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Keli Dunkirk might bring nothing to a battle save her mind, but bonded with his, at their full strength, they might be unbeatable.

The slightest of sounds eased through the silence surrounding the clearing. It could have been a breeze stirring over the Bayou. A sound so faint it might have been nothing at all.

But Wolfel tensed and paused in his pacing. Everything in his being told him that Keli watched him from the darkness.

She had come.

For one moment, Keli forgot to take her next breath. Even though she had evoked strong Earthwork to cloak her approach, Wolf’s gaze had rested on her the instant she arrived in the clearing. She would be shadow or tree whispers to anyone…anyone but this man.

His lips pulled into a predator’s grin as he flexed his muscles in the moonlight. He was menacing in appearance, but to Keli’s astonishment, his fearsome stance only made her desire him more.

Goddess, how she wanted this man. How she wanted to bend to his will, to do whatever he might command of her.

Anything at all.

She dropped her veil of mist and slowly emerged from the shadows into the clearing bathed in the moon’s silver frost. Grass tickled her bare feet and a warm breeze molded her light cotton robes to the contours of her body. She felt the press of fabric against the V at the juncture of her thighs and the rub of cloth against her rigid nipples.

Wolf’s jaw tensed as she drew near. He clenched his hands at his sides and Keli knew he was powerful enough to punish her with a blow of his fist. He could crush her slender body beneath him if he chose to take her hard.

Keli’s heart and her footsteps faltered, and she swallowed the sudden dryness in her throat. Wolf’s snarl turned into a look of satisfaction, as if pleased to see her frightened.

Bastard. I’ll be damned if he’ll send me running now.



With a determined tilt of her head, she approached him. Trees murmured to one another in a more determined breeze. Cloth swirled about her ankles and her long hair lifted from her shoulders.

When she reached him, Keli stopped a hairsbreadth away, green eyes focused on silvery gray. She was determined to show no fear, to give him no reason to turn her away.

She wanted this. She wanted Wolf, and she wanted him any way he chose to have her, in complete submission. There was no other way to the heart of a Warrior of Áis.

Wolf said nothing for a long moment, his moonlit eyes studying her as he might have studied an examination slate. He raised his hand, slowly bringing it toward her face and it was all she could do not to flinch, not to show any sign of fear.

He wrapped her red hair around his fist and tugged, hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. Pain, yes, but also a thrill. The shock crossed her neck to her chest, down her belly and straight to her quim, flooding her already drenched folds.

“You made your choice.” Wolf’s deep, magnetic voice rolled over her like thunder.

“Now you’re mine, Keli Dunkirk.”

When Keli didn’t respond, Wolf tugged harder on her hair and she almost cried aloud. “When I speak to you, always answer. From now until I say otherwise, refer to me as Sir.” He paused and his silvery eyes turned black as the depths of the Bayou. “By coming here after I warned you, you chose to give up control over your body and submit to my will. Do you agree?”

His commanding tone caused her body to hum and grow hungrier for what he had to offer. Keli tried to nod, but his grip was so tight she couldn’t move her head. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

A brief look of satisfaction flickered across his chiseled features, but as always, his face hardened again. With his free hand he tugged at the tie around her waist. Even as he pulled it away, her robes fell open, revealing her full breasts and the soft curls of her mons. The hunger in Wolf’s appraising gaze stole her breath away.

He clenched the tie in one hand and released his hold on her hair with his other.

“Bow to me.”

Rebellious words flew through her mind, but desire battled them back. “Yes, Sir,”

she managed.

Wolf placed his hand on her head, pressing hard enough to bring her to her knees.

For one moment she found herself facing his enormous erection outlined by the supple leather of his breeches. But then he was lightly forcing her head down until her gaze rested on his scuffed leather boots.

His voice held heat, harsh sweetness, and a hint of a promise. “I expect complete obedience, Keli. I won’t accept less.”


Annie Windsor

“Yes, Sir,” she said to his boots and glared at them instead of at the man. She had chosen this role, had practically begged for it.
And Goddess, yes, I want it. But I might kill
him after I’m satisfied.

Wolfel could barely think as he stared at the lovely woman who had been his student, and was now becoming his student again. Her rich, tempting breasts rose high and firm, her nipples large and diamond hard. Her skin glowed silvery white in the moonlight, a stark contrast to the robes still covering her shoulders and backside.

“From this point forward, don’t speak without my permission,” he commanded when he found his voice.

The only sign that she had heard him was a barely perceptible shiver that went through her slight body.

Slowly he circled the woman kneeling at the center of the clearing. Seeing her head finally bowed in submission, after all this time, nearly drove him mad with desire.

“Don’t make so much as a movement, Keli.”

His cock ached, he wanted to take her now, to force her onto her hands and knees, to throw her robes up over her ass and to slide into her wet heat. He clenched his fingers around her robe tie, his nails digging into the flesh of his palm. He had no doubt she wanted him in whatever manner he chose to take her. When she’d arrived in the clearing he’d been able to smell her desire blending with her woman’s perfume of starflowers and midnight.

Even with her head bowed she had the bearing of a Warrior, a wytch of incredible power.

Yes, together we would be unstoppable.

So long as she turned all control over to him.

For a long while he stood behind her, watching her long red hair stir with the breeze, her black robes fluttering around her body. Her desire would increase with every second he waited. Soon the ache between her thighs would be so great that she might moan aloud, might beg him to fuck her, no matter his instructions that she remain silent.

He stroked his cock through his breeches as he studied her, his hand rubbing its length as he imagined the ways he would tease her, the trials he would offer to help her learn what she truly desired.

Wolfel began to circle her again, breathing harder and harder. He’d waited long enough, perhaps. As long as he wished.

“What would you have me do?” Keli asked as if reading his thoughts.

“You’ve earned one punishment,” he said as he stopped in front of her. “Speak again without permission and you’ll earn a second.”

She glanced up, mouth open as if to argue, and then clamped her lips shut and lowered her gaze again.



Wolfel gave a grim smile. His student learned fast indeed. “Two punishments now, Keli. Tell me why you’ll be disciplined.”

Keli swallowed, fear and fascination at war with one another. What kind of discipline was he talking about? She knew only rumors and innuendo, no facts that would tell her what she might expect.

His voice was harsher now. “Speak or earn a third.”

“Yes, Sir.” Keli almost looked up again, but caught herself and kept her head bowed. “I spoke without permission and I looked up at you when you ordered me to remain still.”

“Very good.” Wolf stroked her cheek with the back of his hand and she shivered.

“My rules are simple, but I expect them to be followed.”

“Yes, Sir.” Keli ground her teeth. Already she was close to climax and the man had barely touched her face. Warm air caressed the flesh he’d laid bare and his gaze caused her to burn as hot as lava boiling deep within a volcano.

His knuckles skimmed her jaw, down her neck to the opening of her robe. Even with her gaze to the ground, she saw him lower himself to one knee. The robe tie came within her line of sight and he brought it to her eyes. Her heart beat like drums at fire-dances as he slowly tied the strip of cloth around her head, completely blinding her to the night.

Everything went dark, yet her senses magnified. She could hear the rustle of fabric, the creak of leather, wind through trees and even the soft patter of squirrel feet along distant branches. Scents assailed her nose…of Wolf’s smell of storms and the elements, the heavy air of the Bayou and the dark and wicked things dwelling in its depths.

He pushed aside the robe, baring one shoulder, and she trembled with longing at his sensual touch. “What do you hear?” he asked just before she felt the rough scrape of his stubble against her neck. “Tell me, Keli.”

“My heart pounding in time with Earth’s pulse,” she murmured, and then quickly added, “Sir.”

“And does she tell you, my sweet, what punishments you’ll endure?” His lips brushed the curve of her shoulder.

“No, Sir.” Keli’s voice came out dry as leaves at the end of a long winter.

Wolf pushed the robe away from her other shoulder and let the light cotton fabric fall down her arms to land on the ground and across her bare legs. Cloth rustled again and the robe was completely pulled away from her body. It made a soft sound as it landed in the grass.

Keli felt her nakedness like a rush of heat. She wore only the tie around her eyes, blocking the moonlight but shoring up her remaining senses. And those senses told her that Wolf had moved so that he was now behind her.

She heard a soft murmur and knew that Wolf had invoked some sort of spell. “Put your hands behind your back,” he ordered, and when he began binding her wrists she 77

Annie Windsor

knew he had used Earthwork to summon a rough-hewn rope from nearby tree bark and vines.

The sudden loss of her arms in addition to her vision made Keli begin to fear for her sanity. What in the Goddess’s name had she been thinking, to allow herself to be so totally at a man’s mercy?

But she knew, didn’t she? She had to have him. And after all the years of perfection and drive, she wanted to…turn loose. To let someone else be perfect for a while. Keli wanted release, more than anything. And beyond that, she had to have this man. Wolf had been an ache in her soul for months now. Since she’d come to Stonefall, in fact.

A hot mouth latched onto her nipple and she caught her breath. Damn. She hadn’t heard him move at all! She’d have to be more alert. Somehow even more aware.

Her quim was so wet that moisture seeped down the inside of her thigh. Wolf’s tongue flicked across the hard nub and then he gently bit. Keli cried out before she could stop herself.

“Three punishments?” His voice sounded rough. Angry. “My most disciplined pupil can’t follow simple instructions?”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Keli’s breathing became uneven and she had difficulty speaking.

Would he now punish her for apologizing?

“It’s time to discipline you.”

This time, she heard him move, to the side, then behind.

He forced her down gently so that her face was in the grass, her cheek to the side, her shoulders resting against the ground and her ass high in the air. Still holding onto her, he forced her thighs farther apart, baring her to him completely. With her hands tied behind her back, she was completely off balance and dependent upon him.

He pressed one hand to her bare belly, and before she had a chance to prepare for what might come next, she felt a hard slap against her ass.

Keli almost cried out again, but this time bit her tongue to stop herself. The sharp pain of the slap became a warm burst of pleasure. Again he spanked her, and again.

“This is to help you remember my rules, and to make sure you defer to me when we’re alone.” He spanked her again. “Is that clear, Keli?”

She released her hold on her tongue long enough to mutter, “Yes, Sir,” and almost got a mouthful of grass in the process.

Wolf never broke his rhythm, spanking her upper thighs, her ass, first one cheek then the other, but never hitting the same place twice in a row. The pain from the spanking escalated, driving Keli to the edge of what she thought she could bear.

If she shouted for him to stop, would he?

She thought yes…but not knowing pushed her even closer to the edge. The stinging, smarting sensation in her ass became a river of pleasure between her legs, washing her clit. Her breasts rubbed against the grass with every swat of his hand and her nipples felt huge and raw.



Just as she found herself rising, rising to an unimaginable orgasm, Wolf said,

“Don’t climax without my permission.”

Keli almost screamed.

Instead she bit harder on her tongue and the coppery taste of her blood rose in her mouth. She
disciplined, she
control her own body, and she would

Wolf stopped spanking her as suddenly as he had started. She barely had time to catch her breath before she felt him move between her thighs. He pressed his leather-covered erection against her ass and she nearly moaned despite her determination not to.

Goddess, if he was as big as his bulge promised, he would fill her like no man had filled her before.

“Would you like me to fuck you now, Keli?” he asked in his deep, vibrant voice that caused tremors to run throughout her.

“Yes.” Oh, Goddess, would she ever. “Please, Sir.”

With one arm still wrapped around her waist to hold her up, he slowly pumped his hips against her ass, his erection brushing her swollen folds. And then he stopped.

“I think not. You have two more punishments.”

At this point, Keli was ready to sob, and she thought harder about killing him once she had her fill. Was it possible to die from lack of sexual gratification?

Wolfel smiled as he rubbed the soft flesh of Keli’s ass. She was such a sensual woman and he enjoyed teasing her. She had tormented him for long enough, in his classroom, in the hallways, in the auditoriums and ceremonial places. Covert glances, longing stares…tonight, they would end up even.

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
12.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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