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“Thank you,” he said.

“What are you thanking me for?” Gavin asked.

“For giving me a second chance.
I know that
must have been hard for you to do.”

Gavin chuckled. “No, giving you a second chance wasn’t hard.
Walking away from you the first time was hard. I’ve never been this connected
with anyone, Landon. You have the power to hurt me just as Heidi does.”

“Do you really love her?” Landon asked.

“Yes. She’s an amazing woman, and I won’t let you pick
between us. We can make this work with all three of us.”

“I knew the moment you got to know her you wouldn’t be able
to resist. I couldn’t.” He snuggled in tightly against Gavin’s chest, relieved
to have his man back. The musky scent of him surrounded Landon. Each touch and
scent helped to calm his raging emotions. He was all over the place. One moment
he was teary eyed and crying while the next he was hurting the people he loved.

“I’ve got you, Landon. I’m not letting you go. Heidi knows
this. We’ve been talking.”

“When did you have time to talk?” he asked.

“When you were too busy moping. Heidi and I care about you,
Landon. We’re prepared to do everything to care for you.”

He nodded.

His ass hurt, but he’d hold the bruises with pride. Each
strike of the cane hurt. He deserved the cane and more. Shaking his head, he
laid a kiss to Gavin’s chest.

“I’m a fool.”


Landon chuckled.

They lay together with their arms wrapped around each other
for some time.

“I think we better phone Heidi. I don’t want her worrying,”
Gavin said. He tapped Landon’s back then moved to the phone.

Placing a hand behind his head, he watched Gavin walk to the
phone. He checked out the fine muscles of his ass.

Licking his lips, Landon thought about nibbling the tender
flesh of Gavin’s ass.

“Hi, Heidi, yes, he’s good.” He listened to the one sided
conversation. “You can come over now. He wants to see you.”
longer pause.
“Shit, how long ago? Okay, stay where you are. No, I gave
you an order. Do as you’re told.”

The fine hairs at the back of his neck rose at the
conversation. Gavin slammed the phone down.

“What’s going on?” Landon asked.

“Derek’s in
. He’s already paid
Heidi a visit. She’s a little startled, but I don’t want her driving alone.
I’ve never met this guy, and I don’t want to risk her safety.” Gavin threw
clothes in this direction. “Get dressed. We need to get our woman.”

Without speaking a word, Landon quickly put the clothes on.
He didn’t like the thought of Heidi being alone.

He followed Gavin down to the truck several minutes later.
Landon didn’t bother locking the house. There was no one in
who’d steal from him.

“You met her ex, right?” Gavin asked.

“The guy’s a little prick. I fucking hated him. He’s got
this sneer about him. I wanted to thump him every chance I got, but I cared
about Heidi, and she seemed to love him. Finding out about that divorce was the
best news I’d ever heard,” he said.

Gavin chuckled.

They pulled up outside her house thirty minutes later.
Landon tensed when he saw Derek in his car sparking up a cigarette.

“Is that him?” Gavin asked.

“That’s the snivelling little shit.” All the past hatred
consumed him at the sight of the man who’d treated his woman harshly.

“Heidi said he’d gone on the phone. He must have come back.”
Gavin shut off the truck then climbed out.

Landon got out the other side. Fisting his hands, Landon
hoped the bastard tried something. Any excuse to pummel him would be

Derek got out of the car. His gaze roamed Gavin before
resting on him.

“Landon, right?”

Folding his arms, he glanced at the hand presented to him.
“What the fuck do you want?” Landon asked.

“My wife lives here,” Derek said. The sneer was firmly on
his face. Landon wanted to hurt him. He saw that face and knew he’d hurt Heidi.

“She’s your ex. She got rid of your ass as soon as she

“Don’t,” Gavin said.

Staring up at his Master, Landon fought to do as he was bidden.

“She’s got a big enough ass as it is. I was just trying to
do you guys a favour. She’s more than a handful. I can keep her in line.”

Landon went for him. Gavin held him back.

“Don’t do it, Landon. He’s not worth it,” Heidi said, coming
out of her house.

He turned to watch her running down the steps. She stepped
in front of him with a hand to his chest.

“What have I told you about running, Heidi? Your fat fucking
and it’s repulsive.” Derek spun her around.

“Don’t touch me,” Heidi said, pushing him away.

Unprepared for the shove Derek fell on his ass. “You stupid,
fucking, fat bitch.”

She turned back to him.

“Did he always talk to you like that?” Landon asked. Gavin
was still restraining him.

“Don’t, Landon. He’s not worth it. Please.”

“Listen to our woman. If you don’t, I’ll make sure that cane
felt like foam in comparison to what I’ll do to you.”

Straining one final time, Landon relaxed. He wouldn’t do
anything stupid.

“I’m not worth it. I’m your fucking husband.”

Before Landon could do anything, Derek was on his feet.
Derek turned Heidi around and slammed his fist into her face. “You’ll do as
your fucking told, you little slut.”

Landon had never seen another man hit a woman. Growling in
outrage, Landon broke free of Gavin.

Gavin, however, was faster. He pushed Landon out of the way
and started pummelling Derek.


Heidi’s face hurt. Derek had never punched her before. There
was the occasional slap, but nothing that left a lasting mark. Touching her
face and lip she felt the blood from her split lip.

Gavin threw Derek to the ground. Landon wrapped his arms
around her lifting her up.

“Baby, are you okay?” he asked.

“My face hurts,” she said.

She winced as the sudden movement made her head throb.

“We need to report this to the sheriff, and that bastard can
rot in a cell for a night,” Gavin said.

“No, no sheriff or cops. Can we just get out of here? I’ve
had enough of looking at him. He’s a piece of shit,” she said.

“Baby, you need to talk to someone. He’s just assaulted
you,” Landon said.

“And Gavin beat the shit out of him. I’m not going to risk
either of you being put away. Please, just this once, let me go home with you.”

She couldn’t handle Gavin and Landon being hurt or put at
risk because of her.

Gavin stroked her hair, hesitating.

“Please,” she said, pleading with him. She needed him to
listen to her. Licking her lip she winced. Derek had split her lip.

“Fuck. Fine, we’ll go home.”

She handed the keys to his truck, which she’d kept in her

Landon helped her into the truck then climbed in behind her.

“That piece of shit deserves to be put away.”

Rubbing her head, she curled up against her friend while
Gavin drove. She couldn’t believe what had happened to her.

“This is a nightmare,” she said.

Landon stroked her back, soothing her in his own way.

“I swear, Heidi, if I see him again I’ll fucking kill him.”

“Gavin got to him first.” She smiled. Her two men protected

“The vile things he was saying.”
hands fisted on the steering wheel.

“Don’t worry about it, Gavin. He’s said worse.”

She shrugged,

They drove back to Landon’s house in silence. The sun was
setting by the time they made it into the house.

“This day has been exciting. I’m going to go and run a
bath,” she said.

Both men followed her up the stairs.

“I can bathe on my own.”

“And you will, but we’re going to get you settled first.”
She sat on the toilet seat while her men fussed. Were they her men? She felt
like they were her men. In the past two weeks Gavin had worked his way into her
heart. Landon had always been in her heart.

She smiled at both of them.

“What are you thinking?” Landon asked.

“I think I’m in love with both of you.” Heat filled her
cheeks at her confession. Landon turned to face her.

“I’ve been in love with you for ages. I’m pleased you’re
finally catching up.” She laughed at his teasing. Turning her gaze to Gavin she
waited for him to speak.

He walked over to her, caressed her cheek then pulled her in
close. “I’m falling for you as well, baby.”

Heidi let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding.
“That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.” She chuckled.

“You know what this means?” he asked, kissing her cheek.

She shook her head. “No, I don’t know what this means.”

“There’s no way we’re letting you go. You’re our woman, and
as soon as we can we’re moving all your shit back in here,” Gavin said. Landon
whooped. “This is for forever.” Gavin rested his head against hers.

Her head throbbed from being punched in the face. “I’ve
never been so happy.”

Moving back to
had been the best
decision she’d made. Tucking some hair behind her ear, she climbed into the bath.
Both of her men gave her the privacy she needed.

She picked up the cloth then started to soap her body. Her
head hurt, but everything else was fine. Heidi felt free. The feeling shocked
her. She thought Derek had taken everything away from her. He’d taken her pride
and dignity along with her respect. Now, for the first time in over five years
she felt whole.

Two men waited for her downstairs, and knowing they would do
anything for her filled her with so much love.

The future no longer felt lonely or terrifying. Her future
waited for her to live it. She didn’t care about Gavin and Landon being lovers.
Watching both men together was wonderful, and she hoped to be part of many of
their sessions. Gavin had promised to care for her. His domination was welcomed.
He’d explained his position as a Dom and what he could do for her. Everything
he described from the punishment through to the pleasure sounded amazing.

She really wanted to have a man take control but not in the
way Derek had. Gavin loved her body. He didn’t spend every second of every day
trying to find new ways to humiliate her. He’d promised to look out for her.

Once she finished in the bath she wrapped a towel around her
body then moved toward their bedroom. She stared at the rumpled bedding. They
must have gone straight to her after their phone call. Resting her head against
the wood she gasped as a hand touched her shoulder.

“Your place is in this room,” Gavin said, pulling her back
against him. His warmth surrounded her. She let out a breath. He handed her an
aspirin and some water. “I figured you’d have a headache.”

“Thank you,” she said, taking the pills and water.

“I promised to take care of you. Your safety and health are
my main priority.”

“What about pleasure?” she asked, wishing pleasure was his
main concern.

He laughed. “Pleasure goes without saying. You’ll want for
nothing in my arms and in Landon’s. I’ll take care of both of my subs.”

She smiled. “We’re Gavin’s

“In every way.”

Gavin kissed her temple. “I don’t remember you from before
you left, but the way Landon described you, you
, and now I think you’re sexy
and amazing. I’m really pleased you came back.”

“Me, too.”


Gavin kissed her one final time then forced himself to walk
away. Going without release earlier was starting to affect his position. He
walked down the stairs to find Landon stood against the fridge with a cup in
his hand.

“How is our girl?” Landon asked.

“She’s fine. Her head is hurting, but after the hit she took
I wasn’t expecting her to start skipping and dancing.” He filled the cup on the
counter with coffee then stood with his back against the counter. Staring at
the younger man, Gavin felt his fears to settle. Landon had been telling the
truth when he spoke of his mistake.

His life was here with Landon and Heidi. Handling two
different kinds of
would be a challenge;
however, he was more than up for what lay ahead. He wanted to see confidence
fill Heidi’s eyes when she looked at him. After seeing Derek in the flesh,
Gavin was determined to give her back everything the bastard had taken from
her. Her life, her will, and her independence would be hers once again.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
8.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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