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Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham) (8 page)

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
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I dispelled Dolosis of all his magic
so he could not escape, and put him into his own dream. I
remembered how he tortured the old man at the retirement home. So I
placed him in the woods, during the night. The thickness of the
trees barely lit through any moonlight. I made Dolosis hear a
rustle in the brush, nearby to his left. He looked but nothing.
Then I made him hear rustle to the right; he looked, but nothing
was there. He started walking but stopped when he had seen a pair
of red glowing eyes. From behind the trees, a giant wolf came out.
Dolosis turned around to run but seen another wolf behind him. Then
wolves came out in every direction. They all attacked Dolosis,
tearing him limb from limb, they leave nothing except a bloody
mess). I was glad that Artemia found me. She said that I banished
her from Earth, but not the middle dimension, which is where the
dreams take place. So she met me there. I’m glad she found her way
back to me, and I let her enter Earth once again. We are going to
figure out how to beat Sarlic.


Journal date: September


Artemia keeps saying, (The only way to
Casporix for you, is through the middle dimension, as you sleep).
Blah…fucking…blah. She wants me to dream about it, but I can’t. She
keeps telling me it’s the only way. She has to make sure that my
mind is powerful enough, to handle the pass from the middle
dimension, into Casporix. She doesn’t want me to end up like the
men at the mental hospital. I got to keep trying.


Journal date: September


Still cannot get into Casporix, but I
have learned a lot about what needs to be done. Artemia said, that
we need to repair Hypnoi’s sword when we get there…the broken
sword, I found in my clock. She said, a man named Eldris created
the sword. Eldris was a man, who lived in Kylouz, before The Event.
He received a power from Minervah to make magical weapons, and
armor. He was a very creative man, from what Artemia says. He made
the broken piece I have, so he is the only one that can fix it. The
sword held a great power. It could dispel the magic of anyone, with
a single cut. I didn’t understand why that was important at
first…until she explained exactly how the skull of power worked.
She said that I have full control on Earth, with the half piece
that I have; but since Sarlic has the other piece, the skull will
not work on Casporix. She said Sarlic does not have the ability to
use the skull, but since he has the other piece, it works as a
shield towards me. Making the piece, I have useless, inside of
Casporix. Artemia says Sarlic is a powerful man, with a lot of
magic. I will need the sword repaired to beat him. I’m really
worried about all of this. I have taught myself some skills that
will help me when I get there. For example, how to handle a sword…I
have got to try to sleep…


Journal date: September


Are you awake? Are you awake? Come on
Deiham! Snap out of this!!! I’m soooo lost right now...I…I don’t
know what is real anymore! I don’t even have the skull of power
anymore! Was it all a dream?

I dreamt last night, that Artemia, and
I made it through the portal. It was located in the flatlands of
the Stones of the Phoenix. Where the war between King Safri, and
King Tomlin fought. The portal was on a platform, with stairs on
each side. There were swords, bones, and broken shields, still
lying within the land. Which was weird, because the Battle of the
Phoenix was many decades ago. Epialeus confronted Artemia and me.
He said, (Deiham, kingslayer? Curse breaker? Ha! Come try to
fulfill your destiny boy!). He knocked Artemia off the platform;
she became unconscious. I fought the beast, he overpowered me
easily, and I was near death. He was standing over me, about to end
my life. I used the broken piece of Hypnoi’s sword and stabbed him
in the foot; his giant sword fell to the ground. When I stabbed
him, shades of white, red, and purple smoke exited his body
quickly. The gust of the wind it created knocked his helmet off of
his head. He fell to both knees; both hands were on his foot. He
looked up at me, and said, (Thank you…thank you Deiham). I was
shocked by the words he spoke…until he explained everything to

Epialeus told me, that King Tomlin was
his father. King Tomlin use to beat him a lot because King Tomlin
hated him. He said that he could not take the abuse anymore. Sarlic
was an old friend of Epialeus. He told him that the war would be a
perfect time to kill King Tomlin, because somebody would just think
it was one of King Safri’s men. Epialeus followed through, he
killed his father and for years only Sarlic knew this. He explained
how he sword trained with my father, and was a guard of Minervah,
my mother. Sarlic wanted to use that to his advantage. One day
Sarlic requested Epialeus to come to his castle. Epialeus told me
that Sarlic tried to blackmail him to overthrow Minervah. Sarlic
threatened to tell Minervah that Epialeus was a kingslayer, and
could not be trusted. Sarlic wanted Epialeus to get the skull of
power; a request he denied. When he tried to leave Rebutjar castle,
Sarlic put a spell on him. The spell gave Sarlic, complete control
over Epialeus. He has been a slave for almost 20 years. Epialeus
said that he would continue to guard the portal, so Sarlic didn’t
expect anything, and would help me when I was ready to attack
him…after I found Eldris. He started to tell me what happened to
Eldris…then Artemia Fucked up! She fucked up bad! She killed
Epialeus…mid-sentence. Apparently she had regained consciousness,
while we were talking. Her spear came from out of nowhere; it hit
Epialeus right through the neck. Blood ran rapidly, from his
throat, into his armor. Then it happened…all the events, I’m so
confused about. Upon Epialeus’s death, dark clouds rolled in.
Chains of lightning shot across the sky. Then I heard one of the
scariest voices I’ve ever heard. A low growling voice, (Awe it’s
you! The bastard grandson…of a slain king, bound mother…left with
nothing! But his hopes, and dreams. It was the voice of Sarlic. As
he spoke a sandstorm formed around the whole area. Artemia, and I
tried our hardest to make it back through the portal. Sarlic
disappeared from the sky and appeared in front of us blocking our
path to the portal. Then out of nowhere a strange looking man
appeared. I think he was one of the beast men, everyone feared. He
froze Sarlic into ice. He told us to hurry because he couldn’t hold
him long. I made it through the portal; I don’t know where the hell
Artemia is... Sarlic might have captured them…and if he did…he
would be guarding the portal. Through all the madness, I lost the
skull of power. I don’t know if it fell off while I was fighting
Epialeus, or if it was the high winds, brought upon by Sarlic…I’m
not sure if any of this is even real. I don’t even have the sword
from Eldris. I’m freaking out right now. Have the last few months,
just been a dream? Are you awake Deiham?



The boy in the library
realizes that a lot of Deiham’s journal seems to be missing. The
last piece of Deiham’s journal is only one small piece of paper,
tucked between the last full page, and the hardback. The boy
realizes that the last page has been ripped. There is not even a
date on the entry…


Journal date:

Artemia, and the strange man appeared
through the portal. I thanked the man for saving our lives. He
removed his helmet, and said, (Your welcome Deiham!).

Joe! It was Joe! I asked him what the
hell was he wearing, and what was going on. He said he had a lot to
tell me. He said…there is a way back to Casporix, and….



The boy is left with many
questions; he wants to know what happened to Deiham. He walks
towards the next table…






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BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
7.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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