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“Neither can I.” My dad said. I lead them
inside. Alarms blared. A red orb appeared. It materialized into
Furliceo. Mitchell appeared.

Furliceo shot a orb of darkness towards me.
Mitchell jumped in front of me. The orb hit him as Furliceo
disappeared in a flash of lightning.We all ran up to him. I picked
him up and took him to hospital hall. A lady dressed in white came
towards us.

“Hi. I’m Beatrice Frazier. What seems to be the
problem?” she said.

“My brother was hit by a orb of darkness. Can
you help him?” I said.

“Sure. I’ll try. Lay him down on the bed.”
Beatrice said.

I laid Mitchell on the bed. Beatrice hooked him
up I.V. and a heart monitor. It beeped as his heart rate dropped. I
touched him. His heart rate rose.

Mitchell opened his eyes. I hugged him tightly.
Nester appeared.

“Skyrid, it’s time for our audition.” he

“Alright. But what about Mitchell?” I

“You can leave him. He needs his rest.”
Beatrice said.

A green portal appeared. We walked into it. We
appeared in front of a huge Colosseum. It was heavily guarded by
guardians. My dad walked up to them.

“I’m a Sayis. So let us in.” he said. The
guards backed away. We all walked into the Colosseum. There was a
battle going on. It was between a shady black boy and Furliceo.
They both were dressed in armor. Furliceo was in his Sayis form.
The shady black kid was in green samurai armor.

The shady black kid threw a clear white beam at
Furliceo. Furliceo dodged it by turning into a fluorescent orb.
Materializing, Furliceo threw an orb of darkness at the kid. The
shady black kid threw a beam of light at it. Furliceo threw a beam
of darkness at the orb. They both stretched back and forth as the
orb expanded. Bang! It exploded; throwing them both against the
wall. The referee went between them.

“This battle is a draw!” he said, blowing his
whistle. Furliceo and the shady black kid were taken to hospital
hall. Nester and I went onto the battlefield. We got into our
battle positions. A man in a suit tie came in between

“That’s my son out there! ” my mom shouted from
the crowd.

“Now presenting our Judges. Jason Steele,” the
man said.

A white man came into the Colosseum. He was
wearing a silver jacket, a blue dress shirt, and Jeans. He had baby
blue eyes.

“Grid Haser,”

A man came into the Colosseum. He had pasty
white face. Silver glasses lay over his green eyes. He was wearing
a black suit, a red dress shirt, and black pants. He was bald. They
both sat down at the judges table behind us.

“And, Jasine Gray.”

A woman came into the Colosseum. She had a
milky white face. Her eyes were a mint green. Her brown hair was
hanging down by her shoulders. She was wearing a black dress that
showed her boobs.

She sat beside the other Judges. The announcer
backed away from the middle of us as the referee stood in between

“Fight!” he yelled. He backed away. I threw a
beam of light into the air. Armor formed onto me.It was

Nester threw a beam of darkness into the air.
Red armor formed onto him. I threw a beam of light at Nester.
Nester threw an orb of Darkness at the beam. I swayed back and

I strained in pain as the energy in my body
drained out. Sweat drenched my face.Nester threw a beam of darkness
at the orb. We both swayed back and forth as we strained to keep
power on each of our sides. The orb exploded; throwing both of us
against the walls.

We both fell to the ground. I got up despite
the pain in my chest. Nester got up. I threw a beam of light at
him; throwing him against the wall. Nester fell to the

Nester got in a crawling position. Brown fur
appeared on him. His hands and feet turned into paws. His fingers
turned into claws. A mane appeared on his neck. His green eyes
turned black. Whiskers grew out of his face. Nester

Nester jumped into the air. Phoenix wings grew
out of his back. I threw a beam of light at Nester. He flew into
the air to dodge it. Nester landed on top of me. The referee came
in between us; pushing Nester off of me.

“Nester has won the first round. Now for round

Nester flew over to his side of the
battlefield. I got up. I threw a beam of light at Nester. He flew
over it. I threw an orb of light and a beam of light at Nester.
They both hit him; throwing him against the wall. The referee came
in between us again.

“Skyrid is the winner of round two. The final
round starts now.” he said. The Ref. backed away. Nester fell down
and turned back into his warrior form. He threw a beam of darkness
at me. I dodged it by swaying side to side. I threw a green orb at

The crowd cheered as the orb hit him; it pushed
him back a few feet. Sweat dripped off my face. I threw a beam of
lightning at Nester. It threw him against the wall. Nester fell to
the ground. The Referee blew his whistle as he came up to me. He
forced my hand into the air.

“The winner, Skyrid Crop!” he said. The
announcer walked into the center of the battlefield.

“Judges, do you accept Skyrid into the
competition?” he said. Jason looked up.

“Skyrid, you have a very unique fighting style.
You beat a Lionix! Which is amazing! I mean, you did spectacular!
Yes, I accept him!” he said. Jasine looked at me.

“Jeffrey, I loved this fight. You announced it
well. It was just dang gum amazing! So, it’s a yes from me.” she
said. Grid stared at me.

“I cannot believe my eyes. You beat a mythical
creature! I’m just totally speechless! Yes, you can fight in this
competition!” he said.

We all walked out of the Colosseum. My dad
opened a two blue portals. Nester and I walked into the first one
as my mom and dad walked into the second one.


Chapter 15 a battle against a

I woke up with Jamie’s grassy green eyes in my
vision. She shook me.

“Get up and get dressed. I have to take you to
meet our new student.” she said.

I got up and headed to the bathroom. I came out
of shower with my hair dripping and I had on a red t-shirt and blue
jeans on. Jamie led me to the fireplace. She touched the orb carved
into it. We both turned into Camouflage orbs. Our vision was
tunneled. A ocean blue portal appeared. We flew into it.

Materializing, we appeared in front of the
castle. We turned around. A girl was standing in front of us. She
was wearing a black shirt and jeans. Her dark brown hair was
hanging down by her shoulders. Her eyes glowed. Her face was milky
white. Jamie stood in between us.

“Oh, you must be Annathea Foxx. Skyrid, this is
the girl you will be partnering with in the competition. “Jamie

“Hi, I am Skyrid Crop and it is nice to meet
you Annathea. “I said, politely.

“Your skills didn’t get you in. Your dad did.”
Annathea said.

“That’s not true!” I said.

“Yes it is! Nester let you win!” Anna

I ran at her. Jamie broke us up.

“Break it up! Anna, shut it!”

Jamie rushed Annathea and I inside. She led us
out of Pedro’s office and down the long corridor. When we had
gotten to the end of the hallway, there was a green

Landing on the ground of a triangular room with
many battlefields, we saw a man with auburn hair, green eyes, a
black shirt, a velvet vest and white pants standing in the middle
of the room.

“Skyrid and Annathea, meet Jared Riker. He’ll
be your new weapons master and the coach for all warrior battles.”
Annathea and I ran onto a battlefield. I stood on the right. Anna
stood across from me.

I raised my right hand to the sky. Jamie
motioned to me.

“You can’t do that!” she said.

“Wait! Why?!” I said

“The Warrior council has this rule that you
can’t fight a person who hasn’t learned how to use their warrior
form if you use warriors powers during a fight against a

After Jamie spoke, I threw a beam of light
towards Annathea and, then Annathea sucked my power beam into an
orb of light. Throwing the orb of light at me, Annathea knocked me
down onto the ground. My chest seared with pain. The pain spreads
to my legs. I can’t get up no matter what I try.

I totally underestimated Anna. I am
not gonna stop fighting though.

I get up. I take some deep breaths. I shoot an
orb of light towards Anna. She shoots an orb of light towards my

Hitting against each other, the orbs combined
into a huge orb of power and then the orb lit itself on

Splitting itself two fireballs, the power orb
shot a fireball straight towards me and the other fireball went
towards Annathea. As soon as we tossed orbs of water at the
fireballs, smoke emerged from the fireballs and rose up slowly to
the ceiling.

We all got down on our hands and knees. We
crawled over to a door. Jamie opened it. Inside it were two big
white poles. Annathea, Jamie and I joined hands. We appeared in my

I walked in front of the fireplace with Anna in
my arms.

“This is Anna, our new roommate. “

“Well, hello. My name is Chaser.” Chaser

“I’m so excited to have a new girl to hang
around with.” Caitlyn said.

“Me too.” said Karrithea

“Everyone clear out of here. I want some alone
time with Anna.”

They all went to their dorms. I looked at Anna.
She looked at me. I kissed her on her lips. She slapped

“I don’t like you! You’re a cheat!” she

“How am I that?” I said.

“Nester let you win because you two are best
friends. So, you cheated your way into the competition.” Anna

“No! I didn’t! Nester’s my enemy, not my
friend.” I said.

“But you two just seem so compatible.” Anna

“We’re not. We are enemies.” I said.

“Fine. You didn’t cheat.”

“Alright, Good. Can you help me come up with a
strategy for the competition?”

“Sure. How about a combination orb?”

“What’s that?” I said.

“It’s an orb made out of two orbs mixed
together.” Anna said.

Cool. So like a fusion orb?” I

Yeah.” Anna said.

“Did you know Kodyack and Pedro were

“No. But, I heard that your sister was
kidnapped on the news.”

“I still can’t believe they’re gone. I mean,
Pedro is a Sayis. So, he could’ve...”

“That’s why you got into competition. To get to
Pedro, Kodyack and Crystal so you can save them.”

“Yeah. That’s the reason.” I said.

“Well, you’re gonna have a hard time with that.
The word is that these captors are pretty strong. Some say the
mastermind might even be a Striker.”

“A Striker?”


“You mean, I could get killed if I

“Yep. “

“Then, I better have a good

“You’re right. I have something that might

Anna pulled something out of her left pocket.
She laid it down on the table. It was a pencil. I heard a

“So, you’re Skyrid Crop.” It said.

“Your pencil! It can talk!” I said.

“Sure it can. It’s a talking

“Where’d you get it?”

“I found it in a cave just outside

“That’s rad, girl!”

“Thanks. So what was your malfunction

“Anger arose in my veins. White orbs went into
my hands. Beams of light shot out of them.”

“Cool. So it was like a anger


“Well, my mine was kinda like that too. I was
having a fight with my little brother, Pacer. On this day I turned
twelve and Pacer said happy birthday to the freak. Then I grabbed
him and pushed him up against the wall. As I held him up against
the wall, smoke start to rise up from my hands and then I looked at
them and noticed that they had lit on fire.” Anna said, messing
with her hair nervously.

“Wow. That seems pretty normal for a Cithian.
How’d you react when your parents told you’re a Cithian?” I
“I was speechless. Just scared for my life. How’d you react when
you were told?”

“About the same. I mean, I was captured by the
strikers before I was told.” I said.

“Captured? So what it was like?”

“They put me in a blue jumpsuit. They paired me
with a zombified boy who thought that the Strikers were good
people.” I said.

“Well, he’s wrong. You know, Cithians used to
be war heros.”

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