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"He is," she agreed.
"Trust me when I say Leon won't care at all
that you're with him."
She said nothing, just nodded.

Entering the city the whole atmosphere
changed. I had missed this place so much. It
seemed like a life time since I had been here. My
stomach clinched thinking of the fact that I would
never see my mom again. Even in her drunken

The city was beautiful. The sun had already
set and the bright lights, honking horns and smell
of the city brought a smile to my face.

Kimmy found a parking lot to leave the car
about two blocks from the club. The walk down the
main strip was longer than usual as we had to
weave through people. Even though it was
annoying at times, I loved how the city never
seemed to sleep.

The flashing neon sign beckoned us
forward. Club Envy took up a large portion of the
street and rose high above our heads. It was an
upper class expensive place. I had never been
before but had always wanted to. The music
blasted out onto the street that was crowded with
patrons ready to enter.

I groaned. The line wrapped around the
block it looked like.
"We're going to be here forever," Taylor

"Maybe we should try another club?" I
offered trying to think of a better one. There were
tons but none as good as this one.

"Alex told me that a little bribe would get
us in quick. That and have you seen how hot we
look?" She popped out her hip throwing her hair
over her shoulder. It caused us to laugh.

"Well work your magic then. If it don't
work we'll go somewhere else," Angie said looking
over the line again with a frown.

We followed Kimmy pass the line straight
to the front. I felt self-conscious as people stared.
Could they see my scars? Tugging at the hem of
my dress, I made sure my legs were covered as
much as possible.

Stepping in front of the main doors, four
men were standing there guarding the entrance.
Kimmy placed her hands on her hips and smiled at
them. For a moment, I seen the Kimmy I
remember, the one that hit on every guy she came
in contact with. The men looked up at us and
Kimmy motioned for one to step forward. When he
did, she took the collar of his shirt pulling him to
her and whispered in his ear. A smile started on his
face and grew into a grin, he pulled back and

I was however not paying attention. I was
currently locked in a staring match with a boy with
blonde hair. He stood with the bouncers but I knew
he wasn't one of them. He had a very expensive
black suit and a silk red tie. His blonde hair was
spiked and he refused to look away from me. For
some reason I couldn't break eye contact either. He
tilted his head slightly confused. I knew him. How?
Who was he? Where have I seen him before?

The bouncer's booming laughter startled me
and I looked away. He was still grinning at

"Sorry sweetheart, you girls are going to
have to do better than that to get in here," he
looked down Kimmy's body taking in her legs.

"Marshall, let them in," the boy spoke.

His voice was firm and it reminded me of
the way Oliver talked to his gang. Marshall
unclipped the neon green rope without a word and
let us pass.

We looked at each other and stepped
forward much to the dislike of the people who had
been waiting in line for probably hours. As we
passed the blonde haired boy, he smirked
seductively. It would have worked on any other girl
but I didn't find it appealing, Oliver's smirk was far
more hot. I startled myself by that thought. When
had I seen Oliver smirk?

"Welcome ladies to Club Envy," he spoke
opening the doors for us.

The music was so vibrating it almost swept
me off my feet. The techno was deafening. It went
right through me, my heart picked up and my
whole body twitched.

He held out his elbow for me to take.
Glancing at Kimmy, who didn't seem to look
happy at ALL, I took his arm and let him guide me
through the crowd. Taylor took my hand and
Angie's trying to keep us together.

Kimmy followed right on the boy's heels
with her arms crossed and lips pursed. It was a bit
comical, that was always the look I gave to the men
Kimmy dated when they want to "get to know" her.

"Have I met you before?" he asked looking
down at me.
"Not sure. You seem familiar but if I knew
you I don't know."
He pulled his eyes together confused.

"She has amnesia," Angie offered seeing
the look. Taylor elbowed her. Angie just shrugged.
I didn't blame her for telling him though. She didn't
know the feeling I had being near him. She had no
idea how panicked I was. I didn't even know why I
was feeling this way.

"Hmm" he remarked thoughtfully.

"Maybe I'm thinking of someone else," he
smiled. I didn't particularly like the look in his eyes

"But, since you're here now, I'm going to
treat you girls to the best," he smirked nodding his
head forward. Looking up I seen we were nearing a
roped off staircase that was guarded.

Kimmy made a noise from behind that
sounded very unladylike and very much like a
snort. I glanced back at her giving her a look. We
were probably going to get free drinks. Better than
spend money I didn't have to waste. Unlike her,
Alex had given her his credit card and told her buy

I struggled up the stairs; I still had not
gained one-hundred percent muscle back in my
legs so by the time I was at the top of the stairs I
was trying to conceal my heavy breathing. He
seemed to notice anyway and smiled.

The balcony was private and had a
wraparound seat with a table in the middle. Instead
of going to it like I wanted to after my climb, I
joined Angie and Taylor at the railing and looked
down over the club.

Everything was green. I mean yes I know
the Club was called Envy, but the walls looked like
neon green waves. The floor was black marble but
reflected the flashing green, pink and purple lights.

There had to have been 1000 people here or
more. It was insane. There were two bars; one was
in the middle of the room, the second against the
far left wall. To the right was the stage and DJ
stand. The giant green roof supports were made of
what looked like glass with girls dancing inside of
them. I was in awe of the place.

"It's pretty impressive, isn't it?" The boy
asked leaning on the railing close to me.

"Yeah," I agreed and side glanced at the
others. Kimmy was whispering something to
Angie. Angie's face turned into a scowl and she
glared at the guy. I raised my eyebrow at Kimmy,
what was up with her?

"I'm Harper by the way," he said extending
his hand.
"Would you ladies like something to drink?
It's on the house."
"Do you have Sweet tart Lollipop?" I asked
grinning. I loved that drink so much.
Harper laughed, "I think we do," he

After we all ordered our drink's with
Kimmy getting her usual soda we sat down. Angie
was wanting to dance, I knew Kimmy wasn't about
to leave my side with her crazy overprotective
mother look and Taylor looked torn.

"Why don't you guys go dance," I spoke
mostly to Taylor to let her know it was okay. She
gave and unsure look but Angie jumped up ready
to go. Mother hen, Kimmy, sat with her arms
crossed eyeing Harper as if ready to pounce if he
even moved an inch.

"So Ever, You live here in the city?"
"No, we live in Saldina."
"Oh, so do you go to SU?"
"Not anymore," I shook my head. “Had to
drop out.”
"Well, maybe you should go to Nework
University. It's a very nice school."
"I think right now I'm just going to try to
get my life in order," I told him.

I'm not sure why I was having a
conversation with him. Why I was telling him
anything? Mostly it was because Kimmy was
sitting there watching and I was getting annoyed.
I'm not a toddler. I can make decisions on my own
and can talk to who I want to.

"Yeah, your friend mentioned you have
amnesia? How did that happen?" He asked leaned
back putting his arm across the back of the couch
behind me. Kimmy tensed like an anger kitten next
to me. Pissed by her actions I leaned back against
his arm out of spite. Not even looking at her, I
answered him.

"Yeah it was a big mess. I forgot a lot of
stuff. I'm still trying to piece things together."
"Ever, I'm going to the bathroom, will you
come with me?" Kimmy told me.

I looked over at her. "I don't need to go, but
you can," turning away from her I looked back at
Harper. He raised an eyebrow. Kimmy didn't
move, so I turned to look at her.

"Aren't you going?"

Kimmy's eyes widened and she stood and
stormed off. I hated to see her so mad but like I
said I'm grown I can make my own decisions. I
certainly didn't need a baby sitter.

"What's wrong with her?" Harper mused.
"She's just upset I'm talking to you," I
blurted out.
"Oh? And, why is that?"

"Well, I am supposed to have a boyfriend.
The problem is I don't remember ever meeting

Mentally I cursed myself. Why was I telling
him all this? I thought about it a moment. I do
know why. Because he doesn't know what's going
on. He's bias to the whole situation. I could talk to
him without him saying, once you remember, or
Oliver this, Oliver that.

"That's a bit sad," he said no hint of
I didn't seem to care though because I just
kept spilling my guts to him.

"His names Oliver and I don't know when
I'm not around him everything sucks. But, he
confuses me, you know," I looked up at Harper and

"Sorry, kind of just spilled my guts to you."
"It's no big deal," he said placing his hand
on my shoulder.

"So how are you able to come up here? Isn't
this the owner’s private room or something?" I
asked changing the subject.

"Well. I am the owner," he grinned showing
his shiny white teeth.

"Yeah. My dad owns the place. His names
Weasley by the way," Harper gave me a sly look
when he said his dad's name as if I would know
who that was, but nothing came to mind.

"Does he own other night clubs?" I asked.
Maybe he was like a millionaire or something.
"Yeah a few."
"Wow, that's pretty cool. So you get to
come here anytime you want and drink for free?"
He shrugged. "It gets boring after a while."
I nodded not sure what to say.
"You don't want to dance?"
"," I shook my head. After that
climb up the stairs, my leg hurt like hell.
"Mind if I-?" his hand grazed my leg.

Blushing I looked down realizing my scar
was showing. I opened my mouth not sure what to
say. His hand was extremely warm on my leg.
Without an answer, yet he slid my dress up a little
looking at the nasty scars that blended into an ugly
purple mess.

"You were shot?" he asked raising an eye
"Yeah," I muttered.
"Hurts like a bitch don't it," he laughed.
My head snapped up, "You’ve been shot?"
He nodded. "In my right shoulder. Bullet's
still lodged in there."
"Everlyn," Kimmy snarled.

I turned to look at her. She was standing
with her hands on her hips, her eyes glued to the
spot on my leg where Harper's hand still rested.

"We're leaving. Right. Now."
"I don't want to leave," I glared.
I'm so sick and tired of being treated like a
child. Kimmy should know that feeling better than
anyone should after dealing with her parents.

"It wasn't a question Ever. Get up," she said
reaching over and taking my arm. I jerked it out of
her grasp standing up.

"Dammit Kimmy. I've lost my memory not
become a child."
"You're not thinking straight. You don't
belong here. You belong back home with Oliver."
"I don't know Oliver!" I yelled.
"When you remember him then-"
"Stop fucking telling me "when you
remember"! What if I never do?"

"Oliver is at home right now upset because
you aren't living at the house anymore. Do you
know how devastated he is that you don't
remember anything?"

"He's a big boy he'll be just fine," I told her
crossing my arms but inside it felt as if someone
had punched me in the stomach. I suddenly felt

"Do you even hear yourself?" she told me
her voice getting louder.
"I don't even know who you are anymore."

"The same can be said for you. I NEVER
see you anymore. All you ever do is spend time
with Alex and I need you."

"Not everything is about you, Ever. I spend
time with Alex because I'm pregnant."
I was taken aback by that. "What?" I

"I've known for a long time now. I was
going to tell you when you woke up after being
shot but when you did wake, you didn't remember
a damn thing so I took care of you. I was there for
you every single day in the hospital. Not for a
second have you given a damn about anything that
any of us has done for you. Jet almost died. Oliver
almost went to prison. Some of the gang has died
for you, and your to ungrateful to even
acknowledge it. You're so caught up in self-pity
you can't see what's in front of you."

I was cry now. I couldn't speak, couldn't
think. What do I say? What is there to say?
"Kimmy-" I started.
"Save it," Kimmy snarled.

"I'm going home. You can come or you can
stay. I'm sure Harper here will take really good
care of you," she spun on her heels not saying
another word and stormed off, but I was rooted to
the spot and couldn't urge myself to follow her.

"What was I to do now?"
~Animal I Have Become~

I stared at the spot Kimmy just been
standing feeling numb. I jumped as a hand touched
my back. Looking up Harper was giving a worried
look. It seemed fake but at that moment, I didn't

"You okay?"

Two simple words and I began sobbing.
Harper wrapped him arm around me and pulled me
into his chest. "You shouldn't be here," my head
screamed. Harper rubbed my back softly. It wasn't
what I wanted. It wasn't who I wanted, but it was
nice nonetheless.

BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
4.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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