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BOOK: Forbidden Pleasures (NSC Industries Book 11)
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Miles was good looking, his tanned skin and dark hair
making me wonder if somewhere in his bloodline he had an Italian ancestor. He
was easy to get along with, his wide smile and carefree manner making me relax effortlessly
in his presence.

I had known what Jay had in mind from the moment Miles
walked in. I’d heard the gossip in NSC about the boss’s son and how he liked to
play in groups, and it didn’t take an expert to figure out what he was up to. I
knew he’d been nervous about my reaction and had only primarily invited Miles
around to get an idea of my views on group sex.

What he hadn’t expected was for me to have had a past, a
history that he knew nothing about. University, for me, hadn’t just been about
study, but also about finding who I was. And before I’d met Graham, I’d been extremely
wild and I’d experimented with more than just alcohol and the low class drugs,
sex being one of them. I’d slept with both sexes and I had even bedded my
lecturer – who had been really fun in bed. After being brought up by five
brothers with strict rules, university had been my first taste of freedom and
I’d been adamant that I was going to live it to the full. Mia, Emma and me had
sobbed buckets at our graduation, not because we had graduated with honours or
that we were proud of ourselves, it was because we were leaving the best years
of our lives behind us and it was from then on that we’d had to grow up. It was
both devastating and boring.

However, why Jay had thought I was Little Miss Innocent I
had no idea, so his face when I had openly discussed my sexual history had been
comical. And as I stood in front of both him and his friend in just my
underwear I was struggling to hold back the grin with their shocked

It was a moment before Jay moved to me, his eyes stern on
mine but his gentle hold on my face soft and full of adoration. “Are you sure
about this?”

“Are you?”

I could tell my confidence stunned him but eventually he
grinned, a wicked glint in his eye making my body shiver with excitement. “You
can tell us to stop at any time, sugar, both Miles and I will be one hundred
percent fine with your decision.”

I nodded, his assurance relaxing me more than the wine
had. “And you, if seeing me with another man hurts too much then just say no.”

He blinked at me and shook his head faintly. “You are
amazing, you know that right.”

“Of course I know,” I winked as I clutched the material
of his t-shirt and tugged it up and over his head.

I saw Miles slip off his stool out of the corner of my
eye as I ran my hand down Jay’s body, his mouth-watering abs making the need in
me grow until it was a throb pulsing through my veins.

“Not here,” he whispered as he hoisted me up, encouraging
me to wrap my legs around him as his mouth found mine and he blindly walked us
through to the room. He was hungry, his tongue fighting with mine as he ate up
my faint groans of restlessness. His hands kneaded my arse as he nipped at my
lower lip and then slid me back down his body so he could cup my breast with his
large hand, his finger dipping under the lace of my bra to torment my already
hard nipple.

My fingers wrestled with his belt but he pulled away and
shook his head, making me sulk. Running his finger gently over my bruised cheek
he whispered, “Miles needs some attention.”

Anticipation thrummed inside me, slicking my pussy with
the thought of what was to come. I turned to find Miles sat relaxed on the
sofa, his legs spread before him and both his arms spread on the back of the couch
as he watched us both eagerly. His eyes held the same glint of lust that Jay’s
did, the same as my own.

He tipped his head and licked his lips. “Come here.”

His order sent waves of delight through me, his dominance
making my belly ache. “Do as you’re told,” Jay demanded softly in my ear and I
walked over to Miles.

My body was already on fire, every nerve ending
stimulated and impatient for more but when Miles unzipped his jeans and pulled
out his cock my legs nearly gave way.

“On your knees.”

Slowly, I lowered to kneel before him, my attention on
every slow slide of his hand as he stroked his cock. He was circumcised and I
mentally ticked another box in my head, this was a first. He wasn’t as large as
Jay but his cock was thicker, the head full and red and already glistening with
pre-cum.  Mindlessly, I licked my lips, keen to taste him so when Jay told me
firmly to suck Miles’ cock I shuffled between his parted knees then gently
wrapped my lips around him and slowly took him to the back of my mouth.

He groaned deeply, his fingers already in my hair to
direct my movements. I sucked harder and moved quicker when his moans of
appreciation gave me more confidence. It was surprising how smooth and velvety
he felt in my mouth, the lack of foreskin not better, but… different. The head
of his cock was more pronounced than with an uncircumcised penis but strangely
he felt… drier, so pulling my mouth off him with a noisy pop, I moistened my
mouth and dribbled generously over him. He hissed and clenched his teeth as I
dragged my tongue around his shaft, spreading the saliva around until he was

I could feel Jay move behind me and as I took Miles back
into my mouth, Jay slid my knickers down, exposing my naked behind for him to
nibble on.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good, your mouth is fucking hot,”
Miles praised when Jay’s touch elevated my longing and I sucked harder. “Suck
it hard, Bea. That’s it.”

He was pumping his hips in rhythm with each of my
plunges, driving himself deeper into my mouth and when Jay’s tongue circled my
clit, I let out a loud groan of pleasure.

“Fuck!” Miles growled when my moan vibrated around his

Sensing his imminent climax when he swelled even more I
released him and stroked him with my tongue, preventing his release as I
tickled the underside of his balls with my fingernail.

Jay’s whole face was completely in between my thighs as
he sucked, nipped and lapped at me, his intense worship building my orgasm with
lightning speed, the rush in my veins making me feel lightheaded. Feeling me
tremble he thrust two fingers into me and stroked the sensitive spot inside as
he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked gently. My climax exploded
forcefully, ripping a long groan from me as my body flew and my muscles tensed
with exquisite pain. Jay’s fingers disappeared and his tongue thrust inside me,
catching every drop that I released as I came and came, again and again.

“Condom!” Miles commanded through clenched teeth.

As Jay went to fetch one, Miles slid out of his clothes
and lay back on the sofa. “Take off your bra and knickers,” he directed,
watching me meticulously when I did as he asked.

His chest heaved when I slipped out of my knickers and
pulled off my bra, my nipples hardening with his greedy gaze as his eyes roamed
over me. I wasn’t embarrassed by my nudity, these two men made it quite clear
what my body did to them and their hungry expressions made me feel sexy and

Jay walked back in and threw a silver packet at Miles. I
watched rapt and aroused as Miles slid the condom on the end of his cock and
sedately rolled it all the way down. Then a dirty smile lifted his lips and he
crooked his finger at me. “Get that sweet little pussy over here.”

For a second or two, I couldn’t move. Nerves flooded me
and my mouth dried. Jay, sensing my anguish, took hold of my hand and tipped my
face to his. “Bea, you don’t have to…”

“It’s not that,” I whispered, my face flushing with
embarrassment at my anxiety. “I’m just… worried that…”


When I didn’t answer, Miles quietly said. “Sweetheart,
you’ll stretch. We won’t hurt you, I promise.”

My cheeks flamed and I dropped my eyes, feeling
completely stupid at my apprehension. “It’s just that you’re both… big and…
well my arse isn’t.”

“I’m in control of that hot little ass,” Jay stated, “And
I’m going to fucking worship it. I will take it slow and don’t worry, I’m not
going to force myself in dry. Relax and I promise it will feel amazing. Trust
me, I won’t hurt you.”

Nodding and smiling up at him, his reassurance easing my
concern, I reached up and kissed him lightly. As a deep growl rumbled in the
back of his throat, he slid his arms around me and pulled me tightly into him,
his mouth devouring me as his hard cock throbbed against my belly.

“Will you get over here and bounce that fucking body on
my cock!” Miles grumbled making Jay sigh and me giggle.

I turned and yelped when Jay’s palm struck one of my
buttocks. Miles shuffled into the middle of the sofa and carefully lifting one
leg over him, I positioned myself above him and then slowly slid down. Both of
us sucked air in noisily, the sensation of him stretching me with his wide
girth initially painful but so good when my walls relaxed around him. “Jesus
Christ, you’re tight,” he grated out.

He gently held my shoulders and pulled my body down to
his, my breasts squashing against his chest as he slowly moved in and out of me
until both of us were panting and eager for more.

I flinched when I felt something cold and wet trickle
down the groove of my backside. “Relax,” Jay whispered behind me as the tip of
his finger slowly stroked around the tight hole. When he felt me begin to
accept him, he gradually pressed inside me until his whole finger was sheathed
deep inside me. He worked it in and out and around and around until I was pushing
back against him eager for more stimulation and encouraging him to slide
another finger in alongside the first. More slickness coated my backside and
then another finger pushed inside as Jay prepared me for him.

Miles slowed down, leisurely pumping in and out of me,
his cock sliding deliciously against every ridge inside me as his teeth nibbled
delicately at my neck and along my collarbone. He was carefully trying to keep
his face away from mine, the huge purple bruise on my cheek sore and tender.
But every time his mouth came to my ear and his soft groan rumbled, my pussy
clenched around him causing him to growl in both warning and approval.

The feeling of Miles in me and Jay’s fingers pumping in
and out was overwhelming, the tight stretch bringing out a side to me that I’d
never before seen. I moaned loudly, writhing and panting as I pleaded with both
of them for more. My body was strummed so tightly it was growing painful and I
craved the stimulation that I knew Jay could give me.

“Please Jay,” I begged as I fucked his fingers
relentlessly and without shame.

Miles’ teeth were clenched so hard I swore he was going
to give himself a migraine. Looking over my shoulder at Jay, he growled, “Will
you get your cock in her arse and fuck the girl into next week! I’m struggling to
hold back here.”

I felt Jay shift behind me and Miles stilled inside me.
My mouth fell open when Jay pushed inside slowly and deliberately, his cock
sliding in easily after his religious prep.

“Oh fuck!” I breathed as the fullness touched every part
of my need and pleasured it with a magnitude I’d never experienced before.
Every bone in my body vibrated in bliss and as Jay started to move in and Miles
pulled out I started to tremble at the force of the climax that formed.

“Oh shit!” Miles cried out as he started to pump faster,
his thrusts deep and hard as Jay’s became just as brutal and ferocious.

“Fuck Bea,” Jay snarled, “Your arse is milking my cock.”

I started to move on them, greedy for my orgasm as I
fucked them both as hard as they fucked me. We established a rhythm, each of us
fucking one another with a violent need as our erotic groans fuelled our raw

“That’s it baby, ride us. Use us.”

As my orgasm burst and I screamed with the pure ecstasy
that stormed every cell in my body, Miles swore and gripped my hips, thrusting
himself into me as he filled the condom with his spunk. Jay’s strokes slowed as
he pushed deep and unforgivingly inside me, his hands yanking at my hair so he
could pull me back and cover his mouth with mine. I swallowed his cry as he
spewed warm cum into my arse, his body trembling with pleasure over me.

“Holy fuck!” Jay wheezed as he slipped out of me and slid
to the floor, pulling me with him and guiding me onto his lap as Miles let out
a loud groan and flopped back onto the sofa. His mouth rested in my hair and he
kissed my head over and over again. “Are you okay?”

Nodding, I yawned and sighed as my body hummed
blissfully. “I’m super.”

Jay chuckled and squeezed me tight. “Super, huh?”

I sighed contentedly and snuggled into him as my heavy
eyes closed. I was completely relaxed, lethargy taking over now the adrenaline
had plummeted and my body was thoroughly sated.

“Bed,” Jay whispered as he climbed off the floor and
lifted me into his arms. I didn’t even have the strength to chuckle when Miles
started to snore shockingly loud.

“Noisy bastard,” Jay grumbled as he carried me upstairs
and tucked me into bed, sliding in behind me and pulling me into the curve of
his body.

“I love you,” he whispered as sleep demanded my
consciousness and I echoed his sentiment.



The following Thursday I was kissing Beatrice like my
life depended on it. Completely regretting that I had told Miles I’d go to
Vegas my fingers clawed at her hair as I refused to let her take a breath and
engrained her taste to memory.

She eventually pulled away and giggled. “You’re only
going for three days.”

“Three days of being without you and your sweet little
kisses. Three days of not seeing your smile and three days of not hearing you
scream my name like a banshee while my cock pleasures your hot little pussy.”

She smiled softly and reached up to my face, her warm
hand cupping my cheek. “I’m going to miss you too. But please have a good time.
Life’s been shit to both of us for so long and you deserve a break.”

Miles groaned beside me and nudged me. “I know you think
you’re celebrity status but if we don’t actually hurry they’ll be taking off
without us.”

Throwing him a glare I pressed my lips hard against Bea’s
then pulled away quickly. “Make sure you stay with Elijah!” I warned as I
walked through the gates to board the plane.

“I promise,” she shouted after me, and then she was gone.

I missed her already.


Syed smirked at me as he slipped on his belt and settled
back into the chair. Ignoring him I stared out of the window and hunted across
the large window in the lounge to see if I could spot Bea. When my heart sank
with her absence I rested my head back and attempted to get some shut eye.


I heard her voice filter through my sleep addled brain before
I’d even opened my eyes and seen her. My eyes snapped open and swung left and
right as I hunted for her.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” I growled.

Syed frowned then followed my gaze and shrugged, “Miles
invited her.”

“Why?” I barked out, “What the fuck! It’s a dude only
weekend, it’s always a dude only weekend!”

Syed gawped at me when I clambered over his knees and
sought out Miles. He was sat beside Belinda, laughing at something she was
saying quietly in his ear. I couldn’t believe my eyes when her hand snaked up
his leg and her nails stroked his obvious erection through his shorts. I
struggled to push back the growl that tore up my throat.

“What the fuck is going on?”

Both of them stared up at me, Miles had the decency to
look contrite but Belinda gave me a sickly sweet grin. “Isn’t it great, Miles
invited me along.”

“Why?” I snapped at him, making them both blink in shock
with the fury that spewed from me.

“Why is it a problem?” Miles asked casually, “It’s only
Belinda. She’s practically one of the guy’s. Well apart from when you’re inside
her pussy.”

They both laughed. I couldn’t do anything but stand and
glower at them. “She never comes with us, Miles, so why now?”

Billie looked at me, her face shrouded with hurt when she
saw my anger. “I thought we were friends Jay.” She genuinely looked hurt and a
part of me hated that I was being a prick but this weekend, and that exact
moment in time, I was struggling with my needs and the knowledge of what Billie
could give me was making the blood roar around my body. Miles glared at me and
shook his head with annoyance when he saw how ‘upset’ Belinda was.

Billie glowered at me over Miles’ shoulder, “You needn’t
worry, I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll make sure to stay away from you.”

Miles turned back to her and grabbed hold of her hand.
“Don’t let him get to you Bill, you can spend the weekend with me. Besides
Jay’s under the thumb now, I have a feeling he’ll be no fun.”

“Fuck you!” I hissed as I made my way back to Syed.

Tom leaned over from the seat behind. “I wanted to warn
you, Jay but I figured you wouldn’t come if you knew, and it wouldn’t be the
same without you. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head. “It’s not your fault. How long have
Miles and Billie been an item?”

“I didn’t know they were,” Syed answered. We all looked
up when both Miles and Belinda came rushing over to us. Miles pushed in beside
Tom as Billie squeezed between Syed and I as she held out a selfie stick and
clicked it, capturing us all in a photo.

“What the hell, Bill!” I grumbled.

She rolled her eyes and lightly slapped my arm. “Oh relax
grumpy. We’re both going and there’s nothing either of us can do about it now
we’re already halfway there. I don’t think the pilot would be too accommodating
if you asked him to turn around. Let’s agree to just be friends for this
weekend, the last one we’ll get to spend together now you’re virtually
married.” Her wide eyes begged as she pouted dramatically and fluttered her

“Fine!” I relented, actually feeling guilty. I did feel
like I had used her until something better had come along, so Belinda must have
been thinking it. And knowing she was in love with me made things ten times
worse. I had feelings for her, I wouldn’t deny that. Belinda could give me the
life I knew would feed the darkness in me, sate the dragon that craved the fire
of pain. She was as eager with the whip in her hand as she was with it striking
her own flesh, therefore for me and my sick needs she was a match made in
heaven. So agreeing that, for one weekend, we’d get along she beamed at me and
kissed me softly on the cheek.

We all blinked when a phone camera flash blinded us. “Yay,
let get this party started.” Miles called over the hostess and the drinks
started to flow, plentiful and rapidly and by the time we hit the US, we were
all on our way to the start of a marathon of alcohol and fun…. And sex.

BOOK: Forbidden Pleasures (NSC Industries Book 11)
3.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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