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Authors: Clifford Paxton

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Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
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Tales of Casporix

(Journal of Deiham)




2015 by Clifford Paxton
All Rights Reserved


This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are
either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a
fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or
dead, or actual events is purely coincidental





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A young boy walks into a
library, in Seattle Washington, he is only 14 years old. Today is
his birthday. His mother said she would buy him a new book. He
walks along the bookshelves, dragging his fingers along each book,
reading title-by-title. Then, something mysterious happens. A
bookshelf opens up, deep within the hallways, a hidden room. The
boy walks into the room. The room looks as if no one has been in it
for decades. The walls are covered in the words, ARE YOU AWAKE? The
question was wrote hundreds of times, in big letters, and small.
There are four tables inside; each table holds a journal. The pages
have been organized the best they could be. The boy walks through
the cobwebs, to the first table. He picks up the first compiled
journal, wipes the dust off of it, and opens it. He flips through
it quickly and realizes there are dates, not accounted for. He
notices, some loose papers, pieces of the journal, not yet put into
the hardback. He decides he will read the first journal from the








Table of


Chapter 1:
Abandoned and


Chapter 2:
Menace to


Chapter 3:
The Awakening


Chapter 4:
Struggles with


Chapter 5:
25 to Knife







Chapter 1
Adopted Then Forgotten


Journal date: Feb 25th,


Dear journal, or whatever. My name is
Deiham; I’m 8 years old. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to write in
this thing. Anyway, Mrs. Caldwell said it would be a good Idea for
me to keep a journal. She said it would help me deal with the crazy
dreams, and anger issues I have…blah blah blah. At least I don’t
have to write in it all the time. She said to write, just when I
have a weird dream, or something I want to get off my chest. She
says, (Your too stressed, for someone only 8 years old) my stress
would go away if I could just find a family. That is exactly what I
told her. I have no real family, or friends, just a bunch of mean
kids in an adoption agency. I only have one friend here. His name
is Jayson, and he gets picked on just as much as I do. I’ve always
been in state custody. I don’t even know how I got here.


Journal date: March 3rd,


I had a really weird dream last night.
I was 10ft under water in a swimming pool. I was sitting with my
arms wrapped around my legs, and my forehead between my knees. I
was chained to a drain, at the bottom of a pool. The chain was on
my ankle. I could see the lock, and I had a key in my left hand. In
my dream, I told myself to just give up…nobody loves me. Then I
found the willpower to survive. I unlocked the chains and swam
towards the top. Beams of sunlight were hitting my face, as the top
got closer, and closer. As I reached the surface, I was blinded by
light, gasping for air, and then I woke up.


Journal date: March


Some stupid little fat kid stole my
candy today. By the time I could tell on him, he had already eaten
it. I hate the kids here, they are so mean.


Journal date: March


I can’t believe this! The only friend
I had from this place got adopted. My one friend, Jayson is gone! I
am happy for him, but I can’t help but to feel sad for myself. Now
I literally have no friends.


Journal date: March


My dream last night really got me
thinking. I dreamt I was standing on the street, and the ice cream
man came by. As he stopped, kids rushed to get their ice cream, but
I couldn’t move. I couldn’t hear, or touch. All I could do is
watch. All the kids were enjoying their ice cream, and I was stuck
on the side the street. I feel like all the kids are getting what
they what expect for me. I’m just stuck here, lonely.


Journal date: March


Today at the playground, some kids
were throwing sand at me. I asked them nicely to stop, but they
wouldn’t. Finally, Mrs. Caldwell came over and made them stop. She
talked to me afterwards. She told me everything would be ok, but I
disagreed with her. She kept saying, that someday I will find a
home, but I don’t believe her. I just want to get out of this


Journal date: April


Some of the other kids thought it
would be funny to hand me bag of Cheetos, filled with carrots! Oh
ha ha. They said (They are both orange, just eat them). I didn’t
find it funny, but they were all laughing at me. I can’t stand
these kids.


Journal date: April


Yet another kid is getting out today.
She is so lucky! I just can’t wait to get out of here.


Journal date: April


I had a nightmare last night. A beast
was chasing me through the woods. He had a sword in his hand. Just
when I thought I was going to get away, he appeared in front of me.
I’m not sure how he ended up in front of me. He put his sword down
onto my neck, but then he stopped. I woke up screaming. I haven’t
dreamt of anything that scary in a long time. It took forever to
fall back asleep, and I am so tired today. I talked to Mrs.
Caldwell about my dream. She said, I just need to remember what she
told me before. That dreams are not real, it’s just our
imagination. I never want to imagine anything like that


Journal date: April


I had a really cool dream last night.
I dreamt that I had super powers. I was creating all the
superheroes I love. I was giving them backstories, and special
powers. All of them answered to me! I was their leader! I couldn’t
even begin to think how awesome that would be! Yes, Superman, I
want you to travel to New York and watch over the people! HA…that
would be so cool! I really didn’t want to wake up from that dream
it was awesome!


Journal date: April 15h,


I normally don’t make two journal
entries in one day, but some kids were picking on me earlier. I was
playing out my dream in real life, when it happened. I was acting
like I was giving superheroes some orders, and one of the kids
said, (Yea right, like anyone, would ever listen to you, nerd!).
Then they all started laughing at me.


Journal date: April


Today was a pretty good day. I didn’t
get picked on, and I had a lot of fun. There is a new kid here, his
name is Jack; we actually played for a little bit


Journal date: April


Well, my friendship with Jack didn’t
last long. Some of the other kids told him, that I was a nerd, and
if he wanted to be cool, he shouldn’t hang out with me. I hate
followers, good riddance Jack.


Journal date: April


I am getting kind of use to being
alone. What is the point of having friends? Especially in this
place, kids come, and go all the time. Except me, I’m stuck


Journal date: May


I dreamt I was standing on top of a
snowy mountain. It was freezing cold. All I was wearing was a pair
of shorts. Then the weather changed, and I was on a beach. I was
building a sandcastle. All the sudden it began to rain heavily, but
I couldn’t move. I could only see the sandcastle fall apart, as the
hard rain hit it. I can’t begin to imagine what this dream meant,
I’m not even sure if dreams have meanings, or why Mrs. Caldwell
said to write them down.


Journal date: May 14,


I can’t believe it! I can’t believe
it! I’m sooooooo excited! I finally got adopted! I was sitting at
the park earlier today, and a girl named Paisley came up to me. At
first I was thinking, who is this blonde little girl, in this pink
dress, full of yellow flowers. She must be new here. But she wasn’t
a new girl! She told me that she was going to be my sister! I knew
it was true because her eyes were full of excitement, just like
mine! We played at the park, going up, and down the slide, and
playing tag. Then Paisley said, (Look its mommy, and daddy!) I
couldn’t believe I was finally getting parents. It is an orphan’s
dream to be adopted, to be in a real home. When I looked over at my
new parents I was super excited. Mark and Brenda were their names.
They told me that today was going to be my birthday! I’m super
excited; I’ve never had a birthday before! Gotta go…


Journal date: May 18,


Wow! Birthday parties are fun! I had a
blast. Mark and Brenda had taken me to a pizza place. The pizza
place had video games, and I earned tickets from playing them! When
we were done, I got to spend my tickets on toys! How


Journal date: June



Whoa, the time has been flying. I’m
having so much fun with Paisley. We get along so good. We are
inseparable. I found out a little bit more about my new mom and
dad. My dad Mark works at a steel factory. He works around a lot of
fire, and hot steel all day. He likes to come home, and have a
drink after work. Which is okay with me. He is a nice dad. My new
mom Brenda is an English teacher. She tries, and tries to correct
my grammar…I keep telling her, I’ll get it someday.


Journal date: July


Paisley told me today, that Brenda
couldn’t have kids after they had her. That is why they had to
adopt me. I didn’t care what the reason was. I was just glad that I
had a family.


Journal date: July


Fireworks, and barbecue! It was so
fun. I must admit, I was a little scared of the mortal shells, Mark
made me go light one, but it was fun! I survived. I had such a
blast on the fourth.

Journal date: July


Paisley said that we are going to be
moving soon. Not too far away though. Mark wants to be closer to
his work. We are going to get a bigger house! I’m super


Journal date: Feb


Oh wow! I thought I lost this old
thing. I haven’t seen this book forever. I have been keeping
another journal because I thought this one was long gone! Maybe one
day I’ll combine the pages, but I’m a little to busy right now.
Just an update for this journal, I’m 12 years old now! The time has
flown! It’s already been 3 years, heck almost 4. My birthday is
right around the corner. Everything is still good! We love the
house, been in it for quite some time now. I need to keep writing
in this journal. I like to look back at my life…it’s pretty

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
4.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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