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“I’ll give you yo lil space. Then when you ready, I’ll be waiting.
” He opened the door. “Don’t take too long.”

“I’ll try not to.” She remarked, rolling her eyes. He left, bypassing Tammy.

“Ok. Whoa. What is his problem?” Madison sighed and headed towards her living room.

“I told him to back off.” Tammy closed the door.

Well good for you. I’m glad you dropped him.” She took a seat next to Madison.

“Tammy I almost had sex with Ty.” She confessed.

“What?! When?!”

“Today. Right before Sutton showed up. I was desperate and Ty is sort of sweet on me.” She shook her head.

almost though?”

“He stopped it. No condoms. I felt like an idiot afterwards. I can’t face him after what happen.” Tammy rubbed her shoulder.

“I’m sorry babes. You should lay low of everyone for awhile. I ran into Victoria the other day. She told me to tell
you that she’s pregnant.”

“Yeah I know. Sutton told me. I knew then he wasn’t going to change.”

“Are you goin’ to tell Victoria? You should if it were me, I would want to know my husband was a cheatin’ ass bastard.” Tammy said with a smile.

“I know. I was
n’t thinking about her at all when I started messing around with Sutton. This might break her. I know Victoria.” Tammy jumped up.

“Well let’s deal with all that later. Come on. I’m takin’ you out. A booth at Spago then clubbin’. Sounds good?” Madison smile
d. She needed to blow off a few.

“Sounds great. Let’s go raid my closet.” Tammy pulled Madison up and they headed upstairs.

“You need to let loose. You have too much on your shoulders. I’m for one is glad that you dumped Sutton now you can move on with you
r life.” Madison pulled the doors to her walk-in closet open. Clothes and shoes on racks greeted her. “I never get tired of this closet.”

“It’s just clothes. They don’t mean anything to me. I would give them away if my stylist didn’t give me crap about sta
ying sexy at all times.” She said, flipping through a nearby rack of dresses.

“Not to you but I would kill for this closet.” Tammy pulled a fiery red dress of the rack. She twirled in front of the closet mirror with the dress. Madison decided on dress that
was the same shade of her baby blues. “Come on let’s dressed.” They laughed and fought for the mirror and makeup. It was six pm when they were actually ready to go. They stood in the hallway, looking in the mirror one last time.

“Damn we look good huh?”

Yep.” Tammy agreed, fluffing her hair.  She wore a revealing red dress that hugged her curves, like a second skin. Madison wore a blue wraparound silk dress that showed a great amount of cleavage. Her curls fell about her face.

“Want me to call a driver?”

“No. We take my car. Valet. Let’s go.” She looped her arm through Madison’s and they walked out the front door to have a good time.



They sat in a booth back against the wall, laughing. The pizza and wine was delicious and they both were having a good

“Is there anything else I can get you ladies?” the waiter asked, flashing a hoping to get discovered smile.

“No thank you.” Tammy said. The waiter walked away. “God can he get more obvious?”


“Our waiter. He’s been trying to get you to noti
ce him all night. How many wannabe actors pull this on you?”

“I don’t really notice.” Madison said, playing with her napkin. Her mind was in a different place.

“Okay what is wrong?”

“Nothing.” There was a problem. Madison saw Victoria walk in with a gro
up of people. She recognized one of them as Leona Mars, owner of the Leona Mars clothing line. She vaguely recalled Victoria working with the company. She became nervous all of the sudden.

“Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?”

“Victoria just walked in with
Leona Mars. I know I said I would tell her but I didn’t expect to see her so soon. Let’s just go. I know if Leona sees me she going to come over. I can’t deal with this
right now. I’m out to have a good time.” She reached down for her purse.

“Shit too lat
e. She’s headin’ over. Best smile.”

“Madison Parks! You look amazing dear.” Leona greeted. Madison stood.

“Leona.” They gave each other quick kisses to the cheeks. “Hello Victoria.”

“Hey girl.”

“So congrats on the nomination. You must let me design yo
u a gown for that night.”

“Uh..sure thing. Why not? I haven’t even started to look.” Leona smiled then looked towards the host, who was waving.

“Oh our table is ready but we must sit down sometime okay. You can get my number from Vicky.”

“Okay.” Leona w
alked away, leaving Victoria behind. “You look good Vic.”

“Thanks. I feel like a whale and I’m only three months pregnant.”

“Really? Congrats.” Tammy rolled her eyes and looked at her pizza. “I bet Sutton’s happy.”

“He is when he’s around. Lately I feel
like I never see my husband anymore. I just wish I knew what was going on with him.” Tammy nudged Madison’s leg.

“I’m sure he has his reasons.”

“Excuse me Mattie. I’m goin’ to the bathroom room.” Tammy scooted out the booth. Once behind Victoria back an
d made the gesture to spill the beans. Madison sighed.

“Have a seat.” They slid back into the booth.

“Mattie what’s wrong? You should be happy you have a lot going for you right now.” Victoria said.
I know I should be. But I’m fucking your husband and I
want out.

“Well the reason-“Madison’s phone vibrated. She opened her purse and it was Sutton calling. She quickly ignored the call. “Sorry. Victoria” The phone went off again and she hit the ignore button again. “I swear this phone never stops.”

“I bet.
How do you do it? I would go crazy. Bad enough I have Leona blowing me up asking my input on things.” She laughed. Waves of guilt swept over Madison. Her phone went off again. “Okay. I’m going to mute that thing.” She reached over and grabbed then phone.

“Wait!” Victoria’s face frowned.

“Why is Sutton calling you? You have three missed calls from him.”

“I’ve been having affair with him. I wanted to tell you. It’s over now but he-“She didn’t see the slap coming but she felt the sting against her face. Vi
ctoria stared at her.


I knew he was doing something but with you?!”
She spat.

“I’m sorry Victoria!” She jumped up from the booth.


No you’re not. Stay away from me and my husband you whore!
” She started to walk away then look back at Madison. “Smile
r the cameras whore.” She walked away. Madison looked up and saw the staring eyes of the whole restaurant.


Victoria sat in the recliner, waiting for her unfaithful husband to walk through the door. She shook with anger. She jingled her leg to st
op her from punching something. All of the people, he had to fuck her. Hollywood actress. Ms.Perfect with her millions. Why the fuck would he jump into her bed? She wondered how long have they been fucking? The though made her skin crawl.

“Where the hell i
s he?!” she screamed, her voice echoing off the wall. He didn’t even bother to come home last night. She was pissed. Everything became clear. Even the little comment Maxine had made a while back. She wished now that she did more than slap that bitch. Her a
drenaline kicked in when she heard the keys in the door. She jumped up, ready to go ten rounds.

“Vicky I’m home.”

“In here.” He came through the doorway and she grabbed flower pot, flinging it at him with all her might.

“What the hell?!”
He ducked and it slammed into the wall behind him. “What the fuck yo problem?!”

My problem?! How about everyone there is to know and my fuckin’ job knows you fuckin’ Madison! Explain that shit

“Where you get that shit?”

“Bitch told me herself. I was there when yo dumb ass kept callin’ her fuckin’ phone. How long?”


“You heard me. How long?” Sutton came towards her.

“Baby listen.”

“Don’t touch me!” She slapped his hands away. “Don’t touch me. I swear to God. How lon

“A year.” He admitted. She felt herself go faint.

“A year?! How could you do this to me? After all I sacrifice for you. I work all day. Make sure we have a nice life together and this is what you do.”

“Baby I’m sorry.” He grabbed her by the arms.

me go!” She pushed him away and swung, connecting her fist to his face. “Get out!” She swooned and clutched her stomach. “Oh god!”


“Just get out! Leave my house!” Sutton slowly backed out the room, and went to outside to his car. He slid in behind
the wheel and slammed his fist against the steering wheel. He was a man that lost everything. His cool, Madison, and worst of all, Victoria and her trust. He had so many things to do. One was to track Madison down. Then try to make things work with his wif
e. He glanced at the clock on his dashboard. It was ten thirty-four. Madison would be on set, still filming her movie. Hopefully, she didn’t let front gate know about their so call break-up if so he could still get in. He started his car and drove over to
his studio. So many emotions and things going on in his head. He pulled up to the security booth.

“Hey is Madison on the lot?” he asked.

“Yeah. Got here an hour ago. Go on in Mr. Jackson.” He nodded and cruised in. He stashed his car in the usual spot and
went hunting for her trailer. If only he could leave her alone that would solve all his problems. As he got closer to her trailer, he slowed
down. One last time then he would go home to his wife. Sutton reached for her door handle, when he heard a thump in
side. He leaned over to peek in the small window. A bare back stared back at him. A male bare back with Madison’s legs wrapped around it. Her face screwed up with pleasure. The bare back continued to slam into Madison. Sutton took a step back. His chest he
aved up and down.
She really turned her back on me,
he fumed. He yanked open the door and went inside.

“This is the shit you do!” he yelled.

” She scrambled free from the male and yanked her dress down. “What are you doing here?! I thought I told
you to stay away from me!”

“Naw forget all that. Who is this? Huh? Damn girl you move fast. You tell Victoria now you got random dudes up in here.”

“Ty is not random. You need to leave before I call security. Now!” she snapped.

“Look man get out of here.
She said what she had to say.”

“Ty its okay. I’m calling security.”

“It’s cool baby blue. You’ll be callin’ me again and when you do I’ll be waitin’. Undercover whores always come back.” Madison gasped and tears filled her eyes. Sutton turned and left the
trailer, heading towards his car.


Madison’s heart pounded in her chest.
Undercover whore. Was that what I am?
I’m trying to so hard to not let my past get to me.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be. I need to be alone.” He nodded and threw his shirt on, wa
lking out the door. The tears that she held in fell down her cheeks. All the pain and secrets she harbor broken through. She couldn’t hide her secrets any longer.

BOOK: Heat
5.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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