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As soon
as her body turned to go back, she’d slammed into something hard and cried out
as she fell backwards on her ass.

“Get up,

froze, with eyes going wide as recognition hit her. She recognized the voice
almost immediately.

“I said,
get the fuck up.” Greg reached down and yanked her forward so that she was
pressed right against him. His grip then tightened as he pulled her into a dark
corner and backed her against the wall, the dumpster partially hiding them from
view. “There now isn’t this a little better?” He thrust his hips into her so
she could feel his excitement against her stomach, making her whimper.

“Why are
you doing this to me?”

you’re a fucking tease, and I don’t like the way you embarrassed me.” His body
pressed against her tighter and he moved his grip from her arm as she continued
to whimper.

Why me?

She could
smell his rancid alcohol laced breath as he spoke, and when his hands began to
explore, her fear began to turn into anger. “I’m not a tease. You’re just a
fucking asshole who can’t take no for an answer. I wasn’t interested. You just
weren’t smart enough to take the hint.” She squirmed trying unsuccessfully to
break free of him.

outsmarted you now though, haven’t I you little bitch? I saw you in there
tonight laughing it up with Nathan and Coop. Do you know that he shares his
woman? Is that the way you are too, Meagan, do you share yourself with Nathan
and Coop? Well, I’m about to get my turn now.”

His hand
yanked hard on her hair, pulling her head back to try and keep her still while
the other locked around her throat and began to squeeze. It was now or never, a
time to escape or die trying.

Just then
the door to the bar creaked as Ashley brought out the rest of the garbage, and
Meagan prayed she’d have the chance to warn her. “Meagan?”

flinched. Shifting himself as she struggled to breath, moving just enough to
free her right leg and with all the strength she could muster kneed him in the
groin. He groaned, loosening just enough so she could take large gulps of air.

run,” Meagan squeaked, trying desperately to overstep Greg into safety but it
wasn’t enough. He lunged for her throat again knowing he didn’t have much time.

Cory, help...” Ashley’s voice faded in the background as Meagan’s struggle
continued on.

“No!” she
screeched, throwing her leg up again only he blocked her, predicting her move.
Lunging forward she caught him off guard and managed to fall on top of him
trying to scramble away again, anything she possibly could do to create some

grabbed for her ankle and pushed her backward, scrapping her hands and knees as
she tried to kick him off of her, and just as she was trapped again, she was
finally freed.

beneath him one minute, in the next moment she was being lifted away. It was
all so surreal, and she panicked again. “Relax, Meagan, it’s me Cory, honey.
I’m just going to bring you back to the bar with Ashley. You’re safe now. I’ve
got you.”

“B-but, Greg, h-he...”

“I know,
.” Cory rubbed the back of her head. “Coop
and Brett have him covered until the police get here. Don’t worry he’s not
going unpunished for this.” The last part came out as a frustrated growl.

looked up startled, and then began to cry once she realized even Cory wanted to
go out there and kick his ass. Hell, she wanted too as well, and when Ashley’s
shaking arms came around her as soon as Cory gently placed her in a chair, the
reality of it hit her like a ton of bricks. That asshole tried to rape her,
could have killed her, and if it wasn’t for these people right here he might
have succeeded. They’d come to her rescue again.

Meagan, I was scared to death.” Ashley’s voice shook a little as she looked Meagan
over. “You look terrible.”

I feel it.”

can you go get the first aid kit while we wait for the ambulance to arrive.
She’s got scrapes and bruises everywhere.” Ashley stood as Cory left the room,
and began to try and fix Meagan’s tangled hair.

throat hurts the most. How does it look?”

“Red. I can
almost make out his handprint. It’ll probably leave a good bruise.” She walked
away as she said it.

of bruises…” Cory said as he handed Meagan a baggie filled with ice and gave
Ashley the first aid kit. “Why don’t you put this on your cheek, it’s red too,
and it looks a little puffy. The ice will help with the swelling.”

Meagan didn’t feel like speaking anymore, her crying started again and she felt
like being alone.

But, it didn’t work out that way.
The police and an ambulance arrived shortly after first taking her to the
hospital, and then getting a statement from her. Coop stayed with her the whole
time, supportive when she needed him to be and at a distance when she needed
the same.

Ashley and Cory followed, calling
a frantic Nathan and Heidi. With a limited amount of visitors, it took
everything to convince Nathan she was all right enough for him to go on home.
Ashley and Cory took the hint leaving with them, but Coop stayed the whole
time, and for that she was grateful. He’d saved her yet again, and it was him
she wanted to stick around. So after careful observation and the doctors
determining it was just a bunch of scrapes and bruises. She received her
discharge papers, and followed him home instead of going to hers.


* * * *


peaked through the curtains and landed on her face. The warm glow awakening her
from sweet slumber, and she groaned as it all came flooding back to her.


jumped at the sound of Coop’s voice, momentarily startled. “Hi,” she whispered,
her hand reaching her tender throat right afterward. “I hope it doesn’t look as
bad as it feels.” She hoped teasing him would ease the tension.

“Are you
in pain?” He instantly moved from the chair across the room and sat next to her
on the bed, concern evident in his expression.

okay, Coop, considering...” Meagan smiled shyly, and looked away. “Thank you
for making me feel so safe last night. You’ve come to my rescue time and again,
with the job, your friendship, and then last night—if you hadn’t ripped him off
of me when you did—“

.” Coop silenced her
by gently placing his finger on top of her lips. “You and Ashley are to never
take the garbage out back again, you got it. You scared the shit out of me,
Meagan.” He trembled as he reached out to pull her into a hug. “It’s over now,
and thank God you’re okay.”

you,” she whispered again holding onto him tighter and in the heat of the
moment it just felt right to move her hands down his arms, and press her lips
against the side of his face. One peck and then another, she moved her face
back to look him in the eye, and then decided to caress the sides of his face.
His soft plump lips beckoning her for a taste, she went for it and whimpered
with need as soon as she felt them against her own. Coop let her take the lead,
and she loved him for it. Feeling vulnerable, she couldn’t help herself and had
to feel the person she felt safest with as close as possible. The same person
she was falling in love with. She’d fantasized the very moment and loved that
he held himself back for her.

His mouth
was firm, soft, and warm against her. Her lips lingering to savor his taste
with a few pecks on the lips at first to make sure he wanted this as much as
she had. Meagan took his groan as a surrender and went for it. Moving her body
as close as she could get, she pulled him down on top of her and got

her arms around his neck and thread her fingers
through his silky soft blond hair. Her tongue came out to trace his lips,
making them part. She pulled her tongue back, nipping his bottom lip and then
sucked on it. “You’re driving me nuts, Meagan.” Coop groaned again. “And, I’m
going to really kiss you now before you kill me right here.”

chuckled before pulling him down again, and this time there was no going slow.
She put everything she’d been holding back into their kiss. She wanted him, and
wanted to leave no question in his mind to the fact that she did. Her tongue
immediately sought entry caressing itself against his. A soft, silky, wet
warmth of entanglement as they rubbed and tasted each other for the first time.
It was fireworks. The butterflies in her stomach went haywire with need, as if
an electrical current was flowing through him and into her, and she wondered if
he felt it too.

tender touch nearly undid her. He touched her as if she were the most precious
gift in the world. Tenderly placing his hands along her jaw line, his thumbs
moved up and down across the side of her neck and she winced once he hit a
tender part. “Shit, Meagan, I’m so sorry.”

Oh, no, no, no, no, no...

be. Please don’t stop.” She reached for him again, but he kept a safe distance.
She felt like kicking
herself for ruining the moment, and it was such a good moment while it lasted.
She bit her bottom lip to fight off the sting of rejection she felt. It was
ridiculous, but still there regardless, and he cursed again when a stray tear
fell down her cheek.

“You know
I’ve been dreaming about kissing you since the moment I laid eyes on you.” She
saw him smile before placing himself at her side again. Coop stretched out onto
the bed and reached out to hold her. With her body nestled next to him Meagan
sighed, and laid her head against his chest to listen to the soothing sound of
his beating heart while he held her.

“Then why
didn’t you?”

I knew you’d been burned, and I wasn’t sure you’d be ready for anything I was
ready to give you. I did, however know that I couldn’t let you walk out my door
without knowing I could see you again and it worked out perfectly that you
needed a job, and I had one available. I also knew I needed to go slow with you
and that if you wanted me I’d have to let you make the first move. I’m not sure
how you feel Meagan, or what place I’ll have in your life, but I’d rather have
you as a friend than nothing at all.”

“But what
if I’m ready for more?”

chuckled startling her, and she shifted to look at him again. “Then say the
word, sweetheart, and I’ll give it to you, but there’ll be nothing too physical
until you’re all healed. I’m not going to risk hurting you like I did a minute
ago, no matter how great that kiss was.”

“It was
pretty good, wasn’t it?” She grinned now that the sting of rejection was
confirmed unwarranted. He wanted her, and damn it she wasn’t about to let him
go. “I’m saying the word then, Coop, I need you in my life, and I want to be so
much more than just your friend from now on, if you’ll have me.” She smiled
again at seeing the heat in his eyes, and at the feel of his excitement pressed
against her leg. She rubbed against it, and her smile grew wider as he growled.

her leg, he held onto it and spoke again with effort. “Not until you’re feeling
better. Make no mistake that I want you. That my answer is yes, but just not
now.” He gently removed her leg from where he held it on top of him, and
slipped away. “Now I’m about to take a cold shower, but before I do I have one
favor to ask.”

He stood
at the edge of the bed and waited for her to say something before he continued.

“I’d like
you to consider staying here for the next little while. We could take it day by
day if you like, but I like having you around and knowing that you’re safe with
my own eyes. You’d also be able to get as much rest as you needed here and...”

“I get
it.” Meagan interrupted, “And, I’ll consider it as long as I don’t outstay my
welcome. Truth be told, I kind of like having you take care of me at the moment
and I feel safe with you. I love my cousin and his family, but they’d probably
hover and I’m not sure I’d want that at the moment anyway. I want to move past
this, and move on with my life.”

because I’ve already got
to drop some of your
things off this morning. I figured he’d be easier to deal with than Nathan
would at the moment. They’re all worried sick and I’m not sure how much longer
the foursome will stay away. You’re loved here by so many, Meagan, so whenever
it gets tough please remember that, and I’m here if you need anything at all.”

couldn’t help but wonder if he was one of those many who loved her, and when
she didn’t say anything after he spoke, he nodded as if satisfied and headed
towards the bathroom.

finally did it, making her move, and now had to figure out how to break past
his stubborn barrier, because now that she voiced her need for him, she wasn’t
sure she’d be able to wait much longer.

What she
needed was reinforcements, and knew just who to call to help her out.

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