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“Are you
going to join me?” She took a step forward and pressed against him. “I want to
see you as naked as I am.”

“God, you’re tempting.” He moaned again, walking her
backward towards his desk. He lifted her up and stepped between her thighs.
“But I need a few minutes, baby. This isn’t one of your romance novels. A man
needs time in between.”

She nervously bit her lip, not knowing what to
expect, her inexperience showing right then. “Do you need any help?” she
whispered, looking down at his semi erect cock. He smiled not answering,
instead capturing her mouth in a heated kiss.

She was naive
all right and definitely distracted. One moment she was in bliss, his mouth
against hers, his hands coaxing her nipples to feel so good, making them hard.
She writhed against him expecting it to be great, and then suddenly he thrust
into her hard, forcing his shaft deep into her heated core, breaking her
barrier. She cried begging him to slow down the whole time, but he wouldn’t
listen. It was a painful experience both literally, and figuratively.

shook her head trying to dislodge the horrible memory from her mind. She’d been
so wrong about David Foster, and it was time to move on. Her one time with a
man, David treated her as if she didn’t exist any longer afterward, and went
back to the wife she knew nothing about, until it was too late.

Good riddance.


* * * *


One year later


she pulled up to the address her older cousin Nathan had given her. This was
her new beginning, and she couldn’t wait to get settled. Yet, she was still
nervous. Nathan was a married man who lived an unconventional lifestyle with
his wife and two other lovers, and although she thought it was great, she was
grateful when Nathan had given her the heads up about it.

Meagan, just keep to yourself, ignore the orgy fest and you’ll be fine.
sighed, as she stood in front of the door.
now or never. Knock damn it, get a grip. This is a new beginning and it’s not
like you’ll be living here long anyway. Get a job, and find a place of your
own. How hard can it be, right?

Lost in
her thoughts, she didn’t notice when the door opened until Nathan crushed her
to him in a big hug. “Hey squirt, what are you doing standing out here?”

“I was
about to knock, you just didn’t give me the opportunity to.” Meagan smiled
warmly at her favorite cousin, and stepped back to get a better look at him.
“It’s great to see you, primo. I hope I won’t be imposing.”

Nathan laughed and helped her with her bags before they went inside. “Mi casa
es su casa,

“It’s good to know. I’ll try not to get in the
way, and I’ll get a place of my own as soon as I can.”

worries, Meagan.” Nathan rolled his eyes looking exasperated. “You’re family,
and I wouldn’t have offered for you to stay here if you weren’t welcome so
chill for awhile and come meet the gang.”


He led her into the spacious living room where
his beautiful wife Heidi, her friend
, and one of
the most gorgeous men she ever saw sat comfortably on the couch in front of the
television. She’d met them all briefly at Nathan’s wedding and was instantly
greeted in yet another warm embrace.

Heidi squealed in excitement. “Welcome, honey. It’s so great to see you again.”

you.” Meagan chuckled at her enthusiasm.
knew I liked her,
she thought. “It’s great to see you too.”

“Have you
, and
?” Nathan

“I think
so. They were at your wedding, right?”


extended her
hand first. “Welcome, Meagan,” she said, and nudged
forward with her elbow.
gave her one of his sexy smiles and instead of shaking
her hand, caressed it inside of his before bringing it up to his mouth for a

beautiful, care to join us?”

what’s on?” Meagan stepped around him to look at the television, and then
blushed when
spoke again.

“Oh, well
there’s that too—”

!” Nathan growled, “Be careful, she’s my cousin.”

“And, hot
chuckled. “Hey man, she can always join
and I. I’m just saying…”

thanks,” Meagan spoke up to put an end to the discussion.
was gorgeous, but she wasn’t interested in coming between what they already
had. Not to mention her first time kind of ruined the spark for wanting
anything remotely intimate at the moment, and he was a little out of her league
in that department. “But thanks for the compliment.”

and hey if you ever change your mind—”

!” Nathan growled again.

“Come on,
honey, leave her alone.”
urged him back on the
couch with a smile on her face, and the next time she looked at Meagan she

“Let’s go
get you settled then.” Heidi spoke up, before draping an arm around Meagan’s
shoulders. “Nathan and
will bring the bags while
and I help you unpack. We’ve got a spacious
spare room on the main floor here you can use. It used to be
room. I hope you
like it.”

“I’m sure
I will.”

The room
was bright with soft colors, and had a large bay window, but the main
attraction was the large four-poster king sized bed right in the middle.
Entranced, she couldn’t help but test it out. “I love this bed.” She smiled,
and bounced on it a little.

Heidi and
chuckled, Nathan grimaced and groaned, while
grinned mischievously and winked making her blush
again and clear her throat.


ushered both men to the door.

girl time right now, and once we have Meagan settled we’ll go out and


“Sure why
not?” Heidi came to sit beside her. “
and I
thought that you might like to wind down with a couple drinks. It’s cheap drink
night at
The Rendezvous
. It’s a local
bar we like to go too. They’ve got a regular live band there, and they play
pretty well. How about it?”

you’re sure I won’t be the fifth wheel, then sure.” Meagan shrugged. “I could
use a little fun.”

“I figured
as much.” Heidi hugged her again, and
came to
join them.

“Do you
want to talk about it?”

what?” Meagan sighed, wondering if she should just open up and finally let it
all out.

“It’s not
every day one up and leaves their life to start out fresh somewhere else. We
just figured there was a good reason for it and wanted to let you know we’re here
if you ever need to talk.”

nothing really.”
Maybe if you keep
telling yourself that you’ll eventually believe it.
“Life was good, there
was this guy I fell hard for and he turned out to be married. I didn’t find out
until after I’d given myself to him for the first time and I was crushed. I
stuck around for a bit, but finally decided I needed a change so here I am.”

She was enveloped in a huge embrace
again from front to back as both Heidi and
to comfort her. “First time as in with him, or was it your ‘first time’ first

Meagan eyed her like it should
have been obvious but instead of confirming she just tried shrugging it off.
“It’s water under the bridge really. Please don’t make me go into details. I’d
rather just concentrate on unpacking and then having a good time.”

“He sounds like a jerk anyway, so
we’re glad you’re here,”
said as she hauled the
first suitcase on the bed to open.

“And, I know exactly what you
need.” Heidi rubbed her hands together eagerly. “Nathan gave me the best advice
once, and the same advice worked wonderfully on
. You need a little spice.”

“Spice?” Meagan lifted an eyebrow
with curiosity.

“Spice,” Heidi repeated, and
smiled wide. “Spicing it up is how Nathan and I realized we were perfect for
each other. We were in love with each other for years but the timing was never
right. I hit a dry patch in my love life, and Nathan decided that he would be
my something spicy. It was a bumpy road that led us to
and then
joined us when we moved here. She was
my closest friend growing up and the only women I wanted to share them with.”

and I complete each other, as Nathan and Heidi do.”
began, “I hope you’re okay with our arrangement because we’re all very much in
love. I can’t explain it properly other than to say that as couples we are
complete, but as a foursome we’re so much more, and please don’t mind
. He’s a big flirt, but he’s also harmless.”

“Yeah, I can definitely see that
about him, but I think what you have is wonderful actually. It’s hard enough to
find one person to connect with, and yet you each found your one perfect match
with the added bonus of two more whenever you’d like. If anything I envy the
four of you.”

“I knew I liked you,”

“So what are you suggesting
exactly?” Meagan felt confused. Were they trying to play matchmaker? Because if
so, she wasn’t sure she wanted it.

“I’m suggesting you spice it up!”

Heidi cheered and
giggled, while Meagan mumbled, “That may be good

Despite Heidi and
insisting she dress up a little, Meagan decided she
much preferred the more comfortable look. After all, she was there for a good time
with Nathan and the gang, not to pick someone up. Once her suitcases were
unpacked Heidi and
had left her to get ready
while they did the same.

She left her long dark hair loose
to cascade down her back, so long that it almost reached the hem of her
sweater. Her black sweater clung to her curves, slim fitting yet long and not
too tight, worn with dark grey leggings and her knee high leather boots. Now
she stood in front of the mirror for one last glimpse to check her make-up.
Okay Meagan, who are you kidding? Of course
you want to look good. What woman doesn’t? You just don’t want to look
desperate. Yeah that’s it. You’re young, pretty, and... Oh hell, you’re going
out with your cousin and his lovers what does it matter what you look like.
You’re the fifth wheel.
Sighing she turned away from the floor length
mirror and decided to let everyone know she was ready before she changed her
mind and told them to go on without her.

A loud whistle broke her from her
thoughts, and she looked up to see Nathan with a huge smile. “
, Meagan.” He
greeted her with a hug and then repeated the same in English, “simply
beautiful,” before stepping back to look at her again.

“Must run in the family,” she
teased, “You’re looking good yourself, primo. Where is everyone else?”

“Are you kidding?” Nathan
snorted, “They’re still getting ready, and
just as long as Heidi and


* * * *


The Rendezvous
was a lot larger than she
pictured it to be, but once inside it had a cozy feel to it. A pub designed to
make you feel at home, and a popular local hang out judging by how busy it was,
despite the weekday. After her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting inside she
managed to get a better look starting with the floors up.

were hard wood floors all around except for the dance floor. It was done in a
dark ceramic. A long oak bar on the right side had an even longer line up of
people waiting for their drink orders. The walls were a neutral white with rock
memorabilia hanging against it as far as she could see. There were guitars,
posters, T-shirts, and autographed pictures to admire. Tables were on the left,
booths were against the walls, and in the middle sat a large stage.

It was
then she saw the band. The music distant in the background, a good beat, but it
was the person singing that caught her attention. He was hypnotizing, with his
blond messy hair, seductive blue eyes, and deep baritone. He was tall, lean,
and sculpted. She could tell by just looking, even at a distance. His T-shirt
rolled up at the sleeves gave her a great view of large biceps with artwork,
his pecs were outlined, and led down to a flat stomach she just knew would be
defined by even more muscle. She couldn’t help but admire, and lowered her gaze
for a further perusal, and bit her lip.

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