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Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham) (7 page)

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I had reached for the dice and threw
them to the end of the table. One of the dice bounced down the
middle like normal, and showed a 6, the other dice hit the dealer’s
chips and was covered by them. The box man instructed the dealer to
remove the chips slowly. (It’s a one), the dealer had said. The
roll was over. Everyone had clapped for me, and my long roll. One
of the players said that every time the dice hits the dealer’s
money, that a 7 comes; I laughed a little on the inside; what an
awkward superstition to have. I left the craps table with $100,000,
all in 10 chips, $10,000 a piece. I have plenty of money. I think
tomorrow I’ll go back down. Just one more day, I’m having a lot of


Journal date: September


I had another really good day. I had
decided to play some blackjack. My main addiction was craps, but I
had overstayed my welcome there, and I wasn’t ready to leave the
casino. I had approached the table and met the man already sitting
there. His name was Ean. Ean was on vacation; he had one of the
cocktail servers giving him a message while he played. I had placed
a $10,000 chip into the Blackjack betting circle. Ean was surprised
that I had bet so much. I sat down, and we played together for a
long time.

I was stuck between $100,000 and
$200,000; I couldn’t seem to get on a long run. I decided I’d have
some fun with this game also. I had placed $50,000 into the betting
circle. Ean got a blackjack, on that hand; my cards were showing an
8 and a 5, I had 13 total. I told the dealer to hit me; I got a 2,
now I had 15 total. I told the dealer to hit me again; I got
another 2, showing 17 total. I told the dealer to hit me again. He
was showing a 9 at the time, and I wanted to make sure I knew what
I was doing. When I told him to hit me, he told me the book says to
stay. I told him, I didn’t care what the book says. I tapped my
finger twice on the table and waited for my card. The dealer slide
out the card, it was a 4, then I got 21! The best hand I could
build up too. I needed every piece too, because the dealer flipped
his card, and it was an ace; giving him 20, I had only beaten him
by one. I had enough fun, I decided to come back up here to my
room. I’m going to take a nap, then head out.


Journal date: September


So much for napping…I was trying to
fall asleep, but I left the T.V. on. I had seen something on the
news that really bothered me. The news man said, (Paisley Scoot,
actress, and model, was rushed to the hospital today. She is said
to have had a drug overdose). Well, apparently she had got her wish
of becoming famous. GOD! I am still mad at her, but maybe I should
see if she is ok…




Journal date: September


I decided to go visit Paisley; she was
in St. Richards’s hospital, room 717. I didn’t want her to see me.
When I first walked in, I had seen Paisley. She was so pale and
thin. She looked so horrible. The sound of the blood pressure and
heart machine are still beeping in my head. I talked to the doctor,
and a nurse, that were standing in front of her bed. The doctor
said (We have done everything we can, It’s in GOD’s hands now). I
hate seeing her like this. I’m in the waiting room right now; I
will see her again tomorrow. I feel so bad, I had not tried to make
contact with her, and that she is in this position. The road does
run both ways. She could have visited me in the juvenile detention,
she never did. So many unaddressed issues, I need to settle. I
never did try to find out what happened to Brenda. I’ve never even
tried to get revenge on Mark. I will try to address some of this
tomorrow. For now, I need to try to figure out how I’m going to
sleep in this hospital.


Journal date: September

I had a weird dream last night when I
dosed off. The sky was dark, filled with clouds. I dreamt of
Paisley. She was under a sheet of ice, on a frozen lake. I could
see her, and was hitting the ice as hard as I could. The ice was
chipping away too slow, I thought she was going to die. I looked up
into the sky, and yelled, (GOD SAVE HER!). The clouds in the sky
then blew away. Behind them, was a giant crystal skull. I reached
up towards the skull, it then shrunk to the size of a pendant. I
hit the ice once, and it broke, I pulled Paisley out…I saved her
life. I don’t know why I never thought of this before. If I have
power, why not use it to help Paisley? I guess I have been so
caught up with my problems that I didn’t think of the


Journal date: September


Well…it worked…I healed Paisley. I
would be happier about it, but she told me some things that really
bothered me. My MOM! MY MOM! Is here! In room 703, she has been in
this hospital, the WHOLE TIME! I can’t believe it! She was even
here when I was 12, and I had to get the stitches from the dog
attack. If only I would have known that while I was here before, so
many questions would have been answered. She has been in a coma, a
freaking coma! I can’t believe it! It has been over 4 years! I need
to see her. I told Paisley I would spend the night with her, and
then see Brenda tomorrow.

I had that dream again, where a
package was delivered at my door, at my apartment. It was wrapped
in the same box as before; with blue ribbons. Every time I try to
open it, I wake up.


Journal date: September


I spoke with Paisley for quite some
time yesterday. She was as excited to see me, as I was to see her.
She did a lot of crying and apologizing to me. She said that she
wanted to tell the cops everything, but she was only 16. She was
scared for her life. Mark threatened to kill her if she spoke out
against him. She said, not being able to tell the truth, ate her up
inside. She began doing drugs and fell behind in school. One day
her school counselor, got her to tell the whole story; she had
finally got the courage to speak up out against Mark. She lived
with Mark for almost a whole year, after that day. She then moved
in with her aunt. Mark was sent to prison. Paisley continued to do
drugs, to deal with the lies she told. She just couldn’t handle it.
The only good news is, she got a lucky break in her acting career.
At the young age of 20 years old, she is famous. She made me anger,
about how she lied, but also happy for her. She said the only
reason why she even pursued an acting career, after everything that
happened; is to make me proud of her. For motivating her, she
remembered it was one of the last conversations we had. I really
don’t know how to take all of this in. She has always been there
for me, until that day. I’m trying my hardest to put myself in her
shoes. Fear of death is defiantly a motivator; however I feel that
at 16 years old, she should have known, the cops would handle it. I
don’t know. I need to think about all this…for now, I’m just glad
she is ok.


Journal date: September


I finally had seen my mom, Brenda. She
was such a sweet lady. She was always nice to us kids. She didn’t
deserve to miss out on over four years of life. I had to heal her.
I had placed my hand on her head, and whispered in her ear,
(Mom…it’s time to wake up). At first her eyes were not adjusted,
because she asked me if I was an angel. Maybe it’s the way I was
standing over her, and the light shooting behind me from the
windows. After her eyes adjusted she said, (Deiham! Deiham! Is that
really you!), She busted out into tears. I had to explain
everything to her. I had to let her know that she had been in a
coma for four years. I didn’t tell her anything about Paisley. I
didn’t feel like there was a reason too; I have healed Paisley, and
her addiction was gone. Before I knew it, Paisley came into the
room. She had seen Brenda sitting up talking to me. Tears instant
poured down her face. She ran over and gave Brenda a hug; crying in
her arms. I was so happy that our family was together again.
However, I felt a darkness brewing within me. I have to make Mark
pay. He needs to suffer greatly. I want to bring him as much pain
as he brought us three, over the years. I’m at a hotel room now. I
had to tell Brenda, and Paisley, that I was going to go back to
work, and request time off. Lies, all lies…I know none of can be
happy until Mark has paid for what he has done. Prison is too easy
of a punishment for that fucking asshole. I have unfinished
business with Mark. I don’t want them to EVER, have to worry about
him being released. I decided I would put the skull of power to the
ultimate test…tomorrow…I’m going to prison…

Chapter 5
25 to knife


Journal date: September


Mark…worthless, pathetic Mark, I’m
coming for you! All I could think about was revenge. It is early
morning now, and I have successfully altered reality; this is my
first time, now the world does not recognize me. I changed the
reality, of all who were at the prison. I left Mark with an empty
cell, and arrived on a bus, as If I were new to the place. I was
escorted to my cell. All the inmates were yelling, (Fish! Fish!
Fresh meat!). The inmates, looked at me, angry like they wanted to
hurt me. Their evil eyes made no difference to me. All I wanted to
do was hurt Mark. To me, Mark…is the Sarlic of Earth. He ruined
everything, driven on destruction, and selfishness. I joined Mark,
in his cell. He was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette
when I arrived. He had asked me what I was in for. Ha, that was
funny to me. If he really knew what I was in for, he would be
terrified, begging for help. I didn’t want to make it that easy for




Journal date: September


Wow! The power of the skull can do a
lot, but I’m finding that I cannot manage everything! Shortly after
my last journal entry, we went to the yard. Well, there was a riot
in the courtyard. It all happened so fast; I didn’t even have time
to think about using the skull. I was knocked down to the ground. A
man jumped on me; he was about to stab me. Luckily one of the
inmates pulled the man off of me. The guards shot tear gas all over
the yard, and came out in riot gear, and shot rubber bullets.
Man…oh man…what a crazy place. I do remember how happy Mark looked
out in the yard that he survived the riot…well…I want to see if he
will survive the night…


Journal date: September


Ha! I got that bastard good last
night. He is flipping out today. I provided him with some sweet
dreaming. In his dream, I made him walk down a dim-lighted hallway.
He heard a group of inmates yell (Let’s get Mark! Make him pay!).
He began to run down the hallway. He ran as fast has he could. He
began to take different hallways, running left, then right, then
left again. I made him hear the voices closing in. Finally he
busted through two double doors, into a hallway with only one exit.
The exit lead outside, Mark had to decide. Run back towards the
inmates, or go outside. Mark decided to run out of the double
doors, instead of facing the inmates. The sun blinded him as he
exited. I made him hear (Prisoner 1124, is trying to escape!) Then
he was shot to death. He had woke up, gasping for air! I had acted
like I was asleep. This is going to more fun than I


Journal date: September


I gave Mark another nightmare last
night. This time was different. Mark felt pain in real life,
bouncing all over his bed as he slept. Him feeling the pain in real
life confuses me. I knew I could control dreams…but didn’t realize
I could actually hurt someone in a dream. I guess his body couldn’t
take it; he was bleeding from his nose when he woke up. In his
dream, I put Mark in the same hallway. Running the same paths as
before. This time, he was being chased by a group of guards.
(Prisoner 1124 is trying to escape). Is all I allowed him to hear.
Mark busted through the same hallway, with the double doors, and
waited at the exit. He didn’t want to go outside, for fear of
getting shot. He decided to wait for the guards, thinking that they
would just put him back into his cell if he surrendered. The doors
opened slowly. It was not the guards that came through the door. A
group of inmates carrying knives, Mark had stood frozen. The
inmates approached him and stabbed Mark repeatedly. On a side
note…it is kind of funny when the guards say, (Prisoner 1124). He
always looks so scared. I guess these dreams are getting to


Journal date: September


Well…I’m back at my apartment right
now. Last night was interesting. I was giving Mark another dream. I
made him hear, (Prisoner 1124! It’s shower time!). Then he walked
through the halls to the shower room, where 5 guys waited for him.
I made the men give him a good beating first. Then I had them all
take turns sodomizing him. It was pretty brutal, but I wanted him
to feel the type of pain, that Paisley felt. In the dream, after
the guys left, Mark was crying on the floor, left bloody, and
barely conscious. I had walked up to him and stood over him with a
knife. I had raised the knife, in the air, ready to strike.
Thinking that if I personally killed him, in his dream, he would
die in real life. With the knife in the air, Artemia appeared and
said, (Deiham why are you torturing this man? He is not the
problem…Sarlic is the problem.). Then Dolosis appeared, in a burst
of purple, and black smoke. Dolosis said, (Stab him! Stab him!), as
he hoped up, and down, banging his fist together. Then Artemia told
me, Dolosis is evil, and not to listen to him. She said that he
works for Sarlic. Dolosis said, (What? You lying bitch!). Artemia
assured me it was true. She said that Dolosis was the one that
talked to Janus, and told her I was evil. I had asked Dolosis, what
he said. His only response was, (A little bit of this, a little of
that. But Deiham, I just want to stay…). I didn’t let him finish
his sentence. I wanted him dead! I’ve wasted so much time, thinking
I need to resolve issues on Earth because of Dolosis. Artemia made
me realize it was pointless.

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
9.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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