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She quickly washed up and went back to the bedroom where Scott was still peacefully sleeping. He was stretched out over the bed and had a grin on his face. He looked beautiful and Mariana briefly contemplated taking a picture of him. Instead, she hurriedly dressed and left his bedroom. She didn’t want to leave him but she had to get home. If she snuck in and went straight to her bedroom, there would be no questions from Sarah. She only told her it was a business dinner; Sarah still didn’t know about Scott and Mariana didn’t think it was any of her concern to know.


What was there to tell?  She was in a relationship with a man much older and wealthier than she was.  Was it a relationship? Mariana remembered Scott's hesitation the night before.
I'm your lover.
She noticed he didn't say boyfriend.


Not to mention, she occasionally called him
during sex play. It wasn’t going to look good despite what she knew between them.  Mariana quietly left Scott’s home and drove back to her apartment. As a further testament to guarding their relationship, she left her expensive gifts back at Scott’s home.


The less she revealed about their relationship, the better.




“What time did you get in last night? I didn’t even hear you come in.” Sarah commented over breakfast.


“Oh, I came in real late,” Mariana poured orange juice. What she said wasn’t a lie, per se. “The dinner went late and then they had some cocktails afterwards.” That one, however, was a big ol’ fat lie.


“Girl, I need to tell you what happened between me and Eric last night.” Sarah took a bite of a toast. “It was so magical. It was like we really connected.”


“Really?” Mariana felt a little jealous. She and Scott connected but she still felt unsure. “What happened?”


Sarah sighed. She looked up to the ceiling as she reminisced. “He listened to everything I had to say. He promised to be a better boyfriend. We stayed up and talked and talked and talked. Then we had the most amazing sex afterwards. It was just so special.”


“That’s really great.” Mariana went from a little jealous to
jealous. Scott may have dominated her mind and body but it was her heart she really wanted him to have.  “I’m really happy for you.”


“Thank you!” Sarah glanced down at her plate briefly. “You know, Eric has a few single friends if you’re interested…”


“I’m good,” Mariana replied, “seriously, I’m good.”


“Girl, I heard you the other night. You’re about to break your vibrator.” Sarah raised an eyebrow.


“I’m fine!” Mariana laughed. If Sarah only knew what Scott had done to her the night before. “Seriously, I’m good.”


“Well, you are glowing,” Sarah commented, “are you sure you didn’t have some one night stand? We’re all adults here.”


“No, I didn’t have a one-night stand,” Mariana wished Sarah would just shut it already, “Ms. Busy Body.”


“I’m just sayin’,” Sarah stirred her oatmeal, “you need to get laid. Your punani is about to dry up like a shriveled prune.”


“Excuse you!” Mariana laughed. “I’m perfectly fine.”


“Whatever,” Sarah noticed the bruise forming on Mariana’s arm. “Hey, what happened there?” She pointed.


Mariana quickly covered the bruise with her hand. “Um, I must’ve bumped into something.”


“Ouch.” Sarah nodded. “So we need to get you laid and some padding.”


“Fuck you!” Mariana laughed.


“No, that’s what you need!” Sarah laughed. A knock at the door interrupted the banter. “Are you expecting someone?”


“No,” Mariana shook her head.


“I’ll see who it is.” Sarah got up from the dining table and headed to the door. She opened the door and was greeted by Scott. “Well hello, tall glass of water.”


“Hello, Miss.” Scott smiled. “Is Ms. Harlow available?”


“Oh, Ms. Harlow?” Sarah opened the door wider to let Scott in. “You have company…" She eyed Scott up and down. "…from a
Southern gentleman, if I say so myself.”


Mariana felt she turned every shade of red and pink in embarrassment. Her face created colors Crayola had not invented yet. She slowly stood up and watched Scott walk closer to her. He appeared to be walking in slow motion. Her eyes were screaming, ‘
No, get back! Go home! You’re not supposed to be here! What the hell are you doing?


Instead, she greeted him with a smile. “Scott, how are you? What brings you here?”


“You left some items last night,” He carried a bag full of the gifts he gave her. “I wanted to deliver them personally to you.”


“Thank you.” Mariana smiled.
Please leave.


“I’ll be on my way now. I didn’t want to disturb anything,” Scott said. “I’ll call you later, Mariana.”


“No, wait, we’re just having breakfast!” Sarah prodded. “Please join us. There’s plenty left.” She could tell by how uncomfortable Mariana was there was more to Scott than just a nice man dropping off her items. The nosey gossip inside Sarah couldn’t pass up an opportunity for delicious news.


“Well, I don’t want to intrude.” Scott replied.


“No, you’re not intruding.” Sarah directed Scott to the dining table. “Please join us. Mari, you don’t mind, do you?”


Fuckity fuck fuck!
“No,” Mariana smiled, “not at all.”


Chapter Eight


Mariana was determined that one day – one day – she will stop underestimating Scott Reed.


He was a man's man. He was built like a running back, muscular and tall.  Mariana was positive his body fat percentage was in the single digits. He kept his ebony hair trimmed on a regular basis but not to the point he was considered metrosexual. He had tailored suits and shopped at a mix between top designers and Target. No one could tell the difference on what he was wearing, why did he care?


Scott Reed. A perfect gentleman and could probably smooth talk a lesbian into sleeping with him. He would be at ease playing some basketball on court like he would be watching some sappy chick flick at home with his girl. He was both intelligent and suave – a panty-wetting combination. It only took five minutes to be alone with a woman before she was offering to have his children.


At the moment, Mariana couldn't stand him. She wasn’t sure what his intentions were when he stopped by her apartment, but it was pretty clear it wasn’t just to return her gifts. If he wanted an explanation, he was going to get it. But first, he had to make Mariana as uncomfortable as possible. After all, he was her


Mariana pretended to enjoy Scott’s company even though she really wanted to kick his ass. He was charming, telling humorous short stories about his childhood and college days.  He spoke of growing up in Georgia and living in the Bible belt. He moved to California for college and never looked back.


“What made you go into marketing?” Sarah asked.


“I was tired of seeing the same ads on TV and print. I knew I could do better,” he took a swig of his orange juice, “and I have.” He pronounced have like


“Now where do you work?” She asked.


“McCormick and Sheppard. I’m one of the senior executives there.”


“Oh!” The light suddenly went off in Sarah’s head. “That’s how you two know each other!”


“Yep.” Mariana added.


“So how was the business dinner and bar hopping last night? It must’ve went pretty well since Sneaky over here didn’t come home until late!” Sarah prodded.


Scott's eyes had a sudden gleam in them. He smiled to prevent his mouth from what he really wanted to say. Sarah had no idea who he was and the connection to Mariana. He was her little secret and Scott relished in the fact his appearance made Mariana uncomfortable. He didn't have to try hard to read Mariana's eyes.  “Oh, I say it went pretty well, don’t you think, Mariana?” Scott smiled at her. Seeing her squirm made his dick hard. “I hope you’re recovering well from that fall.”


“Fall?” Sarah asked.


“Yeah, when we were leaving the bar, she tripped and fell. That’s how she got that bruise on her arm.” He pointed out.
Two can play this game, sweetheart.


Mariana cleared her throat. “I’m fine. It’s just a little bruise. I’ll be okay.”


“I hope your jaw is okay, too.” Scott smiled. His eyes were laughing at her.


“My jaw is fine.” Mariana gritted her teeth.


“Well, it seems you two have some catching up to do,” Sarah excused herself from the table. “I’ll leave you two alone.” She went inside her bedroom and closed the door behind her.


Mariana’s smile disappeared from her face. She wanted to chuck an orange slice at Scott.“What are you doing?”


“I’m enjoying myself. I just had a great breakfast.” He sipped his coffee. “Did you cook it or Sarah?”


“Sarah did.” Mariana’s response was curt. “How did you find out my address?”


“It’s funny when you apply for an internship," he turned a page in the newspaper, "you put all of your information on top of your resume.”


“So you’re stalking me now?” She asked.


“I was here to return your gifts and I suggest you change your tone before you regret it,” he sharply replied.


Mariana recognized the change in Scott's voice and lowered her head. “Yes,
” She softly spoke.


“Good girl,” he moved his chair away from the table a short distance, “come here.”


Mariana got up from her chair and walked over to Scott. “Yes,


“Bend over my lap now.”


Mariana looked towards the direction of Sarah’s bedroom. “She’s going to hear us!”


“The fact you think your roommate doesn’t already have a clue what's going on between us is an insult as it is.” Scott’s eyes became icy. “Pull down your pants and bend over now.”


Mariana pulled down her pajama bottoms and stepped out of them. She was naked underneath them. She bent over Scott’s lap and steadied herself with her hands. “Where are you?” He asked.


Mariana knew what he was referring to. Her tolerance level. She wanted to lie and say
For some reason, the truth came out. Maybe she
want to get spanked again. “Green.”


“Good girl,” Scott raised his left hand and crushed it against Mariana’s ass. She whimpered. “That’s for leaving without saying goodbye.” He slapped her ass again, this time a bit harder. “That’s for leaving your gifts behind that I spent a lot of time
money picking out.” He slapped her ass again, harder than the last time. A moan escaped Mariana's lips. “And that’s for lying about me to your roommate.”


Mariana’s ass stung with pain yet all she felt was pleasure. Her body was on fire and all she wanted was Scott inside her. She completely forgot she was pissed off at him. “I’m sorry,


“You’re forgiven.” He lifted his girlfriend back up. “Now, go put on your pants and clean the kitchen.”


” Mariana pulled up her pants. She gathered up some plates and went into the kitchen. She filled up the sink with soapy water and began scrubbing.


“Mariana?” Scott ordered.


She stopped scrubbing and walked over to him. She kneeled at his feet. “Yes,


“I want that kitchen spotless.”


She nodded in agreement. “Yes,


“And if you do it right, I’ll give you a reward when you’re finished,” He said. “Now, go clean.”


” She got up and went back to the kitchen while Scott enjoyed his coffee and read the morning paper.


Spying from her bedroom door, Sarah caught the interaction between Mariana and Scott. Although it was clear there was some sort of a relationship between them, Sarah didn’t know what level. One thing Sarah did not like, however, was the feeling she had by watching the pair. She was aroused. “What in the blue hell is going on there?”

4.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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