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“If ya ain’t temptin’ a nigga.” I looked and saw Marcus in the doorway.

“Why you stalkin’ a bitch?” I shot back.

“You caught my eye. Somethin’ that don’t happen too often.”

“So what ya sayin’?”

“I want yo
fine ass.”

“Yeah. Sure.” I said, walking past him. He grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back.

“Yo ass pretty and I got the type of dough you want. Don’t be wastin’ ya time on lil niggas like Roe. I run more streets and got more connections. We sta
y mutual associates out of respect but I got no love fo’ him. I can do ya better.” I stood the
re, speechless. Dude was talking
all the right words I wanted to he
ar in my ear. I got to wondering how much dough he was rolling
in. “I can see ya thinkin’. I’ll
even give ya twenty stacks right now to roll out wit’ me.” My heart and Ms. Kitty jumped. I was tempted but I stopped. What if this was a test by Roe? I wouldn’t put past him.

“You know I don’t do tests or intimidation. So why don’t you move around if  y
’know what I’m ‘bout then you pay like everyone else and use ya time wisely. I got a business to run not to be locked
down like some main side piece.” He looked at me for a few then laughed.

“I respect the hell out ya. Y’know ya place and loyal to yoursel
f before others. For ya info this ain’t no test. I was bein’ real.”

“Okay and so was I.” I went to get free and his cologne filled my nose. Real talk I needed to get away from him. I brushed
past him, forgetting
he still had my wrist. He snatched me back and threw on the hood of the car. “You gon’ take me like this?”

“And you want it.” He breathed in my ear. He pinned me against the washer and pulled up the dress. I squirmed under him. I couldn’t fight that
shit. I wa
nted his ass. Something a
bout him. I bucked back into him, rubbing myself on him.

“I’ll only let you get a taste.” He tore open a condom and rolled in on then slid into me. I groan against my will. His shit stuffed me full.

“Taste my ass. You f
eelin’ this dick and you gon’ feen for it.” He grunted, between strokes. I put my face in the h
ood and moaned. He wasn’t lying I could feel it happening. I was on the verge of coming something serious
Hell no! This shit couldn’t happen again!
I bucked bac
trying to
get him off. “So you gon’ fight me now.” He pushed my head down and slammed harder into me. I had no control over the situation and that shit pissed me off. Ms. Kitty was on his team as well and en
joyed the pounding he was giving me. Marcus ca
me, slapping
my ass and pulled out. I kept my head on the washer. “Yea ya worth it. I’ll be watchin Duchess.”
He whispered, putting something
in my hand. He shuffled out the
. I turned my head to look at my hand and sure enough there where two wads o
f money. I didn’t count it but I knew it was the twenty stacks. I shook my head and smiled. He had balls.





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BOOK: Heat
8.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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