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God—” Heidi pulled back from
momentarily and
moaned. “I’m so close, come with me please. I want to feel myself milking the
two of you, while my mouth devours our very tasty
Let me drink you in, baby, and make some noise for me.”

Both men
picked up their tempo, pumping faster, while
simply pushed her back in place, pussy to face. Heidi lapped her honey, and
then attacked
clit with determination.

hissed, thrusting her hips forward she held Heidi face as close as possible and
erupted. Heidi held just enough control to let
enjoy her moment before she began to tremble and broke into her own state of
bliss. Her pussy pulsed gripping
tight, and as
she screamed he thrust forward one last time, holding her hips as he filled her
with his own release. Nathan soon followed, collapsing on top of her completely
spent. Pulling back moments later to let her get off of
and pulled her back into his arms. The four of them lay there trying to catch
their breath, and Heidi was the first to speak, “That certainly made up for
everything, didn’t it?”

said looking content as he lay in between
Heidi and
. “I had the best fucking view of my
life. It was incredible. You’ve got to try that position sometime Nathan.
Seeing Heidi eat
pussy from that angle was

“I can
imagine.” Nathan leaned over to kiss his wife quickly and held her tight. “You’re
one of a kind sweetheart.”

Heidi and
giggled as they watched both men get hard again
just thinking about them and what just transpired.
feeling playful then mounted
before anything
else was said and began to rock her body up and down rotating her hips at the
same time. She moaned then said, “Mmm, and now it’s my turn to be filled.”

by the beautiful site, Heidi squealed in delight when Nathan rolled on top of
her and thrust himself forward. “I love that you followed
lead by the way.”

smiled and caressed the side of his face. “I love the way you fill me, Nathan.
I’m complete when we’re one, and nothing feels as good as you do.”

“You took
the words right out of my mouth, honey,” Nathan whispered, lowering himself to
taste her lips. The four of them then made love again and again until
exhaustion consumed them.


* * * *


stayed in her room until it was almost time to leave for her interview, and
tried not to yawn too much, a dead giveaway her previous night’s sleep wasn’t
as great as she hoped it would be.

It was
hard to know what to wear, so she opted for something dressy/casual to try and
make a good impression. Her black jeans fit perfectly molding her curvy hips
and long lean legs, her faded black Metallica concert T-shirt now looking
almost grey from wear, fit snugly underneath a black blazer, outlining her
breasts and flat stomach. She decided to wear flats on her feet, hoping to
impress her new potential boss. There was no way she could wear heels working
there and not break her neck, or kill her feet in the process, not to mention
after seeing all the rock memorabilia, she figured he or she would appreciate
the effort in her attire. Who was she kidding she was nervous as hell. Her hair
was tied back in a simple ponytail, showing off the smooth olive skin on her
face and neck, her large dark eyes accentuated by a minimal amount of eye
shadow and a bit of mascara to lengthen her eyelashes. Finishing her look off
with a little lip gloss on her full plump lips, she took one last look in the
mirror and grabbed her sunglasses and purse to go.

She heard
Nathan and
leave for work earlier, and assumed
the others were still sleeping off last night’s activities. She smiled on her
way out wondering if any of them realized how thin the walls were.

It was a
beautiful day, and she decided to walk the five blocks to her destination,
taking the same route they had last night, only to be preoccupied with nerves
to actually enjoy it.

In a
matter of minutes she was there, and after a few minutes of mentally giving
herself a pep talk she stopped staring at the closed sign and knocked on the

“Right on
time.” Coop smiled as he stepped aside to let her in before locking up again.
The bar didn’t open for a few hours yet, giving them the opportunity to have
the interview uninterrupted. “Can I get you anything before we start?”

coffee would be great, if you have any.” Meagan smiled shyly in return and then
blushed as she had to smother a yawn. “I’m sorry. I’m normally not so tired. I
just didn’t sleep as well as I’d hoped.”

“Oh?” He
arched a brow quizzically before turning to lead the way. “I hope you don’t
mind but my office is upstairs, and so is the coffee.”

“Not at
all.” Meagan admired the defined bumps of his rear, a perfect muscular ass with
a slight wiggle when he walked, and obediently followed trying not to leave a
trail of drool on her way.
What is it
about him?

night’s lack of sleep wasn’t only due to the noisiness of the love fest in the
room above, it was also due to the lust filled dreams brought on by the man in
front of her.
Stop staring, and be
professional, Meagan, you can do this.
She cleared her throat. “So when do
I get to meet the boss? Not that it’s not great to see you again I just

“You just
thought you’d be meeting with someone else.” Coop chuckled and watched as she
took everything in. They were finally upstairs. “You’re looking at him though.
I guess I should have mentioned that to you last night, huh?”

Her eyes
stopped wandering around his upstairs apartment and landed on his again. “So
you’re the boss?”

“The one
and only.” He smiled, loving the shocked expression she expressed right that
second. “The old owner took me in when I was younger to keep me out of trouble,
and when he decided to retire a few years ago I made an offer.” He shrugged
like it wasn’t a big deal and gestured for her to follow him again. “The
kitchen is this way. We’ll grab you that coffee and then start that interview.”

Meagan gulped. She watched him as he prepared her coffee.

He handed
her the mug of java and then pointed towards the milk and sugar. “Help

she moaned in delight right after her first sip, and closed her eyes
momentarily. “Thank you, I really needed this.”

“So I’ve
heard.” He chuckled. “Want to talk about it? Last night you seemed a little
skittish, yet playful, beautiful, but shy.” He winked. “I thought for sure you’d
be tuckered out though. It was your first night here, and by the sounds of it,
it was quite a long day of travelling too.”

“It was.”
Meagan shrugged. “And I was. When we got home I went straight to bed. I
probably fell asleep right when my head hit the pillow, only it didn’t last
long.” She chuckled to herself. “I wonder if my cousin knows how well sound
travels in his house. It doesn’t help that the guest room is right below theirs
though.” She grimaced, and then let out a small shudder. “Anyway, their
lasted until four this morning and it’s hard to
tune out a banging headboard, muffled voices, and cries of ecstasy. I seriously
need to invest in some ear plugs.”

thought ended on a smile as Coop burst out in loud laughter.

“Too much
information?” she teased, liking how comfortable she was around him.
Maybe the interview or working here won’t be
so bad after all.

“Hey, I
did ask,” he said and then ushered her into the office in the next room. “Did
you have a chance to fill out the application, and attach a resume?”

“I did,
although, like I told you last night I’ve never worked in a bar before. I am
however, a quick learner, and I’m willing to try.” She took the documents from
her purse and handed them over before sitting in the chair opposite him.

he said while looking over her information. “Everything looks good here. I’ll
just need to call a few references, and do a police background check, and we’ll
be set.” Meagan nodded and he continued, “We’re pretty laid back here, Meagan.
I’m sure you’ll fit in great. There’s only a few rules to stick by, one, be on
time, two, make an effort, and three, if there are any problems let me know
about it. I’ve got an awesome staff, and I have no doubt you’ll fit right in
here. Any questions?”

when do I start?”

about tomorrow? I’d like you to come in a couple hours early so I can give you
the tour, and introduce you to everyone. The job itself is pretty straight

Meagan began to rise and held out her hand for Coop to take. “What time?”

stood up and took her hand inside of his to shake, strong calloused hands,
meeting silky smooth ones. “If you’re here at six it should give us plenty of
time before our doors open at eight.”

nodded before taking a step towards the door and stopped again. “Just one more
thing.” She gave him her best smile then, grateful for the chance he was taking
on her, her first big break in her new start on life. “Should I call you Coop,
Lyric, Mr. Cooper, or Boss?”

“Whatever you’d like, darlin’.
Mr. Cooper, or boss has got to go, but Lyric, or Coop is fine. Most people call
me Coop because of the band though.”

“That’s right, your band is also
” She smiled again,
feeling like flirting a little. “I like the name, but I suppose I should just
go with the flow and call you Coop like everyone else then?”

“If you’d like, but since you
like my name so much I suppose I wouldn’t mind hearing you use my first name
either.” He stepped closer until there were only a couple of inches separating
them. The chemistry thick in the air between the two, yet neither one was willing
to act upon it right then.

“Lyric,” she whispered testing it
out. She took a step closer and reached out to touch him. Her hand landed on
his strong forearm, lingering there at the feel of hard muscle underneath.

“Thank you.”

It wasn’t until later that night
she regretted that action. She cursed herself for coming on too strong, and
hoped the embarrassment would fade before seeing him again. He was her new boss
for Christ sake and the last thing she wanted to be was the next walking
cliché, no matter how strong the attraction. Tomorrow was another day, a day
she was determined to make right, a day were she’d try her best to control her
drooling, and a day were she hoped to show Mr. Lyric Cooper that he wouldn’t regret
his decision to hire her.

Her new beginning had begun.




Chapter Four



“So how
was your sleep this time?” He chuckled, leading her towards the back to show
her where to keep her stuff.

still very active, but it wasn’t as bad as the night before. It probably had to
do with the fact I was pretty much a walking zombie by the time I got to bed
though. Exhaustion took me into a nice dreamless serenity until the sun came
up. It was great.”

“I bet.
You look great, anyway.” He gestured for her to enter through the door he now
held open, a small storage room located at the back of the bar. That had a
couple of lockers in the corner, with a few cleaning supplies and janitorial
essentials scattered about.

With a
shy ‘thank you, you’re not so bad yourself’ towards his compliment she headed
inside while he nodded and continued the grand tour. “You can take one of these
spare lockers for your stuff. It should be fine for tonight, but tomorrow you
might want to bring a lock for it just in case.”

Meagan stepped forward to put her purse and coat away. “What next?” She spun
eagerly in his direction looking forward to getting started, yet feeling a
little nervous about it at the same time. She smoothed out her shirt self-consciously
and waited.

stood there momentarily just looking at her without another word, making her
fidget. “Is something the matter?” She spun around again to make sure she was
Maybe my flies down, or I
got a booger hanging...
.” She chuckled to
herself but wiped her nose just to be sure.

at all.” He smirked. “Now if you’ll follow me I’ll show you around and
introduce you to everyone. They should all be here shortly.”

she silently obliged his request by following him yet again. “So tell me, Coop,
do you sing every night?” They’d passed by the stage and Meagan couldn’t help
but voice her curiosity as memories of him performing a few nights before came
flooding back.

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