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“Yes, you are, Skyrid. You saved me, didn’t
you?”Pedro said

“No. I was captured! Crystal did all the
saving.”I said

“Skyrid, your power is something I haven’t seen
in years. You are him.” Pedro said

“I don’t care! I won’t be a leader right

“You have to be. It explains the sudden healing
powers.” Pedro said

“You’re all crazy!”I said, walking further into
the Forest.

“Stop!” Doug said as he stood in front of

“You realize that this is the only way to save

“Yes. But I’m still pissed off that no one told

Pedro came up to me.

“Skyrid, I didn’t tell you because Furliceo
killed the last one.”

“So is that why Bloodshed is so bent on getting

“Yes. And the fact that you can activate the
Helios for them.”Zeddark said

I went silent.

“Now what’d you need?”Zeddark said

“I need Bradley Greenson. Can you take me to
him?”I said.

Walking through the woods, we came to a clearing.

“Where are we going?”I said

“To a battlefield.”


“We have to find out if you're really Kazaka.
It must be done in the place guarded by the fox.”

A fox appeared as we came up to a big metal
gate that was two halfs of a circle.

"Who goes there? the fox said.

I startled.

“A talking fox?”I said
“ You have the ability to understand the animals of the
forest.”Zeddark said

“Who goes there?”the Fox said again.

“That depends,Who’s asking?”I said

“Paqer, guardian of the Cemented

“It is I, Zeddark. I must test Skyrid Crop to
see if he is worthy of the title Kazaka."
“You have my permission then. Come in and get ready to battle.

The gate opened as Zeddark and I shook hands
and went to our separate sides of the battle field. I shot a beam
of light into air as he shot a green beam into the air. His armor
was still the same but a white cape appeared and a golden staff
appeared in his hands as I turned into my warrior form. Shooting a
beam of light at him, I watched as he backflipped to dodge it. He
threw a black orb at me as I jumped into the air and turned into my
Mythical Creature Form.

Zeddark hesitated at the sight of my monstrous
from and I shot a orb of light at him as he leaped to the side to
dodge it. He threw a red beam at me.

I dodged it. I threw a beam of light at him and
he threw a beam of lightning at me. Being thrown across the field,
I watched as Zeddark laughed.

“You are not Kazaka! You are a

I flew up from the ground,summoned the animals
to my side and threw a white beam at Zeddark as the animals tackled
him. Landing on the ground, I got on my knees, closed my all of
eyes and focused on my human form. Opening my eyes, I saw Pedro. He
handed me some new clothes and I went behind a tree and got
dressed. When I came from behind it, I had on a yellow shirt and
wrangler jeans on and my pendant was around my neck.

Zeddark bowed low at the waist.

“I underestimated you, Skyrid Crop.You are

“Thanks. I never expected it. All of my powers
just sort of fell into place.”
“Exactly. But, you’ve proven that you’re him. So, I’ll take you to
Minotaur Sayis.”

Zeddark led us down a windy path, around a few
trees and in front of a old fashioned cottage house. It had wood
nailed onto its white windows with brown specks mixed in. It’s door
was green with white specks mixed in. Taking us inside it, he
pulled back a lever as a white platform appeared and we all got
onto it. Lowering, it revealed two double doors in front of us and
when Zeddark opened them, they revealed a courtroom. On my left
were 4 judges and on my right were the other 4 along with another
one in the middle. Off to each side we’re the Sayis’ but my dad
wasn’t sitting in the Gator Sayis spot.
In fact, it was empty.

“Why’re you here boy?”the Middle judge said
that had a red gown on.

“I need Bradley Greenson as a

“Nancy forced my best friend to switch his powers with

“I'm sorry, but we must have all four Servants
of Light for that. Leave.”

“NO, you’ve got to save him!”

“As I told you before, we can't.”
‘"Where's my dad? He'll agree with me."

“He’s longer a Sayis.”

“What?! Why?!”

“Because he Married your Mom. You can’t be
Sayis if you’re married.”

“Then,Why’d you never replace him?”

“We couldn’t find anyone worthy

“What if I bring you a replacement?”

“I’m listening.”

“What if my friend Chaser becomes the next

“I’m sorry but, that’s not how it

“How does it work then?”

“Adagar, would you explain?”

A black faced man rose. He had amber eyes and a
wrinkled face. He was also wearing a red gown.

“Each of the representatives of our side would
have to nominate somebody to fill that spot and then we’d all vote
and the people who got the least amount of votes would be
eliminated in the first round.”

“What happens in the second?”

“We all vote between the last two and the
person who gets the most votes fills the spot.”

“What if there’s a tie?”
“The Hectic-maker, Richard would choose the winner.”

“Who’s Richard?”I said

“The middle judge.”Adagar said

Adagar sat down.

“Can’t Chaser be a Nominee then?”I said
“You see, he’d have to prove his worthiness for that to
happen.”Richard said

“But, he’s worthy enough. He’s my true
friend.”I said
“Yes. But, a Gator Sayis must represent someone who’d lay down
their life for another.”Richard said

“Why?”I said
“Do you know how your Father got that spot?”
“Because Maser died in battle?”

“No. Your Father was willing enough to lay down
his life for his best friend, Kane King.”

“How so?”

“Kane was almost killed and your Father jumped
in front of the orb of darkness.”

“How’d he live?”
“The Helios parts can only be activated by true sacrifice and he
demonstrated that even though Kane was killed anyways. So, he was
healed by the Helios.”

“Then why does Furliceo want it?”

“Say what?”
“Furliceo wants all the Helios parts.”

Furliceo’s face came up on the gray laptop in
his spot. He was chained up to a wall and his wrists had cut

“He’s lying, Sir!”

I looked at Pedro.

“Why is he Chained?”I said, in a low

“For almost killing a student.”Pedro

Richard turned his head slightly to the
“You tried to kill Mitchell Crop. So I’m not listening. ”
“ But, I’m dying.”
“I don’t care. You know that the parts can only be activated

“True sacrifice. I know. But there are other

“Klade, close his laptop.”
Klade was a man with blue hair and shades over his denim-blue eyes
and a black leather vest, a blue shirt, black gloves.

“Don’t cut me out!”

Klade tried to close the laptop.

“Klade, let him speak.”

Furliceo breathed in and out.

“Alex killed my Father.”

“That happened 26 years ago. Does it matter who
it killed him?”


“Why? I distinctly remember your Father being
abusive to you.”

“He was. But, he changed.”

“I still don’t see why Mitchell had to be
almost killed. .”

“My Father never got to live a good

“I understand. My son, Sade was the same way.
But, now he’s imprisoned.”

“Skyrid, how will the Sacrifice

“We have to have a purely good human soul for
the reverse to happen.”

“That makes since.”

“What’ll happen to Bradley after his soul is

“He’ll die.”


“The Darkness will kill him.”

“Then what’d we need to do to take
Bradley?”Pedro said
“Bring me a person who’s willing to show true sacrifice. Then, you
can have him.”Richard said



















Chapter 21 a new sayis

Pedro and I joined hands as he turned us into
green orbs and we flew up into a white portal. We appeared in front
of the Hall of Sayis Dragons and when Pedro opened the doors, I sat
down at my

class table as he stood in front of all of

“Jaren James has been forced to become the new
Darkomega. I need a person who’d willingly lay down their life for
another. The Sayis Council says that they have an open spot in the
Servants of Light. And, the person who can demonstrate true
sacrifice will become the next Gator Sayis.”

Chaser stood up.

“dad, I’ll do it. I’m willing enough to lay
down my life for Skyrid. I owe him for saving my life.”

“I know you owe him. But, we’ll discuss this

Pedro left out the door with his arms crossed.
Chaser ran after him.

Jared rose up from his seat.

“After the feast Fader and I will be teaching
all of you how to turn into your mythical forms.”

Instant conversation broke out among my table.
And, everybody talked about what their Mythical Creature Forms
could look like.

“Maybe I’ll be a Dragon.”Parser said

“That would be cool.”I said

“I think mine will be a Phoenix.”William

“It may be.If it was, it would be so amazing.”I

Chaser came back in with his Father. He rolled
his eyes in ignorance. They both separated. Pedro went back up to
the Teacher’s table. Hesitating, Chaser came and sat down at my
table. His face was bright red and tears were running down his

“What’s the matter?” I said

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Hey, Chase. We’re talking about what we think
our mythical Creature Forms will be. Wanna join?”

“No. Not right now.”

“Silence!”Jared said

Everyone went silent.

“There have been rumors going around that
Furliceo has been captured. These rumors are true. And, his spot as
Darkness Sayis has opened for grabs. Any one of you could become
the most feared out of everyone. So, watch who you hang around. And
without further ado, let the feast begin.”He said, shooting orbs of
light at the tables as food appeared. There was turkey, stuffing,
chicken, fried okra with jalapenos, shrimp, mashed potatoes and
sweet potatoes with marshmallows. I chose the stuffing, okra, a
chicken leg and shrimp as we all sat down.

“Chaser, why’d you offer to be a Sayis?”Nester

“I need to repay Skyrid for saving my
life.”Chaser said

“But, is that worth risking your own
life?”Nester said

“Yes.” Chaser said

“Bro, there is no reason to risk your
life.”Caitlyn said

“I don't care. I'd die to end this war.”Chaser

“Chase, even if you get nominated for the spot,
you’ll still be up against three other people. So, you’d have a
slim chance at winning this thing.”Parser said

“Are you sure you want to do this? You just had
a fight with your dad over it.” I said

“I’m sure. My dad can think what he

“dad just wants the best for you. He has tried
his best to get you to believe in Kursta and Bradley, but you have
been resisting him for some reason.”William said.

“I don’t think They’re real. Much less,

“Who do you think gave you your powers?”
William said.

“My dad. He is a warrior after all.” Chaser

“William's right. Kursta gave you your powers.
You should believe in him for that very reason.”I said

“This is my Life. I chose how to live it. So,
don’t fuss at me. I have made my choice.”Chaser said

Fader rose.

“I presume all of you done. So, all of you need
to follow me to class.”

Fader led everyone but me out of the Hall of
Sayis Dragons as Pedro came up to me.

“Skyrid, I need to see you.” he said

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