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‘I was expecting Sister Agatha,’ he said, his voice deep and surprisingly gentle. ‘Unless she’s suddenly lost forty years, I take it I misunderstood the message.’

Chloe struggled to speak. Not only did her chest feel tight, she was also giddy. It was a most peculiar sensation, and she didn’t like it one bit. ‘Sister Agatha has a migraine,’ she explained, relieved to find that her voice sounded normal, except for a slight tremor. ‘I was to have accompanied her, but because everyone else is so busy, I had to come alone.’

He gave a slight smile. ‘I’m surprised they weren’t concerned for your welfare.’

‘You’re well known to them. They said that you’ve given us assistance before.’

‘Sister Agatha hardly offers a man the kind of temptation that you do, Sister … ?’

Heat suffused Chloe’s cheeks and she felt herself start to tremble. She couldn’t believe that a religious man, and a philanthropist, would speak to a nun in such a way. ‘My name’s Chloe,’ she whispered, wishing he’d stop looking at her so intently with his deep blue eyes.

‘Sister Chloe? That doesn’t sound a very religious name!’

‘We’re allowed to keep our birth names if we want to these days. At the moment I’m only in the first year of my novitiate, which means that I don’t have to choose my name for another twelve months. I don’t suppose I will keep Chloe,’ she added regretfully. ‘You’re right, it doesn’t sound religious enough.’

Carlos gestured towards one of the heavy panelled doors in the hallway. ‘Come through to my study. We’ll talk there.’

Chloe hesitated for a moment, intimidated by the masculinity of his muscular body and his intense, almost pagan, charisma. Then she reminded herself that she was here for the children, and should have put such silliness behind her long ago. The fact that the man was tall, dark and handsome meant nothing to her now, just as she meant nothing
to him. Her religion protected her. She wondered why she didn’t feel more grateful.

As Carlos sat down behind his desk and surveyed the young novice sitting opposite him, he wondered how he was managing to keep his intense desire for her hidden. At last, just as he was beginning to question whether any woman would ever fascinate him again, this girl had been sent to him. She was literally a gift from heaven, he thought to himself with an inward laugh. Now he had to work out how to set about seducing her away from the convent and into his world.

‘I take it you’ve come about a donation,’ he remarked.

Chloe nodded. ‘It’s for the Brazilian street children. Over five hundred of them have already been killed by your own policemen this year, and—’

‘They’re not
policemen, Sister.’

‘Of course not, I didn’t mean … It’s only that I’m from England and …’

Carlos leant forward, his eyes fixed on hers. ‘What on earth is an English girl, and a novice nun at that, doing here in Brazil, walking around dangerous streets on her own, asking strange men for money?’

She looked flustered, which was what he’d intended. ‘The streets aren’t dangerous for me. My clothes mean that I’m safe. As for asking strange men for money, you’ve given to us before. You’re one of our benefactors.’

‘Giving money to worthy causes isn’t necessarily the mark of a good man,’ he said with a laugh. ‘Perhaps it’s how I atone for all my sins. You still haven’t told me what you’re doing so far from home.’

‘I’m trying to reach inner freedom through the discipline of religion,’ explained Chloe, hoping that he wouldn’t laugh at her. ‘The trouble is, I need to be doing things. I’m not
very good at just praying and meditating. The order that I joined in England felt that if I came here and joined a working order, it would help me decide if this was truly my vocation.’

‘And have you decided?’

‘Not yet,’ she confessed. ‘But at least I’m making a difference. I don’t suppose someone like you has any idea what it’s like in the shanty towns, but the poverty is appalling. People live—’

Carlos held up his right hand. ‘I don’t need a lecture. Here, let me write you a cheque.’ Opening his chequebook, he scribbled swiftly for a few seconds, tore off the cheque and handed it to her. ‘Here, take it. If you think it will be used to help the poor, then I’m happy for you.’

He saw her startled expression as she looked at the figure on the cheque. ‘Of course it will help them!’ she exclaimed. ‘It’s far too much. I never expected …’

He looked intently at her. ‘No amount of money can save your street children, or the poor. Before you come back to me for more, I want you to promise to do something for me.’

‘Anything,’ she said quickly. ‘You’ve been so generous.’

‘Do some investigating. Find out for yourself where the money goes. I think you’ll soon realise that more of it is used in bribes than ever reaches the needy. This is a corrupt city, Sister Chloe. Most people here lack the discipline you seem so anxious to acquire.’

He watched her fingers tighten round the cheque, and then she stood up and walked towards the door, clearly anxious to get away from him. ‘I’m sorry that you have such a jaundiced view of the world,’ she retorted. ‘I shall pray for you.’

For a moment he almost felt sorry for her, but then he hardened his heart. It was best that she knew the truth. Best
for her, and definitely best for him. Moving quickly across the room, he managed to open the door before she reached it, and then watched her walk towards him.

Her knee-length grey skirt revealed perfect black-stockinged legs, and her short black veil, with the narrow mauve band of the novice, showed a glimpse of dark curly hair beneath it The outfit was far more seductive than any low-cut dress, and he felt himself harden with desire. Somehow he had to have her. Had to teach her his own kind of discipline. He had the feeling she’d be an excellent pupil.

‘Don’t forget to do your research,’ he reminded her as he held the front door open. She didn’t reply, but he saw her almond-shaped grey eyes flick upwards and saw too the expression of pitying contempt in them. It didn’t matter. She’d soon learn the truth, and then she’d be back because she wouldn’t know where else to go.

Chloe walked as quickly as was considered proper down the long path, and licked at her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. Now that she was out of the house, and away from the disturbing presence of Carlos Rocca, it was easier for her to breathe. She’d never had a man stare so intently at her before, as though he could see right into her soul.

Although his cheque was amazingly generous, he obviously wasn’t a good man. To suggest that the money being raised in the city was used to bribe people was despicable. All the same, she’d check up on it, see for herself exactly where it all went.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just his allegations that had disturbed her. Even after she got back to the ramshackle building that served as the headquarters for the order, she kept remembering the contrast between his blue eyes and his tanned skin, and the way his wavy brown hair
had curled up on the edge of his collar at the nape of his neck.

It was unforgivable, but she didn’t confess any of it, because deep down she knew that she wasn’t sorry. It was a frightening thing to discover about herself.



arlos settled himself comfortably in the depths of the soft-cushioned chair, watching intently as Livia and a Brazilian girlfriend writhed together on a rug on the floor in front of him.

The girl, Juanita, had been to the house before. She was the daughter of one of the city’s most infamous drug barons, but Carlos had nothing to fear. His power was the greater, and the man knew it. He believed that her visits were an honour, a sign that Carlos would support him if any of his rivals tried to remove him. In this he was completely wrong. All that interested Carlos was the pleasure Juanita gave him, and that he and Livia gave the girl.

Tonight was particularly exciting, because Juanita had been told that she must remain silent the entire time. Normally she would murmur incoherently as her pleasure mounted, and then scream in ecstasy when she climaxed. Although used to playing different games on every visit, she was finding tonight a struggle. As a result, it was difficult for Carlos to wait his turn.

Livia’s blond hair was spread out over Juanita’s stomach, and as she moved her head between her friend’s thighs, the long strands tickled the sensitive flesh of the
other girl’s belly. This gentle stimulation, coupled with the soft, sweeping movements of Livia’s knowing tongue, was driving the girl to distraction.

When Juanita’s head began to move from side to side, and her large nipples were rigid, Carlos got up from his chair and stood looking down at the two of them. His own breathing was rapid, his chest rising and falling beneath his open-necked cream shirt, and Juanita’s huge, liquid brown eyes stared up at him imploringly as she tried to remain silent.

Carlos swallowed hard. This was how he wanted to see the novice nun, Chloe, who’d come to the house two weeks earlier. This was the kind of discipline he wanted her to learn. He could imagine how she’d look in this situation, her newly awakened body struggling to subdue itself in order to please him.

Aware that her lover was looking down on them, Livia’s tongue moved more carefully over Juanita’s swollen clitoris. She knew what Carlos really wanted. He wanted Juanita to fail, and he expected Livia to make certain this happened. If it didn’t, if Juanita managed to remain silent, then it would be Livia who was punished.

Although his punishments always ended in pleasure, this was something she wanted to avoid tonight. She wanted to see Juanita squirming and crying out as her body was tormented and teased for her failure. She wanted to take part in administering the punishment, and so she had to make Juanita fail.

The other girl’s thighs were trembling, and when Livia flicked her tongue inside Juanita she felt her hips rise up from the floor as her body tried to reach orgasm. Hastily Livia moved her mouth, and heard Juanita’s breath catch in her throat with disappointment.

Now Livia moved herself up, until her body was covering Juanita’s, and moved around on the smooth, silken flesh, pressing her hips hard against Juanita’s while at the same time cupping her swollen vulva with one hand. Her fingers kept up a firm, steady pressure and she could imagine the sweet ache that Juanita must be experiencing.

As she bent her head and started to draw one of the tight nipples into her mouth, Juanita stared frantically at her, shaking her head despairingly. Livia smiled at her, knowing that the longer she delayed that final moment of hot, flooding release, the greater the chances were that Juanita would moan or cry out. Soon, very soon, she would fail.

Juanita was in despair. She loved coming to Carlos Rocca’s house and lived for the incredible sensual pleasure that he and Livia gave her, but at the same time she was a little afraid of him. She’d only failed to obey him once before, but she remembered all too well what had happened then, and she didn’t want it to happen again.

When Livia’s soft mouth closed around her aching right nipple, she felt a groan rising in her throat, and gulped down air in an effort to keep the sound away. She was so close to coming. Between her thighs her flesh was throbbing and burning, while her hips were jerking as though they had a life of their own.

The first tantalising flashes of red-hot pleasure had already darted through her, but Livia knew what she was doing, and kept stopping the stimulation before Juanita could climax. Even now, as she sucked on the needy nipple, her hand was pressing against the source of Juanita’s pleasure with a firm, even pressure that excited without satisfying.

Slowly, very slowly, Livia slid down Juanita’s body, until her head was once more between her thighs. As her slim fingers carefully opened her up, Juanita gasped and
immediately Carlos moved closer, his blue eyes watching her intently. She wanted to keep silent, wanted to obey him, but knew that it was going to be impossible.

When Livia’s lips closed around her clitoris and began to suck gently on it, Juanita gave up. She felt the heat spreading through her, felt her muscles tighten and her body jerk, and then her orgasm came crashing down on her. It was sharper, more intense than any she’d experienced before, and as she opened her mouth to cry out with delight at the unimaginable pleasure of it, she saw Carlos give a tiny smile of amused satisfaction.

The contractions of her climax went on and on, and Juanita heard herself moaning and shouting, but she couldn’t help it. It was all so good, and for a brief moment she didn’t care what happened afterwards, because her lush, supple body was made for this kind of pleasure.

Listening to Juanita’s cries of passion, Carlos wondered what Chloe would sound like in the throes of sexual excitement. He doubted if she’d be as abandoned as the Brazilian girl, but that would only make her more of a challenge.

When Juanita was finally silent, she lay looking up at him with a mixture of anxiety and desire. Livia was watching him too, and he nodded briefly at her as a sign of his pleasure. She’d done well, but then she was always good at games that involved other women.

BOOK: Discipline
2.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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