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“Oh my
God, Meagan, look at all of these...”

there any in there you recognize? Because feel free to take your pick. I’m just
going to put them in the recycle bin anyway.” Meagan shrugged.

probably what it is, you know, not only are you beautiful, but you’ve got that
hard to get, I’m not interested thing going on and everyone wants what’s just
out of reach.”

“If you
say so.” Meagan laughed. “Oh, and thanks for the compliment, I think.”

Ashley could comment Coop interrupted, “I think she’s got you there. What’s all
this?” He gestured between them.

“Looks to
me like our girls here are popular.” Brett whistled, and helped himself with
the heap in front of them. “They’re phone numbers and little love notes. Damn,
Coop, they’re almost as popular as we are.”

chuckled, and wrapped his arm around Meagan. “Can you blame them?” he teased,
making Meagan blush again.

“No, I
can’t,” Cory growled, and then leaned over to wipe the bar clean, including the
pile of numbers and notes. Two handfuls later and they were in with the
recycling bin. Coop smiled wide, and enjoyed the temporary show.

“What the
hell was that for?” Ashley jumped off the stool, her hands balled into fists
and then rested on her hips to wait for an answer.

what I understand, Meagan isn’t interested, and you don’t need any man’s number
either.” Cory shrugged, making Ashley angrier.
If looks could kill...

“And, how
would you know what I need?”

about I show you instead?” Cory jumped over the bar and stood in front of her.
“We’ve been dancing around each other for months, and I’m sick of waiting.
Fuck, that we work together, let’s take this friendship to a whole other level
honey. But, be forewarned I’m not the sharing type of guy.” Her fists loosened
at her sides, and Coop could pinpoint the exact moment Ashley turned to putty
in Cory’s hands. Everyone was silent watching the exchange between the two,
when Cory continued, “Now I’m going to kiss you, and then I want to go home and
make you forget about those phone numbers and any other guy who set his sights
on you. I’m going to finally make you mine.” The last part was a whisper before
their lips finally locked in a passionate kiss.

looked down to see Meagan had the same goofy smile on her face, as he did on
his. It was great to see Cory and Ashley together. He watched them fight their
attraction for quite awhile and was glad Cory finally manned up and did
something about it.

“Aw, they
are so cute together.” Meagan sighed, as she gestured towards them and looked
up at him with such a beautiful smile. Momentarily everyone else seemed to
disappear, and it was just the two of them. He reached down to caress the side
of her face with his hand. Her skin was so soft and inviting, he pushed his
luck some more once his thumb made its way to her chin, not stopping until it
touched her plump bottom lip. He nearly groaned. So soft, so inviting...

But, then
Mike cleared his throat and he snapped out of it, Chris patted Cory on the
shoulder interrupting them, and Brett grinned bigger than Coop had ever seen
him do before. Only, Brett was looking at him with Meagan, not Cory and Ashley.
Bastard, I’m never going to hear the end
of it.

stepped away from Meagan before he took up where he left off, knowing he’d take
it further and taste those tempting lips next time. He clapped his hands
together and approached the other couple. “Congratulations you two, it’s about
time Cory wised up and saw the good thing he had right in front of him for so
long, but I suggest you two get out of here before you really put on a show.”

idea.” Ashley smiled, dragging Cory with her to the door. “We’ll see you all
tomorrow.” And with a quick wave they were gone.

“I should
probably get going too. Same time tomorrow?” Meagan cleared her throat and
stood. She reached behind her to put on her jacket and grabbed her purse before
turning towards him again for her answer.

time tomorrow,” he repeated. “Will you be all right to get home on your own?
It’s pretty late.”

house is only five blocks away, but Nathan insisted I take my car anyway. I’m
parked just outside the door, so I should be just fine.”

Coop nodded, while he watched her
approach the door behind him. Stopping on the way, she placed her hand on his
shoulder. Giving him a shy smile, Meagan thanked him allowing her hand to
linger momentarily, she turned one last time waved good-bye to the rest of the
guys, and then left for the night.

Coop smiled to himself liking
that he had some new inspiration, looked forward to the next time he saw her
again, period. Meagan Morales was full of surprises, intriguing, and an
inspiration. She was chemistry and she brought out his creative side. He felt a
new song coming on and looked forward to writing down the lyrics she’d inspired
from him. Maybe he’d play it for her one day too, when the timing was right,
but for now there was much to look forward to.

It was a good night.




Chapter Five



been working at the bar for a few weeks, and it still amazed her how packed
Tuesday nights where. Her feet were killing her, people kept bumping into her,
and she was due for a break anytime. The drinks were half price, and Coop’s
sexy voiced filled the bar. It was no wonder the place was so busy. Women
scantily clad trying to get attention, while men were eager to give it. There were
even a few groupies stuck to the front of the stage. Meagan bit her lip. Coop
still maintained a respectful distance from her. Oh there was a little flirting
here and there, the occasional touch, and she knew the attraction was still
strong between them but it didn’t matter how much they had in common or, how
much chemistry sparked between them, she knew he was waiting for her to make
the first move.

Not only
had Meagan been burned by a past love, and he knew it, but he was also her boss
so he had to stay professional until he was sure she really wanted him for
something more.

The ball
was in her court, and if she was being perfectly honest, she was finally woman
enough to admit she wanted him. She wanted him for so much more than her
friend, and boss, she wanted him for the man he was, hardworking, caring,
talented, and completely gorgeous in every way. Over the last few weeks she was
well on her way to falling in love with him.
How did that happen?

her head to clear her thoughts, Meagan deposited her next drink order to Cory,
and waited for him to fill it. Nathan, Heidi,
were there tonight and as soon as she could
she’d stop by their booth and say hi, if she could.

“Here you
go, Meagan,” Cory said as he placed the drinks she ordered on her tray, plus a
few extra bottles of water. “Lyric is about to go on break in a minute, would
you mind giving the guys these waters after your next table?”

thing.” Meagan winked, and gave him a smile as she walked away.

Her next
table was surrounded by a bunch of guys, ones that placed their orders with her
earlier, and others who just arrived. “Here you go, gentlemen.” Meagan reached
over to place the pitcher of beer in front of them, and she almost dropped the
frosty mugs when one of them spoke.

well, well, if it isn’t Coop’s little Meagan,” Greg sneered. “Careful boys this
one’s a tease.”

“First of
all, I’m not Coop’s anything, nor am I a tease. I wasn’t interested plain and
simple. Now what can I get for you?” Chuckles erupted all around the table and
Greg’s eyes narrowed at her again. She’d seen him a couple of times since their
first encounter, if you could call it that, and every time he seemed to look at
her she could feel the hate rolling off of him. It was a little creepy.

“I like
the feisty ones.” Another one of his buddy’s moved closer, but she managed to
step around him safely, and thankfully unlike Greg he hadn’t pushed his luck.

didn’t bother to reply. Instead, with a slight wave she took a few steps back
before saying, “Well you guys think about those drink orders some more and I’ll
have someone here to check on you in a minute.” And, she hurriedly made her way
towards the stage.

hadn’t realized she’d been holding her breath, until she met Coop’s gaze as she
approached and let out a big breath of relief. He must have seen Greg talking
to her because he looked concerned. He maintained eye contact with her as the
song ended, but as soon as he stepped off the stage he was surrounded by women.

shyly, Meagan walked past him momentarily and hopped onto the stage to give the
rest of the band their water bottles. “Thanks, babe, you’re a lifesaver.” Brett
smiled, before chugging half the bottle, and then pulled her into a hug after
she tossed the remaining water to the others, minus one, Coop’s. He was still
busy fending off his busty entourage.


chuckled, and looked over at Coop. “Think we should help him out? I don’t know
about you, but I could sure use some company later on.” He wiggled his eyebrows.
“What do you say we let Coop off the hook? You bring him that water, and lure
him away while I wreak the benefits of having a bunch of lovely ladies to
choose from. He looks a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh, you
are bad.”

“I am.
You just let me know if you’d ever like a taste of a bad boy and I’d be happy
to oblige my lovely, Meagan. Hell, if I didn’t have so much respect for Coop, I
would have already tried to win you over, sweetheart, but any fool could see
that would be a lost cause. You two are perfect for each other. I just wish
you’d both wise up to it.”

think.” Meagan looked over to the man in question, and smiled as he mouthed the
word help, then making her laugh. “I believe Coop just gave us the cue to go
ahead. Shall we?”

you, beautiful.” Brett reached for her hand to pull her forward with him,
hopped off the stage, and then cut in between the small crowd depositing her
right at Coop’s side.

immediately wrapped his arms around her, and placed her in front of him. Moving
his face to the side of hers, Coop then whispered, “You’re a lifesaver, have I
ever told you that.”

Meagan smiled, and then turned around to face him, breast to chest. “Then hang
on to your life raft, and follow my lead.” He felt too good against her, and
she just couldn’t bring herself not to play along. It was kind of fun.

“I think
I like were this is heading.” Coop smiled wide, and then winked at her. “I
think I’d follow you anywhere, Meagan, anywhere at any time.”

She liked
his confession, but wasn’t sure how to reply, feeling kind of off guard
momentarily. Then a whiny voice interrupted them, and saved her from replying
back, and she wasn’t sure whether to feel annoyed or laugh about it. “Hey,
Coop, when you going to let go of her and come give me some of your attention.”

Coop and
Meagan both shifted to look at the source behind it. A busty bleach blonde
woman stood in front of them feigning a pout. Piles of make-up covered her
face. She wore a shirt so tight it barely covered her doctor enhanced double D
chest, a short mini skirt barely covered her lady bits, followed by six inch
heels that made her pretty bare legs look much longer than they actually were.
Is this the woman he usually goes for? She’s
definitely a rock star type. I am so out of my league here.

wasn’t sure what to do anymore. So she turned to Coop again then said, “What do
you say, Coop?” She nodded towards
. “She says
she wants some of your attention.”

“I’m kind
of liking the attention I’ve already got.” He smiled playing along, and then
laughed as Meagan turned her body around so he was behind her again, as if to
protect him.

Meagan shrugged. “He’s good where he is, and I’m not in the sharing kind of
mood at the moment. If you’ll excuse us.” She grabbed his hand as she walked
away, pulling them away from
, and smiled as
she looked back, seeing
huff before making
herself comfortable beside Brett.

“Well it
certainly didn’t take her very long to move on.” Meagan chuckled and let go of
his hand. She needed a little space between them before she did something
stupid, like kiss him senseless right then and there. There was a time and a
place for that, and she didn’t want to regret anything when it came to Coop. It
hadn’t helped she was a little nervous. Her previous experiences weren’t all
that great, and she secretly wondered if it was all her fault.
Get a grip, Meagan, Coop is nothing like
“Water?” She held out the bottle, and exhaled to settle her nerves.

usually doesn’t.” Coop shook his head and smiled as they watched Brett work his
magic on the women around him. “She’s a regular.” He shrugged not elaborating
on anymore where
was concerned, and thanked
her as he took the water bottle.

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