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When Cithians Attack (6 page)

BOOK: When Cithians Attack

“What’re you doing here? This place is
forbidden!” The man said.

I stood up.

“W-We came here by accident, Sir.” I

“No, you didn’t. I saw you come here through a
black portal.” The man said.

“I swear to you that we were sucked into it and
thrown here!” I said.

“Lies! You’re here to destroy more Cithians.”
The man said.

“But, we are Cithians! How would Strikers get
here in the first place?” I said.

“Through a portal generator.” The man

“We came here through Teleportation. We aren’t
Strikers.” I said.

“Prove it! Fight me!” The man said.

“We can’t! We’re only Cithians-in-training.” I

“If you don’t, I’ll feed y’all to my winged
dragon!” The man said.

“I’ll do it, Gravekeeper!” Karrithea said,
stepping forward.

“Karrithea, are you stupid?” I said.

“Shut up, Skyrid. I have to save us from this
man.” Karrithea said.

"Let the battle begin."The Gravekeeper said,
throwing a blue beam of light into the air. Two dragon-like heads
appeared on each shoulder and attach themselves to his neck as
bright red armor appeared on his body and his regular head turned
into a dragon’s head. Karrithea shot a beam of fire at him. He flew
across the graveyard. He turned into a red orb. Lasers shot out of
it towards her.

She dodged them. He materialized back into

“You are Cithians! Ones who don’t know how to
turn into their warrior forms yet though.” The Gravekeeper

“So, uh, why is this place forbidden?” I

"This is the Cemetery for Dead Sayis' and
Warrior Council members. And, the Sayis Members aren't suppose
expose themselves to Ganters. Strange creatures also roam the
grounds. They’ll feast on anything, including Cithians.” The
Gravekeeper said.

Why are they here, then?” I

“To protect the Cemetarian Forest.” The
Gravekeeper said.

A figure in a crimson cape with a blue hood
appeared. His tattoo of a red sun on his left cheek glimmered.Short
eyebrows raised as green eyes glistened in the sunlight. Brown hair
and had a red t-shirt and jeans were on him . He was running down
the cemetery and a winged dragon was chasing him. “My dragon!” The
gravekeeper said, running after them.

“Let’s follow them!” Nester said,

“Why? To get expelled?! We can’t fight a
dragon.” A boy in tattered clothes said, tweaking his glasses

“Who are you to tell us what to do?”

“I’m Zane Hicks. I’ve been going here as a
Class 1 Warrior.”

“How long have you been here?”Raze

“Since last night.”Zane said.

“Well, you have no sense of adventure.” Nester
said. He rolled his eyes.

“Stop it, Nester. We're going to follow them
anyway.”I said.

“The figure is my dad, Skyrid.” Jaren

“I don’t think so, Jaren .”I said.

We followed the dragon. A forest appeared in
front of us.

The figure walked into it and we followed
behind him. As we came to a clearing, we saw a silver safe door in
the ground. The hooded figure got down on his knees and opened it
by turning a wheel to the right five times. The door opened and we
followed him in. A bronze sword stood in the middle of the room.
The Sword had these words carved into it: 'The Sayis

It had eight gems of different colors embedded
in its silver handle and a diamond on top of it and was sitting
inside a glass case. Eight golden thrones with a different Sayis
symbol embedded into each one were in front of us. The hooded
person turned around and looked at me.

“You will not ruin my plans this time, Kazaka.”
He said, smirking . He ran at me with a butcher knife. I threw an
orb of yellow light at him. He fell. I ran over to him and picked
him up by his shirt.

“Who are you? And what do you want with me?” I
said,gripping his shirt tightly.

“I will never reveal my name, but I will say
that I am here to plot my revenge against you, “he said,

"What do you mean?" I said, shaking

“You burned my son!”

"Y-You're J-Jaren's Father?" I said, my eyes
widened. I let go of his shirt.

"Yes."He said, standing up and wiping his upper
lip. Jaren looked at me.

"Skyrid, he abused me! I wore bruises to school
every day because of him! He's not a dad, he's an abusive

"Son, how can you say that?"Jaren’s dad

“Stay away from me!”Jaren said. He
stepped back.

"Jaren, we don't need any confrontations right
now!" I said, pulling Jaren away from his dad.

"Skyrid, he abused me all the time. So you
can't just let him go!" Jaren said whining.

"I don’t have time for this.”Jaren’s Father

“:You’re not going anywhere!”I said.

“As if you can
stop me, child.”the stranger said. He tackled me. I threw him off
of me.
The Stranger went out the
safe door and it closed behind him instantly.

“Now, you’ll know what it’s like to be trapped,
Kazaka.”Jaren’s Father said.

We all screamed as we heard we heard footsteps
going away from the door. The winged dragon that the figure left
behind came closer towards us and blew lighting at us. Dodging it,
I went for the sword. But as soon as I touched the glass case,
metal bars formed around me and all the rest of us. The floor
beneath us disappeared.

We fell into a cell with a bunch of other
people in it.

































Chapter 11 Powerless

They had bruises all over their bodies. Their
orange jumpsuits had rips and tears at the arms.They all had cuts
on their wrists. So, they had no power rings in their wrists. These
prisoners had absolutely no powers.

“Who took your powers?” I said. One of the
prisoners stood up. He had a pasty white face. He also had baby
blue eyes.

“The Sayis’.” The prisoner said.

“Why?” I said.

“For our crimes.” The prisoner said.

“What crimes?” I said.

“My name is Kevin Ladmir. I’m in here for
Aligning myself with Furliceo Woolsley.” The prisoner

“You were in an alliance with Furliceo
Woolsley?” I said.

“Yeah.” Kevin said.

“Why?” I said.

“Because I was on a mission to learn why
Furliceo became a Striker.” Kevin said.

“Really?” I said.

“Yes.” Kevin said.

“We all know why. He did it because his power
possession turned him evil.” I said.

I looked at Kevin.

“So, do you still keep in contact with him?” I

“Yep. I just got some news from him.” Kevin

“Can you give it to me?” I said.

“What’s in it for me?” Kevin said.

“Your escape from this prison.” I

“How might I do that?” Kevin said.

“See that pedestal behind you?” I

Kevin turned around. I saw a silver pedestal
with a black orb carved into it.

“I do.” Kevin said.

“That’s your ticket out of here.”I said. I
looked at Nester.

“Would you do the honors?” I said.

“Sure.” Nester said.

Nester touched the orb. A blue portal appeared.
Kevin and the rest of us walked into it. We all appeared in a hall
with 4 doors on each side. Each one had a different sayis symbol on

The first one on the left had the Sedro Sayis
Symbol on it. The first door on the other side had the Darkness
Sayis’ Symbol on it.The next door on the left side had the Gator
Sayis symbol on it. The second door on the right had the Hydra
Sayis symbol on it.

Both of the next two doors had the symbol of
Light Sayis on one door and the symbol of Cerberus Sayis. The last
two had the symbol of Minotaur Sayis on one of them and the symbol
of Qysterio Sayis on the other.

Legend says these doors were to the rooms of
Sayis’. Plus, they can only be opened by future Sayis’. I opened
the Gator Sayis door. Everyone else stood there speechless. Michael
looked at me.

“Talk about the next Gator Sayis!” he

“Shut up! You're gonna get us caught.” I

Alarms blared.

“Kevin, now would be a good time for that
news.” I said.

“Alright, alright. Your sister, Crystal was

A group of guards dressed in blue cloaks came
towards us. Pedro stood in front of us.

“Naughty students, aren’t you!?” he said. I
stood there silent. Pedro glared at me.

“You’re the one the who gave them the idea,

“Yes.” I said.

“Guards, half of you can escort the students
back to their dorm and the other half can take Kevin back to his

The guards gather around us as a grey portal
appeared. I stood in front of Pedro.

“Wait! Before we go, I have to know if it’s
true.” I said.

“If what is?” Pedro said.

“Was Crystal really kidnapped?”

“Come with me.” Pedro said, sighing. The guards
pushed the other students into the portal. It disappeared. Pedro
led me to his office.

“So is it true?” I said.

“Sadly, yes. We’ll talk about it in my office.”
Pedro said. Pedro led me inside his office. I sat down in the chair
in front of his desk. Pedro sat down behind it. Pedro looked at

“I have some bad news. Yes, Crystal was

“Then, I have to go save her.” I

“No. That’s just what the villain wants! You
can’t save her if you get captured now, can you?”

“You’re right.”

“One more thing. The captor left this.” Pedro
said, handing me a piece of paper.

“I’ve kidnapped your sister. To get
her back you must fight me in the Warrior Power battle competition.
Not only that, you must win the competition. The fight is in five
days. See you then. “
I read.

Thoughts ran through my mind.
Who is this madman? What is he doing with my

“So, let me get this straight. You want me to
fight against this man on National television?”


“Why can’t I just do it now!?” I said. I stood
up. I punched Pedro’s desk.

“Calm down!” Pedro said. Pedro stared at

“It’s not safe. Let the authorities handle it.
So, you distract the captor until the day you fight

“I’m not waiting five days! “ I said, staring
at Pedro.

“Yes, you are! Don’t you get it? If you go out
looking for her, the captor will kill you. You can’t save her if
you’re dead!”
I sat back down.

“What about my powers? I have no control over
them.” I said.

“I’ll train you in between fights. Don’t sweat
it! You’ll win.” Pedro said.

“And, what if I don’t?” I said.

“You’ll get captured. But, don’t worry. That
won’t happen as long as you listen to me.”

Pedro escorted me to a golden pedestal with a
green orb carved into it. A tan portal appeared. I walked into



























Chapter 12 out again

I appeared in my dorm. The other students
gathered around me.

“So, why did Pedro take you to his office?”
Jaren asked.

“My sister, Crystal was kidnapped.” I

“Kidnapped? Who by?” Jaren said.

“I don’t know. But, the captor wants me to
fight him in three days. “

“Why?” Jaren said.

“I guess it’s some ransom thing. The captor
said in a note that he wouldn’t give Crystal back unless I fight
him and win some competition.” I said.

“Hmm. That’s not good. What’s the competition
called?” Jaren said.

“The Warrior Power Battle competition. But, I
don’t stand a chance. ” I said.

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