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Even as the pleasure flooded through me, all I felt was the emptiness, the indescribable agony of not having him all over me.

Inside me.

Dorian laughed breathlessly. His expression was rueful as he looked down at himself. “Look at what you made me do.”

My walls were still convulsing. I inhaled shakily, trying to bring myself to look away from his semi-hard cock and the cum all over his abs. Resisting was futile, I was absorbed and despite the fact that I’d just come, I felt even more hollow than before.


I forced myself to look up at the ceiling, somehow breaking the brutal hold his allure had on my eyesight.

“Demi, baby, are you okay?” His voice was rough, concerned, enough to further send my pussy into involuntary kegels.

I blinked, not at all surprised at the tears I felt. The pounding was too much and without meaning to, I slipped my hand between my legs again.

“Baby? What...shit, girl.”

Dorian’s groan made me arch. I slid my finger as deep as it could go, the penetration barely affording any relief.

Dorian groaned. “I’m so fucking jealous right now.” His tone was both playful and honest. I bit my lip, thrusting against my hand. “Demi, look at me.” His voice was rougher this time, demanding. I did as he wanted, knowing that
he would be able to see how miserable I was without him.

“Another, baby. Slip another finger in,” he growled, his dick fully hard and trapped inside his fist again.

I choked, desperate,
as I thrust a second finger into my swollen core.

“You see that, baby?” Dorian pumped his dick twice before pausing at the base. “You have me covered in my cum and I still can’t stop. That’s how much I need
you. I can
how much you need my cum. I can’t fucking wait to give it to you.”

There was nothing that would truly appease my need, especially after that, but I slammed a third finger in, dying to fill myself.

, God. Yeah...that’s it. Stretch that pussy, baby. Pretend it’s my cock.”

But it wasn’t his cock and no matter what I did, my body still knew that. Even so, all it took was another groan from him and I was coming again, my body arching off the bed as my walls fell around my fingers. Dorian’s violent moans stretched out my orgasm, slamming me against that razor’s edge and shattering me from the inside out.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Demi. I love watching you come. God.”

Feeling almost debilitated from the orgasms and the yearning, I slipped my fingers out of my pussy and laid there panting. I don’t know how much time passed, but eventually Dorian asked me to look at him again.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you, too.”
Don’t you dare cry, you stupid girl. Hold it!

“Next time I leave, I just might kidnap you and force you to come with me.”

I giggled at that, loving the way he smiled at me. “I just might force you to kidnap me.”

“How does that work, exactly? Is it even kidnapping at that point?” Dorian asked, a playful look on his face.

“You’re still covered in cum, baby.”
And double ungh to that.

Dorian looked down at himself and if anything, his smile grew larger. “Yeah...well. That’s what you do to me.”

I miss you so much all I want to do is crawl into a ball and cry.
But I didn’t say it. I couldn’t. So instead, I settled for a playful smile of my own although I was pretty sure I’d be a mess once we ended the call. “You do it to me, too, you know.”

“I know.”

That smile of his was going to kill me.

“I have to be up early for the design meeting tomorrow. I’ll call you when I’m done?”

“Yes, please.”

And there was more unsaid.
Definitely on my end, but I couldn’t help but feel that there was more that he wanted to say too. Instead of sharing our thoughts, we settled for saying goodnight. I felt like a silly girl with a crush, but there was no denying that ending that call was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done.


Two weeks later...

stared off into space, sucking out of a straw as my friend Livana rambled next to me. The ice coffee I was chugging nearly froze the roof of my mouth but I couldn’t focus on that. I could barely feel anything. All I could feel was the heat inside me, the hunger
I felt so emotionally and physically empty and nothing I did could make the void inside me go away.

It was a void that had expanded since the first day he’d left on his business trip.

Dorian had been gone for almost four weeks. I’d known I was going to miss him like I’d miss air but that had been an underestimation. Air was pitiful and unnecessary when faced with the painful gap caused by his absence. 

Just thinking about the last night we spent together made my body heat almost melt the ice coffee. Dorian had taken me out to dinner uptown then had taken me back to his apartment. Ever since our first night together when we’d had sex on his coffee table, the rest of his apartment had become fair game.

The only place he hadn’t taken me was right up against the door leading into his apartment. Something that was thoroughly rectified that night.

              Dinner had been tense. Because of the fact that we had to hide, we hadn’t been able to be as openly “affectionate” with each other as we would’ve liked. By the time we got back to his apartment, we were both on the verge of losing it. As soon as we got inside, we did, going insane on each other and viciously tearing at our clothes.

The mere memory of how he’d pressed me up against that door and had taken me from behind made my hollow body screech with need.

A month. A fucking month. How the hell did I think I would make it this long and be
while at it?

“Hello? Demi? Oh, for fuck’s sake. Spacing out again?”

I blinked, realizing that I was still sucking on my straw but there was nothing left in my cup. Liv was standing next to me, lips pursed with an annoyed look.

“Care to tell me what’s on your mind?” Liv’s tone more than matched her expression.

Oh, yeah. ‘Cause I’m real keen to tell you how I’m dying from missing my lover, who just happens to be my ex-boss, friend to my father, and nearly eleven years older than me. A man who I’ve been seeing for four months
telling you. Yeah, I really wanna drop that bomb right now.

“I’m exhausted.” When Liv gave me the I-call-bullshit look, I simply shrugged. I threw the empty cup into a trash bin as we walked by. “Let’s head over to Victoria’s Secret. I need some new stuff.”

Liv’s eyes widened at that. “Fuck yeah. Me, too.” She grabbed my hand and started dragging me down the street.

I nearly stumbled, fighting to keep my heels steady. “You’re more excited about this than usual.” I pulled my hand out of her grasp the moment we reached the corner.

Liv shrugged. “What can I say? A girl can never have too much sexy shit.”

I squinted at her profile. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve said that she had someone to show off her lingerie to.
And now you’re just projecting your sins onto others.

Liv waved me along, rushing across the street once the light had changed.

“What time do you have to be back at work?” I asked Liv as we walked into Victoria’s Secret.

“I’m taking a two hour lunch break and there’s nothing Dad can say about it. I haven’t taken a lunch break all week.”

As we made our way around the store, I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only one picking out the overly sexy things. At one point, Liv stopped and started complaining about not being able to find a garter belt. When she grumbled that we should’ve gone to La Perla instead, I pressed my lips together and kept my comments —AKA: questions— to myself.

I picked up another thong, a tiny red and gold v-string with very thin side straps.
Fuck, the possibilities. Just imagining the look on Dorian’s face brought back memories, filled me with fantasies, and had me almost leaking onto the small thong I was already wearing.


I dropped the v-string and its matching bra into the huge, pink Victoria’s Secret shopping bag that I was given at the door. The thing was more than halfway full and even I had to admit that I was overdoing it by my standards. Then again, I’d never had anyone to actually show my lingerie off to. I was once more reminded of Dorian’s face every time my clothes came off. Biting my lip and feeling downright giddy, I ran towards the dressing rooms.

Avoiding Liv was probably best, not that I had to try very hard. The woman had disappeared on me and I didn’t catch a glimpse of her on my way to the back. I knew that if she saw the look on my face there would be questions. There was no denying that I could feel my cheeks burning with excitement.

My heart was beating madly by the time I stepped into the small dressing booth and pulled the curtain closed. I leaned against the wall, amazed and annoyed with myself. When the hell had my hormones gotten so out of control?

Oh, right. When the sexiest man alive had decided he wanted me and introduced me to a world I’d only dreamed of.

Oh fuck. Fuck me. No, fuck Dorian. Oh God, yes.

But he wasn’t there, was he?

Get yourself under control, Demi. You’re behaving like an animal.

Wasn’t that what he’d turned me into, though? Christ, I felt like a deprived hedonist.

a deprived hedonist.

Huffing, I pushed off the wall and reached into the pink bag. Trying that shit on was definitely going to make my situation worse. My imagination was spinning, tormenting me with the kind of images that made me want to hunt Dorian down. Or give up on trying the lingerie. Surely all the things in that bag would fit me perfectly. After all, I know my own size.

Stop being an idiot.

Right. Like I was going to stop myself from trying the clothes on just because I was so horny I was losing my intelligence.

But once I was in a pink, white, and black push-up bra with its matching boy shorts, I knew that my original idea of not trying anything on would’ve been safer. Staring at the blue-eyed brunette in the mirror, I took in what Dorian would see if I wore it for him.

I can’t say that I was utterly in love with my body before him, but now? He made me feel so sexy that I couldn’t even stand myself sometimes. He’d also nibbled and licked every line on me, making me fully aware of how much he loved my body.

I knew that he’d love this little combo on me. Biting my lip, I turned sideways and stared at my reflection.

From somewhere within my purse, I heard my phone going off. It wasn’t my ringtone I was hearing, but what sounded like a Skype call coming through. Scowling, I bent down, wondering when I’d logged in and how the hell I’d forgotten to log off.

Then I saw who was calling me and my organs almost shut down. That rush went through me, the one that destroyed all of my rational thinking. I knew that answering his call while I was in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room half naked was another bad idea.

Think I stopped myself?

              Of course not.

And I didn’t even realize I had accepted the call until Dorian’s face popped up on my Samsung Galaxy III’s screen.

“Oh my...where the fuck are you?”

I bit my lip. “Why are you Skyping me?”

Dorian’s eyes were bouncing around and I could tell he was trying to see below my neck. “I saw you were logged on.  I thought that you were at work,” he mumbled, looking distracted. “ I wanted to see you and talk to you....Baby....what are you doing?”

I exhaled on a rush, hearing how shaky it sounded. “I’m at...Vicky’s.”

“Vicky’s?” he repeated.

Oh God, I loved the way his brow furrowed and he got that little pout whenever he was confused. It made me want to bite him. No, fuck that. It made me want to bite down on my phone.

“Victoria’s Secret,” I answered shyly.

Dorian’s nostrils flared and his wide eyes clashed with mine. “Are you in the dressing room right now?”

BOOK: Allure Magnified
11.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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