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"Hey," Jet whispered to me. I leaned to him
to listen. "I know that you don't remember Oliver
but he'll be out in a second and could you at least
hug him. Pretend to know him it would make
things easier."

"Also," Jake spoke from the other side.
"They might show pictures of when you got
attacked and shot," he muttered pursing his lips.

I took a deep breath looking straightforward
and nodded. My hands were clammy and I tugged
and twirled at the hem of my shirt between my

After a few minutes of awkward glaring
going on from both sides, a pair of heavy metal
door opened to my right. Oliver stepped out and it
took my breath away to see him in person. He
wasn't in handcuffs, and had on a nice semi-formal
suit. He was tugging at his collar but when his eyes
locked in on me, he stopped.

I stood up not paying attention to anything
going on around me. He came to me instantly
grabbing me in his arms and pressing my head into
his chest. He buried his face into my hair and

"Baby girl I missed you," he whispered
pulling back looking down at me.

I just continued to stare at him hoping for
something to happen. Hoping that maybe a
memory would surface like it had before, but
nothing happened.

"You don't remember me do you?" He
asked calmly but I could hear the anguish in his

My body moved of its own accord and I
took his hand lifting it to my cheek and squeezed.
"Not yet," I muttered.

His eyes brightened with those words. It
made me happy to see him happy. In my heart, I
couldn't bear to see him upset. I love him. I love
this boy, but why?

"When I get home, I'll make you
remember," he whispered sweetly kissing my
cheek. Blushing I looked away.

"And," he lifted my chin. "If I can't we'll
make new memories."

"Oliver," the man behind Oliver spoke. I
looked over at him. He wore and nice suit too and
had a brief case. He must be the lawyer. The man
nodded at me.

Oliver ran his thumb over my cheek then
had to sit down as the metal doors opened again. I
took my seat watching the man who entered. He
wore a suit too but didn't look half as good as
Oliver did in it. He didn't have a tie, nor was his
shirt tucked in.

He clearly didn't care about this court
appearance. He looked straight at Oliver and gave a
grin that made my stomach turn over. For some
insane reason I wanted to climb over the divider
and tear his face off. Such anger built inside of me
I thought I would black out, and there is no telling
what would happen if I did.

The guy turned his eyes on me then and
winked. I clenched my fists digging my nails into
the palm of my hand. Not looking away from him,
I took in every detail of his face. That is when
something clicked. I gasp shutting my eyes. Images
flashed quickly by me.


I glanced up at Oliver worried. His face
was hard and drawn as he stared across the ring at
Jason, who stared back with the same intensity.

"Oliver," I muttered uncertain. Oliver
jerked his eyes away from Jason to look down at

"Be careful, please?" I whispered softly
gazing into his eyes. I was a bit lost in his stare.
He gave a wry smile. "Don't tell me your
worried, Ever," he chuckled teasing me.

I pursed my lips. "Well, I'd rather not like
to see any more blood. It makes me queasy," I told
him crossing my arms and looking away

I was worried that he might get hurt, but I
wasn't about to tell him that. Oliver reached up
taking my face and making me look at him.
"Thank you for worrying about me, but I'll

be okay," he said kissing the tip of my nose gently
and turned abruptly to entered the cage.

The door was locked with chains causing
my stomach to flip. Jason jumped over the rail with
a look of amusement on his face. Oliver moved to
the right and Jason to the left. They circled each
other until Jason was in front of me. Jason half
turned to wink at me. Jake, who was standing next
to placed his hand on my shoulder glaring at

"When I beat your boyfriend, I'll be back
over here to take you home with me," he sneered.
My eyes snapped open.
"Ever?" Oliver questioned turning around
to look at me. Jake took my face in his hands.
"It's like the other night, what did you see?"

"Cage, Jason and Oliver about to fight and" my cheeks burned as I thought about how Oliver
had kissed my nose. It was a simple gesture but it
made my heart happy. I was remembering stuff and
I liked that. I looked up at Oliver he was smiling
warmly at me.

"How cute," Jason cooed across the
courtroom. "It won't help if she doesn't remember
Oliver. I'll be out and you won't."

Looking up at Jason I wanted to stick my
tongue at him, but I caught myself. That was
childish, and hell, he is a gang leader. Really,

Jason gave me a look that I couldn't read. I
was torn between wanting to punch him and
sinking back into my seat.

The door behind the Judge's bench opened
this time.
"All rise," an officer spoke as he came out
the door. "Honorable Judge Forrester presiding."

I stood up along with Jake and everyone
else. Jason refused to stand. He was only hurting
himself. I hope the Judge seen that. The Judge was
an older man with white hair and glasses sitting
precariously at the end of his nose with a stern look
on his face.

"Be seated," the officer spoke after the
Judge sat in his chair. I slumped back onto the

"Will there be a jury?" I questioned Jake

"No, it's a bench trial. The Judge is also the
jury. The problem is Jason has been trying to bribe

"So Oliver doesn't stand a chance?" I
whispered looking at Jake annoyed.
"We'll see," he spoke patting my hand.

"Well Mr. Martin, Mr. Wolfe. I believe
we've been here before haven’t we?" the Judge's
voice was gruff and he looked down at all of us
with a bored look. He clearly wasn't interested in
the trial. No one said anything.

"Mr. Lawrence, I believe you'll be opening
for us this morning?"
Oliver's lawyer stood. "Yes, Good morning
your honor."

Mr. Lawrence walked around the table.
"We are here today to talk to discuss the situation
that happened on October twenty-second. When
Mr. Martin and my client were involved in a-"

"Mr. Lawrence, I read the statements and I
know what happened. Please get to the point."

Mr. Lawrence stopped for a moment; he did
not look pleased being interrupted like that. He
knew the Judge didn't care anyways.

"Of course your honor. All I was meaning
to say was that the fight began when Mr. Martin
kidnapped Miss Fox and Mr. Lee. And," Mr.
Lawrence paused as Jason's lawyer started to stand,
maybe to object. I'm not sure but Jason stopped

"I have witnesses to prove it."
"Your honor," Jason's lawyer stood now.
"The only witness he has is a girl who cannot even
remember her own name and a gang banger who is
doing as he's told."

I opened my mouth to yell that I knew my
own name. I wasn't stupid and that is how he’s
making me sound. Jake squeezed my hand.

"Thank for the Mr. Terry but your turn will
come soon enough," the Judge dismissed him. I
think everyone in the room was a bit shocked.

"Now, I know as well as you all do that this
is not exactly a normal case. Under the
circumstances, I'll hear Mr. Wolfe's side as well as
all the witnesses and evidence then you can have
your turn Mr. Martin. Fair enough?" Judge
Forrester remarked matter-of-factly. Clearly, he
wasn't on Jason's side at all.

"Right, my first witness is Everlyn Fox."

My eyes widened and I looked at Jake
bewildered. He gave a kind of nervous smile and
pushed me off the seat. Looking around the room
all eyes were on me. My palms began to sweat.
Slowly I walked through the opening in the divider
focusing on my shoes the last thing I needed was to
trip and fall.

"Please take a seat Miss Fox," Mr.
Lawrence told me ushering me to the stand.

My hands were shaking as I took the seat.
From here, I could see everyone and everyone
could see me. I didn't like this at all. After I swore
on a bible to tell the truth Mr. Lawrence jumped
right into questioning.

"Now Miss Fox, you have been in the
hospital for a month recovering from multiple
gunshot wounds is that correct?"

I nodded.
"Yes or no?"
"Yes," I croaked.
"And, since the shooting you have had no
memory of it?"
"No, I haven't. But, I am remembering
some things," I offered.

Mr. Lawrence eyes brightened. "Good.
Now Miss Fox do you understand what is going on

"Yes, I was told what happened."
"Can we get on with this?" Mr. Terry spoke
"Yes, Mr. Lawrence is there a point to all
this?" the Judge asked.
"I'm just clarifying that Miss Fox is a
competent witness."
"We see that she is. Continue."

"Right now, Miss Fox the reason for all this
is to show that when Mr. Wolfe here attacked and
fought with Mr. Martin it was that he was
protecting you. Do you remember the kidnapping?"

"No," I told him honestly.
"But, you remember Oliver don't you? He is
in fact your fiancé?"

I was stunned by this news. I looked at
Oliver. He didn't move a muscle but in his eyes, he
was pleading.

"Yes, he is."
Oliver looked relieved.

"So you can say from what you do know
that Oliver would go out of his way to protect you.
That he is crazy in love with you that he would
attack Mr. Martin and not inform the police of the
kidnapping because he feared for your life."

My mouth went dry. I didn't know the
answer to that. "I don't know anything about the
kidnapping," I told them. Oliver's face dropped.

"But, there are things I remember and I do
know that Oliver would protect me with his life," I
lied. I didn't know that but a part of me, deep down
inside knew that he would. I had to lie. I couldn't
just let him go to jail. Even if I don't remember.

"Now miss Fox. I have pictures of the day
that you were kidnapped. All I need you to do is
identify that these are you."

There was a screen on the wall. Mr.
Lawrence picked up a remote and clicked a button.
An image of my face popped on to the screen. The
right side of my head had a dark purple bruise and
my left cheek as well.

The next picture showed my wrists, which
had rope burns my right wrist looked odd. I
touched my wrist. It had been in a cast so long it
was skinny and boney. The last picture was of my
side. My shirt was stuck to my side with blood.
Lots of blood. I felt queasy just looking at it.

"Is this you, Ever?" Mr. Lawrence asked
gently. Everyone in the room was silent.
"Yes," I breathed.
"Miss Fox," the Judge spoke. I looked up at
"If you need a break we can go to recess."
I shook my head. "I'm fine," I told him
swallowing. I tried to calm my churning stomach.

"That's all the questions I have for you miss
Fox," Mr. Lawrence said. He took his seat next to

"Your witness Mr. Terry."
Mr. Terry stood he sauntered over to where
I sat.
"Miss Fox, could you tell me how you met
Mr. Wolfe?"
"Objection," Mr. Lawrence said. "She
doesn't remember anything."
Judge Forrester held up his hand and looked
at me. "Do you remember Miss Fox?"
"Yes, sir."

I looked at Mr. Terry. "We met at the night
club called Infinity," I told him. That much I did

"And, you know that Oliver was your
English teacher at the college?"
"No." That I didn't know.

"So you have no idea that he was your
English teacher but you remember that he is your

"Yes," I lied pursing my lips. I didn't like
this guy at all.
"And, how is that?"
"Because, I just do. That is a private
memory I don't wish to share."
"Mr. Terry, unless it pertains to the case do
not ask it," the Judge warned.
"It does," Mr. Terry spoke.

"I am just trying to clarify that Miss Fox
here is in no condition to be taken creditable, if she
has amnesia at all. I believe that Miss Fox is just a
young lady that was picked up off the street and
fed information."

"I'm sorry.
But don’t you think if I was fed
information I would be a better liar? Wouldn't I
have told you every detail of the case if I knew?" I

"Miss Fox, please," the Judge spoke I could
see him trying not to laugh.
"Mr. Terry, unless you have proof of what
you accuse?”
"I do. I have a witness who can prove that
Miss Fox is in fact a prostitute."
"Excuse me?" I stood up glaring down at
Mr. Terry.
Laughter erupted in the courtroom. The
Judge banged his gavel.
"Your honor, maybe I speak?" I questioned.
Judge Forrester raised his eyebrow.
"You can't be serious," Mr. Terry scoffed.
"Go ahead Miss Fox."

I jerked off my sweater and threw it in the
chair behind me. The left side of the courtroom
gasp. The craters in my shoulder and arm were
very noticeable and none of Oliver’s gang seemed
to be happy at all.

"I'm not a liar. I was shot and I was
kidnapped. I might not remember anything but that
doesn't mean I am lying. I am still putting the
pieces of my life back together but I know one
thing. Oliver is a good man and he did nothing
wrong. I have memories of being with him. They
are mere glimpses but I know that I was. I not a
prostitute and I will not be talked to like that even
if this is a court hearing."

Oliver was sitting up straight in his chair a
grin on his face.
Mr. Lawrence opened his mouth to speak.

"Another thing I was told Eien kidnapped
me and I was then taken to Jason. No I don't know
for sure but Jet was there and he does know."

I grabbed my sweater jerking it back on and
sitting down crossing my arms.
"That's all we need Miss Fox," the Judge
Mr. Terry who was in shock jerked back to
attention." What? But, I'm not done."
BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
6.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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