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Landon was his man. He didn’t need to change anything about
him or give him anything. Landon was perfect the way he was.

“You’re thinking,” Landon said.

“Are you worried?” Gavin smirked when Landon raised an
eyebrow. “I’m thinking about Heidi. Seeing Derek and hearing what he said, I
want more than anything to give her back everything he took. No man should have
that kind of power over a woman, especially when they abuse it like Derek did.”

“That man is scum. I can’t stand the sight of him.”

“Together we can repair what he tried to break.” The phone
interrupted his flow. Putting his cup on the counter, Gavin moved toward the
phone. “Heidi is ours. We won’t let her be hurt again. I forbid it.”

Gavin picked the phone up. “Hello,” he said.

“Gavin Powell, you’re getting yourself into all kind of
trouble,” Matt Dawson, the local sheriff and Gavin’s friend, said.

“What kind of trouble are you thinking?” he asked, turning
to Landon. He covered the mouthpiece and mouthed the words of who was on the

“I got a city boy here. He claims you assaulted him.”

Heidi had been right. Derek intended to cause all kinds of
trouble. “He assaulted my woman, Matt. I was protecting her and my man here,

“This stinks, Gavin. I don’t like troublemakers in my town.”

“And I don’t like them hurting my woman,” Gavin said. Saying
the words felt good. “Why don’t you come down here and assess the damage? I’m
sure once you see what he’s done, everything will be settled.”

He got off the phone several minutes later. “I’m going to
get Heidi. Matt and a couple of his boys are in their way over here.”

“I can’t believe that bastard is going to start with us.”

“Keep yourself in check. Heidi doesn’t need this. She needs
all of us,” Gavin said.

He walked up the stairs. Heidi was drying her hair as he
entered their room. “I’ll be down in a second,” she said.

“The sheriff was on the phone. He’s on his way over here
because Derek claims I assaulted him.”

Heidi cursed. He moved toward her, pulling her against him.
“Don’t worry.” The bruise on her face would tell Matt all he needed to know.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t believe he’s being an asshole about
this. I shouldn’t have let either of you get in the way.”

Gavin caught her chin. He forced her to look at him. “Who am
I?” he asked.

“You’re Gavin,” she said, frowning.

“Who am I to you?” He gave her a pointed look so she’d get his

“You’re my Master.
My Dom.”

“That’s right. I take care of you. I don’t care about this.
He’ll be here soon. The moment he sees you Derek won’t stand a chance.”

She smiled. “I hope you’re right,” she said.

“Baby, I’m always right.”

He took her downstairs, and all three waited for the sheriff
in the dining room. Landon made a fresh pot of coffee as Gavin let them in. He
shook Matt’s hand. He liked the sheriff. The guy knew how to look after the
town. He escorted them back to where Heidi sat.

Gavin stared at her face. Her face told the whole story.
From the way Matt tensed, the sheriff knew the whole story as well.

They sat around the table. Heidi told them everything from
the abuse to the final punch.

“Gavin and Landon were only doing what they could to protect
me, Sheriff. I swear
they wouldn’t hurt Derek without
a reason.”

Matt touched her face then shook his head. “I’m getting an
idea of what happened, missy. I’m sorry for all this trouble. I bet you’ve got
a monster headache,” he said.

She laughed. “More than you can believe.”

After several more minutes Gavin walked them out the door.
The boys who’d come with him were climbing into the car. “I’m sorry you had to
trek out here in the dark and all.”

“Don’t worry about it. A man striking a woman like that is
why I’m here. I’ve always hated men who use their fists, and that’s one of the
reasons why. I fucking hate men like that. Reassure her. I’ll take care of her
ex and make sure he doesn’t step foot in

Gavin shook his hand before closing the door. Heidi stood
watching him. The wrap he’d given her slipped off her shoulder revealing her
creamy skin.

“Nothing bad is going to happen?” she asked.

“No, nothing bad.
is a brilliant place, understanding.”

She let out a sigh. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready
to go to bed. I’m pooped.”

He chuckled. Shutting the house up, Gavin followed his two
subs up the stairs. That night he and Landon slept either side of Heidi. She
reached out for both of them through the night. Neither of them was favoured
when it came to her.



Chapter Nine


Derek was forced out of
He’d come back to try to win Heidi back. The woman he’d moved in to replace
Heidi didn’t put up with his bullshit. The woman also refused to cook and
clean. He’d gone to
with the intent of
winning Heidi back. Matt Dawson discovered this during questioning and then
came to tell Heidi to see if it influenced her decision about pressing charges.
Landon hated hearing the revelation of why Derek had come back, but he enjoyed
listening to the news when Matt Dawson came back to inform them that he’d
forced the other man out of town. He’d threatened him with assault and battery.
The other man decided to leave, and Matt had also told Heidi a restraining
order was filed as well. Derek shouldn’t be darkening their door any time soon.

After the incident with Derek, he and Gavin emptied out her
house and put it up for sale. There was no way they were letting her out of
their sight. They set up a desk inside Gavin’s office for her to work. Landon
loved walking into the house knowing his woman would be waiting for him. She
took up most of the cooking when Gavin was working the field. Most days the
scent of baked bread, cookies, or some kind of cake wafted out of the house.
The ranch hands loved the scents and even asked if they could take some of her
baked goods home to give to their partners. Life had never been so good for
him. Gavin had forgiven him, and he shared his bed with the two people he loved
the most.

When he wasn’t working on the ranch or running errands,
Landon spent time training Heidi. Gavin warned him about what he expected from
her. She didn’t need to be punished in the same way as Landon. The spanking
with the cane and paddle were for him alone. Gavin used his palm with Heidi.
She didn’t go without pleasure either. Their Master promised to give her
pleasure every day, and he lived up to his promise.

Landon loved those moments together. He would sit in the
spare chair and watch as Gavin worked her body teasing and tormenting her. At
first, he thought Heidi becoming one of Gavin’s subs would be impossible. Punishments
were part of the Master and submissive role, but watching the way Gavin
mastered her was pure bliss. He couldn’t believe he ever doubted her place in
their life.

He sat in the chair watching as she went over Gavin’s lap.
His cock thickened at the sight of her ass on display. In a couple of months
Gavin would turn thirty-six. Landon wanted to mark the occasion, and he’d been
training her to give Gavin a gift he wouldn’t get in a shop.

The first slap was light. Heidi squeaked, and Gavin
chuckled. Her ass was pale and beautiful.

“I think it’s time for Landon to take a swipe,” Gavin said.
He signalled for Landon to join them. For several sessions Gavin had asked for
his assistance in punishing her. Together they would give Heidi exactly what
she needed.

He knelt beside them. Raising his palm, he slapped her ass.
Her head turned toward him. Her eyes were glazed over. The lust in her eyes shining

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you.”

They slapped her ass until her cheeks were bright red. Gavin
helped her to her feet. Landon stayed on the floor kneeling at her feet. Her
pussy was directly in front of him. Licking his lips Landon wanted a taste.

“Open your legs,” Gavin said.

Her thighs opened. Heidi was slowly gaining back her
confidence under Gavin’s guidance. The man was a master in bringing out a
person’s personality and needs.

Her juicy clit winked at him. He waited for Gavin to give
him permission to explore her body.

“Lick her, Landon. Make our woman come.”

Not needing a second instruction, Landon licked her clit. He
suckled her into his mouth, relishing the taste of her on his tongue. Exploring
her pussy, he slid his fingers inside her tight heat. Glancing up her body, he
saw Gavin working her tits. He rubbed her nipples until they were rock hard

Her moans shook her body. Adding a third finger into her
, Landon worked her until her cream coated his fingers.

“I’m going to come,” she said.

“Then let’s hear your cries of pleasure, Heidi. Give your
Master your pleasure.”

She screamed, shouting out words of love and lust.

Her words were muffled by Gavin’s lips. Her body shook as
Landon milked her body for every drop of cream.

Gavin took her to the bed. Without a condom he forged inside
her body. Landon watched as Gavin’s cock sank into the hilt inside her. Her
pleasured cries made him wish he was the one with Gavin’s cock inside.

“Her mouth is empty, Landon. I’m sure she’ll gladly relieve
that ache.”

This is what he loved. No matter what he was thinking or
feeling, Gavin always knew. He wasn’t jealous of Heidi, but he could envy what
she felt. Climbing onto the bed, Landon pressed the tip of his cock to her
waiting lips. “Open up, baby.”

She moaned and opened her lips to receive him. Fisting his
hand in her hair, Landon used her mouth and watched as she took him to the back
of her throat. Her lips closed around his lips, sucking him inside the heat of
her mouth.

He’d taught her how to take him. Her skill over the last few
weeks had grown wonderfully well. “Take me deep,” he said.

Her tongue licked along the vein before slipping down and
letting his cock sink to the back of her throat. When her eyes went wide, he pulled
out giving her time then pressing back inside.

“Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Her pussy has tightened.
She’s close to another release.”

He smiled. “You like taking my cock?” he asked.

She mumbled. The sound was muffled around his cock. Laughing,
Landon eased out of her only to slide back inside. Her body jerked as Gavin
increased his thrusts. He worked her mouth to Gavin’s pace.

Her moans grew until she was riding his cock with her mouth.

“Fuck, she’s tight,” Gavin said.

Landon groaned unable to hold back his release.


Swallowing his cum, Heidi opened her eyes to stare up into
his bright blue gaze. The love shining out of them made her feel whole. Gavin
grunted, pulling out of her body. She’d noticed he stopped wearing a condom.
She was scared to ask him why and what it actually meant.

She’d found her place with her two men, and she didn’t want
to mess it up by asking the wrong questions. He picked her up in his arms then
laid her on the bed. Gavin caressed her cheek then kissed her lips.

“You taste like Landon,” he said, licking his lips.

Landon dropped down on her other side. He stroked her breast
making a pattern around her nipple.

“I’m sticky,” she said, feeling his semen dripping out of
her pussy.

Gavin ran his hand down her body. He pressed a finger inside
her. “I like you sticky.”

She groaned as he finger-fucked her.

“You’re such a greedy little sub,” he said.

“Only for you and Landon.”

“Good answer.
Time for a bath.”

Heidi loved the moments when he and Landon cared for her after
sex. She lay in their arms as they bathed her.

The following morning she woke up alone. She wasn’t startled
by being alone. Her men always left her to get up in her own time. Throughout
the night, Gavin and Landon reached out for her. Their passions were
insatiable. She couldn’t believe she’d gone from having no pleasure at all to
having it on a daily basis.

She threw the blanket off, grabbed a pair of sweats and a
shirt before making her way down the stairs. Landon sat at the counter eating
waffles. Gavin was nowhere in sight.

“He’s gone into town. He’ll be back later. How did you
sleep?” Landon asked. He stood, pulled out a chair for her. Once she was seated,
he pushed the chair under the counter then handed her a plateful of waffles.
She’d never get used to being waited on hand and foot.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
5.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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