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Authors: Clifford Paxton

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Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham) (4 page)

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Journal date: August


Last night I was driving home from
work. I had seen a building that said, ‘Psychic Readings’. I have
always been skeptical of that kind of stuff, but I wanted answers.
All of the building’s words were lit up in purple light. Astrology
on the left side of the door, tarot cards on the right side of the
door. The word ‘Psychic Readings’ was located just above the door
and had four stars on each side. I walked into the building. The
whole place was full of items, to either banish or summon spirits.
It smelt like burning amber incense. There was a lady behind the
counter, her name was Janus, she smiled when I entered, and said,
(how can I help you child). Me being the smart ass I am, I said,
(Shouldn’t you know that already). She gave me a little giggle, but
I don’t really think, she found it funny. I told her that I needed
to get my dreams explained. She had me follow her through a beaded
doorway, into her back room.

That room had a table, which was lit
by four lights, shining down from the roof onto the table. She
offered me a seat. I sat down across from her. She asked me to
explain my dream. I did. I told her about my dream, and then my
encounter with Artemia. I explained she was wearing a robe with an
eagle on it. That freaked Janus out for some reason. She said the
eagle was the symbol of a messenger, a symbol of opportunity,
freedom, and power. She said it was one of the most unique animals
to see in a dream. She said that a spirit was trying to tell me
something of great importance. She said we needed to contact the
spirit world. Janus asked me to concentrate all my focus on
Artemia, so she could speak with her. We had reached across the
table to each other, to connect our hands. After a few moments of
focusing, her hand twitched. She said, (Deiham it’s so dark here,
there is nothing but a door. It is barely lighted, and smoke is
slowly drifting around the whole area). She said she was going to
try to pass through the door. She had opened the door. (Deiham I
see a spirit, not as you explained though). She said he was sitting
in a chair smoking a cigar; he had on a business suit and a smirk
on his face. She repeated everything that the spirit said, as he
said it. She said, (That man in front of you, wants to rape you,
beat you, and rob you! Make him leave!) I don’t understand who the
hell this spirit was. Janus freaked out on me. She grabbed a nearby
metal candle holder and started swinging it at me. I could believe
it. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I don’t what happened. I
never believed in the spirit world. If it was true, who was this
spirit? Maybe it was that punk kid Tom, maybe he passed away and
wanted to mess with me from beyond the grave…Nah, that can’t be it.
Maybe the storeowner just wanted to fuck with me for being a smart
ass with her when I first walked in. I don’t know…I still don’t
know what the hell is going on. I feel like I’m going completely
crazy. I just can’t believe she actually talked to any spirit. I’m
still left with no answers.




Journal date: August


Ding! Ding! Ding! The next morning I
woke up to my antique grandfather alarm clock, it showed 9 A.M. I
slept well last night. I didn’t have any nightmares; In fact I
couldn’t remember dreaming at all. I had sat up on the couch and
stretched. Then I got up off the couch and stretched some more. It
felt so good to sleep so well. I decided to go down the hall and
peek in the bedroom. Kendall was still fast asleep. I had
tippy-toed to the closet and grabbed some clothes for a shower. I
walked into the bathroom. The bathroom cabinet mirror was left open
above the sink. I had closed the mirror slow like something was
going to show up in the mirror; like my life was a scary movie;
nothing was there. I’m losing my mind…I just feel like there is
someone here…watching me.



Journal date: August


I started the day, like any other day.
I headed out of the bedroom, as soon as I opened the bedroom door.
Artemia was there. I stood frozen, like an ice burg. I could not
move. Artemia extended out her hand. She said that she wanted me to
take a walk with her. I found that funny, because, at the time, I
couldn’t even move my legs. I found the courage to pinch my elbow…I
wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was scared, but my
curiosity overpowered my fear. I decided to take Artemia’s hand.
She told me on the walk, no one would be able to see us, or hear

Artemia had transported us to the
street, right in front of my apartment. She told me to look around.
Nothing was real. She said a spell was put on the people of earth.
She pointed over towards a lady walking a dog, she said, it wasn’t
real. I didn’t understand, I asked her what she meant. She said
that people of Earth, are really from a place called Casporix. She
then pointed just under the highway. There was a homeless man
there. He appeared to be talking to himself. Everything he owned
was in the shopping cart next to him. There wasn’t much in the
cart. He just had some pop cans, clothes, and a little weather
radio up front. The only other item he owned was a trash bag,
probably just filled with more junk. Artemia asked me what I
thought of that homeless man. I told her, that he was a man down on
his luck, and probably a little crazy too. Artemia began to explain
to me on how this world was created. She said, (Earth is not real,
and there was a pathway to the other world). She called this would
Casporix. She said we travel toward this world when we dream. She
said there is a middle dimension, a dimension between Earth, and
Casporix. When we sleep we can travel to the middle dimension. When
people have a strong enough mind, they can push through into
Casporix. If someone can make it pass the middle dimension, into
Casporix, a man named Epialeus, the keeper of the portal, returns
them to Earth. When people are returned, they forget about
Casporix. Sometimes they even forget what they dreamt about. I
didn’t know how to take all this in. I just wanted my life to go
back to the way it was. I was finally making progress in my life. I
had a good job, a girlfriend, and was getting to a point in my life
where I was actually happy. I told Artemia that I had enough for
now. I need to clear my head. This whole scenario was just too
difficult for me to take in. How could everything be fake? It
didn’t make sense to me. I had to clear my head.


Journal date: August


Ding! Ding! Ding! Damn antique clock.
I just wanted to sleep. The clock woke me up, again at 9 am. I
decided that I’m not going to go to work today. I need to clear my
head. I called in. Kendall called, but I didn’t answer. I just
really don’t feel like talking to anybody.


Journal date: August


So much for relaxing today, I called
in for no reason. I usually don’t make two journal entries in one
day, but Artemia showed up again. I was just sitting on the couch.
I felt like someone was behind me. I slowly turned my head back,
and sure enough, Artemia was standing there. I hopped off the
couch, and yelled, (Holy Mother Mary, and Joseph). She said (I’m
not your Mother, Mary, or Joseph). She told me she wanted to walk
again. I agreed.

She had transported us to a dark cold
hallway. The hallway was dim lighted, with four rooms on each side.
The hallway had double doors at the end. All I heard was a clutter
of voices. All gibberish, nothing made any sense. The occupants of
each room were completely insane. Artemia explained that everyone
there traveled to Casporix, but when they returned their minds
stayed behind. They had to live their lives in torment unless I
could save them from this curse. Me? I wanted to ask her, but I
couldn’t. We were interrupted. Band! Bang! Bang! Someone or
something pounded on the double doors down at the end of the hall.
Then a man dressed in medieval armor busted through the door. That
man was gigantic and was dragging a big sword behind him. I
recognized that man. He was the man from my dream. He was fighting
on the platform. He was the victor of the sword fight. I was scared
to death; I’ll never forget the way he looked. His chest plate had
a circle of pitchforks in the middle. His helmet had a faceplate,
which was that of an evil man, with two horns. That man looked like
the devil himself busted through the door, wearing battle armor.
Then out of nowhere a thick sheet of ice, had spread from the floor
to the ceiling; then wall to wall. It had blocked the beast. The
ice was thick; it stopped the beast from getting to us. He had
started hitting it over, and over again, with his giant sword. Then
I woke up….


Journal date: August 21,


I had to look at my
journal. What the hell is going on? Am I dreaming all of this
stuff? Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s still 9 am…August
is this happening? I’m so confused how it’s still 9 am, same day,
and I already have 2 journal entries…it’s like I’m not really
waking up. I heard some sounds coming from the front door. Scared
the shit out of me. There was banging on the door, then the handle
turned. I held my breath, worried about what was going to come
through the door. I was relieved when I found out it was just
Kendall. She is gone now; she came over to break up with me. She
said that she felt I was too distant from her. It was true. I had
bigger problems than a girlfriend. I really didn’t put up too much
of a fight for her to stay. GOD, I’m so tired. I need to go back to



Journal date: Aug


It’s so early in the morning. Artemia
woke me up, at 2:00 am. I am sure I wasn’t dreaming. She asked me
to get out of bed and follow her into the living room. When I did
she asked me if I knew anything about the grandfather clock in the
living room. I told her that it was delivered to me as a gift from
my mother. I wasn’t sure exactly who sent the clock; it didn’t have
a return address on it. Then she told me, that the clock was
created when the spell was complete. She said that my true mother
was Minervah, Queen of Kylouz, the biggest kingdom of Casporix. She
held out her hand, and from nothing she made a hammer appear. She
held the hammer by the head and offered me the handle. She told me
to break the clock if I want answers. She asked me to trust her.
She said that breaking the clock would bring me closer to saving my
mother. She is currently is a prisoner in Kylouz. I wanted answers.
I wasn’t sure how breaking the only gift, I ever got from my
mother, was going to bring me closer to her, but I had to

I grabbed the hammer by the head. I
smashed it over, and over again. I kept hitting it until it was
broken into multiple pieces. Out of the corner of my eye, I had
noticed something shining. It was a sword. The sword was a broken
sword, the top half of the blade was missing. Artemia was happy I
found the sword, but she told me there was something more
important. I kept digging through the broken wood, springs, and
metal. Then I found it, the item that would change my life forever.
A blue shining skull, half of it was missing.


My Visions…


I had seen many visions of Casporix,
many stories. The land was once a world of beauty. The trouble
started with King Safri, the king of Kylouz. Kylouz was the main
kingdom of Casporix. It was where all paid worship to their leader,
and a majority of people lived there; but not everyone. There was a
kingdom to the south, the kingdom of Sylvania; Sylvania was located
under the left wing of the ‘Stones of the Phoenix’.

‘Stones of the Phoenix’, gained its
name from the rock, and cliff formations, which from heights, was
shaped like a Phoenix. Sylvania was under the shade of the high
cliffs and rock formations. To the left of Sylvania was a canyon,
which spread almost the whole length of the land. The canyon was
miles deep. Sylvania was secluded, and hard to get to. Sylvania was
nowhere as advanced as Kylouz; the people there enjoyed living off
the land. They respected the land, and the forest, they used only
what they needed from the woods. They did not build giant stone
structures. However, the kingdom was not small by any means. They
had many who lived there, and held a great army, and a giant wooden
castle. King Tomlin was the ruler there. The trouble began when
King Safri demanded King Tomlin swear allegiance under his

King Safri was worried the beast of
the north would attack Kylouz, before they would ever enter the
woods. The beast of the north lived in a place called Ebon Frost.
The beast had raided villages, in the outskirts of Kylouz many
years prior; King Safri’s daughter Minervah, was in one of those
villages, but lived. King Safri, feared them, but none would dare
travel to Ebon Frost for war. The beast that lived there could turn
invisible, and could control water, and ice. He only wanted to be
defensive against them. His scouts had noticed the beast getting
closer to the River of Preditus; which ran through the entire
continent. The River of Preditus was roughly 6 miles wide but ran
from coast-to-coast. Running high north, to the deep south, ocean
to ocean.

BOOK: Tales of Casporix (Journal of Deiham)
5.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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