt heavy and so did my lungs. Dorian’s eyebrows drew together, intensifying that look in his eyes. He flung his cell phone haphazardly onto the boardroom table, causing it to skid across its surface several inches. My lips parted when he took that first step toward me.

Then another.

I didn’t even realize that I’d started moving until I was right in front of him. My body was roughly dragged, lifted, and slammed into warm muscles, my chest pressed against his thundering heart.

My own arms were around him, locked so tight that I knew it had to hurt.

Dorian groaned, lifting me higher. I held on, my feet six inches off the floor. Not that I cared. Actually, I shifted, making it clear that I wanted him to lift me higher. Dorian’s chest rumbled with a deep, satisfied sound. He lifted me high enough for me to wrap my legs around his waist. The moment I did, he hugged me tighter, his face buried in my neck.

Warm air slithered across the skin of my neck. I bit my lip when I felt my body clench tight.

“Fuck.” Dorian forcefully cupped my neck with one hand, an unmistakable sign of possession. He held me still and pulled back to stare at me, his lips parted. I dove straight for his mouth, and I wasn’t the only one. Our lips smashed together so hard, I felt his teeth. I knew he felt mine, too.

Not that we gave a damn.

Dorian exhaled roughly and tilted our heads, taking my mouth with one fierce thrust of his tongue. He licked at my tongue, the rumble in his chest growing stronger and mixing with his breathless groans. I pulled on his hair, forcing him closer, not caring when our teeth knocked together once more.

He stroked his tongue around mine one more time before pulling back, his heavy lidded stare locked with mine. He gave my bottom lip three soft sucks that I felt echo deep in my pussy.

BOOK: Allure Magnified
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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