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Journal date: July


Well, Joe and I got some good news
today. He is going to be my new Bunkie. They originally had him
bunked with one of the kids he beat up, so ya, that wasn’t going to
work out. They moved him over to my room, which was cool. I really
like Joe. I think we are going to be good friends.



Journal date: December


Well, everything had been going great
for a while. Joe had to wake me up from my sleep. He said I was
shaking, and shivering in my sleep. My dream was weird. I dreamt
about Santa Claus. He was killing all of his elves. He literally
walked into the workshop, with a machine gun, and started blasting
all of them. There were dead elves everywhere. It was so weird…I
really need to lay off the Christmas shows. Christmas sucks to me
anyway. I don’t like Christmas anymore! What is Christmas without a
family? Well, I better try to get back to sleep.


Journal date: March


I really thought that being in
juvenile detention, that I’d write a lot more than I have. I have
just been so busy with Joe. We do everything together. We stay up
late, talking. Even after lights out. Today we learned computers.
The juvenile center just got in some new ones. They are allowing
the kids to take classes on programming. It is actually pretty fun.
Joe and I enjoy it. Joe acted like, he didn’t even know what a
computer was. It was funny, watching him. I’m not sure where he is
from, but he was amazed that all of the world’s knowledge is placed
in one little box.


Journal date: May


I told Joe that today was my birthday.
I really didn’t care about it, because it was the day Brenda, and
Mark gave me. I didn’t even want to celebrate it. I don’t even know
when my real birthday is…so whatever. It’s going to be a rough day.
Not like we can celebrate birthdays in here anyway.




Joe surprised me with a gift earlier.
It was very thoughtful of him. At least somebody cares about me.
I’m still surprised, that Paisley hasn’t come here to see me. It’s
late at night now, but I waited all day for her. I figured, that if
she was ever going to come see me that it would be today. I guess
she just doesn’t care about me. I’m not sure what the hell is going
on; but thinking of my past is making me even more upset. I need to
try to sleep.




I dreamt of a girl tonight. All I could
see was her running, I never seen her face. She was running from a
werewolf. She had a gun in her left hand and a silver bullet in her
right. All she had to do was load the gun, and shoot the beast…but
she wouldn’t. It is like she was being tormented, and had a way
out, but wouldn’t take it.


Journal date: September


Damn…another weird dream. Joe woke me
up again. I don’t know why I keep having such lucid dreams. I am
aware that, I’m sleeping. Every time I can control a piece of the
dream. They all end the same way. Just when I feel like I’m gaining
complete control, I wake up. Joe keeps bugging me to tell him what
I’m dreaming about, every time he wakes me up. I had to tell him, I
didn’t want to talk about it this time. He is like stuck in
fairyland, and wants to hear all my stories. I don’t know why the
hell he is so interested. I mean it’s cool because he is my friend,
but I don’t even understand what the hell my dreams are about half
the time…time to try to sleep…








Christmas was okay. I guess it was as
good as it could be, in juvie. At least the state provided us with
a special dinner, turkey, and mashed potatoes. Best food I’ve had
in a long time. Joe didn’t understand Christmas; he said it was a
silly holiday. I agreed. Christmas would have been different if I
had a family, but Joe was my only family now.


Journal date: March


Great just great, Joe told me today
that he is going to be released soon. My only true friend, since
Devin, and he is going to be leaving. I don’t know how I’m going to
survive in here by myself.


Journal date: April


Well, Joe is going. Freaking sucks.
I’m sure I’ll be okay. At least he promised that he would keep in
touch. He said he would write me.




Journal date: August


Received my first letter from Joe
today. He said that he is starting a job, at an app development
company and that I might be able to work with him when I get



Journal date: November


I had another weird dream. I was
sitting in a library. A man walked up to me, and gave me a pen. The
pen had words on it; no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t read
the words. He said, (When you can read this, you will be
enlightened). I kept trying, and trying. Then the top of the pen
turned into a head of snake. Slowly turning towards me, it went to
strike. Then I woke up.



The boy notices, there are not a lot of
entries, in this part of the journal. There are only the day-to-day
activities of Deiham, while in juvenile detention. Over the years,
he received multiple letters from Joe, giving him an update on the
progress he is making. It seems like Deiham, will have a place to
stay when he gets out…2 more years pass…

Chapter 3
The Awakening




Journal date: May


Released finally released! Happy
freaking New YEAR! A late new year anyway, but at least I got out
early. Just a couple of months, but hey, I’m not arguing with no
one. I’m going to be living with Joe for a while until I get on my
feet. He said I might even be able to get a job with



Journal date: June


I got my first girlfriend today. Her
name is Kendall. She is blonde, skinny, and just basically hot!
I’ve told her my background, and she is cool with it. I’d like to
see where this goes. She seems down to Earth. I met her at a fast
food place, of all places. It’s nice to have a

Journal date: June


Great news! Joe landed me a job
working with him at the mobile app company. We are going to be
working on an app call Cookie Moron Test. I’m so excited! I knew
all those days we spent on the computer would pay off.


Journal date: July


I got my own apartment today. I was
happy that Joe let me stay with him, but I really wanted my own
place. Joe begged me to stay…like BEGGED me. I appreciate
everything he has done for me, but geez. It’s like bro, I don’t
want to stay with you forever. Anyway, it’s cool to have my own
place. Kendall and I can have our own space. She isn’t living with
me, or anything, but I did give her a key, to come over whenever
she wants.


Journal date: July


I finally had my first intimate
relationship with Kendall. It was…interesting. Sucks I had to wait
until I was 18 to experience this! I want to do it again!
Anyway…back to bed.



Journal date: August


Today was extremely weird. I received
a really old antique grandfather clock. It seemed like it was
something from the western days or something. It just said had a
note on it, that said (From Mom, hope to see you soon) It was so
weird. Being that it just said, “MOM” I wasn’t sure if it was
Brenda or my birth mother. I have never seen my birth mother, and I
haven’t seen Brenda since the incident with Mark. This was a weird
gift, I’m going to keep it around, it looks kind of cool in the new


Journal date: August


I’m at work right now, on lunch break,
normally I’d go out to eat with Joe or Kendall, but I just need to
write down what’s going on. I was late today; Joe didn’t seem to
mind much. He just asked me (Did your dog eat your alarm clock?)
Ha…Joe…he has always had such a weird sense of humor. I told him I
had another nightmare. I freaked Kendall out. She had to wake me up
from the dream. Just like Joe did in the past. I explained my dream
to him. I had dreamt I was standing on a platform, inside a castle,
two men sword fighting below me. I felt intense heat on my back,
but I could not turn around. There was smoke flowing over my
shoulders. As I looked to the left, and right of the room, I had
seen lights shooting towards me from windows on each side. The
lights shined like the northern lights, very colorful. The lights
were spiraling fast behind me, where the heat was coming from. Then
strange stones kept falling at my feet. The stones also shined like
the northern lights. It was as if the light was being cooked into
the stones behind me. Looking up from the stones to the men
fighting, I saw one of the men on the ground; his sword was broke
under him. He picked up the broken piece and threw it right at me;
and had said, “Only you can save us Dieham.” Then I woke up right
before the sword hit me. This dream was different. It seemed like
it was real life, like I was in another world. I somehow felt like
I was part of this, but how? My dreams have always made me think,
but this one, this one was different. Normally, I could find the
symbolism in my dreams…but not this one. I better get back to work.
Joe keeps harassing me about get the Cookie Moron Test done on


Journal date: Aug


Okay, I’m officially freaked out; I
don’t know what is real, and what isn’t. Yesterday I stayed at work
late, to make up for lost time. I was the only person left on the
third-floor offices, besides David, at the security desk. He was
the fat security guard that worked this floor. He was just down the
hall from our cubicles. Well, I was sitting at my desk and got up
to stretch. When I did I noticed a light coming from one of the
other cubicles. At first I thought that maybe someone left on a
computer monitor, but the light was overly bright. I had to
investigate. I got up from my desk and walked towards the light.
Before I knew it, the light started moving. It moved rapidly
through the cubicles, and aisles; no matter how hard I tried; I
could not catch up to it. The light went around the corner, and
into the hallway, and then it went dark. I had approached very
slowly. I admit it, I was scared but curious. I approached the
corner that led to the hallway, which is when I was knocked down. I
hit the floor quickly, my head banged against the wall. I looked
up, and standing above me, was one of the most beautiful women, I
had ever seen. She was standing above me, with her arms spread. She
looked as if she wanted me to embrace her. She was glowing blue,
with a long dress, and an eagle symbol in the middle. She said her
name was Artemia, and that I should not fear her. That seemed like
an impossible task since I felt like I had seen a ghost. She told
me nothing was real in my world and started to place her hand on my
shoulder. Just before she made contact, she disappeared. My eyes
went blurry and then focused again. Artemia was replaced with David
the fat security guard. He had his hand on my shoulder and was
yelling for me to wake up. Apparently I had passed out. David
blamed it on the heat. Said it was hotter than the devils asshole
in the building. I couldn’t do nothing but agree, the air
conditioner had gone out. He asked me if I wanted to file an
incident report, which I denied. I just wanted to get the hell out
of there. I need to figure out what is going on. I’m really
paranoid right now, I feel like I’m losing my mind.

To make things worse, Kendall and I
are fighting. I tried to tell her that I was just working late, but
she didn’t believe me. She said, (Where the fuck have you been all
night! No calls! No text! You realize how late it is!). She said;
if I was at work, then explain why I didn’t answer her when she
tried to call. The truth is I couldn’t even remember the last time
I used my phone. It is always on silent at work. She thinks I’m
cheating on her…ya right…like I have time for that. I’m trying to
get my life together.

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
3.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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