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‘Shh fuck her…aww shit!” His body stiffen
dick twitched. He started coming. “Damn Emilia.” He thrust harder into
me and I buck back. Then I realized we didn’t use a condom. I pulled away.

“Boy pull out! It ain’t wrapped.” Reality smacked him in this face and he jumped back quick.

“Damn. Fuck. Gla
d you said something.” We looked at each other and laughed. “See and this is why niggas get caught up with you. You make them forget shit.”

“Nigga don’t blame me. You the one who got into it cause you wanted me so bad. My shit is golden.”

‘Whatever so is t
hat why you came first.” I got out the bed and rolled my eyes. I started hunting for my clothes. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for my stuff. I gotta go you heard my phone blowing up and you have to deal with Toni.”

“Rushing back to yo other niggas make me
feel like a hoe.” He pouted.

“Shut up and no that was my girl Tanya. I was supposed to meet up with her to check out this new spot but thanks to someone I’m running late.” I lied.


“But I’m out. I need to go home shower and change. Oh I’m borrow
ing these again.” I picked his clothes off the floor and threw them on. What I really needed to do was damage control on Lucci seeing how I ran out on him last night. He wanted to ask me something and promise to tell me after his show. “I’ll see you later
okay.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek, went grab my phone and was out the door. As I walked down the stairs, I thought about what just happened. We crossed the line. I just hope we could remain friends. I
didn’t need him catching feelings and messing my sh
it up. He already exposed a weak side I didn’t know I had. I walked out the main d
oor and looked back. I was going to
have to stay away from him for a while and when I did come back around, it couldn’t be sexual but just strictly friends.



I walked into the studio where Lucci was recording. His boys were lying around on the couches while Lucci was in his booth. Weed smoke was in the air heavy.

“Hey Duchess. Where you bin at?”

“Around. He almost done?” I asked.

“He should be. Go on in.” I
walked around and went in the booth, closing the door after me.


“Where you last night?”

“I had to leave.”

“So you couldn’t answer my calls or text?”

“Boy please Earth don’t revolve around you. I cut out to my friend, Tanya.” Who the hell was th
is fake Tanya I kept throwing out to people? “I was up in V.I.P and saw her nigga all on some bitch. I hadda roll out on that bitch he was with then let my girl know. She was gona get married to that bum nigga hadda stop that shit.” He laughed and his chai
ns shook.

“Yo ass always rollin’ out on somebody but shorty yo ass raw and loyal as fuck and I like that. I like my woman to be loyal. To me. To my game.” I nodded. Only if he knew what went down when he was out of town.

“Yeah. You know it.” This nigga
would never know that I was all over town. I have a strict rule. My name doesn’t pass your lips to nobody. If they do, I don’t fuck with you no more and the business is over. Yo shit be fuck up and out in the open for everybody if you fire off on me. My sh
it too fresh and no nigga dare to break that rule. Only way niggas find out about me is through luck or if they meet me heads up. “But what did you want to tell me?”

“Aw yeah. I want you to come to L.A with me after I come back in two months. I got a cou
ple shows to do out there and I want my lady by my side.”

“Okay.” Hell yeah I’ll go. Do some shopping show my ass. Maybe make a few new business aspects.

‘Alright. Let me finish up here and I’ll hit you up later.” I kissed him.

“Okay. Peace,.” I walked
out his booth and waved bye to his friends. I left the studio and wonder what to do with myself for the rest of the day. Roe had called me but the last few times I hung out with him, shit wasn’t happening. I caugh
t the subway back to my stomping
grounds to
go see Momma. I used my key to let myself in. “Momma?”

“In here girl.” I walked into her room and she was at her vanity table, messing with her hair.

“Damn Momma where you ‘bout to go?”


“With who?” I asked, being nosey.

“None of you business g
irl. Damn you remind me of yo daddy.” I plopped down on her bed.

“Well can’t be somethin’ I don’t know. I don’t know shit ‘bout the nigga. You don’t talk ‘bout him much. What happen?”

“Not  much to say Millie. We met I was a fast ass and got pregnant.”

“Then he leaves you and me typical stuff?”

“No. He loves you and took care of you. It’s just things don’t work out.”

“Sure Momma.” I grabbed a throw pillow and stuff it under my body. “Where he at now?”

“You sure is askin’ a lot of questions.” I made a

“Have fun wherever you goin’”

“Melanie and me headin’ over to church then goin’ to the kitchen to help out.” I rolled my eyes and  sat up. As much as I love Josh, I couldn’t stand his momma at times.
Thinking a
bout him, a smile went across my face
. The shit he did to me this morning was wild but dangerous. “What yo butt over there smilin’ ‘bout?”


“Girl you heard me. What you don’ did?”

“Nothin’. Why I always gotta do somethin’?”

“Cause you Emilia Lynn Ricci and yo ass always into
somethin’” she said, with a playful attitude.


“Speakin’ of Melanie, she wants to know if you comin’ to the weddin’. She expects ya to be there.”

“I was but there ain’t gon’ be one.” I stood up and she turned towards me.

“What you mean?”

e called it off. This mornin’ actually.”

“How you know this?”

“I was there. Toni nasty ass got jammed up at Lucci’s party and Josh knows. Took his ring and told her to move around.” Momma
stood and
put her hands on her hips.

“And you ain’t have nothin’
to do with his choice?”  I snorted and walked out the room. “Emilia bring yo ass back here. What you do?” She came after me.

“I didn’t do nothin’ ma damn. She was a snake from the jump and now he knows. That’s all.”

“That’s all?”

“Yea.” I shrugged. Why
was she sweatin’ me and givin’ the third degree. She smacked her lips and stared at me.

“You fucked that boy didn’t you Millie?”

“What?! Naw.” I turned away from her. Shit he fucked me.

“Uh-huh.” She smirked. “Fast ass.”

“Momma I didn’t do anythin’ dam
n get off my back.” I laughed.

“Just don’t corrupt the boy. Shit Ima be late, laughin’ at you. Hand me my purse.” I did
and she left the house, leaving
me alone.




I stood next to the railing, looking down into Roe’s living room. It was his nigga, Ice
birthday and this muthafucka was packed with people. Females everywhere. Niggas everywhere. The air wa
s no longer clean. I was getting high just breathing
. I leaned over and my breasts spilled over the railing.

“Damn girl. That ass bangin’” I smiled and s
tood up straight.

“Ya think so?”

“Hell yea. You hear wit’ somebody?” Damn he did look good and smell good.

“Kinda. He has yet to show his face.” I was tellin’ the truth. I haven’t seen Roe since we got here.
That nigga was gonna come lookin’ fo’ my ass
and I was gonna be gon’.
Dude flashed a smile and Ms. Kitty jumped. I was g
oing to
roll out on this nigga.

“Who? Me?” Roe asked, coming up on us. I almost swore aloud. He wrapped his arms around me and gave my cheek a kiss. “Ay Duchess. What up Marcus?”

“S’up” They gave each other a pound.

“You tryna take my girl?”

“I was. Ya betta keep her locked up. Shawty bad as hell.”

“Thanks brah.” I cut my eyes at the side of this fool head.
What the hell is thankin’ him for like he owns me or somethin’
“I’ll hi
t ya up later. Ima talk to Duchess real quick.” Marcus nodded and
Roe took me into the laundry space. My ass got cold from the cool air.


“My bad girl. I know I left you hangin’ since we got here. Niggas already tryna pounce.” I raised my eyebrow
at him.

“Ya think?”

“Tonight this pussy is mine.” He whispered, pushing me up against his dryer. His fingers stroking my lips. “You gon’ get wet fo’ daddy.”

“Come on now. There are too many people here.”

“So.” He put me across the dryer. He opened my l
egs, moving my thong to the side. The air made me shivered. He licked his lips and kissed my lips, licking along my slit.

“Roe stop.” I protested weakly. I tried to fight but he knew how I like my shit worked. He opened me up with his thumbs and plunged h
is tongue in. My legs went weak and I braced my arms, bucking into his face. “Damn.”

“I got a surprise for you.”


“Later.” He pushed me back and pulled his dick out.

“Wrap it up.”

“Come on now. Just lemme stick in once or at least the head. Lem
me feel ya.”

“Hell Naw!” He slapped his dick on my clit and I shuddered. “Stop! That’s not gon’ work.”  He did it again and slipped his head in. “Roeee”


“Fuck! ALRIGHT!” He let me go and walked out the room. I sat up and watc
h him leave. I got out and slid my dress down.

BOOK: Heat
9.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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