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Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham) (6 page)

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Journal date: August


I made Artemia leave yesterday. It was
completely by accident. I was frustrated. She showed me this whole
new world and gave me a whole new set of problems. I didn’t mean to
wish her away, but as she told me (Having the skull of power, means
you can control everything on Earth). I didn’t know what she meant
by that. All I knew is after I snapped out of my visions, I was
pissed, I just wanted a normal life. I was finally getting my shit
together. She came in here, talking about magic this, a magic
that…really bothered me…I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Why
should I care about Casporix? If what she is saying is true, then I
could have everything on Earth. On top of everything else Kendall
keeps calling me.



Journal date: Aug


Artemia still hasn’t come back; I guess
I got rid of her for good. If I didn’t have this skull chained
around my neck, I’d think this was all a dream. It’s strange, I’ve
figured out, that all that sleep, get a glimpse of the power of the
skull. When it fell into the spell pot, people were giving the
ability to tap into its power while they slept. They can alter
their dreams, which probably explains, all the times I’ve dreamt,
and could begin to control my dreams…I need to play with this skull
a little more…find out what it can really do.


Journal date: Aug


I’m starting to wish I had looked at my
text messages and missed calls. I broke my damn phone today. I had
it on the side table in the living room, and when I created a mini
statue of a lion, it landed right on top of my phone and broke the
table. I need more practice.


Journal date: August


A strange man came to my apartment
today. He continuously knocked on the door. I yelled through the
door, that I didn’t want to buy anything, but he would stop
knocking. Then I heard him say, (I don’t want to buy anything
Deiham…let me in). I was confused how this man knew my name, and I
still am. Either way, I let him in. He was a deceitful looking man.
He had slicked back hair, and was wearing a business suit, smoking
a cigar. He told me his name was Dolosis, and he just wanted to
help me learn how to use the skull. At first I thought that he
wanted to steal it, but he assured me that he didn’t. Dolosis said
he was from Casporix, and that he liked the life he had on Earth.
He said he didn’t want me to break the curse. Dolosis is happy with
the life he has on Earth. He said (Why not take the only chance,
you’ll ever get, to have EVERYTHING you have ever wanted! Why would
you care about Casporix? You have never been there, and your life
is here!). The man made a good point. He said that I could contact
him, if I changed my mind, about getting his help. Then he
disappeared into a cloud of purple, and black smoke.


Journal date: September

I’ve been locked up in my apartment
for days now. I’m struggling to come to terms with what I have to
deal with. I have spent so many days, just sitting in my apartment.
I’ve made several objects appear, and disappear. Random art, video
game systems, food…practicing with this skull has been interesting,
I know that much.



Journal date: September


Well, I know what I want to do now. I
had a run in with the police today. The sad thing is, I never left
my apartment. Someone had filed a missing person report on me;
maybe because I haven’t gone to work. (Open up Deiham, it’s the
police!). Man if them cops only knew, how much I didn’t like them,
they never would have knocked on my door. Interaction with the
police is something I never want. They must have got a key from my
apartment manager because they came in without me opening the door.
I’m sure my apartment was an interesting site to them. I have the
windows covered in black curtains, trash is everywhere, and I had
kicked the T.V. over. The news had really bugged me. I’m sure that
I was even more of a sight for them. I hadn’t shaved for awhile
now, and I hadn’t slept for a couple days. I was holding the broken
half of the sword when they entered. They warned me to drop it, but
I didn’t want to. They then drew their guns, standing shoulder to
shoulder. Seeing those cops reminded me even more of my past. I
started to get very angry. The windows busted open, thunder started
roaring outside, and trash flew around my apartment like there was
a mini-tornado in my living room.

Then I froze time. Everything was
frozen. I just simply thought about stopping time, and it happened.
The cops were still standing shoulder, to shoulder. I was the only
one moving. I walked through trash just floating in mid-air, as I
walked toward them. I leaned in between the two cops, and
whispered, (Go home, you were never here, forget about me). The
cops turned around and left my apartment. That interaction made me
realize. Dolosis was right...If I had all this power, why would I
care about some place called Casporix. I need to correct the issues
I have in my life. I wasn’t sure how to completely use the skull of
power. I have only been practicing its magic for a short time.
Maybe tomorrow I will take Dolosis up on his offer.



Journal date: September

I had my first experience with
Dolosis. Let me tell you, he is a character for sure. I’m not sure
if the dude is good, or evil. He might just be completely insane.
Yesterday, I had remembered how I just used my willpower to banish
Artemia. I decided to use that same will power to focus on Dolosis,
and try to summon him. There was a cloud of purple, and black
smoke. Once it cleared, he was standing in front of me. I explained
to him how I wanted to learn more about the skull of power. He said
he would be happy to teach me. He said he was going to take us to a
nursing home. I thought that was extremely weird. Well, when we got
there it smelt like old people, medicine. It was late at night, and
everyone was sleeping.

We walked down a hallway, into a
bedroom. Inside there was an old man, fast asleep. Dolosis told me
that I could control what people see in their dreams. As we watched
the old man sleep, Dolosis explained how to enter into the dreams,
he wanted me to follow him, so he could alter them. He explained
while we are in people’s dream, they could not see us; unless we
wanted them too. We placed our hand on the old man’s head, and
before I knew it we were part of his dream. The old man must have
been a farmer before he retired. His dream started off with him in
the middle of a field, on a bright sunny day. He was herding sheep.
That moment I found out that Dolosis was a little weird, when he
said, “Watch this.” All of the sudden a pack of wolves came rushing
from over a nearby hill; ripping the sheep apart. The old man tried
to run away, but he was too slow. The wolves caught up to him and
started biting him over, and over again.

The man could not see us, but I felt
horrible. Dolosis, noticed my frustration, and told me I need to
relax a little, that he was only playing. I have yet to find the
humor in it.

He said that I could use my power for
good or evil; I explained I wanted to be good. He told me if I
wanted to help this old man, I also have the power to cure him, he
hasn’t walked for years. Dolosis told me all I needed to do was
concentrate and heal the old man. I put my hand down on his left
leg, the old man twitched. Then I had placed my hand on his right
leg. The old man had begun to wiggle his toes. He had yelled out to
the nurse “I can feel my toes!” It was late, and no nurse responded
to him. He then moved his legs out of bed. The old man got up and
walked into the hallway. The nurses rushed to him. I had cured him!
I was happy. Dolosis, looked bored, and said it was time to

I’m kind of worried about the
teachings this man is giving me. Dolosis has a really weird sense
of humor. He seems to be conflicted, between good, and evil. I told
him I had enough for the day, and that we can learn more


Journal date: September


It’s early morning….I had a really
strange dream last night. I heard knocking at my apartment door. I
went to answer it, but when I opened the door, there was only a
box. The box was wrapped in tan paper, and a bow wrapping the box,
made of blue ribbons. I went to open the box, uniting one-half of
the bow, and then I woke up. Maybe it’s a sign, that I’m unwrapping
the mysteries of my life. Speaking of which, I need to quit writing
and get to learning!



Journal date: September


I’ve never been so enthusiastic about
my life before! I had a great teaching session with Dolosis. I
believe I know what I want to do now. I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let me write down what happened first. The day started off rough at
first. Dolosis had transported us to the middle of a city; which
was the last place I’d thought we’d practice magic. We were at a
four-way intersection. It was very busy. There was a little girl
with a backpack, standing with her mother, waiting for the light to
change. The mother just pressed the ‘Walk button’. Once the button
was pressed, the little girl started bouncing a ball while she
waited. The ball had taken a weird bounce, and the little girl
stepped out into the road and was hit by a car. People quickly
surrounded her…her mother was screaming for help. It was one of the
saddest things I’ve ever seen.

Well, Dolosis explained to me that I
could reverse time, or I had the power to just walk over, and heal
the girl. I didn’t want to bring myself any attention. So I decided
I was going to try to back up time. When I did I was shocked.
Everything was redone, as it was before. The mother walked up to
the street and pressed the ‘Walk button’ as she did before. The
little girl began to bounce her ball once again. This time when the
ball bounced into the street, I yanked the girl away from the cars,
by her backpack. I felt like a superhero! I have never thought,
that I could be a hero! My whole past was that of a super villain.
I now know what I want to do. I’m heading to Vegas baby!

Chapter 4
Struggles with Power


Journal date: September


All the time I spent with Dolosis made
me realize I want to do good things for this world. It’s not like I
could just create superheroes…or could I?...I knew that outside of
my powers, that I would need money to help people on Earth. Money
was what this world go around, as they say. I mean, a lot of
problems would be solved if people just had some extra cash. I
didn’t want to just make money appear, that would have been too
boring for me. I reflected back on my days at juvenile detention
and remembered how much I liked craps. So here I am, I have a fake
ID, a bunch of cash, and I’m sitting in a hotel room in Vegas. I
just wanted to write a little before I went to have some fun. I
have dressed myself for Vegas. I put on a Dolce & Gabbana suit,
and a pair of black tinted sunglasses. I made $10,000 appear, and
I’m going to go down and HAVE SOME FUN!!! Here is me wishing myself


Journal September


Whoa! I had a fun time today. Earlier
today, I had walked into the Venetian Casino and walked up to an
empty craps table. The box man was an older gentleman, his age
shown by his wrinkles. He looked like he had seen it all. I had
thrown down the whole $10,000 onto the craps table. I got all
$1,000 chips. I was ready to have some fun. The stickman dumped the
dice into the middle of the table. He hit the dice on the left
side, then the right side. He was using the stick as if the dice
were a hockey puck. The stickman is the guy, which controls the
flow of the game, and calls the numbers on craps. He did a little
advertising of all the props in the middle. He wanted to know if I
wanted one of the long shot sucker bets; I wasn’t interested I just
wanted to throw the dice. It had been so long since I’ve played
craps. Finally, he pushed me the dice. I picked up two of them and
launched them down to the other side of the table. At first it
sucked, I rolled a craps number! I lost…the dealer grabbed my chip.
I had placed another chip down on the line and threw the dice
again. I couldn’t believe what happened. I threw another craps
number. I could not believe I had such horrible luck. I came here
to have some fun and had already lost $2,000. The money I lost
didn’t really matter to me, I could always make more, but I really
wanted to play the game without cheating. I placed another chip on
the table. I requested a new set of dice. Not like it actually
mattered, but just one of those superstitions I picked up over the
years. I had thrown the two new dice down the table. I heard the
stickman say, (10, hard 10, a woman’s best friend). I had found
that saying humorous. I finally had a point and not a crap number.
I decided to put the whole remaining $7,000 across the board. I got
every single number I only rolled five numbers before the stickman
yelled out, (7 out 7, sixty-one, we’re done). I was frustrated. I
only hit enough numbers to barely make my money back. I couldn’t
take it! I wanted to win more! I wanted to have a really long roll.
Anyone who has ever played dice would have understood that. I
decided to rewind time, to before the 7 was called before they had
taken my money. After I backed up time, I adjusted the way the dice
landed. This time when the 6 showed on one dice, I made the other
dice roll from a one, to a four. The dealer yelled out (10,
sixty-four, front line winner! We have a winner over here folks!)
Before I knew it I was surrounded by a crowd of people, they all
wanted in on the action. I went on a very long roll. I kept
altering what the dice would land on. I noticed that extra suits
came over, and now was watching the game, that made me a little
nervous. They were losing a lot of money. I knew there was no way
they could prove that I was cheating because I was using the skull
of power; but figured that the roll had gone on long

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
6.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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