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“I play
on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays
I do everything else.”

you’re very good. Have you ever tried to pursue it professionally?”

“I did,
once upon a time ago but I’m content with where I’m at in my life. This bar
holds a lot of sentimental value to me and I’m not looking to leave it. Thanks
for the compliment though, sweetheart. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing me play.” He
winked making her smile mischievously.

“Oh, I’m
not the only one.” She winked back. “There were quite a few women on Tuesday
night smitten with the band and their lead singer.”

“And what
about you, Meagan, were you smitten with me too, sweetheart?”

“No.” She
laughed, as he feigned a wounded look. “A little intrigued maybe, but smitten?”
She shrugged. “Nothing personal, I’m just not sure I’m ready to let myself feel
like that again.”

“Ah, yes.
The dumbass married man who broke your heart. Not all men are that stupid,
Meagan, and I hope that one day you’ll give one of us the chance to prove that
to you.”

realized how close they moved together as they spoke. It was like their bodies
had a mind of their own, an instant magnetism bringing them together, and it
wasn’t until someone had cleared their throat behind them that Meagan realized
and jumped back. “Now, boss, stop flirting with the new girl. You might scare
her away.”

turned to see five people smiling at them with a teasing glint in their eye.
One she recognized as the tall, good-looking bartender from Tuesday night.
Sporting a hairstyle very much like Lyric’s, it was the messy I just came out
of bed look. Slim, and athletic, he was quite delectable too.
Damn, there are a lot of gorgeous men here.
The other person beside him was a woman, short, and very petite. She couldn’t
have been more than five feet tall, maybe a hundred and ten pounds, tiny. She
was actually quite cute with her dark curly hair, and delicate features. The
other three smiled wide while she assessed them with knowing looks, and she
could only imagine they were doing the same to her. All three men were clad in
jeans and old ratty T-shirts. There were tattoos, sculpted bodies, and ruggedly
handsome faces staring back. “Well he can certainly try.” Meagan teased, “But
it won’t work. I don’t scare very easily.”

laughed, before finally introducing them. “Meagan, this here is Brett, Mike,
and Chris—“He pointed towards the three men with the tattoos and then pointed
toward the other two. “And, this is Ashley, and Cory. Brett, Mike, and Chris
are in the band with me. Mike takes care of the music on our off nights, and
Brett and Chris man the door and making sure there isn’t anyone who gets too
rowdy when it gets busy. Cory works the bar, and Ashley will be showing you the
ropes tonight. You’ll be taking drink orders, walking around offering people shots,
and doing a little clean up with her. It won’t take long to get used to the

“It’s a
pleasure to meet you.”

God, for another woman.” Ashley teased, and then grasped Meagan’s hand with a
shake. “There is way too much testosterone around here. I’m severely

“Well I’m
glad to help out a bit then.” She laughed again.

“And I
like that there’s no ring. Are you single, Meagan?”

“Knock it
off, Brett.” Coop nudged him in the shoulder with his own. “She’s here to work,
not to be bothered by you.”

boys, Coop’s laid claim on this one.” Brett teased, “Welcome, Meagan, we’re a
harmless, playful bunch here.”

“I can
see that,” she said feeling amused and at ease. She instantly liked each one of
them, and as she shook everyone’s hand it was down to business.

led her around the bar and helped her through the routine as they prepped for
opening that night. Everyone busy with their own task, she felt silly for her
earlier nervousness and almost felt like her normal self again, despite feeling
Lyric’s eyes on her every now and again, she wasn’t sure if she liked it or if
she should give into the nervousness again.
like a family, and now I’m a part of it.
The thought put her at ease.

When the
doors opened, it hadn’t taken long for the bar to fill up. Not as busy as her
first night’s celebration with Nathan and the gang but enough that it made the
time fly by. She was enjoying herself. A natural at the job, drink orders were
filled, shots were sold, tables were wiped, and generous tips were made.

“How’s it
going?” Ashley had caught up to her at the bar looking curious.

the jobs pretty straight forward, and the tips have been pretty good so far.”
Meagan chuckled. “But do you always get hit on so much? I think I’ve had about
ten propositions so far, and I don’t even want to count how many numbers have
been slipped to me as I pass by.”

“Oh yeah,
it comes with the territory. You’ll get used to it. You’re a beautiful woman,
and also fresh meat here. It’ll die down eventually though, and if one ever
gets out of hand just tell one of the guys. Coop, Cory, Brett, Chris, and Mike
are quite protective when need be.”

noticed, and I love that family atmosphere you all have going. I really think
I’m going to like it here. I just hope I do a good enough job. The harmless
flirting and propositions I can handle though. I took a few self-defense
classes once I got burned with an ex that got a little rough and I vowed it
would never happen again.”

“Oh wow,
and good for you. You’re doing great though, and I really meant it when I said
I was glad to see another female in this place. I have a feeling we’ll be great
friends.” Ashley squeezed her hand before leaving with a tray full of beer.
“I’ll see you later.” She was taking table orders that night while Meagan
walked around offering people shots of various flavors and colors, and cleaned
up in between, and all went well, until towards the end of the night when she
became distracted.

spotted Lyric aka Coop at the end of the bar as she wiped down a vacant table.
It was almost the end of the night, and the crowd began to die down. With one
leg propped up, his elbows rested against the wooden ledge behind him. He was
definitely in his own element, cool, confident, delectable, and incredibly
sexy. Meagan had to stop herself from drooling.
Man, I’ve got to stop this,
and as soon as the thought came out she
felt as if a glass of cold water hit her as a gorgeous blonde approached him
with a friend, both ladies strategically placing themselves on each side. They
suddenly began to giggle and press themselves against him. He looked amused
with whatever it was they were saying, and she couldn’t take it anymore.
Get a grip, Meagan. This probably happens
all the time. He’s sexy, talented, outgoing, extremely nice, single from what I
could tell, owns his own business, and has his own band. A complete and total
package that you’re not ready for, do not go there, you’ve haven’t got a right
to be jealous.
She turned abruptly hoping to distract herself with
something else and finish up, but instead landed smack dab in the middle of a
solid chest.

me,” she muttered and tried walking around the man.

“Wait a
sec would you?” His large hand gripped her upper arm to stop her, and jerked
her closer. The strong stench of beer hit her nostrils and she tried hard not
to grimace. He was obviously drunk, and she wanted him to let her go. “What’s
your name, sweetheart? My name is Greg, and I’m pretty sure you’re new here.”
He burped, and this time she cringed.

“I am.”
She pulled on her arm to get free, and although he let go, he took a step
closer. “If you’ll excuse me.” Meagan unsuccessfully tried to step around him
again but he blocked her way. “I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Oh, come
baby, don’t be like that. All I asked for was your name.”

she said through a clenched jaw feeling annoyed. Obviously he wasn’t taking the
hint, and since she couldn’t step around him she decided she might try to back
away instead. She plastered on a fake smile and slowly backed away hoping he
wouldn’t notice the gradual decent. “Enjoy your night, Greg.”

“Wait a
minute.” The minute she turned her back he grabbed her again, and spun her
around to face him. “I wasn’t done. I’ve been watching you all night.” He
exhaled, spreading his drunken stench towards her again and then his grip got
tighter making her flinch. Desperate to be released, he pulled her so that she
was pressed against him. “What do you say you and me get
here and—”

“I’d say,
I’m not interested and I think you should go home and sleep this off.” Megan
pushed against him and continued. “I’d also say that if you don’t let me go now
I may have to hurt you.”

“Oh, so
you’re one of those.” Greg chuckled but tightened his grip. “I’d like to see
you try, sweetheart.”

won’t have to.” Coop growled, “If you don’t let her go now I’ll have to make
you.” Lyric’s massive six foot three muscular frame met Greg’s slightly
slimmer, slightly shorter one. He reached out to grab her by her belt loop and
dragged her against him where she felt safe, and finally let out a ragged
breath now that there was some distance between herself and the very drunk
Greg. She looked around and blushed at being caught in the middle of it all,
hating being put on the spot. Brett and Chris flanked Lyric on either side ready
to pounce if they had too.

“Come on,
Coop, don’t be like that. I was just asking her out that’s all.”

not all. You don’t ever grab a lady like that in my presence, and especially
not in my bar. She also told you that she wasn’t interested, so I suggest you
take her advice and sleep it off. She’s my employee, and therefore I look out
for what’s mine, you got it? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because I
haven’t had problems with you before, but this shit better not happen again do
I make myself clear?”

Greg growled, and narrowed his eyes when he looked at her again. Brett, and
Chris stepped forward to escort him to the door, and she hoped that was the end
of it.

“Are you

“A little
embarrassed again.” She smiled shyly once she faced him again, and nodded.
“But, yeah, I’m good. Thank you for stepping in. I mean I could have handled
it, but I’m glad you got here when you did.”

“I’m glad
too.” He chuckled. “Meagan, Meagan, Meagan, what am I going to do with you? It
seems you embarrass easily, yet I kind of like it.” He winked. “But I meant
what I said. I don’t tolerate that kind of BS, and I hope it hasn’t scared you
off. We get the occasional flirt here and there, but it’s rare that problems

“I don’t
scare very easily, but thanks.”

you’ve said.” He smiled again. “And, you’re welcome. I think I’m going to like
having you around.”

because I kind of like being around,” she teased, and then left him standing
there so she could finish up.


* * * *


pony up.”Ashley jumped up on the stool next to Meagan, and he watched them
giggle. It was nice to see the two of them get along so well. He’d watched
Meagan almost all night to make sure she was making out okay. Hell, he’d been
watching her as much as he could since she walked into his life on Tuesday
night. God only knows how he picked her out in the crowded bar, but as he stood
there performing he felt the magnetism as soon as she walked through his door.
She was exotic, beautiful, sweet as hell, and she had this almost innocent
quality he wanted to corrupt. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the right word, but he
definitely wouldn’t mind showing her a thing or two. She was the total package.
He was prepared to be good though, knowing she wasn’t ready for anything he was
prepared to give right then, but that didn’t change the fact he still wanted to
get to know her. There was some serious chemistry between the two of them, and
he knew if he was patient enough, she might change her mind eventually.

reached into her pockets and piled a wad of paper on top of the bar, and
suddenly the laughter got louder as Ashley added hers to the pile and sifted
through it.

“A penny
for your thoughts?”

smiled as Cory approached him. “I was just thinking that Meagan’s going to work
out around here after all, and I’m glad Ashley seems to like her.”

not to like?” Brett teased him again, making Cory chuckle. The three of them
turned to look at the two women sitting across from them again.

it,” Coop growled, and decided to take the focus off of himself. “I can’t
believe that asshole tonight, thinking that he could come in here and grab at
her like that.”

mean, Greg? Don’t sweat it. I think he got the message loud and clear. He was a
little pissed off when we threw him
tonight though.”

Coop said, with eyes on Meagan again. “Now what do you say we go see what all
that giggling is about?”

“Man, you
got it bad,” Brett snickered and Cory chuckled again.

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