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Alex snorted. "He's been dying for you to
cook him food."
"Yeah, I cook but he's always wishing it
was you cooking," Taylor shook her head.

"He has no filter and doesn't know when
that is impolite," Jake whacked Logan over the

"How about I cook breakfast in the
Sweet," Logan fist pumped.
Shaking my head, I noticed a two people
were missing.
"Where's Angie?"
"Sleeping upstairs," Jet blushed.
I raised my eyebrow.
"Yeah. Them two are sleep together now,"
Jake smirked. Jet flipped him off.
"And, Leon's still on his date with Lauren?"
"Is that where he's at?" Logan frowned. "He
wouldn't tell me."
"Why so sad?" I laughed.
"Him and Tyler are the only ones without
"That's kind of sad. Two sweetest ones of
the group," I said pretending to be disappointed.
"Hey!" Jet, Jake, and Alex spoke in unison.
"She has a point," Kimmy laughed.
"Well you better get up there to Oliver. No
telling what he's into now," Taylor shook her head.
"Well good night guys."

There were various good nights as I headed
up the stairs to Oliver's room. His door was shut. I
pushed it open and looked inside. Oliver was lying
on his side a trash can next to the bed. A chair was
in the corner, I guess where the guys were sitting to
watch him.

Oliver was sound asleep. I didn't want to
wake him but it looked like the sheets needed to be
changed. I swear boys. I couldn't blame the girls
for not wanting to help take care of him if he was
being angry though.

Slowly I walked to his side and touched his
arm. He jerked away his eyes shooting open.
"What?" he growled into the darkness.
"Oliver," I said gently.
"Ever?" he asked confused.
"Yeah, it's me."
He groaned. "I told them not to tell you."

"I've known for a while, Leon said give you
some space till you weren't all angry and stuff but I
wanted to come see you."

I laughed, "Yes. Now we need to get you
cleaned up. Come on."
I helped him sit up.
"I need a shower but none of the guys
wanted any part of that."
"I'll help you. Can you not stand up on your
"I can I just feel fucked up. Part of me
thinks you’re a hallucination."
"You've been hallucinating?" I gaped.

"Yeah, I got a hold of some bad drugs. I
think it had a mixture of stuff in there. When I get a
hold of the asshole who gave it to me."

He gagged and grabbed the bucket spilling
his guts.
"Stop talking and let me get you into the
"Bath?" he grumbled.
"Yes, it'll help. While you are in there I'm
going to clean up your room."

Once he was in the bathroom, I ran the
water for him and helped him get undressed. I was
blushing the whole time and refused to look at him.
He sank into the tub and relaxed. Going back into
his room, I changed the trash can and pulled the
sheets off.

"Clean sheets are in my dresser," he called.

Once I remade his bed and cleaned up all
the trash and everything, I headed back into the
bathroom to find Oliver passed out. His head was
leaning against his arm. His skin was pale and
clammy. He looked like hell. Touching his
forehead, he had a fever. Gently I grabbed a
washcloth and ran it over his face.

"I missed you," he whispered.
"I missed you too."
"But, you don't know who I am," he
muttered, his voice full of pain.
"I got two memories back tonight," I told
him running my fingers through his hair.
His eyes opened.

"It was just of us kissing," I blushed.
"Nothing life changing but...I knew I needed to be
here with you."

He lifted his hand capturing mine and he
pulled me closer.

"I am so not kissing you right now Oliver.
You have been throwing up that is gross," I made a

He laughed. "Sorry, maybe later."

Using the washcloth, I wiped his face then
kissed his cheek. He chuckled softly. Sighing I
looked at him. Our eyes met and I felt as if this was
exactly where I needed to be, where I should have
been all along.

“Please don’t ever do this again,” I
whispered. He looked on the verge of death and it
made my eyes water.

“I’m sorry Bun,” he told me rubbing his
thumb over my cheek.
~This Moment~

Weasley smacked me upside the head.
Holding back a flinch, I just stood there not
meeting my father's eyes.

We stood in his office inside our hillside
home. Outside the back windows, I could see out
over the city my father owned. Outside the office
doors, I knew my father's men were listening. It
was there hobby. What stupid shit has Harper done
to piss his father off now?

"I don't give a damn that she changed her
mind. You go back and make things right. Do you
know how long I've been fighting to get Oliver
back? And, you-," Weasley spat, "You just had to
fuck it up. I give you one simple task but that's too
hard for you to do, isn't it?"

I said nothing. I knew if I spoke, it would
be worse.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you boy,"
Weasley grabbed my hair and jerked my head up. I
looked up scowling at him.

"Wipe that look off your face," Weasley
growled. I jerked away from him.

"I'm so sick of your shit," I snarled,
instantly regretting it as he punched me in the
stomach. Doubling over he put his foot to my back
slamming me to the ground and holding me there.

"You ungrateful little bastard. I have given
you everything your entire life. Nice cars, nice
houses, I provide you means to pick up whores and
all I ask of you is to do simple tasks for me.
However, you somehow always seem to fuck
everything up. You are a disgrace. I can’t believe
you're even my son. Now get your ass up."

Obeying him, I got to my feet. The last
thing I needed was to get another beating like last
time. I cringed remembering how I couldn't move
without screaming. Father of the year here.

"You get her back. She's all I have to
getting Oliver back. She's the key into bringing
him back to us," Weasley said turning around.

Oliver. Of course. That's all he thinks
about. Like Oliver is some god. I knew he'd rather
have Oliver as his son than me. Even after what
Oliver did to him. He would always love him more.
Always be prouder.

Weasley turned around remembering I was
there, "Go!"

Turning on my heels, I exited the room
quickly. Frankie and Paul were standing guard
outside the door with a smirk.

"What are you smiling about?" I growled
staring Paul down.

Paul wiped the smirk off his face quickly I
turned my look on Frankie he wasn't smiling either.
They knew better. Sure, my father beat the hell
outta me every chance he got but they knew he also
trained me brutally and I was deadly if I needed to

Storming through the house, I went to my
room bolting the door shut and threw myself down
on the bed glaring at the ceiling.

I'd give anything for a different life. I mean
sure the cars, the money, the women were nice but
I hated this life. It was a life my father chose, a life
I had no choice in whatsoever.

From a young age, he started training me. I
was his pride and joy then Oliver came along, and I
wasn't good enough anymore. Oliver, the saint,
always perfect in fighting. Perfect in everything he
did, or at least my father believed. Oliver
practically lived with us and I looked up to him. He
was good to me, he always looked out for me
always took me under his wing.

Then he abandoned me. Once I would have
called him my brother but then he left, leaving me
in the wake of whatever it was he had done. My
father wouldn't tell me, of course. A year later,
Oliver asked me to join him. To join his gang, but
it was too late by then, the damage was done.

A tear streaked down my cheek. Jerking up
I rubbed them away violently. Shoving off the bed
I went to my closet and changed into my workout
gear then headed for the gym in the basement.
There were a few men working out however when
I stepped inside the room they exited quickly.

Ignoring there stares I headed for the
punching bags. I took out my build up rage and
anger on the punching bags wishing it were my
father I was hitting all the while thinking about

Oliver didn't deserve a girl like that. She's
so naive. Even more so, that she lost her memory,
but in general, she was so innocent. At first, I didn't
believe her but now I do. I hope I can talk her into
another date. I feel like such a fool for how I acted
tonight or toward her in general.

The night I first saw her with Oliver I didn't
get a good look at her, but that red hair. I'd know
that hair anywhere. At club Envy, I was sure she
knew who I was when she wouldn't look away
from me.

I was waiting for her to take off running but
she didn't. She looked so confused, so gorgeous,
and then this stupid attitude I have. My father
drilled it into me and when I'm with her, I can't
help how I act. I want to be different around her,
but I don't know how.

Then I basically attacked her tonight. The
look on her face when she realized what she was
doing. Clearly, it wasn't me she had been thinking
about while we were kissing. Gritting my teeth I
hitting the punching bag repeatedly, sweat was
pour down my face.

"He doesn't deserve a girl like that," I
growled hitting the bag one more time. The chain
snapped and it crashed to the ground.

What if somehow Ever does bring Oliver
back to my father? What if she finds out about who
I really am? What would Ever think of me if she
knew, I used her?


Oliver was sleeping curled up against my
side. His head was on my stomach, his warm
breath tickled my skin. Running my fingers
through his hair, I sighed. I'm getting my memories
back slowly.

There is no possible way I can say I don't
know Oliver now. I might not know much about
the life we had together but I know the way I felt in
those memories, fire and passion. Oliver shifted his
head lifting up to look at me. He gave the sweetest
smile and snuggled back into my stomach kissing

I couldn't help the giggle that came out.

He sighed contently. "I missed your laugh."
I curled my fingers in his soft hair again.
He sat up and I dropped my hand to my stomach.
Leaning against the headboard, he just sat there
staring at me.

"What?" I questioned blushing.

He shook his head smiling. "I'm going to go
brush my teeth. You're not leaving are you?" his
face dropped for a moment sadly.

"No, I'll be here. I might go down stairs. I
promised Logan breakfast."
He chuckled, "I'll be quick then or it'll all
be gone."
I nodded, "Do you feel better?"

"I'm great since you're here," he muttered
leaning in to kiss me. I placed my hand over my

" Go brush your teeth," I laughed
pushing him toward the bathroom.

"Yes, ma'am," he smiled but it didn't reach
his eyes. Somehow, he knew I wasn't ready to kiss
him. Not yet. Not like this. I want my memories
back first. I want the moment to be special, to

I headed down stairs. I found Alex and
Kimmy in the living room. He was talking to her
stomach in baby talk.

Laughing I came into the living room. Alex
jumped up blushing.
"Tell no one," he threatened half-heartedly.
Kimmy smacked him. "Oh, please.
Everyone in this house knows you're whipped."
"Babe," Alex frowned pushing out his
bottom lip.
I made a whipping sound.
"Good lord, you've been around Jake and
Leon entirely too much," he grumbled.
"So are you guys eating breakfast too?"
"Not me, Hun," Kimmy shook her head
making a face.

Smiling I nodded and headed into the
kitchen where Logan was sitting with Leon, Tyler
and Jet was by the window.

Jet held out a spoon to me with a grin. I
raised my eyebrow at him and took the spoon
looking at it. It was wooden and simple, I stared at
it concentrating, I'm supposed to remember
something about this but I don't know what.

Frowning I glanced at the guys they were
looking at me anxiously. Looking away, I headed
for the stove. From the corner of my eye, I saw
them exchange sad looks. Anger boiled inside me.
Why can't I remember!

"Ok, out," I told them as they watched me
gathering things I needed.

"Wha-" Logan whined. Leon elbowed him
and shooed him out. Tyler walked by giving me a
hug from behind. It made me smile. That boy was
such a sweetheart; I don't know how he doesn't
have a girlfriend.

"Oh, by the way we're putting up the
Christmas tree today and having a mini party with
just all of us. Are you staying?" Jet asked.

"Yeah," I nodded.
“I had better make cookies,”
I thought to

I laughed at my own thought and continued
cooking. Arms wrapped around my waist after a
while. Oliver buried his face in my hair. I didn't try
to wiggle out of his grasp I just let him hold me as I
finished cooking.

"Do I smell cookies?" he muttered.
He leaned down to my ear, his breath made
my hair stand on end.
"I love you, bunny," he told me softly
kissing my cheek.

He exited the kitchen leaving me blushing
with butterflies in my stomach. I adore him. Even
if I don't know it yet.

~Just Not Enough~
I was finishing the eggs when I heard
Taylor and Angie come down the stairs.
"Good Morning!" Angie exclaimed.

Glancing around the doorway, I saw her
hop into Jet's lap. He chuckled and caught her
before she slid off into the floor. Taylor came
around the corner with a grin. It quickly slid off her
face and was replaced with a frown.

"Have you slept?"

"Good morning to you to," I smiled
ignoring her question. Looking away I hoped she'd
let it go.

"Hey missy," Taylor came to my side with
her hands on her hips and an eyebrows raised.
"You look like you've been to hell and
BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
6.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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