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His blue
jeans clung to him like a second skin outlining a generous bump in the front
she tried not to think about and strong thighs. Her cheeks began to heat up
making her snap her eyes back up to his face and gasp when her brown eyes met
his blue ones. Had he been checking her out too? She instantly shook it off.
There are a ton of beautiful women in the
bar as if he’d notice you by the entrance.

“Earth to
Meagan.” Heidi chuckled and broke the spell between her and the gorgeous band
member. Then looped her arm through Meagan’s to drag her with them towards their
booth. “Is everything okay?”

nearly groaned knowing Heidi knew exactly what had her distracted but decided
not to dwell on it and pulled her to a stop. “Yeah, but I think I need a
drink.” She smiled at her newest cousin-in-law and tried to fight another

thing, his name is Lyric Cooper by the way. His band is also named
, since he’s their lead, but
everyone calls him Coop to avoid confusion, I think.”

looked around and breathed a sigh of relief seeing
Nathan, and
were already seated at a booth a few
feet away. “And, they’re pretty good but please don’t think I’m interested in
anything else.” She gave her a knowing look and continued, “I’m just not
relationship material at the moment, nor am I ready for anything naked and
sweaty with anyone.”

sorry I just thought you might be interested. I mean you seemed to be...”

sighed, looked up to the ceiling momentarily, and then let out a deep breath
before interrupting her. “He’s certainly eye catching. Can you blame me?” She
smiled brightly then and hugged Heidi tight. “Thank you for caring, I know your
intentions are for the best, but I was merely doing what hundreds of other
women in this bar are doing at this very moment.” She stepped back and looped
her arm around Heidi’s again. “Now come on, I was promised some celebrating and
I plan on doing just that. Let’s go to the bar, the first round is on me.”

chuckled again.

certainly is that, isn’t he? He’s talented, gorgeous, and such a nice guy to be
around. I’m sure you’ll meet him eventually. We’re regulars here so he may say
hi later, and I agree he does know how to work the room.” She winked and smiled
wider as Meagan’s eyes automatically went back to the stage. “Now let’s
celebrate new beginnings.”

“To new
beginnings and wonderful family,” Meagan cheered, feeling thankful for the
distraction. It disturbed her to know how attracted she was to Mr. Lyric Cooper
already and she didn’t want to think about it anymore.
Tonight’s about starting over and quality time with your cousin and his
loved ones. Just avoid the stage and have a good time.

But, it
was easier said than done.




Chapter Two



“Aw hell, would you look at that?
It’s near perfection.”
groaned pointing towards
Heidi and Meagan while they embraced a few feet away from where they sat.

Nathan groaned with him, and
stared at
with narrowed eyes. “That’s my wife
and cousin man. Heidi I can understand she’s sexy as hell, but Meagan? Lay

“You know he only does this to
get a reaction out of you, right?”
chuckled and
snuggled closer to
. “And what do you mean near
perfection?” she asked inquisitively.

“It would only be perfection if
you were to join them, baby, because perfection to me is you,
” He closed the distance right then
joining his lips against
quickly before
pulling back. “You’re my life, and my love.”

“I love you too,
.” She smiled. “And my life is you too, next to Heidi
and Nathan.” She winked and smiled at Nathan trying to bring him out of his
funk. She nudged
and he chuckled.

“Your reaction makes me hot,
Nathan, and your cousin is
’, man, but she
obviously isn’t interested or she would have taken me up on my offer to join
and me earlier. Truthfully she’s your family so that
makes her mine too. I’m a flirt naturally but that’s one of my charms and I
don’t mean any of it most of the time. But she’s also the first woman I’ve come
across that has flat out turned me down so it’s intrigued me.” He laughed. “And
it also seems that I’m not her type which is cool, so no worries.” He pointed
to Meagan and Heidi again and all three turned to watch her eyeing Coop like he
was a grade A steak while Heidi ordered some drinks at the bar. “So are we

“We are.” Nathan nodded, quietly
moaned and moved closer as
slid his hand
underneath the table cloth to get another kind of reaction out of him, his big
hands stroking the outside of Nathan’s crotch until he was painfully hard.
watched with amusement as Nathan’s nostrils flared and
eye’s turned pleading for release, not caring where he was. It was then he
leaned over to whisper in
ear. She picked up
the drink menu from the middle of the table and pretended to look it over for a
minute. Suddenly she became clumsy, dropping it. “Oops,” she said and smiled at
them both.

“That’s right, baby. Take care of
him first and then do me, but make it fast before Heidi and Meagan get back,”


* * * *


Both men watched
as she went under the tablecloth. Nathan lifted slightly and then slouched as
she freed him. His hard cock lying straight up so that it rested against his
stomach. She gripped the silky, warm rod in her hands to where she needed him
and immediately went to work.

licking, and sucking with all her might she enjoyed Nathan’s unique essence, a
complete turn on knowing he belonged to her as well, and loving that
had instructed her to do it. Not to mention the
adrenaline rush she got from knowing they were in public and could be caught at
any moment. She pulled back a little and lapped up the pre-cum sliding down the
tip of his head. Her tongue circling it before, her grip on him tightened and
her other hand caressed and massaged his balls. She relaxed her throat to take
him in again. Her head bobbed faster, and seeing the rapid rise and fall of his
stomach she could sense he was about to erupt. His balls pulled tighter inside
her hands, one hand came under the table and held her there while his hips
jerked forward. His hot seed finally released against the back of her throat,
and she felt the rumble of Nathan’s moan as she worked her tongue to take in
everything he gave her. She pulled back once she was satisfied she got it all
and helped him back into his pants before turning to

been too pre-occupied with Nathan to notice he’d already managed to pull
himself out, and now admired the show as Nathan stroked him into excitement.
Fuck, they were amazing. The two most beautiful men she’d ever known both
inside and out, and they were hers and Heidi’s to love.

smiled with pride, and decided
it was time to help him out before their drinks arrived. Her tongue immediately
sought out
dripping juices and lingered on the
sensitive slit before trailing her tongue around his mushroom cap. She allowed
Nathan to continue with his hands while she used her mouth knowing it would
on more with just the thought of them both
working him into pleasure. She lowered when Nathan did and released when he
stroked to the top. Faster and faster before she soon found
hand tangled into her hair. He wanted her mouth. His grip tightened, Nathan
released his hand, and
prepared herself for
another explosion as another orgasm hit the back of her throat, her favorite

it.” She smiled and sat in between them, enjoying the satisfied looks both men
gave her, she winked at Nathan and leaned closer to
so she could whisper, “You owe me big time buddy. I am so fucking hot for you
right now and I need my own release.”

laughed before he turned towards
her and caressed the side of her face. He leaned forward to whisper a promise
of his own. “And you deserve it for being such a good girl, baby. Let me take
care of that for you now.” He discretely slid his hand under the tablecloth
again and tried to work her buckle loose until she stopped him.

With a
wickedly sexy look in her eye she leaned her head in the direction of an
approaching Heidi and Meagan then whispered, “There’s no time for that here. I
get the feeling Nathan’s cousin is a little shy around us and the last thing
she needs is to see me coming at the table. We need to make an excuse, leave
the table for awhile and find a secluded spot so I can come, and then you can
fuck me, a nice quickie to tie us over until we get home, what do you say?”

“We’ll be
said as he made his way out of the booth
holding out his hand for
to join him. Nathan
laughed, Heidi smiled with envy knowing the look in both her lovers’ eyes, and
Meagan shrugged innocently as they watched
out of sight.


* * * *


“Ah, to
be horny and in love.” Meagan giggled. “Just let me know if the two of you
would like a little alone time too.”

tempting as that sounds, and as much as I love Nathan and all things that lead
to being horny and satisfied, I’m liking your company right now. We’ll have our
turn later, so for now you’re stuck with us.” She winked, and then placed her
hand on top of Meagan’s to give it a little squeeze.

Meagan, come on...” Nathan leaned back and wrapped his arm around Heidi’s

“As if
I’d just ditch you in the middle of a crowded bar, give me some credit here.”

Meagan took a sip of her Smirnoff Ice and fiddled with the label when she
placed it back on the table. “But, are you sure you’re okay with me staying at
the house? I feel like the fifth wheel and the last thing I want is to make
things awkward for any of you while I’m there. I mean I won’t be interrupting
anything will I? And, before you answer...” She held her hand up to keep Nathan
quiet for a minute. “I’m asking to give myself some piece of mind. I’ve already
told Heidi and
that I think what you have is
great and the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable,
including myself. Lord knows I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime.”

staying because we want you to, Meagan, so there’s no need to feel
uncomfortable. Besides, where else would you go? I’m not sure what you think
you’ll be interrupting either. We’re four people in love, and all adults. There
won’t be any orgy walk-ins if that’s what you’re worried about. Yeah, we might
have to tone it down a bit, but we do have a bedroom for our endeavors you
know.” He chuckled, took a sip of his own beer and then sighed. “So are you
going to tell me about the guy who hurt you?”

stiffened, before looking up at Nathan and Heidi again. Heidi gave her an
apologetic smile while Nathan sat back and waited for her to answer. “Not really.”


I don’t want to,” she hissed.

“I want
you too. How are you supposed to get over him if you don’t talk about it?
You’re too young and beautiful to shut yourself off from dating,” Nathan argued,
making her temper rise.

“I’m not.
You don’t know what you’re talking about. Geez, one day here and already you’re
butting in.” She took a deep breath in frustration and gave in. “You’re family,
Nathan, and you’re lucky I love you, so fine, you want some details. I’ll tell
you some. I fell for an older man, and he turned out to be married. Only I
didn’t know that fact until after he took me to bed. We were only together that
one time thank God, and it was horrible. He used me, and made me feel cheap. So
pardon me if I’m not into just jumping into another relationship after that. I
will not fall for another asshole, and I’ll start dating when I’m damn well
ready.” She picked up her drink again, and emptied its contents before slamming
the bottle down on the table, only taking a deep breath when Heidi moved to her
side and put her arm around her for comfort. “Are you happy now?”

“The man
was clearly an idiot.”

looked past her, ignoring her last question, and smiled at the person behind
her. “Hey, Coop, have you decided to take your break with us tonight?”

sure as long as none of you mind the intrusion.” Coop smiled taking a seat
across from Meagan.

“I can’t
believe this is happening,” Meagan hissed, completely embarrassed that the
gorgeous band guy heard everything she just said. “I need another drink.” She
stood then, while three sets of eyes followed her movements. “If you’ll excuse
me please.”

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