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"Hey Lauren, I'm sorry about teasing you,"
he grinned, "I just find you reactions adorable.
Maybe we could have dinner together and get to
know each other properly?" He flashed a dazzling
smile that I'd seen Jake use on many girls.

Her cheeks flushed and she glanced at me.

"I'm his sister...or something like that. He
can be a pain but he's a sweetheart," I smiled
aiming a kick at his ankle. He jerked back. Lauren
seemed flustered but nodded biting her lip she tried
to hold back a grin.

"Well...I get off at five."
"Great," he grinned. "How about I pick you
up then?"

Then he realized something, "Oh," he
looked down at me with a worried look. It made
me want to hug the goof ball. He wanted to know if
it was ok or if I needed him to stay with me.

"I'll be just fine," I laughed, “Until five
you’re my therapist though."

"Deal," he nodded. Looking back at Lauren
he leaned in she stiffened in shock. He planted a
kiss on her cheek.

"See you later then."

"Great," she blinked; dazed and flustered
she sauntered off. Leon plopped back down on his

"That was really sweet," I muttered. My
heart ached, how I wish I had a guy that sweet.
Well...Oliver was sweet...I bet he would kiss me
like that.

Leon was staring at me as I zoned out.

Blushing I took a sip of my café mocha,
cherishing the taste. It had been a long time since I
have had my coffee.

"Oh god," I groaned as the amazing liquid
trickled down my throat.
Leon chuckled. His face softened. "So, how
have you been holding up sweetie?"
Not looking up at him, I picked at the edge
of my cup.
"Not good," I admitted.
"I can tell. Have you been sleeping at all?"
"Not really."
"Oliver misses you," he spoke sadly.
"So Oliver has been really angry and
violent, like with the tournament?"

Leon sighed sinking deeper into the
beanbag. "Everlyn, he hasn't been sleeping, or
eating. Actually he's been pretty messed up since
you left."

"What do you mean? Like drunk?"
"No-" Leon wouldn't look at me.
"Leon," I told him sternly. "Tell me."
"Sweetie, he's been doing drugs."
"What?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah, when Oliver was seventeen for a
whole year he did coke. That was the year he beat
the shit out of Jason. After he went to jail and got
out he stopped. He didn't like how angry it made
him. But the night you left one of the guys had
some and Oliver did a line and well, he's been a
complete dick ever since."

I felt tears sting my eyes.

"Ever, no don't cry. Look that is why he
didn't want me to tell you. He knew you would
blame yourself."

"But Leon, I just don't even know anymore.
I use to be strong, and I hate crying. But, all I do is cry. I'm so depressed and I
don't even know why. What is wrong with me?"

Getting to his knees, he leaned over
hugging me.

"I don't understand why I can't remember.
Something is wrong inside of me. I think I'm

Leon laughed softly. "You're not broken,
Ever. You're depressed. You have a lot on you
right now. Don't you worry about Oliver. Don't you
worry about Kimmy and her hormones. Don't
worry about anything or anyone but yourself."

He leaned back taking my face in his hands.
"You need time away from everyone and
everything. Oliver understands that. You let us
guys worry about him. You take care of you.
You're not broken; there is nothing wrong with
you. If Jake was here he would thump you between
your eyes."

I groaned. "Please don't thumb me. I have a

He laughed again. "I'm not Jake. I won't do
that, unless you say there is something wrong with
you again."

I sighed. "So why do you look so tired?" I
asked changing the subject.

He gave a wry smile. "Since Oliver has
been acting crazy not many people at home have
been able to sleep. He's on 24 hour watch so he
doesn't tear anything up."

"Where is he right now?"

"Well Jake got his stash and flushed it.
We've sorta locked him in the house. He's going
through withdraws. If you're thinking about going
to see him that might not be a good idea right now.
Let him get this shit outta him and he'll be good."

"I...I don't want to see him," I muttered.
"Not right now."

Leon tugged on a strand of my hair. "I think
that you should at least see him for Christmas. It's a
little less than two weeks away. We're all going to
have Christmas at the house. Please be there. I
know it'll make him happy. For me?" He pouted.

It was much like a look Logan had gave me
many times in the hospital when he wanted my
"The guys all miss you."
"Ok," I nodded. "I'll come for Christmas."
"Great. Now drink your coffee before it
gets cold."
~Jake- 5 hours ago~

"Give it to me, Jake!" Oliver roared
flinging his bedside lamp toward me. Dodging it
just in time, it smashed to pieces against the wall.

"I flushed it Oliver," I told him calmly. I
had been Oliver's friend for a long time now and I
have never seen him like this even when he was on
this shit a couple of years ago.

"YOU WHAT!" Oliver bellowed charging

"Guys!" I yelled before Oliver plowed into
me. Slamming me back into the wall Oliver
punched me in the jaw. He was inhumanly strong.
"I'm doing this for your own good!"

Shoving Oliver backwards did nothing but
anger him further. Leon, Logan, Alex and Tyler
flew into the room then and the five of us wrestled
Oliver to the ground. I had him in a headlock while
Logan and Alex had his legs pinned. Leon and
Tyler had his arms twisted behind his back.

"Oliver chill out man," Alex yelled.
"How much has he taken today?" Leon
"He did an 8 ball in under 12 hours, but he
was messed up when he started."
"What?" Logan gasp.

"Shut up and help me get him in bed," I told
them. We could worry about how much he took

Oliver was yelling and freaking out.

"Man, there had to have been something
more than coke in that stuff," Leon grunted as we
slung Oliver on the bed. He stopped struggling and
just laid there holding his chest for a moment
looking like he couldn't breathe. Grabbing his
shoulder, I rolled him to his side. Suddenly he
vomited all over the floor. Yelling we all jumped
back out of the way.

"Eeehhuuuckk," Logan gagged.

"What is wrong with him? You don't think
he overdosed do you?" Leon muttered watching as
Oliver shook violently.

"I'm not sure."
"Should I call someone?" Kimmy
questioned suddenly.
We looked up to find Angie, Taylor,
Kimmy and Jet at the door.

"No, Kimmy. I think we're just going to
watch him. If he gets worse then we'll take him.
We don't need him getting into any more trouble
with the cops. He's already walking a thin line as it

"I'll take first watch," Leon said grabbing
up a trashcan from just inside the bathroom door.
"Alright I'll be back about four to take

Leon nodded. Oliver groaned, he was
staring unfocused at the ceiling now. There was no
telling what was in the drugs. I had already flushed
the rest so there was no way to find out either.

I headed back to my bedroom where Taylor
was waiting for me.

"Is he going to be ok?" she asked frowning.
I walked around to where she sat and wrapped her
in my arms pressing her head against my stomach.

"He'll be fine."
"I wish Ever would get her memory back
soon. She's is as depressed as he is."

"I know Tater Tot but she needs some
space. She needs time to find herself. She's lost
right now. The best thing we can do is respect what
she wants."

"I know. I still think that if she were here
she'd remember quicker," Taylor sighed lying back
in the bed I climbed in next to her.

"By the way, I hate when you call me Tater
Tot," she huffed.
"I know," I chuckled rolling over on top of
She groaned. "Jake get off, you cow."
She laughed loudly. "You're insane."
"Yep," I told her winking down at her
lifting my body off hers.
"But, you can't resist my sexiness."
" wi-"

I caught her mouth with mine cutting her
off. Her lips tasted like strawberries. After a
moment, I pulled back.

"You know Tater Tot, I'm thinking-"
"Thinking? Ouch, that must hurt."
Flicking her between the eyes, I dropped all
my weight on her again. She groaned.
"I think you need to go on a diet."
"I think you’re what I've been waiting for
my whole life."

She froze. "What?" she said breathlessly.
Pushing myself up on my elbows, I looked down at

"I promised you I would take care of you
Taylor, and I mean it."
"But?" she asked raising her eyebrow.

It has always been so hard to earn her trust.
Why does she always think there is a catch to

She sighed. "Sorry. I just -you know what
I've been through."
"I know," I whispered kissing her lips

"Will you promise me one thing?" she
asked unsure. Her eyes held mine as if searching
for some sign, maybe a shadow of doubt.

"Promise me your heart?" she whispered so
softly. I stared at her a moment taking in her
beauty, and the look on her face, the fear of

"I promise you the world Tater Tot," I
smiled engulfing her in a hug and refusing to let
go. Her shoulders relaxed as she sank into me. She
muttered something softly into my chest but it was
lost to me. I looked down to ask what she had said
but she was sound asleep.

~Lie to Me~

I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn't
tried very hard to look nice. He's lucky I combed
my hair at least. I had thrown my hair into a sloppy
ponytail. No make-up covered my face. I couldn't
really stand make-up; it was more annoying than it
was worth. I had on a black pants and a simple
black shirt with my knee-high boots. Eh, I looked
ok. Definitely didn’t look like I was going on a
date and I liked that.

Looking at the clock it was 7:10. He was
late so why should I dress up for someone who
wasn't going to be on time anyways. I waited
another ten minutes in annoyance.

Finally, the doorbell rang. Glancing at the
door, I shrugged. I'll make him wait for me now.
After a few knocks I sluggishly got up and opened
the door. Harper was leaning there annoyance
written on his face. He looked up quickly
plastering on a smile. His hand that was behind his
back. He whipped out a bundle of roses.

"Thanks," I muttered taking the flowers and
looking him over. He didn’t look like he was
dressed for a date either. He had on blue jeans and
a white tee with a black and green motorcycle
jacket on.

"Sorry I'm late. I left a little later than I
should have, the traffic was horrible."

I didn't believe a word he said for some
reason. I really actually didn't like him, nor did I
want to go on this date. But for some reason I
found myself saying, "It's ok."

"Ready to go?" he smiled holding out his
arm and giving me a one over. He said nothing
about my lack of formal date attire. Sitting the
flowers down on the table by my door I stepped out
locking my apartment up then took his arm.

The ride into the city was awkward. He
made small talk and told me about his dad's
business, about their many mansions and vacation
houses. I wasn't interested but I played along.

Once in the city we headed for the richer
side of town. I had never been to this area before.
The restaurants were too fancy for my taste and the
people were snobby. Give me a nightclub and some
good music, that's where I want to be, not in some
country club. Harper pulled up outside of a

It looked simple and cute outside. A man
came around and took Harper's car keys while
another opened the door for me to step out. Harper
came to my side and we entered the restaurant.

I instantly felt under dressed we were both
vastly underdressed. Every other man waiting in
line were with women who wore sparkling dresses
and hair styles that should be on a red carpet not a
restaurant to eat dinner.

I got a few glances from the women, there
snide looks made me want to stab them in the face.
Harper guided me right up to the front of the line.

"Mr. Jackson," the man waiting to lead
people to their seats greeted.
"Raul," Harper replied. "Is my table ready?"

"Excuse me, we have been in line for
fifteen minutes you can wait just like the rest of
us," an older man sneered looking at Harper like he
was trailer trash.

"The owner of the restaurant’s son waits for
no one," Raul told the man matter-o-factly.
I looked at Harper shocked. His dad owned
this restaurant too?
Raul led us to a table in the back of the
restaurant. A few people recognized Harper and he
greeted them with a handshake.
"You're awfully popular," I joked when he
came back to my side and we finally sat down.

He shrugged. "It comes with the money.
Where the money is, the people are. Once the
money is gone, so are they."

I nodded, "Sounds about right."
"What would you like for start out with,
Sir?" Raul asked.
Harper told him some ridiculous name.
French I guessed, maybe Italian?
"Aww, of course. Nothing but the best,"
Raul winked at me and left.
"What was that you told him?" I

"I just got us a very nice bottle of wine.
Have you ever been here before? Surely Oliver
would have taken you?" Harper questioned.

"If he did I don't remember," I frowned.
"You know Oliver don't you? That's how I know
you. I met you through him?"

"No, not exactly. I have associated with
him a long time ago. However, I have never had
the privilege of meeting you up close. I don't blame
Oliver though for wanting to covet such a jewel,"
Harper winked.

I felt my cheeks heat up. I looked down at
the silk tablecloth embarrassed.
BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
9.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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