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“So what
about you?” he asked looking concerned. “I saw you talking to Greg. He’s not
being an ass again is he?”

“He is a
natural ass, but not in the way you’re referring. He wasn’t bothering me, I was
just bringing the table their beer and he happened to be there.” Meagan
shrugged. “And, now that your saved from your entourage, I think I’m going to
head back to the bar and get Cory to give me a couple of Corona’s. Nathan,
, and
here, and I’d like to see them before they leave.”

don’t you let me handle the drinks, and go ahead to their booth? You’re due for
a break anyway, and I don’t have to go back on stage for a few more minutes.”
Coop rested his hands on each of her shoulders, stepping closer. “You deserve
it, besides it also gives me an excuse to spend mine with you too.” He leaned
down to brush his lips across her forehead, and then stepped aside before
pushing her in the opposite direction towards the booth her family occupied.
“Go on, I’ll see you in a minute.”

walked across the bar in a slight state of shock. He kissed her. Not the way
she wanted him too, but it was a start. His soft plump lips felt better than
she dreamed it would and couldn’t imagine how good they would feel pressed
against her in other spots. Okay she definitely could, but now wasn’t the time
to fantasize. One thing was for sure, she needed to make her move on him, and

When she
approached the booth Nathan and
were nowhere to
be seen, but the two heads connected were hard to miss. With a pretty shade of
red hair facing her, Meagan watched the open display of love between the two
women and slid in the booth unnoticed. Bodies were pressed together, with arms
wrapping each other tight, Heidi and
kissed with
such a passion it was beautiful. Teeth nipped playfully, tongues entwined into
a playful dance as they tasted each other, and it made her sigh loudly,
breaking up their moment.

Heidi and
both smiled as they turned to her. “It’s about
time you came to see us.” Heidi teased, “I was beginning to think we were being


what’s with the long sigh?”
asked with curiosity.
“Is everything okay?”

peachy.” Meagan smiled. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I envy what
the four of you have and finally long to find that kind of passion for myself,
I guess.”

Heidi squeaked with delight, making
and Meagan
laugh. “You’re finally ready to
spice it

“I can
take a guess, but I’m going to ask anyway. Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Is it
that obvious?” Meagan rolled her eyes, but chuckled as she leaned back to get

“Oh yeah,
I could tell from the first moment you walked into this place. Coop’s a great
guy though so what’s not to like, and the two of you seem to get along pretty
well.” Heidi playfully elbowed
who wiggled her
eyes brows and agreed.

I’ve known him for years and haven’t a bad thing to say about him. It doesn’t
hurt that you’re both so cute together either.”

thanks. It’s nice to know that I have your support. Moving here had to be one
of the best decisions I’ve made. Now comes the hard part,
spicing it up
.” She moved her index and middle fingers up and down
as if to quote.

“I know
where you’re coming from, Meagan. I was pretty shy once upon a time ago too,
but believe me, it pays to open up sometimes, and Coop is going to be worth
held up her beer bottle with one hand and
reached over to place her other hand on top of Meagan’s as it rested on top of
the table. “To the best advice ever given to either of us.” Heidi smiled and
followed suit by finishing the toast and placing her hand on top of

spicing it up

“I think
I like the sound of that, but why aren’t you two still locked together? You
were supposed to make it hot for us before we left.”
looked at Nathan and shook his head. “They disobeyed us partner. As soon as we
finish these drinks I think we need to take our naughty girls home and bring
out the toys.” Smiling mischievously he turned to Meagan as Coop helped her up
to let them pass. “Would, Meagan, care to join in?”

didn’t say anything but he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him,
making her smile. She liked his protective side. “I’m flattered,
, really but I’m afraid I’ll have to decline yet again.
You’re like family to me, and that’s just not going to happen.” She shuddered,
and then laughed as he pulled her out of Coop’s embrace and into his own.
laughed with her as he spun her around.

“I know,
but I like getting a reaction out of Nathan. He’s much hotter when I piss him
off.” He winked before he set her down and took a long swig of his beer before
next to him.

and wait till we get home and I’ll show you how hot I can get.” Nathan growled,
“I’ll get Heidi to show me where she put that paddle and swat your ass good

“I don’t
know about the three of you, but I think I’m ready to go now.” Heidi stood and
spoke as if she was breathless, looking completely turned on and ready to
and Nathan both smiled, and Meagan and
Coop stood speechless as they watched the foursome get ready for more action.

she knew it, she received four bear hugs before they departed and she wanted to
groan knowing it was going to be a long night ahead.

“I hope
you got those ear plugs.” Coop laughed as she playfully swatted him, and sat as
he watched her clear the table. “Sit for a minute would you?”

in the booth, she sat directly across from him. “I’ll manage. What they have is
a beautiful thing. I think I’m beginning to get jealous.” She grinned and
continued, “Heidi thinks Nathan is quite wise. He apparently gave her some
great advice. It pushed them together after secretly loving each other for
years before they actually admitted how they truly felt. Have they told you the
story about how they finally gave in?”

“Not in
so many words, no, I’ve heard bits and pieces, but not the whole story of it.”

been roommates and best friends for years. Anyway, Heidi hit a rough patch in
her love life, and Nathan suggested that she ‘spice it up’. He completely made
her over, and sent her to this club called,
and long story short Nathan finally decided to wise up and make his
move, designating himself as that something spicy.

were great for awhile, until he went and screwed it up by bringing another woman
home on the night Heidi decided to surprise him with
He had a bad day, and said some awful things. Heidi was devastated. A little
time passed and they were both miserable being a part.
decided to help them by taking Heidi on a date, making Nathan wise up before he
lost her for good.” She chuckled. “He got up on stage that night and sang his
heart out for her, proposing marriage, and after they all celebrated with that
promised threesome, making the duo, a trio. They were so good together they
couldn’t picture life without
with them, and
came into the mix when
was feeling like he needed a little something extra. She was Heidi’s childhood
friend and they hit it off almost instantly after Heidi introduced them.
was open minded and exactly what they were looking
for. She fit into their unique family perfectly, and the rest is history.” She
shrugged as he eyed her with a smile.

“It’s a
great story. Thank you for sharing it with me, Meagan. I love hearing about a
real life happily ever after, especially when I know the people. Is that why
you guys were talking about
spicing it up


nodded. “I heard their little toast anyway, not the parts before that though.
Care to share?”

“I was
telling them that I think I’m ready to get back out there. I mean I could
relate to Heidi’s story before Nathan wised up. My love life has been through a
rough patch for quite awhile, and I’m thinking maybe I should take my cousin’s
advice. What do you think, Coop, should I find someone to ‘spice it up’ with?”

that depends…”


depends on what guy you decide to choose.” Meagan blushed as he reached across
the table, placing her hands inside of his. His thumbs caressed her palms back
and forth in a soothing gesture, and he watched her intently.

“I tell
you what, you’ll be the first guy I come to when I decide to pursue this, and
I’ll let you know then who I choose to pursue it with, deal?”

enough.” He laughed and then stood. “Well, Ms. Morales, as much as I love where
this conversation is heading, and the lovely company that comes along with it.
I do believe I’m needed back on stage now. Are you ready to get back to work?”
He held out his hand as she got out of the booth and waited until she had
everything she needed before leaving her again. Steadying herself against the
table as she watched that perfect ass drift further and further away, she
finally finished cleaning off the table and smiled to herself for dropping him
a few subtle hints.

to either of them hatred lingered from the other side of the bar as their whole
conversation was being watched through narrowed eyes.




Chapter Six



Meagan groaned, pulling up a chair to take the pressure off of her feet for a
moment. “My feet are killing me. Do you ever get used to it?”

Ashley laughed as she watched Meagan slip off her shoes and stretch her toes.
“Soak your feet for awhile when you get home, and you should be as good as new
in no time. I used to do that often before I bought these extra padded insoles
to put in my shoes.”

advice, thanks. I’ll have to get a pair of those for myself too,” Meagan said,
as she slipped her shoes back on and hopped off the chair to help out. She
began to tie up the garbage bags and pile them in the corner to get ready to
take out.

“So, you
and Coop? Now that’s a much more interesting subject.” Ashley smirked.

“Me and
Coop?” Meagan shrugged. “I’m not really sure what you want me to say here.”

open up when you’re ready. The two of you have been denying your attraction
since the beginning, but tonight it looked like you were making progress.”

“I guess
we are.” Meagan grinned leaving her answer vague on purpose. Ashley and Cory
did the same thing before Cory finally wised up a few weeks before, and they’ve
been in bliss ever since. But, it was fun teasing her about it since Meagan now
found herself in the same position Ashley started in. They’d become good
friends since she began work, so she knew she’d give in any moment and spill
the beans.

probed, “What kind of progress are we talking about here? Come on, give me
something. Me and Cory are rooting for the two of you, you know. I mean, you’re
interested, right?”

“Definitely.” Meagan giggled. “I was actually
telling Coop that I was ready for something more with someone and asked him if
he thought I should do it.”

“You didn’t.”
Ashley laughed. “Go on.”

“Then he
said it depended on who I chose, so I told him that when I decided to make my
move, he’d be the first to know about it.”

“Good for
you.” Ashley patted her on the shoulder. “I’ll look forward to seeing how all
of this plays out for you.”

“Me too,”
Meagan agreed, bending down to grab a couple of bags. “I’ll keep you posted. In
the meantime, I’ll start lugging the bags out while you finish tying up the rest
so we could get out of here.”

thing, I’ll meet you out there in a minute or two. I’m just going to let the
guys know we’re almost done here. It’s dark enough this time of the night, but
back there can get a little creepy. In fact, why don’t you just wait a minute
and I’ll get one of them to help us out.”

it’ll only take me a minute.” Meagan shrugged off her concern knowing it would
only be a minute. She planned on leaving the door open anyway so what’s the
worst that could happen?

Ashley called out, feigning a pout as Meagan looked back.

“Oh, Ash,
you know I love you right?” Chuckling Meagan turned back around and out the
back door.

was right the back alley was a little creepy, especially at night. Only a dim
shine from the light in the parking lot gave her a glimpse of the dumpster a
few feet away. Carefully setting the door so it would stay open, Meagan
proceeded down the steps to discard the heavy baggage. Her heart raced as she
made a dash for it, throwing them over so she could return before Ashley met
her. Easy
, right?

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