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“I’ll touch base in a good hour or two. I’ll call. Thanks.” Madison said to Ty. He nodded and pulled off.

“Why can’t you mess with someone like him? He looks nice.
Sutton a playa. He ain’t worth it. Why would he talk to you and stay with his wife.”

“It’s an affair not a relationship.”

“Then open your eyes friend because you catchin’ feelings and it’s about to turn ugly.”



Across the street in a different store,
stood Victoria Jackson, deciding on what outfit she wanted to wear to dinner.

“What were you saying?” her friend, Maxine asked again.

“I think Sutton is cheating.” She replied calmly.

“You’re not pissed because I would be. That nigga trippin’ big time.
How you know?”

“He told me he ran into Madison, they talked for a bit then she invited us to visit her on the set. He went clubbing and came home smelling like strong soap.”

“Uh-huh. He just ran in to ol’ girl huh?”

“Who? Madison? No we use to go to sc
hool together. She was the one who introduced us.”

“If you say so. So what else?”

“When he got in to bed, I tried to get him to have sex with me. He claimed he was tired although I tried, he couldn’t get it up. I knew them. It’s a curse about him. I can
tell if he’s been doing the nasty.” She explained.

“Well damn. Do you think the fact that you are carrying his child will change your suspicious?”

“I hope so. I really do.”

“Okay then. Pick the white one.” Victoria smiled and grabbed the white dress off
the rack.

“Thanks. I was about to lose my mind on which color.” She paid for her dress and kissed her friend good-bye. When she got home, she hung her dress up on her closet door and stared at her reflection in the mirror. What stared back at was a twenty-
six year
old woman. A married twenty-six year woman, expecting her first child. She took mental snap shots of her body. Once she starts to carry big and gain weight, her body was out the window. She turned side to side, admiring her hips and firm stomach.

“Girl what are you doing? I swear if you ain’t conceited.” Sutton appeared behind her in the mirror.”

“I’m just remembering this body as it once was.” She said, turning towards him.


“We having a baby!”

“For real?”

“Yes. That’s why I had to leave ea
rlier. I had an appointment. Did you stay long after I left?”

“Naw. Not even five minutes after you left, they called her back to the set.”

“I’m so happy baby. Aren’t you happy?” He nodded while she turned back to the mirror. Inside he felt like shit. A ba
by. How they hell was he supposed to get around this if he wanted to still see Madison? He knew she would get tired of his lies of him leaving Victoria. He wasn’t ready to let go but he couldn’t avoid her. He couldn’t stay away. He knew he couldn’t.


“Tammy he’s been avoiding me! He hasn’t returned any of my calls.” Madison screamed into her cell phone. She paced her trailer furiously.

“Calm down. I’m sure he has a good reason. You did say he’s obsessed with you.”

“Yeah I did.”

“So don’t worry ab
out it. If you follow my advice you wouldn’t be on this phone screamin’ at me.”

“Alright Tammy bye.” She tossed her phone on the couch. She was coming off as needy and she hated it. She was Madison Ann Parks, A-list actress, and was going crazy with that “
will he call me?” mode. But she hasn’t heard a word in months. Two to be exact. She checked to make sure the door was locked and found her stashed vodka. Taking two big swigs, she tried to calm her nerves. She tried so hard to maintain that clean girl imag
e especially after what happened to her long ago.
Shit why they hell did I even think about it?
She set down the bottle and tried to forget her past. Going back to it would do nothing but cause trouble. Her phone buzzed, being muffled by the couch. She sna
tched it up in a hurry. “Hello?
“Hey Mattie.”

“I don’t hear from you in two months and all I get it a “Hey Mattie”. You better have a good reason.” Silence from the other end.

“Victoria’s sick.”

“How sick?”

“She’s pregnant.” Madison felt as if she was
punch in the chest.

“You told me you were leaving her?”

“I know I was but baby listen things change.” She pulled the phone away, smashing her finger into the screen to end the call as quick as she could. Excuses and more excuses. She was tired of them. Tha
t’s all she got lately was excuses and ass-kissing.

“I could have any man I want but I settle for this.” She yelled at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a wild woman with
her hair out of place and red eyes. She knew make up would kill her when
she got back to set. She went to reach for her bottle when she heard as knock on the door. “Who is it?”

“Carle, your assistant. Are you alright? I heard yelling Ms. Parks.”

“Yes I’m fine thank you.” The footsteps went away and Madison slumped against the


Ty was waiting outside the gates in the limo. He constantly checked the rearview mirror, waiting on Madison. This morning she seemed upset. He clocked her, coming out of the gates with her dark shades over her eyes. Ty jumped out the car and
opened her door. He closed it after she got in, then running back to his side. He pulled away from the lot. She got on her phone and had a hushed conversation with someone. Half watching the road, he kept stealing glances at her and she would smile at him
every time. He turned his eyes back to the road, smiling to himself.

“So where to?” She ended the call and scooted towards the down window that normally separated them.

“I don’t know.”

“How about home? You look like you could use some down time.”

know home sounds nice with the day I’m having.” He didn’t want to push his luck.

“How come?” She gave a sad smile.

“Living this life is not all that great.” She said. He nodded and headed the limo towards her place. He wondered what she meant
by that. She
was so secretive about her life that he didn’t know anything outside driving her around. When he first got the gig, he was eager to jump at the chance to be her personal everything but respected her privacy. Now he could clearly see her hurting, he wanted
to say something.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness?”

“Something like that.” She sat back. He pulled into her secluded townhouse driveway.

“Here you go.” Madison climbed out the limo and stopped by his passenger window.

“Thanks. I really appreciate what you t
ry to do for me. I look like shit huh?”

“I’ve seen worse.” He joked.

“Come in and chill with me for a bit.” He got out and followed her into her house. She closed the door after them.

“You live here by yourself?”

“No. I have my cat, Brian. Here is he.” The
cat ran forward and rubbed against her legs.

“Nice cat.”

“Thanks. Want a drink?”

“Naw. I’m fine.”

“Suit yourself” She disappeared into her kitchen and the sound of bottles clanging together filled the air. He shook his head and walked out onto her balcony
. His eyes took in the nice view. The sun reflecting off the water gave the yard a shine. “Like the view?” She came out and stood next to him.

“It’s nice.”

“It’s one of the reasons I bought the place.” She said, after taking a huge drink out the crystal gl

“You know you shouldn’t drink so much. It won’t help what you’re going through.”

“You don’t even know me to know what I’ve been going through. Get the hell out!”

“That may be true but drinkin’
ain’t gon’ solve ya problems. I found those empty bottles
in the back of the limo. What’s goin’ on with you?”

“None of your business now get out!” Without warning, he pressed his lips against hers, their tongues darted out to meet each other. She pressed her body against him and his body grew hard on contact. She
moaned. Her breasts were soft against his body. His hand dove past the silk and into the warm wetness that was waiting for him. He flicked her clit and her body fell to him.

“Where?” he whispered.

“Here.” She slid out her clothes and sat down on the pati
o chair. She pulled him close and freed his erection. Her soft hands wrapped around him, causing him to shiver. Ty’s knees almost gave out when she took him into her hot mouth.

“Damn.” He swore under his breath. If someone would have told him this would h
ave been happening when he woke up this morning he would have laughed in their face. She continued to suck him as if he was her favorite lollipop. He grew harder in her mouth and he couldn’t hold out much longer. He wanted to feel her. He pulled away and p
ushed her back on the chair.

“Please” she breathed, opening her legs wider. He knelt between her thighs and entered her slowly. She cried out, to the sensation of being filled. He gave her tight body two strokes, and then he froze. “What’s wrong?”

He muttered, not realizing that he didn’t have any condoms. He pulled out and started to get dressed.

“Ty what are you doing?”

“I ain’t gon’ play you like this. Neither of us have any rubbers.” She simply smiled.

“Still protecting I see.” He threw his
shirt on.

“Guess so.” Madison stood, not bothering to cover up, and grabbed her clothes. “I’m really sorry.” He offered. She nodded and took off inside quickly so he wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes. Once upstairs, she locked her door behind her. Her clo
thes fell at her feet.
What the hell was I thinking?! Dumb whore! No matter how hard I tried it always come back to this.
She couldn’t face him after today. First thing in the morning she was requesting a new driver. The doorbell chimed throughout the house. She turned and cracked her door. She heard the front door open. “Can I help you?” Ty asked.

“Who the hell are you?”
it. Shit. Shit. Sutton.

“Ms. Parks’ driver. Who are you?”

“She here. MATTIE?” His voice echo off the walls. She quickly closed the door and got dressed.
What was he doing here? I thought I made myself clear.
She looked in her mirror and did a quick fluff t
o her hair. Taking a breath, she opened her door and went downstairs.

“Sutton what are you doing here?”

“We need to talk.”

“There’s nothing to say. You made your choice.” Ty still stood by the door. “I’ll be fine Ty. You can go.” He nodded and went through
the open door, closing it behind him. She turned her focus back on Sutton.  “Where’s Victoria?”

“At home sleep, where she’s supposed to be.” He remarked.

“Like you?”

“Stop it. I came over, hoping to make things up. Let me take you out. Have some fun and
come back here.” She folded her arms across her chest.

“I don’t think so. I’m not feeling too well all of the sudden.”


“Two months Sutton. Two months. Not a word. Now she’s pregnant. You’re not going to change and you’re not going to leave her. I
don’t believe why I sit here and believe you. I can better and I don’t have to sit around waiting on you to make up your mind.” She snapped.

“Baby please listen.” He came closer, wrapping his arms around her body. “You know I love you. Come on.” He whispe
red in her ear. Madison wanted to believe him but she knew that this was all a lie. She be better off with him out of her life. The games he played was driving her crazy and making her do things she had no business doing. The incident with Ty was a prime e

“Sutton please leave my house and don’t contact me again. If you do, I swear I’ll tell your wife all about us.”

“You gon’ dog me out like that?”

“Yes if you don’t leave me alone.”

BOOK: Heat
6.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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