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"What are your best attributes?" Scott set aside Mariana's resume. He looked at her directly.


Mariana locked eyes with her former lover. "I'm professional at all times even when I don't want to be." It was moments like this Mariana were grateful she was a little passive-aggressive.


Scott eyed Mariana's resume again and read it as he spoke."The thing about marketing is you often have clients call you at all hours of the day and sometimes you have to bend over backwards to make sure something is done perfectly for them, even though sometimes you want to tell them to suck your ass.


"Another thing about marketing is you often put in long, incredibly long hours of the day and sometimes it takes a toll on your personal life. Your day starts at seven in the morning and you'll be lucky if you're home at 10 at night. And if you have a major project to do, well, you’re  blessed if you get any sleep at all. You really don’t have time for a relationship and you have to be pretty creative in order to see someone." He winked.


Mariana froze in her chair. Was Scott implying what she thought he was? "What are you saying?"


Scott folded his arms. "Do you know the bullshit I had to go through to make sure your internship would come to fruition?"


Mariana wasn't impressed. If Scott wanted to see her more, all he had to do was call her. It wasn't that hard or complicated.
And men say we complicate shit?
"Am I supposed to kiss your ass and praise you, Scott the Almighty?"


"A simple 'thank you' will suffice," Scott walked back over to his desk and sat down. "You start on Tuesday, 9 AM sharp. You'll work Tuesdays and Thursdays. If that is too much, we can always adjust your schedule. I know you have part-time work you must attend to as well."


"My part-time work is you," Mariana gritted her teeth.


"Then your internship shouldn't be a problem," Scott smiled. He knew Mariana wasn't going anywhere.


Mariana wanted to reach way back and slap Scott across the room and into the middle of next week. "Is there anything else you want to know, Mr. Reed?"


"No, that's all," Scott leaned back in his leather chair and swirled it around to face the skyscrapers.


"Thank you," Mariana stood up. She was so furious she regretted even entertaining her girl crush on him.


"Oh, one more thing, Ms. Harlow?" Scott beckoned her to come closer.


Mariana let out a deep breath and walked over to Scott's chair.
And the fun doesn't stop
. "Yes, Mr. Reed?"


Scott suddenly grabbed Mariana by the wrist and pulled her over His lap. He raised his left hand and it crushed against the fabric of her slacks, hitting her left cheek hard. "That's for going through the drawer the other night. I told you not to mess with it."


Mariana whimpered as the sting permeated her body. "Yes."


Scott slapped her ass again. "Yes, what?"


"Yes…" Mariana was dreading to say it. "Yes,


"Good girl," He rubbed her ass and helped Mariana stand up. He straightened up her suit and fixed her hair. "I'm making dinner tonight and expect you to be at my place around seven. That should give you enough time to go home to freshen up and come back. I do not want you there when I arrive. I have a surprise for you and it'll take some time to set up. You're dismissed, Ms. Harlow."


"Is that why you hired me?" Mariana's anger was replaced with relaxation. Her entire being was refreshed. A wave of calmness flushed over her body. Maybe she
need a good spanking. "To keep tabs on me?"


"I hired you because you're one of the most qualified candidates," Scott kissed her forehead.


"That's all?"


"And to keep tabs on you," he winked.


Chapter Four


In short, Scott was sprung. In long, it was much more complicated than that.


Scott Reed was alone, but never lonely. His bedroom had seen more than its fair share of action. He loved women. He loved sex. He loved no strings attached. All three combined made for wonderful times.


He contemplated getting a dog so he would have at least something to come home to. He briefly mentioned that on a date and the woman fawned over the idea. She was insistent…no, she was
on what type of dog Scott should get and how to care for it. She even offered to help watch and take care of the dog. Scott decided he was better off alone.


He made it a point to separate friendship from business at his work and no one outside of Elissa knew any intimate details of his life. Only Scott’s ‘bros’ knew some things and for the most part, they were trying set him up with various women half of the time. He did take advantage of the offers. While the woman may have been fantasizing over china patterns and wedding colors, Scott was figuring out how her fellatio technique based on her conversation style.


Many of his former girlfriends – could he even call them that? – married and lived supposedly happily wedded lives. He often got a call from a few of them on the eve of their respective weddings, asking for one more ‘go around’ with him. Scott simply laughed and hung up on them. He was not about to play a part in anyone’s divorce.


"Scott, welcome back." The salesperson, Alan, welcomed him with a smile and hug. "What gifts are you buying your mother this time?"


"Not for my mother," Scott replied, "something for someone dear to me."


"Lucky lady," Alan smiled, "what was your price range?"


"Not sure yet. I figure I'll look at some pieces and see what happens." He made his way over to the diamond section and began scoping out the earrings.


Scott had been a regular customer at Tiffany & Co. for years. He often bought himself a few nice little trinkets or crystal to decorate his office. The only woman he had ever lavished any expensive gifts on was his mother and Scott felt she was the only one that deserved it.  Although he was pretty generous with his secretary, he wasn't about to spend half a paycheck at Tiffany & Co. for her.


Mariana changed all of that.


From the outside looking in, there were too many differences between them. The age difference and the socio-economic status. Scott was an affluent executive who prided on having the best of everything. Mariana was lucky if she had enough money to save up for a nice pair of heels.  She barely remembered the 90s; Scott could vividly recall what happened every year in that decade. She was a reality-show junkie. He was an avid reader of The Onion.


It was more than sex, Scott was convinced. They were both passionate about politics, the law, and found some common ground in music. Once, Scott’s confession for his love with all things Star Wars made Mariana burst into laughter.
“Oh my God! You are a nerd!” She laughed.


The memory made Scott’s heart warm.


Every woman had her own unique smell, Scott determined. There was no amount of flowery body wash and expensive designer perfume that cover the natural aroma of a woman’s heat.  Mariana was different. Scott couldn’t determine exactly what it was; a combination of honey, cinnamon, and musk. It turned him out. He concentrated on something else quickly to bring down his growing erection at the store.


Was she The One? Scott didn't know. But he did know something felt right with her. She was mouthy but submissive. She was experienced but was eager to learn more. She was more than his
She could be his whore in the bedroom and his lady in public. She was the Omega to his Alpha.  


He struggled to come to terms with what he was feeling. He hadn't felt that way about any woman ever. His hesitation wasn't her age or even her race; it just felt right –
right – and that made Scott uncomfortable. It was more than sex with Scott and he hadn't felt that way about anyone in seven years. He was used to the dimwitted bimbos he had dated for years but never tried to get serious with. Did he see a future with Mariana? Possibly.


Scott was almost convinced Mariana must've put some voodoo shit in her pussy that night to get his head spinning. She would suck his cock what seemed like hours on end and her gag reflex was porn star legendary. She hungrily took whatever he dished to her – and wanted more. He didn't even
to sleep with anyone else.


"Who is she?" Alan prodded. For as long as he's known him, Alan had never seen Scott buy jewelry for anyone but his mother.


"You ask too many questions, Alan," Scott admired the exquisite jewelry.


"I know you too well, Ice." Alan replied.


Scott suddenly stopped at a pair of heart-shaped earrings. "Those," he pointed out, "I want these." Alan pulled out the earrings so Scott could take a closer look. They were encrusted with many tiny diamonds. Scott smiled as he thought about how great they would look on Mariana."Put it on the black." He pulled out his American Express Black card.


Alan was impressed. "She must be really special."


"Just put it on the black, Alan."




“So how did it go?” Sarah asked. Sarah Roberts was Mariana’s best friend and roommate. Black. Tall. Leggy. Light-skinned. Boy-shaped. A part-time fashion model and a 24/7 Jesus freak.  A conservative girl who didn’t see the problem with the occasional drunk, sloppy blow job.


“It went…” Mariana hoped her smile wasn’t too big. Between seeing Scott and getting spanked by him in his office with other people around, she could hardly contain her smile. “…well. I got the internship.”


“That’s great news!” Sarah smiled. “Look at you! You’ll be done with your housecleaning job in no time!”


“Uh-huh.” Mariana knew that wasn’t going to happen. She didn’t think Scott was joking about wanting to keep tabs on her.


“Well, if you don’t have plans already, Eric and I are going to go bar-hopping tonight and you're welcome to join us if you want.” Sarah invited.


“Actually, I have a business dinner so I can’t attend but thanks for the offer.” It wasn’t quite a lie, Mariana reasoned. Scott was her boss and he did invite her over for dinner.


“Business dinners already, huh? You’ll probably own that cleaning business in the future! You’ll totally spank the competition.” Sarah laughed as she walked into her bedroom.


“Possibly.” Mariana thought about Scott spanking her in his office. After she left his office, she made a beeline to the nearest women’s restroom and took off her panties. They were soaked from the excitement. She wanted to fuck him right then and there in his office. “Someone is definitely getting spanked, that’s for sure.”




Scott’s home consisted of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, and swimming pool. The master bedroom was larger than Mariana’s entire apartment. It was a place she fondly remembered. It was a place she grew to hate over the past the month.


When Scott cut her off a month ago, Mariana dreaded going to his home. He avoided her and made every attempt not to contact her. If it wasn’t for his dirty laundry, Mariana would’ve assumed he fell off the face of the earth. But it wasn’t the lack of Scott’s contact that bothered her; there was no evidence of another woman, despite feeling there was one.


Mariana pulled up in front of his home and parked on the street. She had been to it many times before and could remember every last detail. He always kept his shoes by the door, both sneakers and dress. He kept his closet organized by style and color. He had the latest technology from the newest flat screen LCD TV to top of the line stereo system.  She had his house memorized.  She knew what side of the bed he preferred to his daily routine.


She knew him well. She knew him


She packed an overnight bag just in case if she was going to spend the night and she felt silly for even doing that much. Scott was not her boyfriend. Truth to be told, she wasn't sure what he was.
Lover? Boss? Fling?
He probably just invited her over for dinner as a business expense.


She slowly got out of the car and walked up to Scott’s front door. She looked over to her left and saw his Mercedes was parked in the driveway. She secretly hoped he had forgotten about the dinner.
That man never forgets anything.
She rang the doorbell and waited.
Here goes nothing.


The front door opened. “Mari,” Scott was dressed in lounging pants and a white tee, “I’m glad you came.”

5.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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