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She left
before anyone could say anything and headed straight for the bar again with her
heart beating fast, and mixed emotions coming to surface from being completely
humiliated. Old wounds came to surface, leaving her feeling hurt and
vulnerable, and the last thing she needed was for people to know about it. She
groaned, and debated whether or not she should just leave.
Just order the drinks again and bring Nathan and Heidi a refill. Drink
one more with them to be social and then hit the road. The night will be
nothing but a faded memory after that. Besides, the man is a complete stranger
and who says you’ll even see him again? Yeah, keep telling yourself that Meagan.
You know you will. Stupid, stupid, stupid...

“Are you

Her eyes
widened as she turned to face the deep baritone she vaguely recognized as
belonging to Lyric Cooper aka Coop. “A little embarrassed actually.” She
laughed a little to try and hide her nervousness. “It’s not every day a
complete stranger finds out about my personal life after all, especially the
part I don’t normally share. I’m not the type to kiss and tell.”

“I bet.
The names Lyric Cooper by the way but everyone calls me Coop,” He said holding
out his hand in greeting.

slowly placed her hand inside of his and shook it. “Meagan, Meagan Morales.”

Meagan, Meagan Morales, It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He teased with a smile.

now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way we’re no longer strangers.
So tell me, Meagan, what’s the story between you, Nathan, Heidi,
, and
? I’ve known them
for a little while now and I’ve never seen you around before now.”

“So then
you know they’re quite a happy foursome.” She smiled playfully and began to
feel more at ease. Coop was an easy guy to like.

“And have
you decided to be their fifth?”

.” She laughed. “No, I mean they’re completely awesome,
and I envy what they have together, but Nathan’s family.” She shuddered and
this time he laughed.

family, huh? That’s good to know.”

“Is it?”
She arched her eyebrow, and smiled again. “Although I do feel like the fifth
wheel, I just arrived this morning, and I’m staying with them for awhile, or at
least until I can find a job and get my own place. You can’t live off of your savings
forever.” She shrugged.

what did you have in mind? Because the bar is looking for someone to walk
around and take orders, clean tables, and sell drinks. You interested?”

although I’ve never worked in a bar before so I’m not sure the owner will want
my interest.”

“I’ll put
in a word for you.” He chuckled again. “I have to go on stage again shortly,
but I think I can manage to get you an application first. Wait here, I’ll be
right back.” Coop leaned over the bar then and flagged the bartender over. He
whispered something and then winked before he left her to admire his retreating
backside, and boy did she admire it.

“So what
can I get you?”

bartender’s voice sounded bringing her back from her trance. “Two Coronas and
three Smirnoff Ice’s, please.”

“Glass or

she replied, getting the money ready. She put it on the bar only to have the
bartender give it back.

“It’s on
the house compliments of Lyric.”

you.” It wasn’t everyday she was offered a free drink and decided to offer a
generous tip to make up for it. Coop was back just as she was about to attempt
to carry all the drinks back to the table.

application, can you be back here tomorrow afternoon for a more formal

“I think
I can manage that,” she said and took the folded piece of paper he gave her.
“What time?”

twelve o’clock work?”

She smiled, reaching for the drinks again. Coop decided to help her and walked
her back to the booth. “Thank you for the drinks and for everything else of
course. You’ve been really sweet.”

Lyric chuckled, and shook his head a little. “Sweet isn’t exactly how I’d
describe myself, but thank you.” He put the drinks down and then turned to the
gang behind her. “Ladies, Nathan,
, enjoy the
show. Meagan, I will see you tomorrow.”

you?” she asked curiously.

“I’ll be
here,” was all he said, and then left her to admire him from afar.


turned around to face four sets of questioning eyes and answered. “Yep, I’m in
need of a job, and it seems the bar is looking for some extra help. Today’s
looking better and better. I need to be back here by
tomorrow for the interview.”

“I think
that’s great.” Heidi smiled moving over so Meagan could join them again.

“Me too,
and if everything works out it should only take me a couple of months before I
can afford my own place. Maybe even find myself a roommate and get to know a
few people in town.”

“You just
got here and you’re already anxious to leave us, huh?”
teased but still looked a little curious.

anxious,” she reassured, “I really am grateful that you all don’t mind me
staying with you, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. You guys are a
family, and have a great thing going. The last thing I want is to disrupt
anything. I’m not a part of your foursome, and I certainly don’t want to be a
fifth wheel for long. Most importantly, I need to feel like an independent
woman, not some mooch who takes advantage of your kindness.”

.” Nathan growled, “We keep telling her that she’s
welcome and just because we have an unconventional lifestyle doesn’t mean she’s
the fifth wheel. What we have works for us. She’s family and can stay as long
as she needs it. She’s just stubborn and hard headed.”

“Must run
in the family.”
chuckled, and then winked at

smiled back at him, and then turned to Nathan. “Te
Nathan, gracias.”

“We love
you too, Meagan,” he replied looking a little more relaxed. “Now what do you
say we pack up and call it a night?”

lifted the Smirnoff bottle to her lips and tried her best to finish it off
before answering. It seemed everyone was leaving the decision up to her whether
they stayed or not. She was good with the latter, hoping to get a good sleep to
be refreshed for her interview the next day. “I say, I think you read my mind.
Let’s go!”

And, as
they made their way to the door, she couldn’t help herself and looked towards
the stage again. Waving and smiling at Coop one last time, he nodded in
acknowledgement, and it made her feel great knowing she wasn’t the only
interested party. How far she was willing to go was another story though. Lyric
Cooper was a dangerous combination of sensitive, and sexy, and if she wasn’t
careful she could see herself coming undone.




Chapter Three



“You guys
have some serious making up to do.” Heidi teased, “Don’t think I don’t know
something happened at the bar without me.” She feigned a pout, and walked into
Nathan’s embrace as he opened up his arms for her. As soon as they walked in
the door Meagan had excused herself to her room for the night giving them the
opportunity for some alone time. They immediately retreated to their bedroom.

chuckled. “Sorry, Heidi, you
were sort of busy at the bar with Meagan, but it was nothing more than a little
taste play.
was teasing Nathan, and then they
got all hot and bothered so I decided to help them out.”

“I bet.”
Heidi smiled mischievously and stepped away from Nathan. She began to undress,
and the rest followed suit. Once completely naked she backed up to her dresser
and hopped up to sit on it. It was just low enough for what she had in mind,
with a huge mirror behind her,
, Nathan, and
had a good glimpse of her backside. She spread herself
and leaned back against it. “Now, I need to feel the three of you on me. Will
you do that for me? I’d like
between my legs
and Nathan occupy my mouth and tits.”

At the
mention of what she wanted her nipples instantly puckered. She was so ready to
play, and needed nothing more than to feel the closeness of the three people
she held dearest in her life.

All three
approached, Nathan capturing her mouth, while
enjoyed the taste of her nipples, but it was when
took her first lick she moaned thrusting her hips forward, pushing her pussy

pulled back trailing kisses down her jaw line to her earlobe, whispering,
“You’re amazing do you know that? Fuck, it makes me hot when you get all
demanding like this, and watching
service you... I’m about ready to come and I haven’t
even begun our night together. You’re perfect, baby, and I love you so much.”
He nipped her earlobe again before moving lower.

“I love
you too!” she answered breathless. Her chest rising and falling rapidly with
each breath, she was being worshipped, cherished, and loved, and she was about
to come hard.

, their tongues touching as they both worked
on the same boob, and then her gaze rested on the third tongue,
. The sight of her tongue sliding through her pink
slick folds, it flicked in and out of her pussy, fucking her, before sliding
back up to circle her clit.
blonde head tilted
back and moved in motion with her tongue, bobbing back and forth slowly, she
moved closer to capture all of her wet warmth.

moved to feast on her other breast now, and she moaned long and loud. “God,
yes, this is it.” The excitement built until she couldn’t hold on any longer,
and she screamed out in bliss, arching her back, she rotated her hips. “Yes,
...” she hissed riding out wave after wave
of ecstasy, until she couldn’t handle it anymore.

squeezed her thighs together, and then reached down to lift
face to meet her gaze. Both men stood on either side of her now sporting
erections that needed to be tended too, and she had just the thing in mind.
“God, that was amazing, thank you.”

chuckled while helping her off the dresser
smiled sweetly.


now can I return the favor?” Without waiting for an answer she continued. “
, I want you to lie in the middle of the bed. Nathan, I
want to feel you from behind, and, Zoey, I’d like you to stand in front of me
after I mount
so I can taste your pussy while
they fuck me. Any objections?”

you’re sexy,” Nathan growled, while
just smiled
and positioned himself, beckoning her over to him with his fingers.

watched them all get into place
before climbing to join them.

cock, and pumped a few times before
Nathan slid in behind. He slowly stretched her ass, taking his time until he
was all the way in, and they began to move slowly until they reached the right
rhythm, and Heidi was filled and satisfied by both of them.

Heidi looked
up as
positioned herself, legs apart, her feet
were on either side of
head giving him a great
view. “A little closer,” Heidi said sounding breathless. Listening,
moved an inch toward her. Heidi reached up to curl her
arms around
legs and latched on.

She could
see before even touching her that
was already
slick with arousal. Her unique fragrance more potent with each lick she took.
She licked, and flicked her hard nub trying to lap up her juices as best as she
could under the circumstances.
moaned at the same time, and she couldn’t help but
smile against her.
Oh yeah, that’s it!

lips fell against her nape as he leaned over and wrapped her in his warmth. His
hot breath against her gave Heidi goose bumps, making her nipples pucker up
extra sensitive. Both cocks buried deep inside of her felt amazing, and enticed
a loud satisfied moan when
began to tweak her
nipples, and
thread her fingers through Heidi’s
long red hair, gripping it.

Six hands
were touching her, two cocks bringing her pleasure, and a tasty pussy to feast
on while she rode on the high of sensuality her lovers provoked. It was bliss,
she was in love, and it was time to come again.

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